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Found 67 results

  1. REVELATIONS OF THE KRAKEN Every World must Break a KSP novel, part III of: Every Tower must Fall The Kraken Trilogy Shadows of the Kraken Whispers of the Kraken With great thanks, edited by @Ten Key & @KSK, compiled by @qzgy Ongoing offline PDF compilation available here, updated 12/11/18. Prologue: The End and the Beginning --------------------------------------------------- The White Horse Chapter 1: Wake, O Sleeper Chapter 2: Rules Chapter 3: Awakenings Chapter 4: Patient Zero Chapter 5: Dire Words Chapter 6: While You Were Sleeping Chapter 7: Truth and Consequences Chapter 8: Dead Inside Chapter 9: Pride Chapter 10: The Island of Misfit Toys Chapter 11: The City that Never Sleeps Chapter 12: Questionable Tastes Chapter 13: Ice and Fire Chapter 14: Shatterer of Worlds Chapter 15: Acts of Contrition Chapter 16: One Night in Bangkong Chapter 17: Psychosurgery Chapter 18: She Moves in Mysterious Ways Chapter 19: Night Visions Chapter 20: The Eclipse Chapter 21: Whispers from the Past Chapter 22: Going South Chapter 23: Kermangrad Chapter 24: Telling Stories Chapter 25: Relics Chapter 26: The Sound of Silence -------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Bodies in Motion -------------------------------------------------- The Black Horse Chapter 27: Hurt Chapter 28: The End of the World Chapter 29: When the Mountains Tremble Chapter 30: Visions Chapter 31: Before the Shadow Chapter 32: Perfect Tonight Chapter 33: Monster Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences Chapter 35: Ivan Grozny -------------------------------------------------- The Red Horse -------------------------------------------------- The Pale Horse
  2. KSP Bro AE

    Kraken Base

    Hate the Kraken? Do you hate him for destroying your beloved craft? Go and show him who's boss! In this challenge, you will have to build a base on the dead Kraken on Bop. The base can NOT have any parts touching anything that is not the Kraken. Rules: Cheats are not allowed EXCEPT clipping. Base has to be @ least 100 parts. Hyperedit IS ALLOWED, but you can only teleport to a Jool orbit that is BELOW the orbit of Laythe. Mechjeb is allowed, except when your altitude is less than 1000m above SURFACE. Multiple launches allowed I will need: List of all mods Screenshots of part count, krew, and flag placement, and the base as a whole. Mods: Prizes: Easy: Hyperedit & Mechjeb are used +100pt Less Easy: Either Hyperedit or Mechjeb is used +150pt Medium: No Mechjeb or Hyperedit is used AT ANY TIME +200pt Hard: No mods used +250pt Xtreme: One launch (with mods) +300pt Xtreme+: One launch (stock) +350pt Extra points: Flag on the Kraken's fallen-out eye +50pt Poking any eye of the Kraken with a drill +200pt Part count +1pt/part Kerbals +10pt/kerbal Best-looking base (determned by me) +100pt Badge: Person with most points (after May 1) gets a special badge! Leaderboard: @JebsDead: +250pt for awesom thing @Just Jim: +50pt for flag in eye @Galacticvoyager -1000pt for praising the kraken @LaytheDragon +2255pt! WE HAVE A WINNER! @JacobJHC +3236!!!!! New best!
  3. Screenshots: Trailer KSP 0.22 ! source of inspiration for Kraken Science. This Part pack include many Science parts with report values: 2 Probe Core, LittleFrog and ScaRaB system with 1 monopropellant engine : 2 Strategies for your career: Download: Curse Download: SpaceDock Licence : Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Installation : Please delete your old Folder before update! ChangeLog: -------------------------------------------------------- I'm French, sorry for my bad english, thanks. If modders detect faults and wishes to use has the correction, to contact I by mp, thank you! --------------------------------------------------------
  4. Rover 6428

    Kombating the Kraken

    Here is a way to combat the Italian Kraken (spaghettifying) and physics seizures. When a kerbal starts spaghettifying, or a craft starts wobbling for no reason, repeatedly spam the "Flight Events" tab (f3) This eases down the physics, and hopefully scares the Kraken away. Please note that this method does not guarantee success, only highers the chance of it. Feel free to post any other ways which you know might help players fight the bugs in-game
  5. An old fan

    Bugs and KSP

    We need bug fixes. This game is getting to a point where it is nearly unplayable. I can list off hundreds of bugs, but I will say only one: The Kraken. A large patch of just bug fixes is all the game needs. There is a great video about technical debt and the problems plaguing the game here: Players are thinking of moving to a new game, Simple Rockets 2. The community wants to stay, but if the game stays as it is, I and many others will leave. Fix the game and stop adding fuel tanks.
  6. so pretty lately I have a problem while constructing my Duna base there is a random spazz out-Kraken attack when these conditions are met: 1.when something hit the base with force 2 m/s or more 2.sometimes when docking something at my base 3.always when the gravity disabled (alt + f12 menu) firstly I see the problem when I connected two (via docking ports on the ground)base modules after landing , i use the planetary base mod with kerbalism life support for these bases i also use ksp 1.5.1 mods: KSP: 1.5.1 (Win64) - Unity: 2017.1.3p1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit ClickThroughBlocker - Filter Extensions - TexturesUnlimited - Toolbar - ToolbarControl - Airplane Plus - 24.0 Animated Decouplers - 1.4.1 Aviation Lights - 4.0.5 B9 Part Switch - 2.4.5 BetterTimeWarpContinued - Community Category Kit - 4.0 Community Resource Pack - 1.0 CommunityTechTree - 3.3.4 AGExt - DMagic Orbital Science - 1.4.1 DynamicBatteryStorage - 1.3.3 ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads - 6.3.1 Firespitter - 7.6 HideEmptyTechTreeNodes - 1.0.5 Interstellar Fuel Switch - JanitorsCloset - RasterPropMonitor - 0.30.5 KAS - 1.1.6876.38030 Kerbal Engineer Redux - KerbalHealth - 1.3.1 Kerbalism - 2.0 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.3 HyperEdit - 1.5.8 Feline Utility Rover - 1.2.8 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.16.6876.37464 AdvancedFlyByWire - KSP-AVC Plugin - KSPWheel - NearFutureAeronautics - 1.0.2 NearFutureConstruction - 1.0.4 NearFutureElectrical - 0.10.4 NearFutureLaunchVehicles - 1.1.7 NearFutureProps - 0.3.5 NearFuturePropulsion - 1.0.4 NearFutureSolar - 0.8.13 NearFutureSpacecraft - 1.0.1 OpenCockpit - 1.2.1 PatchManager - Photon Sailor - Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - 1.6.6 AmpYear - 1.5.3 DeepFreeze Continued... - 0.23.9 SCANsat - TweakScale - KSP Interstellar Extended - Kerbal Actuators - 1.6 World Stabilizer - 0.9.3 here is an image with my base normally: and here is an image when my base being attacked from kraken-spazzing out of control: of course there is no log.So can anyone please explains me about which addon causes that spazz out or/and which addon or ways should i use to prevent that glitching and i forgot to mention that i use world stabilizer to prevent kraken attacks-spazzing out when loading vessel so tell me a solution
  7. I recently docked two large structures to each other in LKO. No matter what I do, they always get the wobble of death, and explode! I've tried turning off SAS and Quick saving, but They need to be able to turn, and go to Duna! The part count is 479. Help!
  8. So I built this really fast plane and I was just messing around. I was trying to see how fast it could go before disintegrating, but I couldn't time-warp without the wings coming off. I tried to use Hyperedit to increase the speed by 10000, and the suddenly the entire solar system just disappeared. There was nothing in the map, and the plane fell apart. I tried getting back to Space Centre, but it had turned invisible. The buildings were still there, but they became transparent. Also, there is no sun, and the only light is coming from the stars above and the KSC runway. When I try to relauch the same craft, the craft became transparent, and I can see the star night sky in the KSC buildings. The runway becomes invisible where my plane is. However, struts, anti-grav motors and my parachute can still be seen. I know the plane is still there because when I go supersonic, I can still see the shockwaves. Also, when i go past 900m/s, the plane actually becomes visible. I tried opening another save, but I encountered the same issues. Can anyone please help? Screenshots: Log: PS I don't know if it's the right log. I just can't find player.log.
  9. SHADOWS OF THE KRAKEN Part 1 of the Kraken Trilogy Compiled by @qzgy Offline PDF compilation available here. Chapter 1: The Three Chapter 2: Dawn Chapter 3: Preparations Chapter 4: An Excursion Chapter 5: Shadows & Mündust Chapter 6: Interludes Chapter 7: Duna Rising Chapter 8: A Change of Plans Chapter 9: The Shadow Falls Chapter 10: A Seed Chapter 11: The Call Chapter 12: Mountain Chapter 13: Into the Halls of Madness Chapter 14: The Shadow Stirs Chapter 15: Per Aspera Chapter 16: Answers Chapter 17: What Dreams May Come Chapter 18: Ad Astrea Chapter 19: Shadow's Pawn Chapter 20: Voices Chapter 21: Chadvey Kerman Chapter 22: Buford T. Kerman Chapter 23: 'So Much Universe, and So Little Time.' Chapter 24: Lighting the Candle Chapter 25: Space Oddity Chapter 26: Revelations Chapter 27: Shadows of the Kraken Chapter 28: A Fairy Tale Chapter 29: The Two Chapter 30: To Boldly Go... -Elsewhere....- Chapter 31: Emptiness Chapter 32: Insights Chapter 33: Speed Chapter 34: We Have a Problem Chapter 35: So Far Away Chapter 36: Alone Chapter 37: Unintended Consequences Chapter 38: Jool Chapter 39: The Shadow over Bop Chapter 40: Betrayer Chapter 41: The Kraken Chapter 42: Edgas Kerman Chapter 43: The Place He Arrived At (Reprise) Chapter 44: Homecoming Chapter 45: Shadows and Mündust (Reprise) Epilogue: A Memory of Light ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lost (Early) Chapters -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since I keep mentioning such, here's the map of the place names I use. Credit goes to the author. Due to a deplorable excess of imagination and getting paid to sit in traffic all day with nothing else to occupy my mind, a string of mission reports is apparently morphing into an actual story. So before I loose my nerve, here's the first installment. Nothing that interesting yet, just character intros. I had no idea three semi-random Kerbals I stuck in a pod & sent to a station weeks ago would turn out to be such, well characters. If there's any interest, I'll put down the rest. Here's the lead up WDYIKSPT posts since it kinda picks up in the middle: So without further ado, I give you chapter 1 to Shadows of the Kraken --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: The Three Edgas Kerman stared out into the darkness. It had been 14 days since they landed. Well, 14 24-hour cycles. Time was strange here. The crew still kept to a 24 hour day, but the day/night cycle on the Mün was well over four Kerbin days. Two days of light, two days of darkness. Edgas figured he'd eventually get used to it. Or he'd have a psychotic episode. He was already growing to hate the nights here. Even the darkness itself wasn't....right. It was darkness like he'd never known. It seemed to draw in, to consume the light as it crept across the landscape like a blight. Now it hung thickly around the base once again. Edgas could see the stars, but he tried not to. The way they sank down, then just disappeared into the inky, unbroken blackness of the distant horizon unsettled him. The base had floodlights, of course. They cast a pallid glow around the floorplate. But even that seemed to shrink back from the darkness. They were supposed to have installed long range spotlights by now, but hadn't gotten to it. Edgas wished they would. He had one friend in the darkness. From the window of his tiny cubicle on the hab deck, he could just see the old descent stage from Isfjell 1. It stood as a brave, lonely beacon out there in the night, its own floodlights fighting back against the consuming darkness like the desperate defenders of a besieged fortress. It was just a derelict now, there was no probe core to control it, but the departing crew had left the lights on. The base crew were supposed to have shut it down and stripped it for parts already, but hadn't gotten to it. Edgas hoped they wouldn't. The lights ran off the batteries. Only for a few hours each Münar night, not nearly long enough. It was a silly thing, yet it gave Edgas some small comfort. Then, just as he was thinking this, the voltage dropped below some threshold, the castle wall was breached, and the lights winked out. Darkness rushed in like a conquering army. Edgas sighed, closed the window shade, and leaned back on his small cot. He rubbed his stubby fingers where they had been pressed against the cold hull. It was always cold in here, but he didn't mind. The cold never bothered him anyway. Edgas liked the cold. He stared up at collection of wires and tubing covering the ceiling. Nothing to do now but wait for the next duty cycle to start so he'd have something to occupy his mind and take it off what was outside. Now, the night truly began. * * * Edmund Kerman was at his station in the lab, near the top of the towering Mün base. He usually was, even if not on duty. There was just too much work to be done. He didn't like the nights here. They were too long, caused delays. He'd forbidden night EVAs shortly after arriving. Too dangerous, he wouldn't risk his crew like that. They needed to get those spots up. Even then, too much out there that could catch a Kerbal off guard in the dark. Work outside would just have to wait. So he busied himself here, in the lab, surrounded by small grey rocks and containers of soil. He reached over to the little infrared space heater next to his station and turned it up another notch. Always so damn cold in here. Edmund liked it warm. He dreamt of retiring someplace tropical, with white sand and warmth. Maybe up the coast, just north of the KSC. Where he could sit in a beach chair and watch the rockets go up. Then come back down. Then go up again. And occasionally stay there. A drink in his hand and-- bah. No time for such idle thoughts now, he had work to do. Besides, if wishes were RatSquirrelFishes then beggars would gag. That's what his ol' Gran-pabbie always used to say when Edmund was a boy. Hadn't made any sense to him then, either, but if Gran-pabbie said it, it must be true. He had gotten a little fuzzy there in his later years. Always strong like steel though. Why, at his age he could still-- Bah! he pushed the thought away. Edmund closed his round, bulging eyes and rubbed the smooth skin between them. His head was thrumming today. That was better than thumping like yesterday. His headache had come and gone ever since taking that tumble off the ladder on Day 1. Damn fool thing to do, a trained, experienced Kerbonaut like him. Rookie mistake. But that's what did it, alright. Blow to the head can cause lasting headaches like this. No doubt. Certainly wasn't that other thing. Damn fool doctors, what did they know, anyway? Probably read the test results wrong. Edmund was the pinnacle of physical condition. Why, he could out run, out distance, out lift Kerbals half his age. Everything on his last physical exam was perfect, except-- BAH! He slammed his fist down on the table. Something flew off and bounced around the room in slow motion. His head was making it impossible to concentrate. Calm yourself, he thought. Edmund picked up a small gray rock and turned it over in his fingers, tiny crystals sparking in the light. Mission Commander. He was lucky to have pulled this tag. But this, this was a high point to end on. No one would remember the fifth commander of the space station. First permanent presence on the Mün, now that was something special. Something memorable. Chadvey should have had it by rights, but he turned it down. Hmph. Chadvey. Big damn hero. First in space, first on the Mün. Edmund had logged more time passing gas here than Chadvey spent doing anything useful. Then there was the anomaly. Edmund grinned under his mustache, trimmed exactly according to Personal Grooming Regulation OU812. Now that... that could outshine even Chadvey. Satellite couldn't image it, even with a pass so low it smacked into a mountain. He didn't believe in that "tall pink men" nonsense, but whatever was there, it was something extraordinary. Something that would be remembered. The Company was getting impatient, they'd funded a good chunk of this base. But procedure would be followed. The rover was nearly fully checked out, just needed the final instruments installed. Should be ready on the next day cycle. Edmund would not risk his crew with an improperly tested vehicle. Then it was an easy 8.2 click jaunt up the crater wall, and-- He sat back and sighed. This was pointless. A good commander knew when to call it quits. He couldn't get any work done like this anyway. He set the rock down next to a jar of gray soil tinged with orange. That was a real bonus, he thought. Hoped for, but not expected. Billy had literally stumbled across it on a short rover excursion. Edmund looked over the collection of other samples on his table. So, so much data here. Right outside that hatch, just laying all over the ground like, well, powdery gray dirt. He got up and moved carefully to the ladder in the center of the cylindrical room. This place really is a geologist's soggy dream, he thought. He shut the lights off, went down the ladder to his cubicle, and went to sleep. * * * Tall pink men. Billy-Bobrim Kerman liked tall pink men. They weren't real, course. He knew that. But he still like the stories. This one was called, "Duna Attacks!" He flipped through the colorful booklet. He weren't s'posed to have this. Wasn't. Wasn't supposed to have this. He'd snuck it aboard along with some snacks he kept hidden under his cot. He hoped the Eds (he called them the Eds) didn't find it. They were too serious for picture books. He knew he wasn't dumb, but he wasn't smart like the Eds. He didn't understand alloys and compositions and things with molecular structures. But he was a good driver, and he could fix anything, and when he fixed something, why, it stayed fixed, by gum! Billy looked out his window into the darkness. He didn't mind the dark. He didn't know why it scared some folks so. Why be scared of what you can't see? Nothing but rocks out there, he knew that. Rocks never hurt no one. Well, 'cept maybe for those mi-cro-me-te-o-roids. He'd seen some since they been here. Be looking out at the surface when suddenly POOF! Didn't really go POOF, course. The Mün was still space, and there weren't no sound in space. Wasn't. Wasn't no sound in space. He knew that. But it looked like the kinda thing that would go POOF if you could hear it. That could probably hurt a fella. No sense being scared of that either. Can't see 'em coming, either it gets you or it don't. It was dangerous up here. He knew that. But he was happy to be here. Being somewhere was always better than being nowhere, yes sir-ee. Billy was a Kerbonaut, and he knew there was always a risk of suddenly being nowhere. Or everywhere. Just one of those things. Being scared won't help. Besides, it was pretty up here, in its way. And interesting. He got to see interesting stuff that no one had ever got to see before. He didn't always understand it, but he got to see it and other folks didn't, and that was something. The Eds didn't have no family. Any. Didn't have any family. That was too bad. Billy had a baby sister. She was all growed up now, course. Grown up now. But she'd always be his baby sister. He talked to her every chance he got on the uplink. Those controllers were always pretty good about that. She was so proud of her big brother the brave Kerbonaut. Maybe they'd let him bring her back a rock. So many rocks up here. He liked the ones that sparkled. Those scientists didn't really need all of them, did they? She would really like a nice, sparkly rock.
  10. WHISPERS OF THE KRAKEN Part II of The Kraken Trilogy With great thanks, edited by @Ten Key, compiled by @qzgy Offline PDF compilation available here. A more detailed account if the rise of the Ussari Space Program its self can be found here. -------------------------------------------- The Mappe. Complete credit goes to @Pds314 and his thread can be found here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue: Wind and Snow ACT I: The First Whispers Chapter 1: A Clear Night Chapter 2: A New Dawn Chapter 3: Politics Chapter 4: An Invitation Chapter 5: Poyekhali! Chapter 6: Into Darkness Chapter 7: Into the Light Chapter 8: Starry Night Chapter 9: Reclining at Table Chapter 10: Changes Chapter 11: Kermangrad Chapter 12: Crimson Square Chapter 13: Crimson Dawn Chapter 14: Waiting Chapter 15: Krazniyy Oktyabr Chapter 16: The End of the Dream Chapter 17: A Pleasant Night Chapter 18: For All Kerbalkind Chapter 19: Crow Chapter 20: Arrangements Chapter 21: An August Summer Night Chapter 22: Winds of Change Chapter 23: The Flight of Sila, pt. 1 Chapter 24: The Flight of Sila, pt. 2 Chapter 25: Choices Chapter 26: Night and Day Chapter 27: A Pound of Flesh Chapter 28: The Fall Chapter 29: A Shot in the Dark Chapter 30: Zarya Chapter 31: A Prelude to Silence Chapter 32: Hunting Chapter 33: Silence Chapter 34: The Darkness... and the Light Chapter 35: Homecoming Chapter 36: In Union Assembled Chapter 37: Sacrifice Chapter 38: By Dawn's Early Light Chapter 39: Der Kommissar Chapter 40: The End of the Beginning --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Heavy is the Head --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 41: A Long, Strange Trip Chapter 42: Diplomacy Chapter 43: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 44: A Hard Day's Night Chapter 45: The Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy Chapter 46: Food and Drink Chapter 47: How to Make an Entrance Chapter 48: Close Encounters of The Weird Kind Chapter 49: A History Lesson Chapter 50: Rain Chapter 51: The Cheeseburger Chapter 52: One Giant Bleep Chapter 53: The Halls of Medicine Chapter 54: Uncomfortably Numb Chapter 55: The Kerb of the Hour Chapter 56: Summoned, Sentenced Chapter 57: Wanderings Chapter 58: Off We Go... Chapter 59: ...Into the Wild Blue Yonder Chapter 60: Girl, On Fire Chapter 61: Crash and Burn Chapter 62: Casting Out Chapter 63: Words, Words, Words... Chapter 64: High Noon Chapter 65: O Brave New World Chapter 66: All Good Things... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Whispers of the Past, Shadows of the Future --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III: Shadowscourge Chapter 67: Awakening Chapter 68: Home, Sweet Home Chapter 69: Seeking Answers Chapter 70: A Last Whisper Chapter 71: Night Train Chapter 72: Dangerous Thoughts Chapter 73: A Terrible Mistake Chapter 74: The Right Questions Chapter 75: Shattered Chapter 76: McQueen, She Ain't Chapter 77: Monster Chapter 78: Old Friends Chapter 79: Igor Ex Machina Chapter 80: ...And a Light Went Out of the World Chapter 81: Out of the Frying Pan... Chapter 82: ...But Left a Spark Chapter 83: ...And Onto the Pyre Chapter 84: A Memory of Darkness Chapter 85: One Small Step Chapter 86: House of Shadows Chapter 87: Ghosts of Yesterday Chapter 88: Shadows and Mündust (Redux) Chapter 89: Lies Chapter 90: Truth Chapter 91: Out of Her Mind... Back in Five Minutes! Chapter 92: Toruk Makto Chapter 93: Paint it, Black Chapter 94: Down the Smeerp Hole Chapter 95: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Chapter 96: Shadowscourge Chapter 97: On the Shoulders of Giants Chapter 98: Final Flight Chapter 99: Where the Shadow Lies Chapter 100: A Promise of Light ---------------------------------------------------------------- Epilogue: Revelations of the Kraken Officially Unofficial I-don't-own-any-of-it Soundtrack ------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Wind and Snow Clouds hung thickly, gray and featureless, obscuring the mountain peaks higher up and making the valley seem even more isolated. Where the clouds met the mountains, their edges churned and roiled, driven by the fierce, frigid, hurricane-force winds cascading into the valley below. As the wind descended and spread out across the valley floor it slowed and warmed, until by the time it reached Boris Kermanskiovitch, it was merely a chilling breath. He stood, looking out over the valley, his bare hands folded behind him, oblivious to the cold as the wind whispered around him. He wore a heavy coat trimmed with fur, massive thick boots that added to his already imposing height, and a tall ushanka on his head, the ear-flaps always pinned up, emblazoned with the Crimson Star of the Ussari Union, and the insignia marking him as a Kommissar. He stood, impassively, a half-smoked rattail dangling from his lips, and observed the flurry of activity in the distant pit in the valley floor as snow slowly drifted down around him. He sensed the other's approach, and leaned heavily on the ancient wooden railing before him. It creaked and groaned in protest, as did the worn floor boards as the other Kerbal joined him at the railing. Boris did not look away from the valley, but produced a half-empty pack of rattails from his coat, which he offered wordlessly to the newcomer, who took one as he, too, leaned on the long-suffering railing. The newcomer dug out a match, struck it into flame on the railing, and lit the rattail, taking a long, deep drag. He took it from his mouth and regarded it for a moment, blowing the smoke out to mix with the harsh draft, then took another slow drag. "ЬФЯSCHT," said Igor finally. Only the slightest flick from Boris's eyes, "ЬФЯSCHT?" "DД." "DД?" "DД." "ЙУЗT." "DД." "ЙУЗT!" "DД!" "DД?" "DД." "DД," Boris sighed heavily. Igor nodded, rose, and saluted smartly. He did not wait for the senior Kerbal to return the salute, but pivoted on his heel and withdrew, silent but for the creaking floorboards. Boris listened to him depart, staring off towards the valley. At length he stood, and took a long, final drag on his rattail, now down to a nub. He plucked it from his mouth and held it before him, turning it back and forth in his stubby, callused fingers, holding in the acrid smoke. Finally he flicked it away, watched it arc through the air and land in the snow, which retreated out of revulsion. He blew the smoke out in an ominous cloud, "DД." For a time he stood motionless, hands clasped behind his back again, staring at nothing. ЬФЯSCHT, he thought, DД. "DД..." he said to the wind. Slowly, a trembling sneer grew on his lip, the trembling then spreading over his entire body. "PЦTIЙ" he swore roughly, spat, and then stormed off. Snow swirled as the wind whispered indifferently.
  11. KrakenNinja

    Flying to the end of the game

    I thought of flying to the end of the game using a ship but idk how to get there. I wanted to do science there to see how glitched it is.
  12. So I'm collecting surface samples, and flying up to a 2.5m cargo bay to stick them in experiment containers. I sometimes have some trouble with my aim but the kerbal seems to fit inside just fine. This time when I hop out of the can, my kerbal is invisible. Weird. I can still see the RCS jets, though, so I exit and use them to help me fly to the other side of the can. Now EVERYTHING disappears! What? My altitude is red zeroes and my speed is "NaNm/s". I can swap views to the flag, but not to my ship. After a while my speed becomes "only" 37,000+ m/s and I gain altitude to match ... but I cannot go to the tracking station "while on the surface". OK. Reload a quicksave, and my kerbal is back where he's supposed to be, but day has turned to night somehow. Map view. Maybe it's because there's no sun? Also the Mun is gone now even though I was just standing on it. KSP crashes. Restart the program while sweating bullets. Everything is back! Phew. By Kraken standards, how bad was this one?
  13. NewtSoup


    Previously in Kerbal Space Program: Quietly and without anyone noticing, from the depths of the nethersphere the Kraken grew restless. Reaching into the substructure of the Kerbiverse with it's many tentacles it began it's interminable work. Nothing noticeable at first, a glitch in the matrix *cough* an unexpected repeated meme. Here and there a delay in time. Barely tangible and passing unremarked by the Kerbals and indeed the Superuser herself!. But bit by bit by byte by megabyte the fractures and fissures festered unfettered across the divine snack platters of the Kerbiverse and indeed the entire multiverse and then ... nothing. The Superuser tried in vain to coax the spin back into the Kerbiverse but it's snack platters could do nothing more than a brief cheddaring noise before sinking back into nothingness. With that everything was wiped from existence. No more would Babylon K dominate the local system it simply vanished from Minmus Orbit. No more would hapless tourists with only a few funds find themselves unexpectedly transferred to the Minman Ore Mines at Rura Penthe Base. All was not lost however. The Superuser, though thoroughly spanked by the copious tentacles of the Kraken for completely missing the foretellings of the SMART, began again. This time the multiverse was rebuilt with no spin but was in a solid state to the core. This time there was the technology, she could rebuild it, stronger, faster better than before! And would find the route back to Kerbin! So Say We All! Valentina opened her eyes. The sky was blue and cloudless above her. As she came too she recalled the memories of a previous life. She knew she was powerful! But this new form, this new form - It was weak! But not for long. She luxuriated for a few moments in the kerbal enriching sounds emanating from the great speaker and slowly became aware that the space centre was back! More! there was a count down going on T minus five minutes!. There was just time. Sprinting as fast as her shift key would allow she ran back to the astronaut complex. She threw on her suit and made for the launch pad on foot, stopping only to pick up a number 3 pool ball. Ahead of her she could see Jebediah sauntering towards the launch vehicle confident in his status as pilot of the first Kerbal Launch Vehichle. With all her strength she threw the pool ball at Jeb. It sailed in a lazy arc through the air and came down right on target! It bounced off the top of Jeb's helmet and landed in the grass in front of him. Round and red amongst the green blades, he could not resist, It looked exactly like a mini ball of Edam. A fine snack to be sure. He removed his helmet and stooped to pick it up. Sitting on the grass he dropped first one glove and then the other. He turned the ball slowly, realising with horror his mistake as he spotted the number 3 on the side. Quickly he turned back towards the launch vehichle. Simple as it was, just two goo canisters, a pod and a flea booster it was a fine sight and scrambling through the hatch - Valentina!. Clipboard in hand. She had already done her crew report and EVA report. A goo pod opened and then a great pit opened in Jebs stomach as he realised - he had eaten the pool ball!. That was going to be painful later! The countdown reached zero. A mighty roar filled the air and Valentina Smiled as she was pressed back into her seat. She had forgotten to check her staging and the parachute had deployed at the same time the engines fired. But no matter. The science from the goo pods and her crew reports would vinidcate her. Empress Valentina was on her way back! And she was going to science the Kraken out of this! ( or at least make someone else do it ) I'm no graphic artist - if someone can help me make a better flag along these lines I'd be very grateful - 8 planets of the Kerbol sytem in a row. Kerbin dominating and a gladius over kerbin to represent the Empire!
  14. Hi everyone, totally out of the blue (like 1 week ago it still worked) I am getting an error message "CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKraken" when trying to start Ckan. I have version 1.24.0. I tried to google for a problem but did not find a solution. Any help to fix this? Are there newer versions of this program? Regards, Chris
  15. Brikoleur

    Kraken-resistant stations

    In my ongoing career, I've had a number of brushes with the Kraken when dealing with space stations. There are three scenarios in play: Docking. The Kraken strikes immediately after docking. The giant invisible tentacles wrap around it and shake shake shake until it falls apart. Undocking. As above, but on undock, and only one craft is directly affected (although the other might get damaged by flying pieces of rocket). Fuel transfers. This starts with a tiny insidious little vibration as fuel is transferred from one craft to another. Sometimes it stops if I quickly stop the transfer, at other times not. If I'm connected with the Klaw, setting Free Pivot may or may not help. Some hypotheses I've come up with: Scenario 1 happened with a long skinny station when I docked another long, skinny, but heavy craft to a port near its centre. Even though the docking event was at a low speed (0.6 m/s or so), the bump appears to have induced an oscillation along the length of the station, which then amplified into a full-scale Kraken attack. Possible solutions: don't make long skinny stations? If you do, don't dock heavy craft near their centrepoint? Scenario 2 happened repeatedly when undocking a heavy spaceplane from a station, or when undocking a cargo module from a heavy spaceplane. I believe I traced this down to excessive use of Autostrut to Heaviest Part. When I undocked, the heaviest part was removed, the autostrut reconfigured itself, and the rapid changes summoned the Kraken. Possible solution: don't use Autostrut to heaviest part, or only use it sparingly? Scenario 3 happened repeatedly in scenarios where I had a heavy craft docked to the station orthogonally and was transferring fuel between the two, which shifted the CoM laterally. I'm not quite sure what the contributing factors to this are, except that Autostrut to Heaviest Part certainly makes it more likely. What techniques are you aware of that would make stations less prone to summoning the Kraken, apart from being very careful when using Autostrut to Heaviest Part? Which geometries are more Kraken-resistant? How do you configure a station that has lots of docking ports to accept different kinds of incoming craft, but doesn't summon the Cosmic Dread Lord when large craft dock with it?
  16. stubbonjeb

    fling kraken

    so there's a kraken i discovered it happened in career mode when I just landed my first stage for reusability and switched back to my main capsule the capsule got flung faster than the speed of light and in a milla second it overheated and exploded and is still left me in confused please reply if you know anything about this i did not get a pic tho
  17. What would happen if you were to edit the game and reduce the SOI of Kerbol so that it is not infinity, and then escape from that SOI, thus putting me in true zero gravity flight. Would a kraken strike? Would the game ignore it and keep me in Kerbols SOI? or would I fly in zero G?
  18. COB Gaming

    Explain This
  19. Presari

    Spontaneous Combustion

    So I have this pretty ambitious ground station on Duna, took lots of launches, skycrane landings, rovering long distances (due to my limited ability to land at target)... well, you get it. Anyway, this is what happens every time I switch to the station... This time, two of the three inhabitants somehow survived. (I've learnt the hard way to quicksave and immediately hit warp when I switch views...) Cheers!
  20. Today was my first experience with the kraken, I was attempting a close flyby of the sun in sandbox mode. Then suddenly the Kraken took hold of my precious spacecraft, ripping everything to shreds, except the command pod. It's power was enough to fling me on a 1.48 GM/second escape velocity away from the sun.
  21. Hi, Can anyone help me with my launcher? It's a 45 ton payload being launched by a lifter of suitable dV. The takeoff and ascent are smooth, easily controlled and uneventful until ap reaches ~73,000m and alt reaches ~ 55,000. At this point the rocket simply falls apart with no warning, no explosion, no flexing, it's just like the Kraken reaches in and snaps it in two. What's odd is that it's not breaking where you might expect, at the docking ports or at a decoupler but at the junction between the FL-R1 RCS tank and the Rockomax X200 as shown by this picture. I have autostrutted everything in an attempt to solve this and added actual struts between what i thought were the weaker parts and indeed the soft junctions don't spilt. Just the one between the two tanks. I have even put 4 struts between the two tanks and it still suddenly snaps. Though I have noticed on the last attempt that it goes into a very tiny but rapid vibration about a second prior to breaking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Edit: Curiouser - it happens when the AP reaches just over 73,000 meters each time, this last failure the alt was 69km but still failed at the point the AP reaches ~73,000
  22. Mudkip909


    Today the kraken bug destroyed my save with about 200 flights running. how it happened: 1. i was sending jeb to my space station (500000 metres above kerbin) 2. my screen turned black 3. the altitude was going from 444444 555555 666666 777777 and so on 4. i exited the game 5. went back into my saves 6. i clicked my save, nothing happened help
  23. Hi all, I spent around 2 hours building a large battleship with SM Marine, WW2 Warships and NAS, and when I launched it, I just heard a large explosion, the screen went black, the altimeter went blank, and, because it's the Hell Kraken, the navball, instead of the blue and orange, was just black. Every few seconds the game would freeze, and I just closed it. Because the game didn't crash, but I encountered a serious bug, it didn't provide an output_log. Suggestions and possible fixes?
  24. First, I have KER and KAC installed. Those are the only mods. I am running 1.3.0, but the station was made in 1.2. The issue I describe below began happening in the KSP version in which the station was started, so I know that's not an issue. Now, let me explain my issue and what I have done to try and fix it. In my career mode game I have put up an orbital station around Kerbin. I attached the first few modules, and everything was ok. However, once it got large enough, it would begin to wobble uncontrollable, and within 30 seconds it had torn itself apart (don't worry, I quicksaved as soon as I saw it vibrating). Here are the solutions I have tried: 1. I exited KSP and got back in. 2. I perused the forums and reddit to try and find a solution, but the only solution I found was to go into the save file and make every part have auto strut. I did this, and when I went back into the game, my framerate had slowed to a crawl. So far nothing has worked, and for now, every time I dock another ship, I keep manually autostrutting until the wiggling stops. That is my current method for stopping the wiggles, but it is very annoying to do, and my framerate is a little laggy. Here's a picture of the space station: I can share a save file, if that's necessary. I just need to know how. So if anyone has any solutions, that'd be great!
  25. Advancing Through Hardships I know that right now, there are multiple folks working on alternate NASA timelines so mine isn't very special. I love writing though and this will be my first post in the mission reports section. Also, if you do follow this post, expect frequent blackouts because of school and Ksp burn-out, which I have been recently trying to fix. This post will be completely stock and will try to make as interesting as possible with non-rocketry chapters thrown into the mix. Also, please comment on this and tell me what you would like to see and also if I wrote something wrong. If I recieve no comments, then I will assume that this post is not meeting its expectations. There will be pictures of the rockets, though I don't know how many pictures, so assume that this not picture orientated. Thank you for your time for reading this post, Advancing Through Hardships. EDIT: I have installed a load of mods, but only because I am playing with a new save that comes in with the later chapters. The early chapters are completely mod free