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Found 212 results

  1. ↑ horrible logo that will be remade ↑ This mod will add 100 bodies in a cluster orbiting far from Kerbol. Designed for modded mid and late game exploration, colonisation and other fun and wackiness. yes this is a divider line Ever since the Kerbalkind learned how to properly look at the night sky, a bright blue light accompanied by a few flickering spots among the stars had always intrigued them. Throughout history, this realm in the deep sky has been associated with mythologies, the Kraken, the multiverse and snacks. As time passed, they realise that the greatest treasure the universe have to offer is right in their backyard - a neighboring cluster centered around a blue subgiant with multiple yellow and red dwarfs guarding the outer reaches of the system. The more they looked, the more astonishing this system becomes: habitable worlds appeared one by one, documentations of ring systems became more and more detailed, the resolutions of images got higher and higher, and even a brand new protostar had been found. However, questions and mysteries started to pop up among the excitement: an abnormally high amount of friendly worlds near the quaternary red dwarf system, an unyielding planetary nebula around a main sequence star, the capture of some allegedly artificial signals, and an exotic stellar remnant with unknown composition. Nevertheless, this cluster remained silent but inviting, and space programs all over Kerbin began missions toward the stars. After countless missions to Jool, the spirit of the Kerbalkind was ignited once again to venture into The World Beyond, and this system is aptly named The Dawn Cluster. One day, all the boundaries will fall. Inner Dawn System Dawn - An A3IV class blue subgiant, the center of the cluster that every planet and star orbits. It is quite a lot more massive and a lot brighter than Kerbol (1.6x stock sun radius, 2x gravity, 2x brightness). The space near it harbors a large amount of planets. Oblivion System Oblivion - A new protostar orbiting Dawn from a distance with a big accretion disk (which is basically a colossal ring system) and plenty of asteroids. Despite it's unstable system, a few planets have already formed around it. Traverse Quaternary System Traverse - A M1V orangish red dwarf orbiting roughly in the center of Dawn's SOI and holds up a Quadruple system with an very large amount of densely packed habitable worlds. Fragment - A very small M9V red dwarf orbiting Traverse in close binary. Due to it's size it has little effect on the overall structure of the system. Ascension - A small M5V red dwarf orbiting Traverse from afar, shining a second dim light onto Traverse’s worlds, and also hosts some planets itself. Eternal - A tiny M8V red dwarf orbiting Ascension in binary Wall System Wall - A dim T4 class brown dwarf with only one companion. Eon System Eon - An outlying G7V yellow dwarf near the edge of the SOI of Dawn Barrier - VERY FAST spinning exotic stellar remnant orbiting Eon, and one of the most mysterious objects within the vicinity of Dawn. I should probably point out now that this entire thing is by no means (or even close to) being realistic... This is probably going to trigger a lot of people but that is the design... I really want to integrate my personal worldbuilding fantasy plus that making a mod would look really good on my game design college portfolio... These will be constantly changed and updated as the development progresses (so eventually there will be EVE clouds covering my terrible textures) The Dawn Cluster seen from the edge of it's SOI (currently the color of most stars haven't been changed) Tengu. It's even brighter when you actually fly there Hyperion. It initially had a very horrible color map, but now it's all good now... Horu the angery fireball Keter. Summit, the only chocolate ball right now that has a ring Gersemi Fantasy, a small but not the smallest habitable world Yggdrasil. It's bright color is resulted from exotic lifefroms on the surface Sandalphon, a slightly plainer terra moon Zhuque. Was initially aiming for a "terraformed Duna" but then it became something else Ebott. Basin, with only 2 huge land chunks (not shown: the other continent) Wyvern the blue dwarf planet Baihu. Ouroboros. Sagen, somewhat Titan like The Inner Dawn System The Cluster at it's current state I Intent to not release this mod until everything is more or less finished (beside sciencedefs obviously). Overall progress Celestial body config files 56/100 Textures for body that has a surface 26/84 Gas giant textures 0/7 Sun textures 0/9 Biomes 0/84 Sunflares 0/9 EVE and scatterer configs N/A Compatibility configs 1/? Part pack N/A Roadmap Initial Release Biome maps and names Sunspot textures for all stars Rings and sunflares (and decide if Dawn or Traverse gets the nebula) EVE clouds and scatterer configs (ocean ref and auroras) Borrow some textures and make a part pack of warp drive, reactors, antennas and other whatnots (separate download as they are balanced for modded games) Star system and planet flags, support for NEBULA and BlackHeart decals Screenshots for LSM CTT, Karbonite, TheGoldStandard and other resources config support EVE integration with other planet packs Nice diagrams for KSPedia A proper logo (VERY IMPORTANT) Future Plans Surface anomalies Research body, DOE and PlanetShine compatibility Compatibility with GN and KSS Improvements that use more RAM Science definitions for stock and DMagic (hopefully will finish before the rapture) More systems (unlikely) A Q&A section that is oddly out of place Q: When will this be released? A: Again I am not release this mod until I'm satisfied and think it is ready for reviews. Q: This looks awesome! I'd like to help in making this planet pack! A: First of all, I'd like to give you my highest level of gratitude for assisting me in this ambitious endeavor. If you want to help out, just reply in this thread and talk to me with the details. If you are a modmaker and want me to support resources, please also reply below! Q: Will this be compatible with [insert planet pack here]? A: Compatibility shouldn't be a big problem, due to Dawn's high orbit, it will work fine with OPM, Extrasolar, GPP_secondary, Other Worlds and most packs that replaces the stock system, as long as there are no bodies with the same name and they do not rename the stock sun. However, it is unlikely that The World Beyond will be GN and KSS compatible in the first release, but it's something that is planned. Q: Why do some of the names of stars/planets (especially those in the Traverse system) sounds so familiar? Have I heard some of them somewhere else before? A: Oh no no no... *nervous laughter* What are you talking about, those names are hand picked and it took days for me to figure out a good name, and they are most certainly not blatant references to TV/cartoon/anime/games/people and I'm totally not planning to make more of those references in biome names... That is just your imagination because I definitely did not run out of names and those names simply popped into my mind, I mean come on, have you ever heard of something named Ori and Frisk before? Or a comet named Tiamat before? No, right? Exactly... Q: So when exactly can we except to download this mod? A: Well if you want a date, then 2114 January 12nd Changelog v0.3 (2017-11-18) +added textures for Summit, Gersemi and its moons, all of Hikari's moons and the moons' moons, Fantasy, Wyvern and Guardian, and all of Kaze's moons (Ebott and Basin got completely remade during this time) +added ring to Summit +added and positioned Border +added and positioned the rest of the stars: Traverse, Fragment, Ascension, Eternal, Wall, Eon and Barrier (starlight color not changed) +made more references -temporarily removed Raem, Tack and Tiamat, which will be added to another system *redid a lot of really ugly color maps (what WAS I thinking when I made those) *fixed some existing terrible PQS configurations v0.2.1 (2017-11-05) +added textures for Horu and Keter +made more references *fixed the rim color on Oblivion *tweaked scaled material gradient for existing bodies *renamed some bodies so those names can be used somewhere else v0.2 (2017-11-01) +added the first actual textures for Tengu and Hyperion +finished all current bodies' descriptions +made more references +added CTTP textures (outside of the mod folder so it can be shared with other mods) *concepts and plans to add a lot more stars and planets than originally intended *moved Dawn further away from the stock Sun and increased SOI *now requires more RAM v0.1.1 (2017-10-29) +finalized the worlds around Dawn, added a few moons such as Zhuque and Asgard and changed positions of some others +more descriptions (and adding references to existing ones) *overhauled atmospheres for Sagen, Zen and Basin *increased Dawn's light intensity and gravity *revamped Oblivion system v0.1 (2017-10-25) +added Oblivion and it's planets +descriptions for a few bodies *repositioned all bodies around Dawn *renamed some bodies *background music for trailer chosen v0.0.3 +added and positioned rest of the planets and moons in the Dawn system +added a patch that gives the stock Sun a intensity curve so it doesn't shine on everything *ocean on Horu and Epik are now very red, but can only be seen in closeup v0.0.2 +added and positioned Horu, Summit, Gersemi, Overture and Hikari ("borrowing" existing textures until the actual ones get made) +added all these bodies' moons v0.0.1 (2017-10-02) +initial concept +added Dawn, Tengu and Hyperion (using templates) Credits A lot of inspirations in The World Beyond came from those existing planet packs and their great creators: @Gameslinx's Planet overhaul, Before Kerbin and After Kerbin @StarCrusher96's Kerbal Star Systems @Galileo's Planet Pack @Artyomka15's Kolyphemus and Krgantua System @Poodmund for creating the milky way skybox used in the screenshots @KillAshley for making the realistic atmosphere tool that all the bodies used I would also like to thank Thomas P for upkeeping Kopernicus, TheWhiteGuardian's tutorials and everyone in the Kopernicus Discord for helping me with my newbie planet making problems. *Changelogs and other progress reports will be updated soon-ish Also I think I've made countless typos throughout this post, which will hopefully be fixed
  2. KSP Ringification Mod

    == Background == The great Kerbal empire, having expanded out into the black, one day discovered a lonely little solar system in the unfashionable eastern arm of the Milky Way. Although they originally thought that it was mostly harmless, they soon discovered that some of it's planets had rings going around them. Enthralled by their beauty, the Kerbals decided they were going to have rings, and nothing was going to stop them! Unfortunately, some of the moons in their system wouldn't hold a ring system, no matter how hard they tried, but they managed to get brilliant and technicolour ring systems around most of their planets and moons. == Background (real) == After I made the Jool Rings Mod, I thought, "let's do that again, but all over the place." I consequently went on a spree of adding rings to every planet and moon in sight. Currently this is only a developmental version; I still have to optimise some of the rings. The mod also comes with an OPM extension, adding rings to the Outer Planets Mod moons, but it is only half-finished. Pictures will be added soon. This mod is released under an MIT licence. Download the KSP Ringification Mod from Spacedock
  3. Textures for ocean planets.

    Hey, Does anyone have some tips on how to create good looking textures for kerbin-like planets. I'm trying to create ones with GIMP but I can't get it good-looking. Thanks
  4. Hey people, I'm having a problem where when I orbit my own made planet, I explode immediately. When I zoom out I see I'm inside the planet. Does anybody know what could cause this? Or could anybody take a look at the config? Here is my config: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Narai cacheFile = Systended/Cache/narai.bin Template { name = Gilly removePQSMods = PQSLandControl, VertexSimplexNoiseColor } Orbit { referenceBody = Sera inclination = -3 eccentricity = 0.1 semiMajorAxis = 17355380 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 213 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = RGBA(190,190,24,255) } Properties { description = test radius = 21000 geeASL = 0.014 albedo = 0.10 timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 12000 12000 12000 24000 50000 100000 120000 ScienceValues { landedDataValue = 9 splashedDataValue = 0 inSpaceLowDataValue = 8 inSpaceHighDataValue = 7 recoveryValue = 7 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 10000 } } ScaledVersion { Material { texture = Systended/SeraSys/Narai/Textures/color normals = Systended/SeraSys/Narai/Textures/normal } } PQS { maxQuadLengthsPerFrame = 0.03 minLevel = 2 maxLevel = 6 minDetailDistance = 8 Mods { VertexHeightMap { map = Systended/SeraSys/Narai/PluginData/height.png offset = 0 deformity = 3000 scaleDeformityByRadius = false order = 19 enabled = true } VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute { name = Base seed = 324 deformity = 10000 octaves = 3 persistence = 0.75 frequency = 0.5 enabled = true order = 5 } VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute { name = Base1 seed = 213 deformity = 5000 octaves = 9 persistence = 0.5 frequency = 1 enabled = true order = 10 } VertexHeightNoise { noiseType = RiggedMultifractal deformity = 250 seed = 432 frequency = 1.5 lacunarity = 2.5 persistence = 0.5 octaves = 5 mode = Low enabled = true order = 2 } VertexSimplexNoiseColor { seed = 48 blend = 1.0 colorStart = 0.3608921,0.3146067,0.2806623,1 colorEnd = 0.2191011,0.1553269,0.1043975,1 octaves = 8 persistence = 0.5 frequency = 1 enabled = true order = 50 } } } } } Thank you.
  5. [1.31] Dwarf Planets Plus

    Hello All!!! I've been working on this mod on and off for about two months now, and I finally got myself to finish it. Dwarf Planets Plus is a mod that (absolutely definitely was not meant to shut up the vesta-lovers and) adds in five extra dwarf planets to the solar system! If you've ever felt that Eeloo and Dres didn't represent Centaur, KBO, and Asteroid Belt objects well, this mod is for you. DPP was meant to be a supplemental mod, meaning that it is designed to work with most planet packs created by the community (including my own mods). Note that the mod currently does not work if you are also using Kerbal Star Systems. If you have any suggestions for future updates, leave them here. Here are some shots of the five objects currently in the mod (more will be inserted in future updates). Here is the link to download: Features for the next update: 1: Dwarf Moons (asteroid like moons) 2: Eris analog with 3: Improved Biome Maps 4: Compatibility improvements (to make the mod playable with GPP and KSS, for example) 5: Research Bodies support (maybe) eve support will come after update 2. don't ask for it.
  6. I know how to move the terrain up and down (thanks @OhioBob), but how do you move the KSC? I want to lower the KSC into the water, which is now above the ground. Just knowing how to move it up and down should be enough, but I need examples 'cuz I'm kinda dumb Also, I might not be able to respond or test things right away because I'm home sick and my dad doesn't let me use electronics when I'm sick
  7. Like the Scatterer glitch. I want a couple of meters of water over the KSC to mess with. Maybe make some boats and sea planes and stuffness. I'm not proficient enough in Kopernicus to make this happen, but it should be easier than easy for people who actually know what they're doing. Thanks in advance! Images - Like this but with slightly more water. About a meter or two over the main roads and stuff. Maybe make multiple versions that have the water a couple centimeters under the roads so you can drive a boat up, some that completely flood the KSC, completely covering that flat bit of land but nothing more, and one that just completely Noah's-Arks the place, leaving only the tops of mountains exposed. Slightly more advanced - maybe make the space center float on the water of the Noah's-Arked world? I'd absolutely LOVE that. Thanks in advance!
  8. Falling through a planet

    Hello people, I'm having yet again a problem with a planet I'm creating. For this planet I wanted to make a new planet in a binary orbit with Eeloo, thanks to the wonderful mod Sigma Binary, made by @Sigma88. Here are some pictures of my problem. Below this link, you can see an explanation. So please take a look at the pictures and the description below them. I hope those pictures explain a bit what the problem is. I'm just going through the planet and I can't land on it. I suppose it has something to do with sphere of influences since the SOI of Eeloo is pretty big but I have tried different values and I can't help but post my problem here to hope somebody else knows how to fix this. Here is the config for my planet: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Icio Template { name = Laythe removeAllPQSMods = true } Orbit { referenceBody = Eeloo inclination = 0 eccentricity = 0 semiMajorAxis = 9500000 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = RGBA(50,150,255,255) } Properties { description = test radius = 270000 mass = 1.433471657e+21 geeASL = 0.134 sphereOfInfluence = 10504645.31 } ScaledVersion { type = Atmospheric fadeStart = 95000 fadeEnd = 97000 Material { shininess = 0 specular = 0,0,0,0 rimPower = 2.06 rimBlend = 0.3 Gradient { 0.0 = RGBA(144,200,233,255) 0.5 = RGBA(110,183,225,255) 1.0 = RGBA(34,163,238,255) } } } Atmosphere { ambientColor = RGBA(179,225,252,255) lightColor = 0.42,0.74,0.92,0.5 enabled = true oxygen = false altitude = 55000 pressureCurve { key = 0 15.19875 -1.36881790909091E-03 -1.36881790909091E-03 key = 2750 11.4345 -1.24329545454545E-03 -1.24329545454545E-03 key = 5500 8.360625 -1.00418209090909E-03 -1.00418209090909E-03 key = 8250 5.9115 -7.90145454545455E-04 -7.90145454545455E-04 key = 11000 4.014825 -5.97231818181818E-04 -5.97231818181818E-04 key = 13750 2.626725 -4.36813636363636E-04 -4.36813636363636E-04 key = 16500 1.61235 -3.09463636363636E-04 -3.09463636363636E-04 key = 19250 0.924675 -1.94577272727273E-04 -1.94577272727273E-04 key = 22000 0.542175 -1.05831818181818E-04 -1.05831818181818E-04 key = 24750 0.3426 -6.06272727272727E-05 -6.06272727272727E-05 key = 27500 0.208725 -3.93272727272727E-05 -3.93272727272727E-05 key = 30250 0.1263 -2.32363636363636E-05 -2.32363636363636E-05 key = 33000 0.080925 -1.23272727272727E-05 -1.23272727272727E-05 key = 35750 0.0585 -6.62727272727273E-06 -6.62727272727273E-06 key = 38500 0.044475 -4.97727272727273E-06 -4.97727272727273E-06 key = 41250 0.031125 -4.43181818181818E-06 -4.43181818181818E-06 key = 44000 0.0201 -3.58636363636364E-06 -3.58636363636364E-06 key = 46750 0.0114 -2.72727272727273E-06 -2.72727272727273E-06 key = 49500 0.0051 -1.84090909090909E-06 -1.84090909090909E-06 key = 52250 0.001275 -9.27272727272727E-07 -9.27272727272727E-07 key = 55000 0 -4.63636363636364E-07 -4.63636363636364E-07 } temperatureCurve { key = 0 177 -0.01166666727 -0.01166666727 key = 6600 130.5084428 -0.001652470545 -0.001647376727 key = 11550 130.5084428 0.001647376727 0.001647376727 key = 17050 163.7166979 0.0009003898182 0.0009003898182 key = 30800 163.7166979 -0.001241687818 -0.001241687818 key = 44000 112.9986355 -0.001652470545 -0.001652470545 key = 49500 112.9986355 0.0008614081818 0.0008614081818 key = 55000 138.9614532 0.001262916545 0.001262916545 key = 82500 0 -0.0008174710909 -0.0008174710909 } temperatureMultiplier = 1.0 } PQS { maxQuadLengthsPerFrame = 0.03 minLevel = 2 maxLevel = 12 minDetailDistance = 8 materialType = AtmosphericOptimized Mods { VertexSimplexHeight { seed = 543743 deformity = 1500 octaves = 8 persisitence = 0.5 frequency = 4 enabled = true order = 2 } VertexHeightNoise { noiseType = RiggedMultifractal deformity = 1000 seed = 8547 frequency = 2 lacunarity = 2.5 persistance = 0.5 octaves = 4 mode = Low enabled = true order = 4 } VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute { name = Base1 seed = 4532 deformity = 400 octaves = 6 persistence = 0.5 frequency = 7 enabled = true order = 6 } VertexSimplexHeightAbsolute { name = Base2 seed = 4276 deformity = 700 octaves = 4 persistence = 0.5 frequency = 11 enabled = true order = 7 } VertexSimplexNoiseColor { seed = 43 blend = 1.0 colorStart = RGBA(179,196,206,255) colorEnd RGBA(0,0,0,255) octaves = 12 persistence = 0.5 frequency = 2 enabled = true order = 10 } HeightColorMap { blend = 0.7 order = 201 enabled = true LandClasses { Class { name = Lowlands altitudeStart = 0 altitudeEnd = 0.5 color = RGBA(0,0,0,255) lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Midlands altitudeStart = 0.5 altitudeEnd = 0.6 color = RGBA(164,180,189,255) lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Highlands altitudeStart = 0.6 altitudeEnd = 1.0 color = RGBA(121,146,161,255) lerpToNext = false } } } } } } } @Kopernicus:BEFORE[SigmaBinary] { @Body[Icio] { SigmaBinary {} } } If you need any more information, let me know. I'm really wanting some help. Thank you for taking a look!
  9. Weird planet glitch

    Hello, I'm having trouble with a planet I'm making. Everything seems to work fine but when I come within a certain distance of the planet, it starts showing weird glitches. Here is a picture: You can see the picture on the left. Some weird things are sticking out of the planet. I don't know how else to describe it. Thank you for taking a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong please!
  10. Hey, My custom-made star is still receiving light from the Sun, even after adding intensity curves to both stars. Here is the config for my star: @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { Body { name = Immersi Template { name = Sun } Properties { description = test. geeASL = 0.8 radius = 411600000 } Orbit { referenceBody = Sun inclination = 0 eccentricity = 0 semiMajorAxis = 1164929338593 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 color = 0,0,179,255 } ScaledVersion { Light { sunlightColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) IntensityCurve { key = 0 0.7 key = 100000 0.65 key = 200000 0.60 key = 400000 0.55 key = 800000 0.50 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.40 key = 6400000 0.35 key = 12800000 0.30 key = 25600000 0.25 key = 51200000 0.20 key = 102400000 0.15 key = 204800000 0.10 key = 350000000 0 } scaledSunlightColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) ScaledIntensityCurve { key = 0 0.7 key = 100000 0.65 key = 200000 0.60 key = 400000 0.55 key = 800000 0.50 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.40 key = 6400000 0.35 key = 12800000 0.30 key = 25600000 0.25 key = 51200000 0.20 key = 102400000 0.15 key = 204800000 0.10 key = 350000000 0 } IVASunColor = RGBA(255, 255, 255, 255) IVAIntensityCurve { key = 0 0.75 key = 100000 0.69 key = 200000 0.63 key = 400000 0.57 key = 800000 0.51 key = 1600000 0.45 key = 3200000 0.39 key = 6400000 0.33 key = 12800000 0.27 key = 25600000 0.21 key = 51200000 0.15 key = 102400000 0.09 key = 204800000 0.03 key = 350000000 0 } sunLensFlareColor = RGBA(150, 212, 247, 255) sunAU = 5231412200 } Material { emitColor0 = RGBA(203, 203, 228, 228) emitColor1 = RGBA(87, 143, 208, 255) sunspotColor = RGBA(41, 117, 203, 255) rimColor = RGBA(87, 143, 208, 255) rimPower = 0 rimBlend = 3 } Coronas { Corona { rotation = 3 speed = 9 updateInterval = 5 scaleLimitX = 5 scaleLimitY = 5 scaleSpeed = 0.8 Material { texture = Kopernicus/Config/System/Immersi/corona inverseFade = 2.553731 } } } } } } I hope you guys can help me with this. Thanksss
  11. Hello people, I would like to get some help on a star I'm creating. It clearly receives light from the stock the Sun/Kerbol. How can I fix this? Thank you very much for helping
  12. Small mod to fix some stock biome errors in Eve and Tylo. Requires Kopernicus On Eve, Craters and Akatsuki Lake now actually exist! And on Tylo, Grissom Crater now exists, replacing a duplicated and messy version of Gagarin Crater. Download SCANsat map examples: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 If you know of any other stock biome oddities, do let me know!
  13. Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds binary system! Beware! this mod is experimental! (there are broken textures, temperatures bug and atmospheres glitch!) Pictures : Videos : Projects : Stars Systems : Download : Github Spacedock Curse Dropbox Source : Github Wiki : Github (In development) Depends mods : Kopernicus by @Thomas P., This mod is the core to manage stars, planets and moons. ModularFlightIntegrator by @sarbian, This mod allows multiples mods to override or insert code into various call of the stock FlightIntegrator. ModuleManager by @sarbian, This mod that allows you to write a patch file that modifies another part at the time of loading. Recommends mods : BetterTimeWarpContinued/TimeControl by @linuxgurugamer (@westamastaflash), This mod allows you to have a better time warp. AlcubierreWarpDrive/FTLDriveContinued by @RoverDude (@linuxgurugamer), This mod adds a real Warp Drive! KSP-AVC by @cybutek, This mod allows you to have updates without going on the internet browser. Suggestions mods : OptionalAtmospheresRevamped by @DeltaDizzy (@SamBelanger), This mod adds atmospheres to planets and moons which don't have any! OuterSpace by @GenesisPlayz, @ModerndayLink and @SamBelanger, This mod adds planets and moons away from Eeloo. MoonReorganizer by @Mrcarrot, This mod moves the orbits planets/moons! Compatibles (API) mods : SigmaBinary by @Sigma88, This mod will let you turn custom and/or stock bodies into binary systems. Changelogs : Special thanks : Staffs : @SamBelanger Owner @Mrcarrot Co-Owner @DeltaDizzy Co-Owner @GenesisPlayz Co-Owner Contributors : Not yet... Chats : DoubleDouble OptionalAtmospheres Revamped Donate : (Can I have a coffee?) Others : Official Web Site Mrcarrot Web Site StarMods! LICENSE : README : Download the latest version of Kopernicus which can be found here Put the mods files in the GameData folder Start the game (KSP) Have fun And if you have a suggestion or find bugs or errors, contact us ( or make a private message in the forum of KSP or otherwise) Thank you very much!
  14. Welcome to the Official Release thread for After Kerbin. After Kerbin is based on the Stock solar system, but 4 billion years into the future, adding highly detailed and intuitive planets to your game. We are in the process of setting up a DMP server. Spread the word! Overview: This mod aims to add a completely new adventure as you begin on Duna (which has Kerbin's properties for ease) and explore and uncover the secrets of the future stock planets. This mod adds highly detailed, 4k planets, each come with their own EVE and Scatterer configurations. Every single planet and moon has been adjusted and changed. Even Jool. All planets have been tested and I have made sure both rockets and spaceplanes can function on each of them. System Requirements: 5GB of RAM KSP 64 bit Donations are never asked for, but always appreciated! Help buy me another pizza if you enjoy the mod "Only during the last breath of life does the mind truly understand how lonely a species really is. Floating. In the dark. Guarded by nothing but the very nemesis which plagues the planet - loneliness, darkness, death." - Source Unknown, Year 7510, Solitude. FAQ: Is this planet mod compatible with present day mods? Yep! Even the visual mods will work together (they didn't with my previous planet mod), meaning you can install nearly any planet mod except those that also replace the home planet. How much RAM do I need for this mod? It varies. I recommend around 5GB at least. If you struggle, lower your texture quality. This mod follows the CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Thank you for downloading! Special thanks to @JadeOfMaar for the sunflare! We have a DMP server!
  15. Welcome to the Official Kopernicus Discord. First and foremost, Discord is a means of communicating rapidly through instant messages, voice and images. This is definitely suitable for helping others and showing off your own work. We have decided to make this discord because we feel as if a central hub for planet modders is necessary when it comes to helping others - focusing aid is a good idea when creating mods. Features: Communicate with other modders and share ideas Help others to become better at creating planets and visuals for them Suggest ideas or report issues directly to modders quickly and easisly Use of bots with quick-help features Join Here: Server Staff @Thomas P. - Server owner and manager. Author of Kopernicus @GregroxMun - Author of many mods. Server administrator @Sigma88 - Server manager @Gameslinx - Server administrator
  16. Hi there. I'm trying to modify default planets to look a bit more realistic, so I've tried to install Kopernicus with Stock Visual Terrain or RSS mod. While EVE & SVE that including Kopernicus as dependence works fine, Kopernicus with SVT or RSS won't work and all I get is striped yellow planets without any texture. I've tried both 1.3 and 1.2.2 version. Like this: What do I know: texture packs are detected and used by game because with them game loads incredibly slow (+ ~10 mins). I have Windows 8.1 installed with latest Nvidia drivers. Tried to force either DX9 nor DX11, also ran in x64 and with admin privileges, still didn't got to work. I'm confused because with the same problems were encountered unix users only, I've tried to google the solution already. Seems like everyone got working Windows version except of me. You can see my logs here: Can somebody help me?
  17. [1.3.1] Orbus Planet Overhaul [v0.1]

    The Orbus Planet Overhaul is a planet pack based on a fictional solar system I envisioned when I was younger. It aims to consist of 13 planets and 23 moons (a lot, I know), all orbiting around a single (possibly blue) star named Orbus. *Please wait with reviews until I get this mod to where I want it reviewed* THE PLANETS Screenshots CHANGELOG: v0.2 - Added a bunch of new planets and moons - Did some retexturing, tweaking - Descriptions! Thanks to @Greatness101 - Fixed a bunch of bugs - Everything is for the most part playable v0.1 - Added Cronis - Added Winsor - Added Crys - Added Ocan - Added Dus - Added Dune - Added Gigantor - Added Minian - Added Pentum Download here! Planned Additions Special Thanks to: @StarCrusher96 - Inspiration and Kopernicus help @Greatness101 - Descriptions @Gyrfalcon5 - Sciencedefs Feel free to make suggestions, as this project is still heavily in-dev!
  18. Crash 1.3.1

    Here is my crash in 1.3.1!! Mod list : Output Log : Error Log : -SamBelanger
  19. Jool Rings Mod

    NOTE: if you want rings for all the planets, not just Jool, check out the KSP Ringification Mod. Tired of boring old Jool? Add some rings to it! This mod offers six different ring variants, in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit (almost) everyone! Jupiter style - Grey and relatively faint, with one bright white ring. Based off of the real-life rings of Jupiter. Saturn style - Various shades of green and yellow, with seven distinct zones. Also includes a faint Phoebe ring beyond Tylo's orbit - see if you can spot it! Uranus style - Slim and grey, stretching out towards Tylo. Fainter and less "in yo face" than Saturn style, but more extensive than the Jupiter style. Neptune style - faint and blue. See if you can find them all! J1407b style - yellow and mind-bogglingly massive. X style - who says crossed rings aren't possible? Top tip: you can add rings to Neidon (in the Outer Planets Mod) by going into the config file, changing "Jool" to "Neidon", and changing "AFTER[Kopernicus]" to "AFTER[OPM]". Pictures: J1407b style rings J1407b style from KSC launch pad X style rings Neptune style (around Neidon) More pictures coming soon! Can be downloaded from Spacedock. Make sure you have the correct version of Kopernicus installed! This mod is released under an MIT license.
  20. I've been working on a new project for a while. The mod, which currently adds in 3 exoplanets, 4 moons, and another star, is currently in progress; I probably won't release it for another month. Currently, I have not made any biome maps and there is only one star system (Delta Cyclonus). The completion of the Delta Cyclonus system is expected sometime in early October, but again, the mod will only be released once I have completed the second star system. Another feature of this mod will be some new parts that will improve your robotic exploration of space: a camera, an ultraviolet spectrometer, and a magnetometer. For those of you who can't wait another month for the release of the planet pack, here are a few peeks at what is all ready completed. Note that eve support has been completed, and I have started working on the optional cloud mod for this planet pack. If you download the mod a month from now, you have to install eve and the optional cloud mod in order to get the clouds, auroras etc. seen in the pictures. Magmus (Venus analog) Qwerty (Ringed Terra) Segway (Moon of Qwerty) Arval (Moon of Qwerty) Yirga (Cold Exo-Jool) Weltron (Moon of Yirga) Oblon (Moon of Yirga)
  21. Community Terrain Texture Pack This is a set of textures to be used with Kopernicus to help modders create high quality, immersive terrain for their planet pack. This mod is currently only hosted inside of OPM. The motivation for separating it out from OPM and hosting it on GitHub was to truly make it a community resource for planet makers. It's a resource for the modding community, so feel free to add textures to the pack via pull request. HERE To contribute, all textures must: Be in dds format Include both color and normal maps Be no larger than 2048x2048 Do not change or remove any textures currently included in CTTP. This mod and idea was created by and all credit goes to CaptRobau. It is licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International DOWNLOAD
  22. OPM_Galileo This is a version of OPM maintained by Galileo I have been struggling with the decision to start a thread for this because this is not my mod, I have just been maintaining it in the devs absence. My motivation for doing this is because I'm tired of missing bug reports and my update links getting lost in the original OPM thread. It's too busy on that thread to feasibly keep the link readily available for users. Also, other mods have begun using my maintained version as the one to build off of. This version is also listed CKAN, compatible with 1.3. I do not intend to change anything in OPM in regards to textures, biomes, lore/descriptions, as that is not my place to do so. I will, however, keep it up to date and in working order with the other compatible mods users are used to seeing work with OPM and any changes made to KSP itself. In regards to compatibility with other mods, pull requests are always welcome on GitHub. For those just seeing this version for the first time, I will try and list the changes and updates to OPM I have made over the last 6-7 months. Change Log v1.2.4 Fixes missing Eeloo when installed with GPP Fixes ResearchBodies in-game text v1.2.3 Updated version file for 1.3.1. No other changes necessary. v1.2.2 Moved CTTP outside of OPM folder to facilitate better compatibility in the future. Amended Tekto Colour Map to include Ocean Mask on the Alpha channel. (Thanks @Poodmund) v1.2.1 Updated for 1.3 Completed localization (only in en/us currently) ResearchBodies is now supported Kopernicus Biome displayName enabled Directory adjusted for OpenGL users, allowing them to use dds textures and save ram. Restructured texture paths. Should speed up loading time by a few seconds Added support for KopernicusExpansions footprints on all rocky bodies Fixed Urlum's and Sarnus' rings for Kopernicus' ring shader Enabled Kopernicus' ring shader ^ hey whatta ya know? Karbonite resource configs have been updated Update for resource cfgs. KerbNet now works as intended I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it was quite a bit of work. Hopefully, this will help alleviate some of the confusion. Features Explore 17 highly detailed planets and moons, all in a stock-a-like artstyle Discover never before seen worlds, such as a subsatellite, Trojan moon or a set of binary bodies Collect science in over 140 biomes, with almost a thousand unique science blurbs Custom terrain textures and improved ground scatter has made planets and moons never look so good up close A full set of KSPedia entries for OPM’s various bodies helps you to navigate the far reaches of the Kerbol system Extensive third-party mod integration means you can play OPM with a whole range of other mods Supported Mods PlanetShine adds light reflecting off planets and moons to illuminate your ships. The Outer Planets Mod supports PlanetShine and if it's installed, it will cast spacecraft close to Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon in colored light that really adds to the visual experience of the new planets. PlanetShine isn't very modular, so you'll have to install it first and let OPM overwrite it, for the new planets and moons to get their colors. Distant Object Enhancement adds flares for faraway planets and moons, so that they're visible even from Kerbin's surface (like in real-life). The Outer Planets Mod supports DOE and if installed, will display correctly colored flares for the new planets. Final Frontier adds personal merits to Kerbals. It'll help you keep track of which Kerbonaut went where and when, with nice looking badges. The Outer Planets Mod supports this with custom badges for the new planets and moons. ResearchBodies let’s you discover all the planets in the Kerbol System through a telescope. The Outer Planets Mod supports ResearchBodies and if it's installed, you'll need to discover the planets first before sending any spacecraft to the planets. Community Resource Pack gives modders a toolkit of commonly used resources to play with, and helps us all work together in the same resource playground. The Outer Planets Mod supports CRP and if it's installed, it will add resources to OPM's planets which later can be extracted to make fuel or life support. SigmaBinary helps change Plock and Karen into a binary system, like their real-life inspirations. This means that the two orbit around a common barycenter, a point of gravity between the two. This gravitational dance is rarely seen in mods and is quite the spectacle. CustomAsteroids allows Outer Planets Mod to add the same procedural asteroids to other places than Dres and . If you have it installed, you'll see asteroid 'moons' around Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock. DOWNLOAD Installation Download and Install the latest Kopernicus: LINK Download and install Custom Barn Kit. LINK This extends the DSN ranges so your vessels can communicate from the outer planets. Download OPM_Galileo: LINK Drop the OPM folder into your GameData folder. The original thread is located here: This version of OPM retains the original License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
  23. Hi everyone, As I continue developing my mod Intergalactic, I'm starting to wonder... what's the best method of texturing a planet? Procedural? SpaceEngine? Or simply drawing it from scratch on programs like Gimp? I'm just asking for your opinion on how I should go about doing this.
  24. This mod is currently an idea, a couple of WIP configs, and 1 WIP corona texture. It doesn't even have a name yet, but I'm asking @SamBelanger to make a texture for the home planet. I will likely have the rest of the textures procedurally generated, but right now, it's not much. Hopefully, this will have a giant red star for the sun, massive enough to become a supernova. Your homeworld will be mostly desert, with green only in the coldest places on it. The Homeworld's name: Kirothoum. @SamBelanger has come through, and has given me a texture that works.
  25. HI there all - I started up a new KSP game with the following mods. I am also a KSP streamer and have had a couple of pretty knowledgeable peeps from the community pop in and observe this and thought that the best course of action would be to start here and see what might be able to be done. The "role playing" part of this was that someone on Kerbin got a new telescope and saw something, they pass that information along to the KSC and they discovered something beyond the known galaxy. [Enter Galileo Planet Pack aka secondary] Apparently there is a known issue and that nothing can be done that at times, solar panels will attempt to track towards GPP's star vs Kerbol, not that I have Fuel Cells, not really a big problem. Last night I had problems with a ore drill rig. It setup correctly, there was no loss of power, no overheating and ore was being dug up just fine. When I would switch away from it [outside of rendering range] and come back to it as the active craft, the drills were animating, but not digging. I would have to stop and start them again and then all would be good, until again I would swap away and then swap back. I have tried this with 2 different setups and the end result is the same. I would be more than happy to supply anything and everything to help find the problem. Keep in mind, I have successfully setup drill sites using MKS and stock , but this is my first time using Kopernicus and Galileo Planet Pack