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Found 88 results

  1. Welcome to the Official Release thread for After Kerbin. After Kerbin is based on the Stock solar system, but 4 billion years into the future, adding highly detailed and intuitive planets to your game. We are in the process of setting up a DMP server. Spread the word! Overview: This mod aims to add a completely new adventure as you begin on Duna (which has Kerbin's properties for ease) and explore and uncover the secrets of the future stock planets. This mod adds highly detailed, 4k planets, each come with their own EVE and Scatterer configurations. Every single planet and moon has been adjusted and changed. Even Jool. All planets have been tested and I have made sure both rockets and spaceplanes can function on each of them. System Requirements: 5GB of RAM KSP 64 bit Donations are never asked for, but always appreciated! Help buy me another pizza if you enjoy the mod "Only during the last breath of life does the mind truly understand how lonely a species really is. Floating. In the dark. Guarded by nothing but the very nemesis which plagues the planet - loneliness, darkness, death." - Source Unknown, Year 7510, Solitude. FAQ: Is this planet mod compatible with present day mods? Yep! Even the visual mods will work together (they didn't with my previous planet mod), meaning you can install nearly any planet mod except those that also replace the home planet. How much RAM do I need for this mod? It varies. I recommend around 5GB at least. If you struggle, lower your texture quality. Watch @TheBeardyPenguin progress through conquering the Kerbal system for the final time in the hopes of saving kerbalkind. DELTA V MAP This mod follows the CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Thank you for downloading!
  2. I've been watching some The Grand Tour recently and enjoyed the episode where they travelled through Mongolia. The landscape reminded me quite a lot of Kerbin! I've decided to do a mission I've wanted to do a lot over the years but have never pulled it off, due to boredom - drive around Kerbin. I'm sure we're all contemplated it, done some basic maths and decided there are better uses for 24h of your life. In the past I've tried it with jet powered vehicles, on the basis that a true rover would take approximately forever to get around at 30m/s. These have never been that sucessful, with tipping and travelling too fast after lapses of concentration. The fuel has also made it rather cumbersome when it gets airborne.This meant driving was not very efficient with lots of loading quick saves. I never actually got far enough to run out of fuel and need to air drop a fuel tank (which was going to be the plan). I wanted to make a much more manageable vehicle, even if it was slower. Instead of wasting half my miles by crashing and having to load and do them again, I would travel more slowly but not crash and waste miles! I also wanted it to fly short stretches and be able to float and drive in the sea - be a boat basically. I ended up with this: Slower and more manageable props (which can act as thrust or airbrakes) but faster than a pure rover Light(ish) due to zero fuel - just a load of generators. No need to stop at night or refuel. good height / track ratio - it doesn't ever want to tip over The winglets that are used to achieve the slightly wide track are sufficient to fly reasonably for what is primarily a "car". It can fly perpetually at 3,000m if I wanted to cheat! One "steering wheel" as the XL landing gear can't steer. It drives very well for a what is quite a tall vehicle. Bounces and getting airbrone are controllable due to... the control surfaces and lack of weight I guess. It is quite happy flying at 120m/s without draining electricity and doesn't need to SAS to be relatively stable. It even does being a boat fairly well. This must be new in Kerbal that props work in water as I needed to be flat out to get up to 200rpm or so - more drag in the water? Fortunately I went overkill in the generators and I didn't drain any electricity (which is fortunate, as now I think about it, I didn't pack any batteries!) I've so far made it from the KSC (in what I call Africa) to the desert continent to the west. I've done 3h of driving (and 2h of speeding up for the morning to arrive). A mix of flying and driving. I crossing the channel between continents on the water at 50 to 70m/s (it actually drives on water really well). I'm going to go to the dessert airfield, followed by the bigass crater, then have a look at the on that continent. In my 644h of playing kerbal I've never really explored Kerbin. I'll head to Woomerang airfield and then... I don't know really. Keep heading west. I've found some nice views on my travels. Most of the pictures are of flying but that's because I have time to take pictures when I'm not constantly steering and adjusting throttle for the bumps! So far I've crashed once and lost about 30 seconds of progress. I landed too hard and the undercarriage didn't like it. Other mistakes so far - I didn't include a rudder on the tail! It wasn't ever meant to be a plane but still..... Also no batteries. I also couldn't think of anything interesting to carry with me in the cargo bay (like a tiny base / camp, or tiny plane or car...), so it's empty. Bit of a waste of a trip! I'll update this so that I'm less likely to chicken out.
  3. Outer Kerbin An expansion to the Kerbin system Have you completely explored Kerbin? Have you mined Minmus for your refuel stations? Have you explored every anomaly at the surface of the Mun? But going to Eve or Duna isn't your kind of game? Than "Outer Kerbin" might be what you are looking for! You get to explore more, close to home! Outer Kerbin adds the planet "Phybi" to the Kerbin sphere of Influence. Phybi is in orbit around Kerbin just beyond Minmus and might be tricky to capture on your first few attempts. (SMA 65000000, Inc 12) Orbiting around this planet is the small-sized moon called "Iszmi". Both bodies are vacuum planets and have low-gravity somewhere between the numbers of the Mun and Minmus. Both bodies have a full world biome map, so theres enough for you to explore. Delta-V Calculations Numbers are calculated based on quick runs. No circularization around Phybi. Straight to Surface. So extra dV is adviced! From Lower Kerbin Orbit to Phybi Surface = 2520 m/s From Phybi Surface to Kerbin Re-Entry = 980 m/s Phybi Surface Touch & Return to Kerbin = 3500 m/s INITIAL RELEASE DEPENDENCY Kopernicus COMPATABILITY Outer Kerbin should be compatible with all planetpack that do NOT alter the stock system's planet locations. Please notify me when it's not complatible with another planetpack! Confirmed to work with: Atoren, DwarfPlanetsPlus, KerbolOrigins, OPM, Planet Cyran, The Plod System, The Varuta System , Trans-Keptunian, Moho Moons Mod and Miporia Planet Pack. IMAGE GALLERY Imgur Album VIDEO Outer Kerbin Preview Trip to Iszmi LICENCE Outer Kerbin is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International THANKING the awesome people over at the Kopernicus Discord for their help on getting to know how to create planets for KSP. @SnailsAttack @Gameslinx @Poodmund and others who've proven to be an helping hand! A Special shoutout to @Kottabos for his awesome video preview of Outer Kerbin on YT.! Give him a subscribe on his channel! Shoutout to @Johnster_Space_Program for featuring Outer Kerbin in his YouTube serie! Note that this being my first planet-pack for KSP, im looking forward on feedback! Have you encountered issues, please notify me, and ill try my best to get rid of it!
  4. After billion years, the Kerbol system is formed with only Jool and Eeloo. The other rocky planets near Kerbol is just a incinerating hell. Kerbin was starting his history. He was just a 7800km celestial body of lava and hot rocks. Here, dosen't exist the Mun, dosen't exist Minmus. It was just a lava land. A heavy bombardeament occoured in 6,7 billion years ago, with over 100m asteroids hitting the planet, the threat had come... A Duna-sized Kerbol proto-planet is gonna fast to Kerbin. The gravity starts to the chaos. It's now the moment, we will see a suprise... After the collision, a massive shockwave carried violently the fragments to a 356743km orbit. The gravity starts to do his work and creates a 3500km natural satelite, what is the Mun. The Mun is a bit closer to Kerbin. The days here is only 75 seconds. The planet was cooling down and the Mun was moved back to 11400km orbit. 4,7 billion years ago, volcanoes started to erupt out of the seas of Kerbin. They made volcanic islands and a medium-size continent. It was called Jerithia. 3,3 billion years ago, a 60000m magic-mint comet comes to Kerbin, but Kerbin's SOI pulls him and makes a inclinated orbit, what is now Minmus. 3,1 billion years ago, a heavy massive bombardeament occours in the Mun and some huges made the craters more bigger, which is now the biomes of the Mun. Some fragments did not harmed Kerbin. Million years later, giant continents emerged from the depth of the sea. They have the same format of the actual Kerbin, but don't have the Crater Rim. Life starts to evolute into Kerbosaurs. The days is now 3 hours. Kerbosaurs started to rule out Kerbin, But this kingdom will end. 2,7 billion years ago, a class-D asteroid is coming to Kerbin, in the right direction of the Crater Rim center. The impact made a shockwave that wiped out Kerbosaurs and burned out plants. 1,1 billion years ago, Kerbin is starting his cool down. A small green speck lifeform starts to appear in the burned grass. Millions, millions of years later, Kerbin starts to back to normal. The green speck evoluted to a 0.73cm lifeform, which is now Kerbals. And we are on Year 1. Here, is our actual Kerbin. Kerbals started to build spaceships to other planets and moons. Later, in a near-Future, Kerbals will be a civilization-type 1, which will now colonizate planets, interstellar travel and deep space exploration. This is the end of our history. This fan made theory was inspired on the Earth's origin theory, what Kerbin is more older than Earth. (Not actual information)
  5. This thread is meant to be a parody of the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory which is a conspiracy theory that has become surprisingly popular among die hard conspiracy nuts. In this thread the goal is to prove that Kerbin is flat. We shall not be deceived by the lies of the Kerbal Spave Center any more! They have constructed an elaborate conspiracy to hide the true shape of Kerbin so people will give contracts and funds to the space center. Logical fallacies are welcome, because real flat earthers use them all the time. Anyone saying that Kerbin is round is a shill payed by the Space Center to defend the conspiracy. There is no other explenation.
  6. As you maybe know, sometimes a asteroid hit Kerbin, but don't take effect. So, if SQUAD would make realistic asteroid collisions KSP would be hard to beat it (or not). Could you can play the game with this? I don't think so. For me is way hard. Laythe. A kerbal beautiness.
  7. Now, I know a lot of us (including me!) want to see a little more life on kerbin than just the space center. I think this could be achieved by introducing a new terrain scatter: a small neighbourhood, which would spawn on flat ground a bit like the trees but in clusters. I don't know if it'd be possible to make them light up at night? If they did, it'd make some pretty cool city lights from orbit.(perhaps toggle-able for potatoes like my laptop) I have seen the mod Kerbal Cities Pack before, and I think it's a good idea, but I think we need them more spread out, like the terrain scatters, which is what led me to this idea. Other possibilities for new terrain scatters would be farms and forests (basically a massive clump of the tree scatters) to make Kerbin seem like an actually populated planet rather than a space center and some trees. Ok, so I don't really know how this would all work, how hard it is to create terrain scatters or how laggy a terrain scatter as large as the neighbourhood scatter I'm suggesting would be, but that's my idea. Tell me what you guys think! (Also we'd probably need scatters to have colliders for this to work)
  8. Hello! Today I challenge you to see how far you can go into the waters of either kerbin, eve, or laythe (or the real solar system depending on what mod's you got). This is my current lowest depth: If you can go lower, post an image and I will put you on the list of lowest depths: List of Lowest Depths (Kerbin): 1st - @Scarecrow : -1375 m 2nd - @Johnster_Space_Program : -1039 m 3rd - @A Random Kerbonaut: - 758 m 4th - @Rocket In My Pocket : -403 m List of Lowest Depths (Eve): 1st - @The_Arcitect : -1331 m 2nd - 3rd - 4th - List of Lowest Depths (Laythe): 1st - @GRS: Around -1700 m 2nd - 3rd - 4th - List of Lowest Depths (Other Planets With Oceans): 1st - @The_Arcitect: -267 m on Tekto 2nd - 3rd - 4th - @Klapaucius: Finite Depth?
  9. Fortunately for that there are the mods! Although my computer-potato doesn’t handle very well Kerbal Konstruction and Kerbin Side ... anyway I would like to be recommended names for the "cities" that appear in the excellent lands textures courtesy of Galileo and his SVE. To fulfill the appetite for images, I made some maps and a little analysis of those lights in Kerbin's night. In my "Kanon" the population of kerbals is about 10 million distributed in 141 cities. There are 36 major cities (Red), some 24 medium-sized cities (yellow) and 81 small cities (blue). Of these 141, 90 are in the grasslands, 31 in the shores, 11 in the deserts, 8 in the badlands and 2 in the highlands. No cities are visible on islands, mountains, the tundra or in the polar regions. I also noticed the absence of cities in this area, which could be an indication of some social or environmental event in Kerbin's history. That's it, choose cities (they are numbered) and propose names if you wish. Also comment if you want to continue adding these maps, for some reason I find it entertaining to make them
  10. Back at it again for those who saw the previous trip. I hadn't posted much on my other one but I've completed Duna, Mun, Minmus and Kerbin once But now. I've produced a new version of the Enerstar the model S Why? Because I felt I missed out on a lot of the planet my last time around. Whole continents i never explored, mountaintops un-flagged. That's why Enerstar S has 6 engines. In stress tests the engines were powerful enough to nearly lift the whole thing straight up when at full rev + boost I haven't gotten it to a "max speed" because I tend to run out of room by the time I reach 190m/s.. but the 'safe' cruising speed is more like 30-50m/s faster than my last one due to being wider and less prone to flip. Model S has 289 parts total 6 rear engines with afterburner mode for steep climbs 2 reverse engines (which are also.. reversible..) 1 cockpit, 2 crew modules, 2 large ore tanks, 2 ore processors sensors, heat, gravity, pressure, air sensors, ore scanners, and 1 top area scanner Dry weight no fuel 50 tons Full mass (ore and fuel), 100 tons gallery location Front view Back And from the top before my first watercrossing into Sandoland Mountain climbing Top/side for a nice look at it And lastly a topdown comparison of my oldest model when I met up with where I left it More to come as I get going
  11. Hello, So im looking to have a ksp war mess around thing but I’m kinda feeling done with the map of kerbin because it’s been done lots and because I kind of want a navel ish theme. Anyways my question is, can you change what the surface of kerbin looks like to a more island ish themed thing. My idea is like an island chain where you land on islands and all that. Thanks in advance and and feel free to recommend any navel warfare mods or just genral good war mods
  12. So today I made my first SRB Only to Orbit Rocket! It can get into orbit with some fuel remaining to attempt a Trans-Munar Injection, but I wasn't able too. Here is a video on the craft and if you want to download it there will be a link below: Here are images of some prototypes of the final design: And here is the final design: Have you made an only SRB Rocket that can get into orbit yet? If so, tell me below and post some images of it!
  13. I got these awesome views of kerbin from the mun!
  14. Hello. I recently attempted a mission to kerbin's highest peak to complete an objective in career mode and this is what happened. First, here is a look at the craft I used, its a pretty basic rocket, it was able to get into orbit easily. After the rocket was done, it was time to launch! The launch went pretty well, as seen in the next few images. (I used Jedediah Kerman for the daring mission) After getting above 70,000 m, I coasted to my apoapsis, and did a burn to enter into kerbin orbit. Now that I was in kerbin orbit, I prepared to do a burn to change my inclination so it would match with the mountain's inclination. But before doing that, I decided to do a EVA Spacewalk. With the EVA complete. It was time to get back In the ship and do the burn, but, as I found out, I ran out of fuel before I could finish the burn. After loading a quick save I decided to give up on the mission for now and return back to the ground (or sea, because that's where I splashed down) I will reattempt this in Career Mode in the future, but if you have any tips or ideas to help me out, tell me below! This is JohnsterSpaceProgram, signing off until my next post!
  15. Hello all, I've wondering what _DetailDist (fade) value would give the effect I desire. Currently, my glow config looks pretty from the surface and orbit, but doesn't have any fade. This results in a very nasty looking border appearing high in the atmosphere: I'm using a modified version of the Para-Sci atmosphere pack, and decided to remove the fade because the glow wasn't visible from low orbit. I'm fine if the view from the surface stays the same as stock, a good low orbit view is all I really need.
  16. I've noticed there's a really small number of flowing water on Kerbin and managed to count only 8 systems and out of those, only 1 that's not flowing into the ocean. (map printed from Temporary Kerbal maps; numbers are in rough order of system size) Closeups, taken at the penultimate map enlargement. I think we should get proper, officially supported toponyms for all significant geographical features on Kerbin so that lore connection between players can occur. Kerbin is truly underappreciated planet, but offers the most. It seems to me these drainage basins are the most scarce ones so it might be a good idea to start with them. Hopefully, one day the names will get official. Any ideas? They could be kerbalized Earth's hydronyms or something you made up. Use the numbers from the map and suggest a name.
  17. I made this and thought it's worth sharing: Downloads:
  18. So I decided to make some arts using PlanetMaker, which is a useful tool to create planet ideas, real planets, simulated planets, and even imaginary planets. I unfortunately can't show the results because the freaking thing won't let me for some reason. But hey, at least I can prove that links will work! Laythe Kerbin Mun Duna Eve Kerbol Water World Enjoy
  19. While playing KSP, I wanted to know how far is the Mün from kerbin... ...Do any of you know?
  20. Various test flights have determined that if you ever want to fly around Kerbin in one go (without intermediate stops!), you need one of these: 1,550 Liquid Fuel Two J-404 Panther jets Flap/spoiler hybrid surfaces (these ^) Flying range (under right conditions): At least 1.3 times the circumference of Kerbin, according to a simple calculation I did with my remaining amount of fuel after my record-setting flight. (just after landing) Action groups: 1: (Engine) Switch mode 2: Toggle Engine 3: Extend/retract flaps/spoilers 4: Retract air brakes (preferably after stopping) DOWNLOAD Note; For best flying performance and stability, consider installing the Pilot Assistant mod (for KSP 1.3) Any questions? Hit me up!
  21. I happened to have a satellite in Kerbin system with a survey scanner on it (contract I think), and I haven't scanned the planet yet, so I put in 1400km polar orbit and hit scan. Ran out of battery power while transmitting results! Is there any trick that might help here? I tried toggling the "partial transmit" button, but I'm not sure which way is which and I don't know if it applies to this situation. If I lowered the orbit, would it need less electricity to communicate with the KSC? Is there some other way to get it to finish its scan? Or is the satellite just too weak?
  22. DOWNLOAD THE MOD HERE: Welcome to the development thread for [After Kerbin]. This planet mod is set many billions of years after stock KSP. Kerbol (now called Archangel) is midway through its fast journey to becoming a red giant. It has just consumed Moho. Eve is burning, and Kerbin is deserted. You begin your journey on Duna, around a warmer Sun. Begin on a tidally locked, colonised Duna, far into the future. This planet, known as Solitude, is the Kerbals' last hope. This is Kerbin. Four billion years has purged its surface of the space-faring civilisation. FAQ: Will this planet mod add any new stars? No. This is the Kerbol system billions of years in the future. Adding a new star means you will need modded parts to get there, which I generally disagree with. It also means separating planets and sentencing them to "will not be visited". I want to make sure all planets are easily reachable but also require a challenge once there. Is this planet mod compatible with present day mods like OPM? Yep! Even the visual mods will work together (they didn't with my previous planet mod), meaning you can install nearly any planet mod except those that also replace the home planet. How much RAM do I need for this mod? 5GB at maximum texture quality. The reason why the RAM requirement is no lower is because the planets use highly detailed, 4k textures for the best experience. Still waiting on a release? Click the follow button in the top right of this page, or join the planet mod discord!
  23. This black ring occurs everytime when I launch rocket or plane. That black ring conseals everything including esc menu and It disappears when my spacecraft overs about 70km. I use ModuleManager, MechJeb, NavHud and dependencies, AtmoshphereAutopilot. I'm using laptop that contains Radeon HD 6370M and i7-2630QM. Is it occurs only me? or someone of you can see this bug? I can't find what is reason of this problem. I hope you can help me.
  24. So we all know RSS. It makes the planets realistic size, and retextures them as real life planets. I am searching for the opposite. Is there a mod that retextures them, but keeps them the same size? I would like to use Kerbin for presentations (not those official ones) and i would like to have an earth retexture. Is there a mod like this? it doesnt have to be all planets, only for kerbin. Thanks