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Found 28 results

  1. Fancy lights and animations on your Kerbals will make them look like a Christmas tree! Customize and make them shine with these glowing props during upcoming holidays and ever after. Current parts: Helmet Lights for those times when you wanted to take kerbal selfies during nights. Cupola Helmet for better angle of view when playing with the Through The Eyes of a Kerbal mod. Jetpack Light, useful when your Kerbal doesn't wear the standard helmet. Omni-Tool, a fancy replacement of the screwdriver tool (left handed, so use the "H" KIS hotkey). Holo Goggles, brings diversity to Kerbals, has a Firespitter color switcher. Other vanity items: Aviator Sunglasses, animated "Eyepatch" Holo Visor (male and female versions), Blinking Mic Headset. Download from Spacedock Requirements: - Kerbal Inventory System - Community Category Kit Suggested: - Firespitter (for switching the color on the Holo Goggles) License: ARR
  2. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and is upgradable/serviceable (primarily through Kerbal Inventory System). Orbital telescopes also now become fundamental to discovering asteroids. Unfortunately, Some people on here don't like the forum rules regarding Mod development, leading to Angel 125 dropping this project. This now is open to the community to add to, and work on collectively. In order to keep the mod orderly, We will hold a vote on features, parts, etc. before including anything in an official release. CactEye Telescopes works best with Distant Object Enhancement by MOARdv. CactEye Telescopes supports Research Bodies by @JPLRepo Downloads Development Thread: Quick and Dirty Tutorial: License: "Cacteye Telescopes Community Takeover" is a derivative work of "CactEye Telescopes Continued" by Angel 125, which is a derivative work of "CactEye 2" by Raven, which is a derivative work of "CactEye Orbital Telescope" by Rubber-Ducky. It is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Current Release: 7/18/2017 Updated to 1.3.0 De-Linqed Previous Changelogs Contributors: @Andem @Sethplays @Angel-125 @Rubber Ducky @Raven. @KaiserSoze
  3. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and is upgradable/serviceable (primarily through Kerbal Inventory System). Orbital telescopes also now become fundamental to discovering asteroids. Unfortunately, Some people on here don't like the forum rules regarding Mod development, leading to Angel 125 dropping this project. This now is open to the community to add to, and work on collectively. In order to keep the mod orderly, We will hold a vote on features, parts, etc. before including anything in an official release. CactEye Telescopes works best with Distant Object Enhancement by MOARdv. CactEye Telescopes integrates with Research Bodies by @JPLRepo Downloads Release Thread: Quick and Dirty Tutorial License: "Cacteye Telescopes Community Takeover" is a derivative work of "CactEye Telescopes Continued" by Angel 125, which is a derivative work of "CactEye 2" by Raven, which is a derivative work of "CactEye Orbital Telescope" by Rubber-Ducky. It is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Current Release: 7/18/2017 Updated to 1.3.0 De-Linqed Previous Changelogs None Yet! Contributors: @Andem @Sethplays @Angel-125 @Rubber Ducky @Raven. @KaiserSoze
  4. Download from Github Changelog DISCLAIMER This mod is not in a final release state yet and everything you see is subject to change. I will do my best to make every update compatible with your savegames from the last version, but cannot guarantee it. This mod is science mode ready. All parts are placed at there correct node in the tech tree. This mod is career mode ready. The parts and the printing process itself (cost of MaterialKits plus EC) is scaled so that costs of MaterialKits and other resources match the cost of the printed parts. What does it do? The OSE - Workshop is a new Part that is meant to be used together with Kerbal Inventory System (KIS). It allows you to create parts in flight. Current Features Queueing of items for production All Items require MaterialKits, ElectricCharge and a crew of two Kerbals to be created The amount of MaterialKits needed is depending on the mass of the created item => To create an item with the mass of one ton you need one ton of MaterialKits (not one unit) Recycling of items stored in your vessels inventory Processing of Ore into MaterialParts Cancelation of item production Selection of target inventory Efficiency based on Crew Traits Planned Features Specialized Workshops for different categories Known issues and restrictions N / A Requird mods KIS by KospY and Winn75 FirespitterCore by snjo CommunityResourcePack by the KSP Community ModuleManager by sarbian & ialdabaoth Recommended Mods Pathfinder by Angel-125 MKS-Lite by RoverDude License OSE Workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which means You are permitted to use, copy and redistribute my work as-is. You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures, etc.) and release them under your own name. You may not use the material for any commercial purposes. You must use the same license as the original work. You must credit the following people when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts: ObiVanDamme and Enceos (OSE Workshop), KospY and Winn75 (Kerbal Attachment System). Credits and Thanks The included plugin Community Resource Pack (by RoverDude) is distributed under it's own license. The included plugin ModuleManager (by ialdabaoth & sarbian) is distributed under it's own license. The included plugin FirespitterCore (by snjo) is distributed under it's own license. Portions of this codebase include source by taniwha, used under GNU general public license. KIS is the original Work of KospY and Winn75 - Thank you for creating this awesome mod. Authors ObiVanDamme: mod idea and C# programming Enceos: 3D models and textures Angel-125: Maintenance during absence
  5. So this is it: I can't open my inventory while in EVA, neither the container. I don't have any other mods installed, only KIS and KAS. I'm running KSP 1.2. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much
  6. I've installed KIS and KAS through CKAN with all appropriate dependencies. I have the necessary parts in my ship, I can even build a craft with storage containers with parts in them, and even open and manage those inventories while piloting the craft, but as soon as I go EVA all of that seems to vanish. The kerbal has no inventory, nor can they open storage units. Any hlep?
  7. Pretty new to KSP and I wanted to be able to add items onto space crafts that I already has in orbit. I downloaded KIS and KAS to do this. Unfortunately my kerbal cannot hold anything in his inventory because his inventory volume is 1 L and every object is huge compared to that. Is this because he is a level 1? I tried looking through the save files to increase his inventory size but all I saw was max inventory which didn't fix the problem. I have read the user guide and looked all over the Internet and these forums for more information but I can't find anything. Everything is up to date. Other mods are Mechjeb, alarm clock, kerbal engineer and planetshine. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, I can see the inventory and even put items in container on assembly, but when I go EVA, theres no buton to open inventory on kerbals nor pressing tab key. The container inventory button is there but when I press it, theres the opening doors sound but nothing happens. My versions are KSP - (64k) and KIS is 1.4.3. KSP prerelease chrashes on loading
  9. Hey all, I have no clue if this should be in here or addon discussions, but here goes: I just got KAS/KIS and desperately wanted to use the kerbal EVA inventory, because I could remove helmets and refuel airplanes without the pain of docking.The issue is that I have no inventory to use. I right-clicked Doddard(an engineer and dedicated fuel tanker technician) and went to click the Inventory button, but there was none there. Next, I tried to find the inventory button on one of those side mount containers(with some tools inside). Thankfully the inventory button showed. I clicked on it and nothing happened. Again. This is weird because the inventories work in the SPH/VAB and on loaded vessels/cockpits. Any help would be nice. Thanks, GKSP
  10. UPDATED! Hello Fellow kerbals! I have now been a member of the KSP forum for almost a year now, and now that its christmas time i wanted to make a mod that NO ONE has ever made before. So i give you the Medieval Weapons Pack for KIS ! This is a mod which adds some weapons from the medieval era. Currently there are only four parts and they are: Dagger, Spear, Short Sword and Long Sword but i want to add some more weapons (they are listed bellow). Scimitar COMING SOON! Shield Helm Siege Weapons Rapier Battle Axe Bow and arrow and a lot of other parts! Alright... Tired of Big Ugly and heavy guns? Just wishing you could stab someone? well now you can! Review by kottabos games. This is a review of the OLD version. Download:Medieval Weapons Pack DOWNLOAD! Requires the Kerbal Inventory System mod. License: MIT
  11. Hi everyone. I just sent a refueling ship to a ship without a docking port landed on the Mun. I brought an engineer with an inventory full of components to build a docking adapter and have landed within range of my contraption-to-be, but I just found out I don't have a screwdriver in the engineer's inventory so I can't assemble anything. I usually have the screwdriver defaulted into Seat 0's inventory on my saved ships, but I guess I overlooked it this time. I don't normally cheat through problems in-game unless the problems come from an issue introduced by the game, and I think this incident counts... I'd like to know how I can hack a screwdriver into this Kerbal's inventory. I have KML to safely edit my persistence file, but since KIS isn't stock, it isn't intuitive to access the inventory the way I normally navigate the interface to fix broken solar panels, etc. What do I do? Thanks!
  12. Hello I have been away from the game for months because I gave up on fixing the latter issue; when using my spaceplane to accept cargo in space, i use KIS/KAS for the ability to place struts in space and keep the payload steady. This had worked for me for more then a year since I started using KIS/KAS. I use my spaceplane as the main means of getting things into and out of kerbin orbit, as long as it can fit in the hold. Now, upon getting into orbit, the plane disintegrates into many pieces when burning in a vacuum. Ill try and get a video of this happening, has been acting up for me recently I am also getting an error in CKAN which I think I should try and fix first. Here is a screen shot of the error. Dxdiag
  13. So I use the Kerbal Attachment System/Kerbal Inventory System mods, and I'm trying to use the connector ports to link two ships' fuel tanks so I can refuel one of them. They will link but fuel transfer doesn't work for some reason--the "in" and "out" buttons don't pop up (They do appear when I select two tanks on one ship, but they all disappear when I select a third tank on a linked ship). I have the R&D unlocked far enough that resource transfer is allowed, and this always used to work fine before 1.2 was released. Is this a known issue or could I be doing something wrong? Thanks for the help! See picture:
  14. While upgrading my interplanetary transfer vehicle, which is currently positioned in LKO, I was faced with the task of installing a relay antenna. Now, in order to maintain stability of the vessel during acceleration, the relay antenna shouldn't weigh too much while at the same time looking cool and awesome, which is why I decided to attach the biggest antenna possible. Now the weight reduction is realized by attaching as few parts as possible to the antenna, which is why I opted for a battery and a docking port. Now, docking the antenna to the vessel usually requires some sort of propulsion. You probably could do it with a claw but well, grabbing an antenna with a claw might actually void guarantee... I heard of many ways of docking so far: Standard RCS docking, docking without RCS, docking with Ion engines. Having no means of propulsion whatsoever, these methods are not suitable. Here, we present a new way of docking which is advantageous in a couple of ways: First no fuel is needed which naturally will save the environment, and more importantly your precious funds. Furthermore, this kind of docking is possible without whatsoever skill since pushing a single button on a GUI cannot be called skill in that sense. This method of docking is both: State-of-the-art, economically friendly and easy. So in future, all vessels should be docked like this. Eventually, monopropellant and RCS-equipment will no longer be needed to dock vessels, which - in turn - will further cut down the required budget. In order to dock, attach a winch close to your target docking port. Then use the rope of the winch to connect the winch (in undocked mode) with the vessel you like to dock with. Optimally you will attach the winch close to the vessel's docking port. Then draw in the rope and the two vessels will eventually approach and finally dock due to the magnetic force. Using a set of winches actually gives you control over the angle of the two docking ports. I am seriously convinced, somebody did exactly this before, however, I am not aware of any kind of publication, which I could reference or acknowledge here.... N.B.: Be sure to retract your solar panels in the proximity...I lost two of them in the process and now I need to rendezvous with just another supply vessel...
  15. Main thread for KIS is located here. This is a pre-release of KIS for KSP 1.2. Main purpose of it is to find bugs at the earlier stage. Please, avoid using this pre-release in your carrier games since you may damage it badly. Once KSP 1.2 is officially released the compatible KIS version will be released as well. Before it happen you should not assume this version is stable. I'll be very appreciated if you could test this version in your usual playing scenario, and report bugs if any. Special thanks to @micha who did most of the changes to make this mod compatible with KSP 1.2. How to install: Delete old KIS files. Don't rename them, move or delete them physically. A lot of hard to track problems happen when people think they did everything right to isolate the old version while in fact they didn't Download and extract this archive from GitHub. It's a normal KIS v1.2.12 installation except it has pre-release version of binaries. If you found a bug (or you think you did), please, always add a full `KSP.log` file. This file is located in the root of your game folder. Please, don't confuse it with `output_log.txt` file, this one is useless.
  16. So i have another idea but this time its time to have some fun and a safe way to have a war without loosing kerbals. By adding Kerbal.Entertaining.Rocket.Foam(the kerbal equivalent to NERF) or KERF for short.
  17. I play using KSP1.2.1 on a WIn10. The containers don't allow me to put anything in them; the inventory window pops up but nothing can be dropped into the slots. I've removed all mods except KAS and KIS, tried 32 and 64bit KSP version and it still same problem. Anyone has got any idea????
  18. I am trying to add new functionality to my WalkAbout mod so that it will spawn kerbals with selected items already in their inventory. Currently, I am still in the proof-of-concept stage. The problem I am having is that I can't seem to get KIS to add an item to an inventory. Below is a snippet of the code I am using to test things out (the Debug() method is my extension method to write messages to the log file): if (inventory != null) { var items = WalkAboutPendingItems.InventoryItems[]; "performing getinfo on inventory".Debug(); var info = ModuleKISInventoryType.InvokeMember("GetInfo", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, inventory, new object[0]); $"obtained info from inventory [{info}]".Debug(); foreach (var itemName in items) { $"{} has a {itemName} to be added".Debug(); var defPart = PartLoader.getPartInfoByName(itemName); $"obtained part [{defPart}] for item [{itemName}]".Debug(); if (defPart != null) { $"invoking AddItem member using defPart [{defPart.GetType()}]".Debug(); ModuleKISInventoryType.InvokeMember("AddItem", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, inventory, new object[] { defPart }); $"If you can read this then ... hurray! It worked! {itemName} is in the inventory".Debug(); } else { "Cannot add item to inventory".Debug(); } } } And the resulting entries from the log file: [LOG 07:36:21.281] WalkAbout: performing getinfo on inventory [LOG 07:36:21.282] WalkAbout: obtained info from inventory [<b>Max Volume</b>: 300.00 L <b>Internal access</b>: ALLOWED <b>External access</b>: ALLOWED ] [LOG 07:36:21.283] WalkAbout: Jebediah Kerman has a KIS.wrench to be added [LOG 07:36:21.283] WalkAbout: obtained part [AvailablePart] for item [KIS.wrench] [LOG 07:36:21.284] WalkAbout: invoking AddItem member using defPart [AvailablePart] [EXC 07:36:21.287] MissingMethodException: The best match for method AddItem has some invalid parameter. System.MonoType.InvokeMember (System.String name, BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object target, System.Object[] args, System.Reflection.ParameterModifier[] modifiers, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture, System.String[] namedParameters) System.Type.InvokeMember (System.String name, BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object target, System.Object[] args) KspWalkAbout.WalkAboutEva.Start () As you can see, I have properly obtained the kerbal's ModuleKISInventory object and can query it for info by invoking "GetInfo". The call to invoke "AddItem" uses the same object and the only difference is that I am passing an AvailablePart object (just as is shown here). I just can't figure out where I've gone wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hello all, Everyone keeps saying the KAS/KIS mod combo are excellent and add so much, but I've never used it and have always struggled to see how it's so useful/cool. Do you have any stories of cool uses of these two mods that would help me see why people like them so much? Have you done anything/built anything you couldn't have without KIS/KAS and how? Aside from the usual example of build a rover or something? On a slightly related note, is there a size limit to the things you can carry in containers, and attach in EVA?
  20. SM CHUTE Eva Parachutes for Kerbals NEEDS Kerbal Inventory System UPDATE v0.2.3 RealChute Compatible NOT FAR compatible Adds two styles of EVA parachute, a traditional circular canopy and a more modern wing style canopy Notes these [parachutes are fitted using the magic that is the KIS plugin. as such there are some differences between the function of these parachutes and those fitted to craft and or supplied by other mods. The parachute has to be manually fitted at present, selected from your Kerbals KIS inventory and equipped using the button. The parachutes currently attach to the jet pack position MOST IMPORTANT The parachutes will not auto deploy, (I've no idea why ) So in use you must deploy the chute yourself, once triggered it will go through the semi and fully deployed states just like a normal chute Notes on FAR and RealChute and why these are not compatible As some of you have have taken the time to delve into KSP modding EVA is a tricky thing to play with, KIS does it very well but still has it's limitations. I'm going to have to relate this awkwardly to KIS as it's the only plugin currently that allows manipulation of EVA equipment and functions. While testing and working on BD FPS we'd already come across some issues, if only half the things we dreamed up were possible, but we did try, ah well ne'er mind. Anyway, back to the real issue, why these chutes will not work in FAR when every other mod chute does? Well i tried everything imaginable, every test, every tweak, anything however vague i could think of, and on the way learned some interesting stuff, and then it dawned that I'd missed a 1 vitally important test, that test being, DO these damnable things work if attached to a craft and not a kerbal? With a good deal of ambivalence I have to say that they do! and very well at that. After all I've tried and messed up in process this leaves me only able to draw one conclusion, that being that while these chutes will server very well as probe chutes they will never in their current form be suitable for use by Kerbals Known issues. Parachutes do not self deploy to initial state Parachute boxes can be tricky to select, I have fitted them with a large collider, but the issue remains. I believe it is related to how KIS activates colliders . Happy floating Get it from SpaceDock Or should SpaceDock be suffering a gremlin attack It'sHere I placed this mod here but I really don't know how I could develop it more, it's so simple, and so easy to diy, I don't know why it wasn't done before, forgive me if it was of course. Anyway I'll leave it here for now and see how it goes. HOW TO USE YOUR EVA PARACHUTE FOR BEST RESULTS Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility and of course as always it's an ARR license
  21. What mod causes Kerbal Inventory System to lag when placing parts?
  22. KSP Version : KAS Version : 0.5.9 KIS Version : 1.2.12 I just installed KAS and KIS, and to test it i placed a random rover with an empty fuel tank on the ground and then sent an engineer in another rover with tools (winches, wrenches, connector ports etc.) and a filled tank. I attached connector ports on both the modules and then used the "link" feature which linked them instantly with a pipe. But i wasn't able to transfer any fuel as the two ships were not docked. Then I tried the winch, I grabbed the winch wire thingy and went up to a connector port. When i selected the "docked" option to plug in, the winch wire came off the back of the kerbal and said "you had nothing to plug in" but when I selected the "undocked" option, the thing attached but it still wasn't docked and I couldn't do any transfers. Why is this happening and how can i solve this?
  23. It says that there is a problem with the mapping, outcome is i cannot use the containers; I could see the kerbal items, but cannot use them. says it cannot find the sound file, but when i looked i saw it there. Message: Sound File: KIS/Sounds/containerOpen has not been found, please check installation path! Sound File: KIS/Sounds/containerClose has not been found, please check installation path! Not sure how to re install mod, i delete it and unzip a new one and put it there... not working
  24. I'm looking for some feedback on a mod. The idea is basically having a part that can perform the same engineering activities using KIS tools as a Kerbal can. Use case scenario that led me to make this mod was a plan to send a few different base parts on unmanned vessels and then have a robotic rover connect everything before the actual Kerbals arrive. Problem was that in order to use KIS struts and connectors a Kerbal engineer is needed. Solution is a Kerbal's brain in box. I know that IR can do most of those tasks, but I don't think it's possible for IR to use the KIS tools directly, like the Electric Screwdriver and Wrench. Source code is on GitHub Mod is available on the releases page Demonstration video This mod is released under the MIT License.
  25. Hi, I downloaded KSP 1.1, and updates of all mods installed. When I launch my save I have a error message that say : A vessel cannot be charged , or something like that. When i try to charge this vessel in the VAB, I had the following message : Craft RK-3 was not loaded because it had the following parts missing: KKAOSS.KIS.Tank. I reinstalled KIS and KAS mods but i have the same issue, nothing about KKAOSS.KIS.Tank in my game folder. Someone know how I can fix this problem, without a starting a new game ? debug console when i try to charge the vessel : [ERROR]: [ShipConstruct]: Trying to load RK-3 - NoAvailablePart found for KKAOSS.KIS.Tank [ERROR]: Ship file error! [Warning]: [EditorLogic Warning]: Trying to set rootPartMode, but mode is already set. (KIS V1.2.7 KPS