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Found 32 results

  1. The kerbals are unresponsive on eva cannot remember enter vehicle or move, the option to rescue enter isn't there but the head torch and science can be used
  2. So some kerbals die the standard ways. But some just get into a 50g turn on Eva and get ripped to pieces. So I ask you what is the most horrible way your kerbal died. For me it's probably the kerbals that died that were in my car parked next to the vab and then I drove a bus off the vab and it managed to hit the car just where the driver was sitting. No pics sorry. Post below list of ways kerbals died Squashed by your own rocket kraken killed by a falling 30 ton bus ripped apart on duna hit by an srb vaporized on jool twitching? used as exhaust from a service bay Smashed on eve Falling from 100 m rocket Bit his shoulder to death Eeloo is made of hydrochloric acid Gyro kraken Plane issues Kamikaze SCIENCE Burned by engine
  3. yellowracingcar

    Can not hire crew

    Hello, I am using 64bit version of KSP 1.3.1 and my issue is that I can not hire any new crew members, It just doesn't do anything and in the top-right corner of the window it says 10/12 kerbals assigned even though this is a new sandbox save with only the 4 main kerbals (Link to the image) From what I have read it might be a problem with the save file. The issue occurs when i create a new save too, but I will leave a link to the save file either way. I also read that this issue occurs on both modded and unmodded versions of the game. But I did not find any fix that would work for me. Files: Save: Output_log: Mod List (visual mods not included): If you need any other log etc. please tell me.
  4. Update 1.4 added this cool new parachute you can use on EVA, and I was psyched about it. But I investigated it further and couldn't figure it out. How do I use it? Is it a part, or is it unlockable somehow? I just don't know. I would be (please help me now) greatful for your input!
  5. So, with the support from the original developer, I took over this mod, and added quite a bit of functionality. Make a smart, courageous Kerbal, or a dumb coward. Either way, these Kerbals are 100% custom. Images: How to use: Hit Alt + K while in the space center to open the window, fill out the information, and click Kreate Kustom Kerbal. Video: Change Logs: Download Get it on SpaceDock Source Wiki Have a bug? Ah, just put it in here, or ping me on the unofficial KSP Discord server. One note on CKAN: CKAN is now fully supported again, and I'd like to thank all of the CKAN people, especially @politas for helping me out. Thank you all! This mod uses Mini Add-On Version Checker by Cybutek License - MIT:
  6. I made a post yesterday to the KSP Discussion thread regarding issues that I've found with the normals of the male character model. Specifically the arms, most noteably the hands. This is the post I made to the Discussion thread, with the full details. To explain the issues, here's an image of a coloured lighting rig setup I made to demostrate the problem. Green light from the right of the screen, red from the left and blue the top. The normals on the arms of the female model are fine, but the ones that the male model has are very wrong, especially on the hands. Something I've noticed in a lot of the screenshots that I've photoshopped to make wallpaper images etc. from, is that I'd have to adjust the lighting of the hands, but until yesterday I didn't realise how big an issue with the lighting of the characters there was. I checked earlier versions (1.2 and 1.0.4) and the problem existed then too. I'm currently running KSP v1.3.1 with a number of plugins, but I've tried this out in a clean install as well, with the same issue being present.
  7. purpleivan

    Wierd kerbal lighting

    I've been playing around with some texture alterations today, as some preparation for a story series I'm planning to work on and I found something odd about the lighting of the kerbal characters. The issue is that the gloves don't appear to be lit correctly, as if ther normals in that part of the mesh are incorrect. Here's an image to show what I mean, which has a character with a pure white colour texure, all detail coming from the normal map. If you look at the character's left hand, which is facing the sun, it appears darker on the sun side (back) than the shadowed side (the palm). in fact it has the same colour value as the shadowed side of the right arm, which recieves no direct light. Most likely it's been there for a long time and I've just got used to it and mentally filtered it out. It was only because I was tinking with the textures that it caught my eye. My first reaction was that I'd screwed up something in making my changes, but I confirmed this wasn't the case, by first removing all the none stock textures. This gave the same result (dark back of the hands), so not an error I'd introduced. I then checked this on different planets (didn't make any sense, but did it just in case) and found the result was the same, the hands were lit wrong. I also had a look at this in v1.2 and the results was again the same, dark back of the hands. I even dug out the oldest build I have around (1.0.4) and still the hands were wrong. After playing the game for so long and doing a lot of art work based on screenshots, I'm a bit shocked that I've not noticed this before.
  8. Hello there felow space explorers. I´m pretty new to this forum however not so new to KSP. Now to my problem. In screenshots below you can see a rocket. By my design (inspired a little byt by Scott Manley). And there are few problems with it. When I launch it in around 4-8 km it is almost uncontrolable. It starts to swing around and so on. When I successfully arrive at orbit I don´t have enough fuel to get me to the Mun and back I always end up with only fuel in lander. And when I land on Mun I don´t have enough fuel to even get to orbit of Mun. So any suggestions ? I know this downstage can get me to the Mun because I used it for launching 2 satellites around Mun with almost same weight as my lander on this rocket. So will you help me with this particulary hard quest for me ? screens:
  9. What it says on the tin: Would it possible for Kerbals that go MIA (i.e. their craft goes beyond physics range and is despawned) to be available for rescue as a contract? They could simply get spawned at the location their craft was despawned at when the contract is taken.
  10. I don't know if this has been asked, but here goes. Is there a reason that the whole system is grossly underscaled? I am a curious physicist.
  11. StinkyAce

    Being a Kerber

    Ok, you know your a Kerber when you see a cars license plate like KSP 010, or VAB 121 or SPH 761 Nd it catches your eye. Or when you see a vehicle, or craft, and you wonder what the part count is.
  12. Otto Von Kerman

    Favorite Kerbal

    Note: does not mean best kerbals.
  13. rdwulfe

    Kerbal Figurines?

    So there used to be a way to purchase kerbal figurines? I can't seem to find it. I'd love to buy some.
  14. Dust Storm Chapter 1- Grains of Dust After arriving at Dunian base "Red Dawn", Bob and Jeb settled in the main habitat module, to take a rest after a difficult night.. But we all know that there is a kerbal, that never sleeps, you probably guessed who it is. The journey starts here... Bob crawled out of his bed, arguing about his lost sleep, putting on his dusty space suit.. Airlock opened and he looked at happy, energetic face of Jeb. Jeb got himself to the rover, that he was super happy to drive, since they arrived.. So did Bob. Bob knew, if Jeb is going to do something, there will definetly be at least one of these things- Casualties,Explosions and weird bugs.. So, Jeb to kill of all the chances of Bob escaping, switched on the electric engine and rushed though the sandy dunes of Duna! After a little trip, Jeb found a little plain, he wanted to take some pictures from there, but he forgot his camera, altough the urge to stop there, was still there. And we all know.. That if there is an urge, there is a reason... But his idea to troll Bob a bit, quickly turned into hell for Jeb.. Bob walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil,walked around, took samples, digged soil and over and over again.. Jeb couldn't take it anymore and just called back, saying that they are losing time here.. Bob went back to the rover, with tired, yet satisfacted face... And then, Bob felt asleep... Jeb didn't payed much attention to that, he just carried on riding the rover! But then, when he almost arrived, Bob suddenly was woken up, just to make a company for Jeb. Bob, opened his eyes lazily, looking at excited face of Jeb.. But than, he looked around and saw the beutiful glazing sun of Duna.. But then, disaster striked... Suddenly, the wheels suddenly stopped moving and scared the landscape of Duna, with a weird line... Jeb's frozen gloves quickly slipped.. Jeb fell off the rover, hitting the ground hard.. Bob hold on for his dear life.. Jeb was thrown out! Bob, unlike Jeb, reacted quickly and have hit the manual brakes.. Bob mumbled into microphone.. Hearing the dead silence.. Feeling the worst thing-being abandoned.. The freezing desert that is Duna. If takes, never gives back... It took Bob's faith in his good future.. Bob raged in his weakness over situation! Jeb feared, he was never familiar with this feeling, now he is, more than that, it was the most powerful feel he ever had! But then he looked back and then gazed at the wall of sand and rust... Jeb and Bob rushed to the most covered place-behind the rover! But then, the rover begins to be shaked by the wind.. Jeb, now was a real being.. You know he is usually thinked as a person who can only act, but not feel.. Now, he was fearful, just like any kerbal out there.. My grandfather used to tell to me.- You know how to understand if you are dead or alive? Pain.. If you are still in agonizing pain, you are alive.. So, yes. Life is pain. Calm is death. But Jeb, had something every living being has....The power to not give up! This is the strongest power in the world! So he stood up, in pain and blood, but alive.. So, Bob pulled motionless Jeb to the rover.. His plan was to push the rover, that was broken all the way to the base.. The sandstorm stopped.. Bob was already tired.. But he tried anyway.. Trying when you can't is like bashing your fist over a stone wall, at first it seems useless, but it has result if repeated lots of times.. Although, Bob lost it.. He suddenly turned.. Suddenly both Bill and Bob understood.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the atmosphere: (neccesarry to listen) That is it for now folks! I am especially interested in opinions of @Kuzzter and @KSK! And i am interested in all the opinions you have! GGLmao i spent 13 hours on this... Me If this thread won't have attention:
  15. ---------------------------------INTERLUDE In the middle of the day, Jeb put on his suit and opened the hatch, covered in dust, after another sandstorm on Duna.. His aim was to find the rover and take it back to the base, so it he and Bob wouldn't need to walk over the desert at freezing night.. But somewhere in space, similar actions were done.. Bill was ready to take his guests.. ---------------------------------------Nightcall After a long journey, kerbonauts are heading back to their home. (Switch on the music, optimal volume-80% of the scroll bar) They drove though the lands they left their blood on, their previous path, crossed again, in calm and prosperity. They decided to make their last picture, here on Duna. Bill approached them, ready to dock... They headed back home, without accidents and landed in a mountain range, they were recouvered and are happy to be at their home, with their friends. The end---------------- It was a great jouney for me! Thanks for watching! I am planning on making another one, but with the Bill's point of view (he was stuck at the Ike) Now, don't forget to leave your thoughts here, in the comments! One question: "Liked your headphone experience?"
  16. SpaceTrashCan


    Well.. I've build a Harvester This is a Space Flight Simulator and i played it so much that i've felt teh urge to build a Harvester. So did you guys ever wondered about those tons of food your Kerbals must eat on those everlasting interplanetary missions? It has to come from somewhere and since KSP doesn't led you run supplies in stock, it has to be done automaticly in the backround. hm.... Ever wondered why Kerbin has no cities? Simple! They use evey hectare of fertile ground to harvest wheat and this vehicle makes it all possible. Kerbals love their bread! On long missions to distance worlds it reminds them of home. But there wouldn’t be none if it weren’t for the Kerbal farmers. Every day and night, hard working Kerbals sit on top of their Harvesters working the field, knowing they are the backbone of the Kerbal Space Program! Liquid Fuel may light the Engines, but food fires up the Kerbals Well that's atleast the backstory that came to my head when i finished this "rover" Here's teh craftfile incase some of y'all want this thing
  17. Mr.  Sandman

    Kerbals and docking ports

    I would like to make kerbals come out from docking ports, but I have no idea on how to force them to do so or if is it even possible.I appreciate alternative ways if this is not possible.Thanks for you support.
  18. We've all been there, a kerbals falls out of their seat on a ship, and they can't move, and they rag doll on the ground as if paralyzed. Also, being able to walk around on planes and rovers would make for some easy repairs with KÄS / KIS and some really cool screenshots. So what do you all think?
  19. HamnavoePer

    Kerbal Maps

    I think this is where this should go but not entirely sure. So, as a user of I was disappointed a few days ago when I went to the website and it was down. Does anyone know what has happened to it?
  20. Will Squad Ever make another Kerbal themed game? that would be . I mean A full on game, no DLC stuff. What I mean is Maybe a sandbox or Sims style game based on Kerbin and kerbals?
  21. Einis

    Moding Kerbals

    I would like to rework kerbal models and I'm interested is it possible?
  22. Hi. Just like the title says, how many Kerbals do you usually have in your spacecrafts? I'm trying to choose between and small and light, but not that advanced, command pod for orbital and interplanetary missions (basically all missions), and a big 7 Kerbal spacecraft packed with equipment and good stuff. What would you recommend?
  23. MrCalvinator

    Rubber Kerbals!

    I was doing my R&D a favor by going to the mun. I tried an unplanned landing, since I was tired of flybys, and decided to take a risk. In the end, I stranded Jeb. So, I made a rescue craft, and landed it about 20 km away from good ol Jeb, and decided take some fun jumps with Jeb. I jumped so high, and fast, I killed him a couple of times. (sorry, Jeb) I realized that if I slammed into the ground hard enough, I would bounce, and the Kerbals would freak out, and magically survive. It was really funny. ( to do this, you go up, and forward in EVA, and then, at the peak of your ascent, go down, and spam the jump button.(don't go too high, or fast. Go about 100-150 m/s)). It ended up crashing my game, since I quicksaved when the Kerbals were flipping out, then quickloaded. This is more of a notice, than a question, but, whatever, right? Why does this happen, and why is it so FUNNY?!
  24. Hello. I have been working on a simple life support mod and I was wondering, how much EC should a Kerbal consume while on EVA per minute? How much should they store? I am looking for something slightly realistic. The mod will only use EC as it is a no part-very simple life support mod. Thanks, Benji13.
  25. Welcome to the Kerbal Rescue Challenge! I have a savegame available here with one Kerbal stranded on every planet and moon. Your mission is to rescue as many of them as possible to get a score of up to 14 points (1 per Kerbal). They must be landed safely at Kerbin to count! Many of them have the ship they landed nearby (usually a 3-4 part small lander, generally out of fuel, probably useless except for the Moho ion ship), which you may leave behind or try to use in some way. These do not count against your number of launches. Some rescues will be very easy, some will be VERY difficult, getting the last few points will be very challenging. I'm pretty sure nobody will get a 14 kerbal score on a single launch. Score will be the number of Kerbals you are able to rescue, and in the event of a tie (quite likely as max score is 14) the winner will be the player that used the fewest launches to complete the mission. Time will not be scored, either in game time or IRL time, so post your results as soon as you have rescued a few, and I will update your score as it improves. Please post which Kerbals you have rescued, and how many launches so far. Just for fun, I actually flew the mission to strand all the Kerbals in a single launch (see spoiler tag below) Mods are allowed, but will be noted next to your score. All scores will be on the same board, with a special note for stock entries. To qualify as a stock entry, only informational and visual mods are permitted. KIS in particular would be a fun mod to tackle this with, and a cool way to use existing lander parts to help. No HyperEdit or debug menu etc is permitted. Feel free to use ISRU, bases, refueling ships, whatever you like, just track total number of launches. Scoreboard: 1) 2) 3) 4) I'll be posting my rescues soon, and there will be a badge for competing, and a special badge for saving all 14 Kerbals.