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Found 20 results

  1. Kerbol & Trappist-1

    Did it strike anybody else that the announcement from NASA today shows some exoplanets that bear quite a resemblence to some of KSP's worlds? I look at this and see a hot Tylo, Vall, Eve, Kerbin, Laythe, Jool and Eeloo - not to scale of course. But speaking of scale, I collect Trappist-1's 7th exoplanet orbits at about 1/25th of Mars' orbital altitude, above a small, cool star. How does that stack up in a direct comparison with KSP's planetary orbits and scales?
  2. Biomes of Kerbol

    I've recently noticed that the wiki page for Kerbol says that it has no biomes. Well...
  3. Abstract Kerbol System [Drawing}

    Hi guys! I just wanted to share my work with you! Don't judge the pixellization, please! I did this as a tribute to countless work of graphical designers,programmists and the whole SQUAD team! Hope you like it!
  4. Hey Guys, Look at this.

    I recently saw this picture And this lead me to the realization that Kerbol is an Ultra-cool Red dwarf star smaller than Trappist-1 (which means that its a Class-T Star.) and can you even see kerbin and the mun?
  5. Would it be possible to make a forced locked orbit of a black hole around Kerbol and then have the other solar systems orbit that, have the orbit represent this(image gif below) where the yellow dot is the black hole and the white one is other solar systems?
  6. Kerbalkind has always been ambitious. But now let us take it to the next level. I propose a craft that can take off from the KSC, Orbit once around Kerbol with a maximum altitude of 1000 Kilometers, refuel, and then land by the KSC to be recovered. One of each type of crewmember is required. Also, you are required to land every piece of your ship(except for the booster stages). You can refuel on an asteroid or a planet. It doesn't matter. But here comes the kicker. You have to do it in maximum gravity and show that you are not using any other cheats.
  7. For this challenge, you must put a vessel into Kerbol (sun) stable Polar Orbit, between 26160 km and 1500 km. RULES: No mods are allowed, except for informative mods that doesn't provide a real advantage. Only stock parts allowed No tricks like infinite fuel, disabling heat, edit cfg, etc, are allowed There are limits in cost, parts or stages, you can even assemble your vessel in space if you want. The vessel must be able to transmit data, so it should be able to generate power and it should have an antenna If you want, you can use a refuel station or mine resources, if you believe that it is necessary. OPTIONAL (I do not know if they are possible) : You must turn back to Kerbin, to recover some scientific data You have to carry a crew of 3 Kerbin (a Pilot, a scientist and an engineer) and transmit a crew report from Kerbol Recover all parts of vessel, except for consumable parts (like parachutes, heat shield, stack decoupler, fuel ...)
  8. New and a problem

    So I joined this forum out of boredness and to solve the issue of over shooting the mun and orbiting the Kerbol with a bigger radius than the Kerbin Orbit, I play on Xbox, I have played for a week on science mode with great progress on rockets, but not trajectory and science in general. And my rockets are out of fuel.
  9. How to expand Kerbol by 1 km each second, so it expands in real time with a C# script? And how to get Kerbol on script integer? Thank you.
  10. [1.3.0] Solar Science

    Previous thread. This new thread was necessary because of loss of my old email, forgotten password, some source files, and hosting site (you will be missed, Kerbal Stuff) Salutations! May the sunlight always be upon you! This small mod adds a couple new scientific instruments (such as the one pictured here) which do science specifically around the most wondrous body in the Kerbol system. Both of these instruments are based upon instruments currently aboard the SOHO and STEREO spacecraft. It also adds a few new flags. To install Like most other mods, simply download the file (Linked at the bottom), unzip it, and drop the folder it gives you into Kerbal Space Program>GameData. Notes: The Source Code, models, and textures are provided. These are in .cs, .fbx, and .png formats, respectively, and are all found in the folder Solar Science > Source. By the license, you can do anything you please with them as long as you don't profit and you give credit to me. Preferably, this would amount to mention of "Snoopy 20111." Remember to Praise the Sun! Screenshots: Review from KottabosGames: Changelog: Roadmap (???) Download here on Spacedock Curse mirror Google Drive Mirror This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
  11. Lost Twins

    THIS MOD ADDS A BROWN DWARF, 4 PLANETS AND 2 MOONS. MORE WILL LIKELY COME IN THE FUTURE. TRANCE: Trance is a small, T7V type brown dwarf with 17 Jool masses. it has three planets, one hosts black plant life. This dwarf wasn't discovered until recently, and it seems to orbit Kerbol in a binary relationship. (Based off Nemesis) PATHOS: Pathos is a strange little planet, because it orbits Trance in a retrograde orbit. The orbit is very likely kept stable by it's massive planetary neighbor, Zenith. ZENITH: Zenith is a huge planet, much bigger than Eve itself. Zenith is about 900km in radius, much bigger than any rocky planet in the Kerbol system. It has mostly ocean, but has a small area of land created by an impact, and the life on this land is almost completely black. GELID: Gelid is Trance's only moon, and it isn't that big. It's only about half the size of Jool, and only has one moon, and that moon is grey and dead. CORONA: Corona is grey and dead, not unlike all the planets and the only other moon besides Zenith. It has lots of craters like the Mun, but it does have a unique feature, and that is that it has clusters of tall mountains that are difficult to land on. DEMENTIA: Dementia is like Dres. Nobody really cares about it, but it is the farthest planet from Trance. So that's a plus, I guess. EXTUS: Extus is the only moon in the Trance system, so it's obviously the largest moon. It has lots of orange on it's surface, so we almost named it Oranj! There are many conspiracy theorists that believe the orange areas of Extus taste like oranges. PICS: DOWNLOAD: Twins
  12. Operation: Mara One Rescue

    Operation: Mara One Rescue "We Leave No Kerbal Behind" "Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, oh you got to be kidding me; they pulled a Voyager and a the Martian in the same day. I'm not reading this." - Jeb, Heroic Astronaut of the NASA KSP Program. He survived. The Mara SLA01 - Current Status It was supposed to be an automated probe for a flyby of the Mun. It's test launch of course was manned. Outfitted with some of the most powerful SpaceY engines available and designed like nothing the NASA KSP Program created before, it was to be the first stepping stone to the Mun. "Mun or bust" after all, right. Unfortunately, the Mara SLA01 (Standard Launch Automated) did not turn out as expected. Accelerating to nearly 3,000 m/sec the Mara SLA01 broke Kerbin orbit and before burning out its solid rocket boosters entered into an elliptical orbit with Kerbol. Meet the Mara SLA01: Equipped with the latest technology of the time, the Mara SLA01 was designed for extended long term automated missions. With full electrical charge to sustain the computers and life support, the Mara SLA01 could potentially keep its crew alive indefinitely (or until the food ran out). However, we do not leave a Kerbal behind. In a courageous decision, the survivor of many NASA KSP Program test launches has volunteered to lead the rescue effort to bring our Kerbalnauts home! The Objectives: Intercept the Mara SLA01 with a newly developed spacecraft equipped with the most advanced technology we have: the Mara One; Save our Kerbalnauts! Bring all our Kerbalnauts home What We Know: The Mara SLA01 has no fuel left and is relying on solar energy for electricity. It is impossible to maneuver the vessel; Any rescue ship must be capable of catching up with the SLA01 and either dock with the SLA01 or passengers of the SLA01 must be able to EVA at nearly 3.1 Km/sec; The Mara One rescue ship must be able to accelerate out of Kerbol orbit and will need the speed, power, and fuel to perform several maneuvers to reach Kerbin; Mara One will need to slow down significantly for atmospheric reentry or face burning up before reaching the Space Center It's time to bring our Kerbalnauts Home The current mission status direct from Mission Control Headquarters on Kerbin: Designing the Mara One Tasks that Remain NASA KSP Engineers and Scientists are concerned that if we launch the Mara One too early it may face the same fate or worse. Time is against us as we prepare for a rescue mission. Mara One Launch System Trials Mara One Interplanetary Engine Trials Mara One Planetary Breaking Trials Mara One Spaceplane Trials Mara One Ship Trials Mara One Launch Follow a long as the Mara One Rescue Mission commences.
  13. WATERWORLD (Prologue & Chapter 1)

    WATERWORLD By: electricpants Main Characters: Jeb (M) Bill (M) Bob (M) Val (F) Hersel (F) Janree (F) Lopenda (F) Donby (M) Jebken (M) Dudford (M) Sanlotte (F) Macbrette (M) Cooper (M) Joecas (M) Neleny (M) Leabella (F) Ragela (F) Meglinne (F) Irice (F) Gwenalla (F) Hadfred (M) Gene (M) PROLOGUE: Kerbol is now an orange giant, a sort of intermediate size between Main Sequence stars and Red Giants. We believe that in it’s largest state, it will swallow Kerbin whole, along with the perished Kerbalkind. However, if we go to our nearest neighbor, Proxim, We may have a chance to survive. Proxim is a red dwarf star with 3 planets, the first planet is a Sun-hugger rocky planet, orbiting in just 2 days. It is covered in molten lava on one side, while the other side is -200 C. This is because it is tidally locked to Proxim. The first planet is called “Mercury” and is uninhabitable. The second planet is a warm oceania, with temperatures reaching 25 C on it’s surface. It orbits Proxim every 9 days, causing it to be tidally locked as well, but it’s Kerbin-like atmosphere and it’s worldwide ocean more evenly distributes heat from Proxim across the entire planet. It is perfect for habitation, and may as well have life, the only issue is the fact that there is no land. This oceania is called “Hermes” and has beautiful white clouds and rings. The third planet is a gas giant with 2 moons. It is a beautiful yellow, and has a sparse ring system. It is far away from Proxim, taking 214 days to orbit once. It has an orange storm at its cloud tops. It’s name is “Cantor”. Cantor’s first moon is a shepherd moon with a HUGE volcano that is constantly spewing magma into space, it’s caused by the huge amounts of tidal heating caused by Cantor. This moon is called “Polluks” and is the cause behind Cantor’s magma ring. Cantor’s second moon is habitable, but barely. It’s surface temperature is a nice, warm -10 C. That means that the water on this cold terra is more of a brine than water, and thus is unfit for life AND for drinking. So don’t be fooled by this moon, named “Kastor”. Chapter 1: The beginning of the end “Wake up Bob!” Bill shouted. “What Is It, Bill? This had better be a good reason for waking me.” Bob grunted as he got out of bed. “Bob! The sun is orange, and it’s HUGE!” Bill worriedly said. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, Bill.” Bob said, annoyed. “The sun is normal, alri-” Bob’s eyes widened as he saw exactly what Bill had described. “Oh no. I think time passed so fast while we were having fun, with random launches that did nothing, all the puns, and… and… well now the sun is an orange giant.” Bob realized. “What’s an orange giant?” Bill asked, confused out of his little engineer mind. “An orange giant is the midpoint between a star like the old sun, and a red giant, which is an old red star that’s at least 100x times the size of the old sun, which means that soon, Kerbin is going to get pretty hot.” Bob explained to Bill. “Oh, well, I assume that’s a bad thing?” Bill questioned. “Yes, that’s a very bad thing.” Bob yet again explained to Bill. “You stay here, I’ll go tell KSC about this situation!” Bob shouted. Bob then went to tell the employees at the KSC. Bob came back to tell Bill. “They said they would start developing a rocket to go to the nearest star, Proxim.” Bob told Bill. “It’s going to be huge, but it can only hold 21 starting kerbals, which I wish there could be more, but any more, and the rocket wouldn’t go up, which is important for a rocket to do in this situation.” Bob continued to explain. “Who’s going? Are we going on there or are we staying?” Bill asked. “Well obviously they’re taking you, me, Val, and Jeb, but besides that, I don’t know.” Bob told Bill. “Now listen, everyone.” Gene said to the other 17 kerbals making the trip. “The sun is dying, but we want kerbal kind to survive. So we’re sending you all on a 21 starting kerbal ship along with Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val. So you all are going through intense training so you know what you’re doing on Hermes.” Gene continued to explain. “Hermes has more gravity than Kerbin, and is larger than Eve. Hermes’s surface gravity is 1.4 G’s, Radius is 840 km.” He explained about Hermes and what they were doing for training. “Well, I’m going to bed now, Bill. Please don’t wake me up again.” Bob told Bill. But Bill wasn’t sleeping tonight. Tonight he was helping to build the interstellar rocket, and he was in charge of building the ship’s Alcubierre Warp Drive so they could actually go faster than light! “Alright, so I have to build a ring that can “accelerate” the ship up to 10 times the speed of light by warping space-time. Well, at least I was given a blueprint so I know how to build it, and the scientists will make it do the magical stuff.” He said to himself as he began building the Warp Drive. “This is the only thing that we don’t need to make sure floats, because we’re jettisoning it once we get there. Because, I mean, do we need this once we get there?” He continued to say. “I just can’t believe that I’m building the ship I’m going interstellar in. And some of the kerbals here are just supposed to build it, and they’re not going.” Bill said once he was mostly done with the Warp Drive for the ship, which has a name now, which is the “IWS”. It was about 9:00 AM once he finished, so essentially he stayed up all night building a Warp Drive for the IWS. Bill couldn’t find Jeb, so he climbed up the VAB and found Jeb sitting on the edge, looking up at the sun. “Oh, hi Bill! Long time no see.” Jeb said, ecstatic about seeing his friend after not seeing him for a week, because he was on vacation. “I was wondering where you went, anyways, I’m done building the Warp Drive so we can get to Proxim FTL!” Bill excitedly stated. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, Bill. What’s this whole ‘We have to get to Proxim’ thing all about, anyway?” Jeb asked. “Well, Bob told me that essentially, the sun is starting to die, so Kerbin is going to get too hot to sustain life, so we found the closest star to us, which luckily had a habitable ocean planet orbiting it.” Bill explained. “Wait, we’re moving to an OCEAN planet?! Have they lost their minds?! We’re NEVER going to survive there!” Jeb yelled back at Bill. “The habitat modules are designed to float, genius.” Bill said, annoyed that Jeb blamed them for losing their minds, when he did a long time ago. “Alright, jeez Bill.” Jeb said, surprised that Bill had just yelled at him, instead of Bob, like he normally did. “Well, I’ll get off this stinkin’ rooftop so I can talk to Bob.” Jeb said, while walking away, somewhat happy he got away from Mad Bill. “Oh, hey Jeb! Where did you go for vacation?” Bob asked enthusiastically. “Oh, me and Val just went to that beach over by the island runway.” Jeb answered, weirded out by the fact that Bob was so ecstatic about seeing him. “If you’re wondering why I’m happy to see you, it’s because you were gone for so long, and all the modules for the IWS are tested, and can float in freshwater, which we believe covers Hermes. You were gone for so long, that everyone was starting to worry about having to leave you and Val behind.” Bob explained. “Wait, they’ve tested the modules? What do they look like? Are you sure Hermes is covered in freshwater, and not saltwater? Are you sure we’ll even survive the trip?!” Jeb asked a million questions about the IWS and about Hermes. “Jeb, we have tested the modules, they look like your average house, we’ve studied the composition of Hermes’s water, and determined there was little to no salt in it, and yes, I am sure we will, since the trip will take less than a year with the Warp Drive.” Bob explained again. “Who’s going?” Jeb asked. “You, me, Bill, Val, Hersel, Janree, Lopenda, Donby, Jebken, Dudford, Sanlotte, Macbrette, Cooper, Joecas, Neleny, Leabella, Ragela, Meglinne, Irice, Gwenalla, and Hadfred.” Bob explained who was going. “But… But that’s only 21 kerbals!” Jeb looked surprised. “Yeah, I know the feeling. But any more kerbals, and the rocket wouldn’t take off.” Bob said, looking at his shoes. “When is the IWS taking off?” Val walked in and asked Bob. “Tomorrow.” Bob said, looking very nervous.
  14. KSP Kerbol System Body List

    Planets Moho Eve Kerbin Duna Dres Jool Eeloo Moons Gilly Mun Minmus Ike Laythe Vall Tylo Bop Pol Time for some math! 7+9=16 And Kerbol!!! 16+1=17 There are 17 bodies in the Kerbol system.
  15. Kerbol exploration

    Ok so I don't have an entry yet but I'm working on one already so maybe it's okay to make this challenge. Also I searched a little but couldn't find anything just like this. So briefly: Send one or more kerbal(s) as close to kerbol as you can and bring them back to kerbin alive. Rules: 1. No cheat menu or other stupid cheating attempts 2. No mods that alter physics. Visual and informative mods are ok 3. Hyperedit is allowed for testing purposes but not on the actual mission 4. Must be manned and able to return to kerbin safely obviously 5. This is a little weirder BUT STILL VERY IMPORTANT!! Absolutely no timewarping 1min prior to and 1min after your kerbol periapsis since that seems to alter how heat works. So at least 1min before your kerbol periapsis set time warp to x1 and don't accelerate it before you are at least 1min past your pe (not even x2 x3 or x4 warp). Otherwise you are free to timewarp as much as you like. 6. Take screenshots or video. On case of screenshots the rule number 5 must be based on honor code. I trust you are all honest anyway 7. That's all I can think of Oh yeah, use either 1.05 or 1.1 I'll make seperate leaderboards if necessary. Score is your closest distance to kerbol. Simple. And lastly to give you some benchmark to try and beat. My ship that is still WIP is able to clear a kerbol pe of about 80Mm but I still need a way to send it there and back (I play 1.1 so new inflatable heatshield is a thing. I vaguely remember that when I tried 1.1 I got something like 140Mm but that might be just me remembering wrong.) Oh and have fun and fly safe.
  16. Good afternoon. I have been thinking a lot about a mod I would like to see created (or idea incorporated into stock), in reference to the below idea in the suggestions forum, but that has lead to a much broader, general question; what is the rest of the Kerbal's universe like? The crux of the question is if Kerbol is 1/10th scale, but all the other stars in its neighborhood are Not, then its heliopause region for a distant solar science "biome" would be not vastly farther than the orbits of its outermost planets whether Eeloo or Plock or End, due to the pressure of the solar wind from its much larger neighbors. However, if Kerbol was a 1/10th scale star in a 1/10 scale universe, then the line of demarcation for some eventual acquisition of distant solar science would be rather farther, in what we might deem to be a more classical ratio of distance. So, I would like to poll the body of players, from engineering power-gamer to head-canon roleplayer; is Kerbol unique in its diminutive size, or simply a common representative on the stage of a 1/10th scale universe? What feels best and/or is the most logical answer to you?
  17. Hi I just completed my first contract to insert a satellite into a polar orbit around the sun (apoapsis 82.2Mkm, periapsis 24.8Mkm). This was actually quite difficult as it took approximately 20k delta v just to do the inclination change at the ascending node from Kerbin's orbit to the required orbit of 90 degrees. Normally I try and do inclination changes near the apoapsis but in this instance the required orbit was rather elliptical with the apoapsis being near the southern pole. Any tips on how to make inclination changes more reasonable? (assume I'm launching a new craft from Kerbin). Thanks Stuart
  18. Kerbol System Backgrounds/Wallpapers

    I recently got one of those Solar System wallpapers and I thought that it might be cool to recreate one of the Kerbol system. Here's the one I recommend, with Eeloo in front of Jool, and without the Joolian moons. Here's the full edit, including the Joolian Moons. Note that in order to keep the 1 pixel to 3.5 km size I had to mix and match the moons, so it doesn't look all that great. Due to the fact that Jool has so many moons, I made another wallpaper of the moons by themselves, without the planets. Here's the original unedited image, credit to Smorfty (thanks!): There ya go, enjoy! I may also make another wallpaper of the Kerbol system without any moons, though I'll see if people want it. -Aero
  19. Maximizing Planet Densities

    For some time now I've had a hypothesis that Kerbol is not in fact a magical tiny G-class star but an old, relatively cool white dwarf (such as a DC9, which is spectrally similar to the Sun). The planets would also be made partially of electron-degenerate matter, making them much denser than any known planets and making possible their high surface gravities relative to their sizes. But today I decided to fact-check myself and look up the lower mass limits for stellar remnants such as white dwarfs, and I found the following: - White dwarf: at least 0.6 solar masses, below which it will convert into a "carbon planet" and expand to a much larger size and lower density - Neutron star: at least 0.1 solar masses, below which it will explode in an event similar to a type 1a supernova, and any core remnant left over will be composed of ordinary matter of assorted elements. Kerbol has a mass of roughly 0.01 solar masses, and Kerbin less than a millionth of a solar mass. So nothing in the Kerbolar system could actually be made of electron-degenerate matter or solid neutrons, which leaves the question: Exactly what might they be made of? So can anyone else come up with some ideas for how to greatly increase the density of a planet or star, so that we don't have to go with "gravity is stronger in the Kerbal universe" or "it's magic"? Yes, I do understand that it IS magic, but for the sake of mental stimulation, I'd like to try to come up with a headcanon that holds water. As an example, say we take a planet like Earth. It has a certain mass, and since it's made mainly of iron, silicon, and oxygen, it has a certain resulting radius and density. But if we converted it into pure gold, it would become denser and thus end up smaller. Can we come up with some configuration of materials, possibly including degenerate matter, that could produce the necessary densities?