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Found 5 results

  1. I need a tutorial on how to build Kraken Drives in the versions mentioned in the title. If someone has a download that'll fit inside a mk2 cargo bay, that would also be acceptable
  2. I'm wondering how to construct a Kraken Drive, or a glitch device to harness physics bugs to generate a nonzero force on a vessel. It must be small enough to fit somewhat-comfortably in a (closed) Mk2 long cargo bay. I'm really looking for a rough tutorial than a prebuilt thing. Also, don't link me to the wiki page about it, it didn't help at all
  3. The Kraken Drive returns! After looking at people making wheels using legs and 2 separate crafts and such I've decided to dig deeper. My efforts have proven successful: Download (for some reason cant see how to embed i on the right.)
  4. I wanted to make a glitchy cargo SSTO but all my prototype K-drives don't work. Has anybody found a way to make them work in this version? Danny I'm talking to you.
  5. The Kraken Program

    This is a reboot of the original Kraken Program thread, which was deleted by the Great Forum Migration because of the removal of the Rocket Builders, where it was located. The focus of the thread is the same; studying and developing methods to harness the Kraken. Primary Goals: Identify new methods of harnessing the Kraken Categorize the different kinds of Kraken Drives, and understand the fundamentals behind them Test pre-1.0 Kraken Drives and determine if they are still funtional Achieve speeds of 10c Increase the reliability of Kraken Drives Have fun crashing games and corrupting saves! Kraken Tamers Laythe Dweller EladDV Frozen_Heart Rune CliftonM Majorjim Lago kmMango quasarrgames Stevie The Crusher Tw1 inigma 322997am Identified Kraken Drives The Pusher Drive The Pusher Kraken drive works by using a moving part such as landing gear or gear bays to push against another part of the ship. This results in phantom forces causing the ship to accelerate dramatically, and sometimes results in unplanned rapid disassembly. The Pusher Drive has 2 modes, which Kraken experts believe have something to do with the Krakensbane, which resolved a bug in the game's calculations early on. Mode 1 is generally called "Surface Mode," and the Kraken drive usually produces a milder thrust. This mode is the defualt mode at launch, as it occurs when the ship's velocity is less than 800 m/s and is below 60 km altitude. The other mode, Mode 2, is called "Orbit Mode." The drive enters this mode when the ship is at a velocity over 800 m/s and is above 60 km. This results in high phantom forces, and accelerations have been measured as high as 22 G. If the "pusher" is misaligned, then it can result in a large debris field. Likewise, if the "plate" is clipped partway through another part, this can result in extreme spinning and maniacal laughter from Jeb. However, research suggests that multiple clipped plates can result in higher acceleration. It still works in 1.0.x, although it is less reliable. Examples: EladDV's Pusher Drive: | Download Quasarrgames' Pusher Drive: A table made by EladDV The Magnetic Repulsion Drive The MR Drive works by setting up a detached docking port that is wedged in the ship opposite another docking port attached to the ship. A notable property that has been observed is that it only produces thrust when marked as "landed" by the game. The principle behind it has largely been unexplored, as only one example exists (I can't find it after the Great Forum Migration). It has been theorized that it is powered by interactions between the magnetic locking system in the two ports, but this fails to explain why it only works while "landed." Much about this drive is unknown, so it would be appreciated if someone were to make a replica. Here is the thread where it was first discovered (credit to selfish_meme): The Ladder Drive The Ladder Drive produces thrust when a Kerbal on EVA climbs a ladder, but is obstructed by something on the same ship. This setup often requires a "cage" to hold the Kerbal, making it unsuitable to carry said Kerbal somewhere unless the crew is housed in a seperate crew chamber. This drive is the easiest to set up, and usually requires a low part count. This still works in 1.0, although it has less thrust. Examples: Tw1's Eve SSTO Eventually I plan to have examples of each kind of K-Drive, and I also want to compile much more data on their inner workings. More data is needed for a table showing parameters for each Kraken Drive. I need others to join me in researching and building Kraken Drives, so post if you want to help! If you know any examples of new Kraken Drives, please post them here.