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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, ages ago I wrote a simple set of MM patches to help integrate UKS with KPBS. Then it got noticed a bit, and a few of us made some big plans. Then 1.2.2 came out, USI updated everything, I couldn't run the latest versions, etc, etc, and it fell behind a bit. @TheRagingIrishman offered to take over the main effort, but stuff got put on hold until @RoverDude released his balance spreadsheet, which hasn't happened yet... So. I got a new computer for Christmas, and I'm interested in playing with both MKS and KPBS again. Nills277 isn't particularly interested in doing MKS integration himself (which is fine: if he doesn't play with it, it's a complicated thing to integrate correctly), and no one seems to be doing much with it, so I'm reviving my patch set. I've renamed it, in the hopes of eventually doing a 'real' release, and I spent some time today reorganizing and cleaning up. Current repositories: GitHub: GitLab: I like GitLab from what I've seen, but I know they aren't the big name (and aren't quite as stable), so I've got it on both. I may drop one or the other if keeping them in sync becomes to much of a hassle. Current Status: Current Release is 0.9.5, with logistics, power distribution, Ground Construction, and Kontainers support. Repository Structure: I'm trying to teach myself good Git usage using this as well, so I've got the repository structured for a 'Git-Flow' workflow. That means there are several branches: Release, where the main releases will be made to. If you just want to grab the last tested & stable version of the patches, go here. This still has the old version of the patchset. Development, where the main development occurs. Currently has most of the latest changes. Various 'feature' branches, which are focused development on specific features that may or may not be included in main development. At the moment there's really only one active 'feature' branch: MKS_Workshops. It's intended to house development for the big plans that got discussed ages ago, while the main development will be trying to get something that does basic integration. (There's also the old 'master' branch, which I may delete at some point.) Plans: Short-term: Next on our list is to get USI-LS support written up and functional. This will probably be two versions: A 'Basic' version for working with just USI-LS (which we'll be sending to Nils277) and a full MKS+USI-LS version which will stay in this pack. Check to see if Multi-Hub has a node at KPBS height, and if not add one. Long-term, I'd like to see support for the MKS industrial toolchain in the KPBS form-factor. We had an interesting idea of how to break that up back in the KPBS thread ages ago - I'll look up the links. It may not be possible with the current way MKS is structured, we'll need to take a new look at it. How You Can Help: I welcome discussion and PRs. If possible, please put the PRs on the correct branch - that's either 'Development', or a feature branch dedicated to the features you're working on. (At the moment that being the industrial toolchain workshops in the feature/MKS_Workshops' branch.) This should be fairly easy, as I've set up 'Development' as the default branch to look at. Also, while I can code fairly well, I have *no* modeling or texturing skills. I've tried. Really. I may try again in the future, but if you have some skills in either, they would be welcomed. Currently we could use: Textures for the tanks. (Small, medium, large) For any/all of the MKS resources. I can do without, or have a default, or just have a couple, but ideally we'd have all of them. License: MIT.
  2. Yesterday the game ran fine, but today it updated to KSP 1.7 on Steam. I have the latest KPBS update installed, but now in the VAB, on many of my ships, I'm getting an error that parts are unknown because the "moduleKPBSconverter" is missing. Anyone else getting this? I'm not seeing any discussion about this on the mod site.
  3. I took a hiatus from making KSP cinematics due to video card issues. The game was playable, mostly, but not capable of consistent FPS. That's all fixed now. I'm back. For a test, I figured a pole-to-pole Kerbal rover trip might be a good start. I have more interesting ideas for much more ambitious cinematics but for now I'm happy with this. Details about mods are in the video description. Enjoy!
  4. Ever wonder why you can't use the hydrogen you can harvest with Nils277's Kerbal Planetary Base Systems to power Nertea's Cryogenic Engines? Wound up with excess LH2 and yet somehow you can't power your TAC Life Support Sabatier reactions so now your kerbals are dying of thirst? Hydrogen Compression is a simple way to work across these, and other related mods. Now, your 1.25m and 2.5m Convert-O-Trons can compress hydrogen into liquid hydrogen, evaporate liquid hydrogen into a gas again, or even choose to refine ore into gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid. As of version 2, it now also handles oxygen (liquid/gas, ore processing), and flags. If you're inclined, feel free to pick it up. Hosted on Curse, Spacedock, and theoretically on CKAN.
  5. So, there are still very old deprecated parts in Kerbal Planetary Base System that should not be used anymore for a very long time now. I think it is time to declutter the mod a bit and remove most if not all of the deprecated parts. To find out which parts should be removed i stated this poll. You can choose multiple answers for the first question. But please only one when you select "not sure" and "none" Thanks for voting PS: For the case that the deprecated parts are removed from the main mod, there will be a separate download containing them for those who still need the parts. Edit: You can identify the deprecated parts by their name, all have the text "DEPRECATED" in their name. Here is a list of the deprecated parts 1. The K&K Combined Landing Gear. Should be pretty obvious when you still have it, because it does not work since KSP v1.0 2. The gangway parts. They are pretty similar to the current corridor parts but do not change their visual appearence depending on where another part is attached to them. Except the airlock, the piece with the attachment points for landing legs and the end piece 3. The "small" garage parts. They are the newest. They look a lot like the current ones but are not high enough to hold the buffalo, malemute or similar rover: