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  1. REVELATIONS OF THE KRAKEN Every World must Break a KSP novel, part III of: Every Tower must Fall The Kraken Trilogy Shadows of the Kraken Whispers of the Kraken Prologue: The End and the Beginning --------------------------------------------------- The White Horse Chapter 1: Wake, O Sleeper Chapter 2: Rules Chapter 3: Awakenings Chapter 4: Patient Zero Chapter 5: Dire Words Chapter 6: While You Were Sleeping Chapter 7: Truth and Consequences -------------------------------------------------- The Black Horse -------------------------------------------------- The Red Horse -------------------------------------------------- The Pale Horse
  2. tl:dr A shadowy corporation sends three intrepid Kerbals to investigate a strange, dark anomaly on the Mün. What they find is far, far worse. Chapter list: Chapter 1: The Three Chapter 2: Dawn Chapter 3: Preparations Chapter 4: An Excursion Chapter 5: Shadows & Mündust Chapter 6: Interludes Chapter 7: Duna Rising Chapter 8: A Change of Plans Chapter 9: The Shadow Falls Chapter 10: A Seed Chapter 11: The Call Chapter 12: Mountain Chapter 13: Into the Halls of Madness Chapter 14: The Shadow Stirs Chapter 15: Per Aspera Chapter 16: Answers Chapter 17: What Dreams May Come Chapter 18: Ad Astrea Chapter 19: Shadow's Pawn Chapter 20: Voices Chapter 21: Chadvey Kerman Chapter 22: Buford T. Kerman Chapter 23: 'So Much Universe, and So Little Time.' Chapter 24: Lighting the Candle Chapter 25: Space Oddity Chapter 26: Revelations Chapter 27: Shadows of the Kraken Chapter 28: A Fairy Tale Chapter 29: The Two Chapter 30: To Boldly Go... Chapter 31: Emptiness Chapter 32: Insights Chapter 33: Speed Chapter 34: We Have a Problem Chapter 35: So Far Away Chapter 36: Alone Chapter 37: Unintended Consequences Chapter 38: Jool Chapter 39: The Shadow over Bop Chapter 40: Betrayer Chapter 41: The Kraken Chapter 42: Edgas Kerman Chapter 43: The Place He Arrived At (Reprise) Chapter 44: Homecoming Chapter 45: Shadows and Mündust (Reprise) Epilogue: A Memory of Light Since I keep mentioning such, here's the map of the place names I use. Credit goes to the author. Due to a deplorable excess of imagination and getting paid to sit in traffic all day with nothing else to occupy my mind, a string of mission reports is apparently morphing into an actual story. So before I loose my nerve, here's the first installment. Nothing that interesting yet, just character intros. I had no idea three semi-random Kerbals I stuck in a pod & sent to a station weeks ago would turn out to be such, well characters. If there's any interest, I'll put down the rest. Here's the lead up WDYIKSPT posts since it kinda picks up in the middle: So without further ado, I give you chapter 1 to Shadows of the Kraken --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: The Three Edgas Kerman stared out into the darkness. It had been 14 days since they landed. Well, 14 24-hour cycles. Time was strange here. The crew still kept to a 24 hour day, but the day/night cycle on the Mün was well over four Kerbin days. Two days of light, two days of darkness. Edgas figured he'd eventually get used to it. Or he'd have a psychotic episode. He was already growing to hate the nights here. Even the darkness itself wasn't....right. It was darkness like he'd never known. It seemed to draw in, to consume the light as it crept across the landscape like a blight. Now it hung thickly around the base once again. Edgas could see the stars, but he tried not to. The way they sank down, then just disappeared into the inky, unbroken blackness of the distant horizon unsettled him. The base had floodlights, of course. They cast a pallid glow around the floorplate. But even that seemed to shrink back from the darkness. They were supposed to have installed long range spotlights by now, but hadn't gotten to it. Edgas wished they would. He had one friend in the darkness. From the window of his tiny cubicle on the hab deck, he could just see the old descent stage from Isfjell 1. It stood as a brave, lonely beacon out there in the night, its own floodlights fighting back against the consuming darkness like the desperate defenders of a besieged fortress. It was just a derelict now, there was no probe core to control it, but the departing crew had left the lights on. The base crew were supposed to have shut it down and stripped it for parts already, but hadn't gotten to it. Edgas hoped they wouldn't. The lights ran off the batteries. Only for a few hours each Münar night, not nearly long enough. It was a silly thing, yet it gave Edgas some small comfort. Then, just as he was thinking this, the voltage dropped below some threshold, the castle wall was breached, and the lights winked out. Darkness rushed in like a conquering army. Edgas sighed, closed the window shade, and leaned back on his small cot. He rubbed his stubby fingers where they had been pressed against the cold hull. It was always cold in here, but he didn't mind. The cold never bothered him anyway. Edgas liked the cold. He stared up at collection of wires and tubing covering the ceiling. Nothing to do now but wait for the next duty cycle to start so he'd have something to occupy his mind and take it off what was outside. Now, the night truly began. * * * Edmund Kerman was at his station in the lab, near the top of the towering Mün base. He usually was, even if not on duty. There was just too much work to be done. He didn't like the nights here. They were too long, caused delays. He'd forbidden night EVAs shortly after arriving. Too dangerous, he wouldn't risk his crew like that. They needed to get those spots up. Even then, too much out there that could catch a Kerbal off guard in the dark. Work outside would just have to wait. So he busied himself here, in the lab, surrounded by small grey rocks and containers of soil. He reached over to the little infrared space heater next to his station and turned it up another notch. Always so damn cold in here. Edmund liked it warm. He dreamt of retiring someplace tropical, with white sand and warmth. Maybe up the coast, just north of the KSC. Where he could sit in a beach chair and watch the rockets go up. Then come back down. Then go up again. And occasionally stay there. A drink in his hand and-- bah. No time for such idle thoughts now, he had work to do. Besides, if wishes were RatSquirrelFishes then beggars would gag. That's what his ol' Gran-pabbie always used to say when Edmund was a boy. Hadn't made any sense to him then, either, but if Gran-pabbie said it, it must be true. He had gotten a little fuzzy there in his later years. Always strong like steel though. Why, at his age he could still-- Bah! he pushed the thought away. Edmund closed his round, bulging eyes and rubbed the smooth skin between them. His head was thrumming today. That was better than thumping like yesterday. His headache had come and gone ever since taking that tumble off the ladder on Day 1. Damn fool thing to do, a trained, experienced Kerbonaut like him. Rookie mistake. But that's what did it, alright. Blow to the head can cause lasting headaches like this. No doubt. Certainly wasn't that other thing. Damn fool doctors, what did they know, anyway? Probably read the test results wrong. Edmund was the pinnacle of physical condition. Why, he could out run, out distance, out lift Kerbals half his age. Everything on his last physical exam was perfect, except-- BAH! He slammed his fist down on the table. Something flew off and bounced around the room in slow motion. His head was making it impossible to concentrate. Calm yourself, he thought. Edmund picked up a small gray rock and turned it over in his fingers, tiny crystals sparking in the light. Mission Commander. He was lucky to have pulled this tag. But this, this was a high point to end on. No one would remember the fifth commander of the space station. First permanent presence on the Mün, now that was something special. Something memorable. Chadvey should have had it by rights, but he turned it down. Hmph. Chadvey. Big damn hero. First in space, first on the Mün. Edmund had logged more time passing gas here than Chadvey spent doing anything useful. Then there was the anomaly. Edmund grinned under his mustache, trimmed exactly according to Personal Grooming Regulation OU812. Now that... that could outshine even Chadvey. Satellite couldn't image it, even with a pass so low it smacked into a mountain. He didn't believe in that "tall pink men" nonsense, but whatever was there, it was something extraordinary. Something that would be remembered. The Company was getting impatient, they'd funded a good chunk of this base. But procedure would be followed. The rover was nearly fully checked out, just needed the final instruments installed. Should be ready on the next day cycle. Edmund would not risk his crew with an improperly tested vehicle. Then it was an easy 8.2 click jaunt up the crater wall, and-- He sat back and sighed. This was pointless. A good commander knew when to call it quits. He couldn't get any work done like this anyway. He set the rock down next to a jar of gray soil tinged with orange. That was a real bonus, he thought. Hoped for, but not expected. Billy had literally stumbled across it on a short rover excursion. Edmund looked over the collection of other samples on his table. So, so much data here. Right outside that hatch, just laying all over the ground like, well, powdery gray dirt. He got up and moved carefully to the ladder in the center of the cylindrical room. This place really is a geologist's soggy dream, he thought. He shut the lights off, went down the ladder to his cubicle, and went to sleep. * * * Tall pink men. Billy-Bobrim Kerman liked tall pink men. They weren't real, course. He knew that. But he still like the stories. This one was called, "Duna Attacks!" He flipped through the colorful booklet. He weren't s'posed to have this. Wasn't. Wasn't supposed to have this. He'd snuck it aboard along with some snacks he kept hidden under his cot. He hoped the Eds (he called them the Eds) didn't find it. They were too serious for picture books. He knew he wasn't dumb, but he wasn't smart like the Eds. He didn't understand alloys and compositions and things with molecular structures. But he was a good driver, and he could fix anything, and when he fixed something, why, it stayed fixed, by gum! Billy looked out his window into the darkness. He didn't mind the dark. He didn't know why it scared some folks so. Why be scared of what you can't see? Nothing but rocks out there, he knew that. Rocks never hurt no one. Well, 'cept maybe for those mi-cro-me-te-o-roids. He'd seen some since they been here. Be looking out at the surface when suddenly POOF! Didn't really go POOF, course. The Mün was still space, and there weren't no sound in space. Wasn't. Wasn't no sound in space. He knew that. But it looked like the kinda thing that would go POOF if you could hear it. That could probably hurt a fella. No sense being scared of that either. Can't see 'em coming, either it gets you or it don't. It was dangerous up here. He knew that. But he was happy to be here. Being somewhere was always better than being nowhere, yes sir-ee. Billy was a Kerbonaut, and he knew there was always a risk of suddenly being nowhere. Or everywhere. Just one of those things. Being scared won't help. Besides, it was pretty up here, in its way. And interesting. He got to see interesting stuff that no one had ever got to see before. He didn't always understand it, but he got to see it and other folks didn't, and that was something. The Eds didn't have no family. Any. Didn't have any family. That was too bad. Billy had a baby sister. She was all growed up now, course. Grown up now. But she'd always be his baby sister. He talked to her every chance he got on the uplink. Those controllers were always pretty good about that. She was so proud of her big brother the brave Kerbonaut. Maybe they'd let him bring her back a rock. So many rocks up here. He liked the ones that sparkled. Those scientists didn't really need all of them, did they? She would really like a nice, sparkly rock.
  3. Hi, Can anyone help me with my launcher? It's a 45 ton payload being launched by a lifter of suitable dV. The takeoff and ascent are smooth, easily controlled and uneventful until ap reaches ~73,000m and alt reaches ~ 55,000. At this point the rocket simply falls apart with no warning, no explosion, no flexing, it's just like the Kraken reaches in and snaps it in two. What's odd is that it's not breaking where you might expect, at the docking ports or at a decoupler but at the junction between the FL-R1 RCS tank and the Rockomax X200 as shown by this picture. I have autostrutted everything in an attempt to solve this and added actual struts between what i thought were the weaker parts and indeed the soft junctions don't spilt. Just the one between the two tanks. I have even put 4 struts between the two tanks and it still suddenly snaps. Though I have noticed on the last attempt that it goes into a very tiny but rapid vibration about a second prior to breaking. Does anyone have any suggestions? Edit: Curiouser - it happens when the AP reaches just over 73,000 meters each time, this last failure the alt was 69km but still failed at the point the AP reaches ~73,000
  4. Today the kraken bug destroyed my save with about 200 flights running. how it happened: 1. i was sending jeb to my space station (500000 metres above kerbin) 2. my screen turned black 3. the altitude was going from 444444 555555 666666 777777 and so on 4. i exited the game 5. went back into my saves 6. i clicked my save, nothing happened help
  5. Hi all, I spent around 2 hours building a large battleship with SM Marine, WW2 Warships and NAS, and when I launched it, I just heard a large explosion, the screen went black, the altimeter went blank, and, because it's the Hell Kraken, the navball, instead of the blue and orange, was just black. Every few seconds the game would freeze, and I just closed it. Because the game didn't crash, but I encountered a serious bug, it didn't provide an output_log. Suggestions and possible fixes?
  6. [1.3] KrakenScience 0.6 [2017-07-05] Trailer KSP 0.22 ! source of inspiration for Kraken Science. This Part pack include many Science parts with report values: 2 Probe Core, LittleFrog and ScaRaB system with 1 monopropellant engine : 2 Strategies for your career: Download: Curse Download: SpaceDock Licence : Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Installation : Please delete your old Folder before update! ChangeLog: -------------------------------------------------------- I'm French, sorry for my bad english, thanks. If modders detect faults and wishes to use has the correction, to contact I by mp, thank you! --------------------------------------------------------
  7. First, I have KER and KAC installed. Those are the only mods. I am running 1.3.0, but the station was made in 1.2. The issue I describe below began happening in the KSP version in which the station was started, so I know that's not an issue. Now, let me explain my issue and what I have done to try and fix it. In my career mode game I have put up an orbital station around Kerbin. I attached the first few modules, and everything was ok. However, once it got large enough, it would begin to wobble uncontrollable, and within 30 seconds it had torn itself apart (don't worry, I quicksaved as soon as I saw it vibrating). Here are the solutions I have tried: 1. I exited KSP and got back in. 2. I perused the forums and reddit to try and find a solution, but the only solution I found was to go into the save file and make every part have auto strut. I did this, and when I went back into the game, my framerate had slowed to a crawl. So far nothing has worked, and for now, every time I dock another ship, I keep manually autostrutting until the wiggling stops. That is my current method for stopping the wiggles, but it is very annoying to do, and my framerate is a little laggy. Here's a picture of the space station: I can share a save file, if that's necessary. I just need to know how. So if anyone has any solutions, that'd be great!
  8. A more detailed account if the rise of the Ussari Space Program its self can be found here. -------------------------------------------- The Mappe. Complete credit goes to @Pds314 and his thread can be found here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to @Ten Key for constant editing assistance. Prologue: Wind and Snow ACT I: The First Whispers Chapter 1: A Clear Night Chapter 2: A New Dawn Chapter 3: Politics Chapter 4: An Invitation Chapter 5: Poyekhali! Chapter 6: Into Darkness Chapter 7: Into the Light Chapter 8: Starry Night Chapter 9: Reclining at Table Chapter 10: Changes Chapter 11: Kermangrad Chapter 12: Crimson Square Chapter 13: Crimson Dawn Chapter 14: Waiting Chapter 15: Krazniyy Oktyabr Chapter 16: The End of the Dream Chapter 17: A Pleasant Night Chapter 18: For All Kerbalkind Chapter 19: Crow Chapter 20: Arrangements Chapter 21: An August Summer Night Chapter 22: Winds of Change Chapter 23: The Flight of Sila, pt. 1 Chapter 24: The Flight of Sila, pt. 2 Chapter 25: Choices Chapter 26: Night and Day Chapter 27: A Pound of Flesh Chapter 28: The Fall Chapter 29: A Shot in the Dark Chapter 30: Zarya Chapter 31: A Prelude to Silence Chapter 32: Hunting Chapter 33: Silence Chapter 34: The Darkness... and the Light Chapter 35: Homecoming Chapter 36: In Union Assembled Chapter 37: Sacrifice Chapter 38: By Dawn's Early Light Chapter 39: Der Kommissar Chapter 40: The End of the Beginning --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Heavy is the Head --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 41: A Long, Strange Trip Chapter 42: Diplomacy Chapter 43: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 44: A Hard Day's Night Chapter 45: The Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy Chapter 46: Food and Drink Chapter 47: How to Make an Entrance Chapter 48: Close Encounters of The Weird Kind Chapter 49: A History Lesson Chapter 50: Rain Chapter 51: The Cheeseburger Chapter 52: One Giant Bleep Chapter 53: The Halls of Medicine Chapter 54: Uncomfortably Numb Chapter 55: The Kerb of the Hour Chapter 56: Summoned, Sentenced Chapter 57: Wanderings Chapter 58: Off We Go... Chapter 59: ...Into the Wild Blue Yonder Chapter 60: Girl, On Fire Chapter 61: Crash and Burn Chapter 62: Casting Out Chapter 63: Words, Words, Words... Chapter 64: High Noon Chapter 65: O Brave New World Chapter 66: All Good Things... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Whispers of the Past, Shadows of the Future --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III: Shadowscourge Chapter 67: Awakening Chapter 68: Home, Sweet Home Chapter 69: Seeking Answers Chapter 70: A Last Whisper Chapter 71: Night Train Chapter 72: Dangerous Thoughts Chapter 73: A Terrible Mistake Chapter 74: The Right Questions Chapter 75: Shattered Chapter 76: McQueen, She Ain't Chapter 77: Monster Chapter 78: Old Friends Chapter 79: Igor Ex Machina Chapter 80: ...And a Light Went Out of the World Chapter 81: Out of the Frying Pan... Chapter 82: ...But Left a Spark Chapter 83: ...And Onto the Pyre Chapter 84: A Memory of Darkness Chapter 85: One Small Step Chapter 86: House of Shadows Chapter 87: Ghosts of Yesterday Chapter 88: Shadows and Mündust (Redux) Chapter 89: Lies Chapter 90: Truth Chapter 91: Out of Her Mind... Back in Five Minutes! Chapter 92: Toruk Makto Chapter 93: Paint it, Black Chapter 94: Down the Smeerp Hole Chapter 95: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Chapter 96: Shadowscourge Chapter 97: On the Shoulders of Giants Chapter 98: Final Flight Chapter 99: Where the Shadow Lies Chapter 100: A Promise of Light ---------------------------------------------------------------- Epilogue: Revelations of the Kraken Officially Unofficial I-don't-own-any-of-it Soundtrack ------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Wind and Snow Clouds hung thickly, gray and featureless, obscuring the mountain peaks higher up and making the valley seem even more isolated. Where the clouds met the mountains, their edges churned and roiled, driven by the fierce, frigid, hurricane-force winds cascading into the valley below. As the wind descended and spread out across the valley floor it slowed and warmed, until by the time it reached Boris Kermanskiovitch, it was merely a chilling breath. He stood, looking out over the valley, his bare hands folded behind him, oblivious to the cold as the wind whispered around him. He wore a heavy coat trimmed with fur, massive thick boots that added to his already imposing height, and a tall ushanka on his head, the ear-flaps always pinned up, emblazoned with the Crimson Star of the Ussari Union, and the insignia marking him as a Kommissar. He stood, impassively, a half-smoked rattail dangling from his lips, and observed the flurry of activity in the distant pit in the valley floor as snow slowly drifted down around him. He sensed the other's approach, and leaned heavily on the ancient wooden railing before him. It creaked and groaned in protest, as did the worn floor boards as the other Kerbal joined him at the railing. Boris did not look away from the valley, but produced a half-empty pack of rattails from his coat, which he offered wordlessly to the newcomer, who took one as he, too, leaned on the long-suffering railing. The newcomer dug out a match, struck it into flame on the railing, and lit the rattail, taking a long, deep drag. He took it from his mouth and regarded it for a moment, blowing the smoke out to mix with the harsh draft, then took another slow drag. "ЬФЯSCHT," said Igor finally. Only the slightest flick from Boris's eyes, "ЬФЯSCHT?" "DД." "DД?" "DД." "ЙУЗT." "DД." "ЙУЗT!" "DД!" "DД?" "DД." "DД," Boris sighed heavily. Igor nodded, rose, and saluted smartly. He did not wait for the senior Kerbal to return the salute, but pivoted on his heel and withdrew, silent but for the creaking floorboards. Boris listened to him depart, staring off towards the valley. At length he stood, and took a long, final drag on his rattail, now down to a nub. He plucked it from his mouth and held it before him, turning it back and forth in his stubby, callused fingers, holding in the acrid smoke. Finally he flicked it away, watched it arc through the air and land in the snow, which retreated out of revulsion. He blew the smoke out in an ominous cloud, "DД." For a time he stood motionless, hands clasped behind his back again, staring at nothing. ЬФЯSCHT, he thought, DД. "DД..." he said to the wind. Slowly, a trembling sneer grew on his lip, the trembling then spreading over his entire body. "PЦTIЙ" he swore roughly, spat, and then stormed off. Snow swirled as the wind whispered indifferently.
  9. Advancing Through Hardships I know that right now, there are multiple folks working on alternate NASA timelines so mine isn't very special. I love writing though and this will be my first post in the mission reports section. Also, if you do follow this post, expect frequent blackouts because of school and Ksp burn-out, which I have been recently trying to fix. This post will be completely stock and will try to make as interesting as possible with non-rocketry chapters thrown into the mix. Also, please comment on this and tell me what you would like to see and also if I wrote something wrong. If I recieve no comments, then I will assume that this post is not meeting its expectations. There will be pictures of the rockets, though I don't know how many pictures, so assume that this not picture orientated. Thank you for your time for reading this post, Advancing Through Hardships. EDIT: I have installed a load of mods, but only because I am playing with a new save that comes in with the later chapters. The early chapters are completely mod free
  10. Alright so for a while now I've been messing around with a heavily modified version of KSP. Not too long ago silly me accidentally modified some stuff in the GameData folder while the game was running and absolute hilarity ensued (and a very furious me). I was unable to find anyway to fix the problem so I literally had to go and build the game from scratch again (downloading a new KSP, downloading all the mods, modifying them to how I like, etc.). It took quite a long time to rebuild it. Now I'm finding I'm having the same issues I had in this new fresh build (phantom forces, parts partially clipping and spazzing, random accelerations or decelerations while in the tracking station, stuff exploding, etc.). So before I throw my computer out the window I was hoping some other people might have experienced a similar problem and hopefully may have found some sort of solution (or can at least tell me what the problem is). I'm more than happy to provide log files, screenshots, etc. if needed. I'd really like to figure this out as I'm trying to start a miniseries here on the forums and this keeps delaying it. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide! Cheers, Taylor
  11. I accidentally opened KSP twice and got some error during the loading screen, this appeared: Kraken is that you?
  12. i found a wierd glitch i wanna call a home-page Kraken. it was wierd as i found a destroyed homescreen. i cant send the photo, but ill try
  13. In this thread you post any fails or kraken attacks.Photos allowed. Here is mine.
  14. OK, this is just a random thought, but what if the Kraken is benevolent? What if it has the best interests of kerbals at hand? These are my examples of Kraken 'Attacks', and why they are not as they seem - When a kerbal hits the ground at incredible speeds: This can make the Kraken strike, sending the kerbal out of the Kerbolar System at FTL Speeds. This is because the Kraken is saving the Kerbal, and giving them the chance to come to terms with their death before their oxygen runs out - EVA on reentry: The Kraken giving the Kerbal a quick death rather than letting them burn to death in the atmosphere - Large rockets: The Kraken knows huge rockets tend to not end well for the Kerbals, and mercifully kills them beforehand - Bop: Does this look like an evil organism? The beak isn't even sharp. There are no hooks or suckers. The eyes are not red. It's just a cute little space watermelon.
  15. hi hi I would like to share with you what has been, for me, quite the learning experience. Not to mention a mission filled with plotting, thrills, and all the normal kinds of things that happen when you mess with things beyond mortal ken. It all started out as most of these crazy schemes do, with an over ambitious plan. My plan to land a mining platform on Ike and put refueling stations in Ike and Duna orbit was going along swimmingly, with a vast fleet of ships in Low Kerbin Orbit, when suddenly... without warning, the orbital trajectory planners down in the labs realized that the next window to launch a mission to Dres was going to happen before the next window for Duna, not afterwards. Our engineers immediately scrambled to start assembling a space craft, including some never before tested rover designs. (The winning design was the one that didn't explode, so I figured we were good.) Pictured above, the "Rocket Car," rover design passes it's final pre-flight test. Moments after cutting the main engine, about to safely land on Minmus. Pictured below, you can see the behemoth craft in orbit, ready to slooooowly boost the entire mining operation into Dres orbit. I thought docking all those modules together was a pretty impressive feat in its own right, considering the time pressure we were on to get everything out the door on time. Yes, we knew wobble would be an issue, but we planned to take it nice and slow. After all, why launch six ships once, when you can launch one ship in six orbits? Unfortunately, I apparently managed to find a magical resonant frequency, and the entire thing wobbled apart while mission planners looked on helplessly. After about 5 minutes of thrust, we noticed the first signs of wobbling, so we cut engines and planned to pick up again on the next orbit, but the wobbling didn't stop. So then we cut SAS and RCS too, thinking that might allow it to settle down, but the wobbling only got worse. After several more minutes, with no control inputs or thrusting of any kind, several of the modules on the extremities converted themselves from space ships into fireworks. Luckily, I was able to rescue the crew. And thanks to the good work by our legal department, their contracts still required them to go on the mission. Above, you can see the shotgun style approach used to send the hastily rebuilt fleet toward the mid-course plane change points. (I learned a very important skill during this mission: making very precise adjustments to my encounter trajectory with RCS thrusters while at the ascending/descending node, rather than during the initial burn. Also, estimating orbital angles by eyeball is hard.) Pictured below, you can see one of the surface-to-orbit fuel tankers making its capture burn into orbit around Dres. Of course, before the entirety of my Dres fleet had arrived at their destination, it was time to start launching my Duna/Ike mission. With my experience launching the Dres fleet, I was able to launch the eight vessel Duna/Ike fleet in less than two days. Pictured above is the surface refinery module for Ike, with detachable landing boosters, about to be launched with a big interplanetary nuclear booster. Once the second fleet was out the door though, I had to switch back and make sure the first fleet made it into orbit alright. Lucky for me, I had at the very least, two hours between intercept maneuvers. Most of them were a few days apart though, so it all worked out. You can see the Dres orbital refueling station here, just after it finished parking itself in a roughly circular orbit around 99,000 meters above Dres's equator. Still needs to have the refueling rig land before it can fill those tanks though. While Gralyn Kerman was conducting a low altitude (23,000 meter) survey scan of the equatorial region, in hopes of finding an ideal flat spot for the refinery, I noticed a little flag icon appear on the scanner. With curiosity at maximum, Gralyn (the tire repair expert) set the rocket car down to take a closer look. Driving approximately 3 kilometers from the touchdown spot to the point of interest, she managed to avoid flipping the rover even once. She might have made a good pilot as well as an engineer. (I still need to work on precision landing without the aid of targeting beacons from already landed craft.) Turns out, we had stumbled across the landing site of the very first mission to Dres I had made, all those years ago. The mood at mission control was celebratory, little did we know what waited in store for us. Instead, with this historic landing accomplished, the Ike crew wanted their shot at the spotlight. Also, we really needed to get some rocket fuel up to the orbiting tanker, because somewhere along the line, the Duna survey probes' engines turned on and they drained all their propellant. And since we had to drain some propellant out of the Duna lander's tanks to get the probes on their way, nobody in mission control was willing to send Jebediah and company down to the surface until the refueling mission was complete. Believe you me, Jeb was none too happy about having to wait. I think. It is really hard to tell, he always seems happy. Above, you can see the tanker trucks on final approach to the flattest spot I could find near Ike's equator. We all had a bit of a scare when one of the techs pointed out, "Hey, did anyone realize that one of the docking nodes never latched down properly? That's probably why it's dancing about so much." But we were able to set them down after only a couple false starts. Unfortunately, this is when disaster struck. When I focused back on the Dres mission, Grelyn's lander craft was nowhere to be seen! It had just vanished, possibly a victim of the once notorious Space Kraken. She was a brave Kerbal, and she will be missed. Now, it is up to me to see if I can find funding to continue the mission, or if the entire Dres Base will need a rescue craft to come and bring home the surviving crew.
  16. to long to type so there is a URL for the list:
  17. Hi guys, I have quite some problem and don't find a solution through googeling, maybe one of you got an idea. If I built a space station, adding docking ports and attaching a solar panel construction to it, those docked part groups are totally freaking out (pictures below) when I load a savegame in which the station exists. It does not happen when the panels are still retracted, only if I extend them, save the game, load the new save game and go to the station. It does not help to reset the gyro, the cubes that were controlling the solar panel beams when docking are in hibernation, RCS is off, there are no reaction wheels attached that could cause the spinning, deactivation SAS does not help, and the rotation is unstoppable if switching to the detached parts. If have the following Mods: MechJeb, EVE, Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier, ModularFlightIntegrator, Planet Shine and it's default configuration, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements: Scatterer Configs and SVE High-Res, Stock Visual Terrain High-Res, TextureReplacer. If you got any questions or ideas, I would be very thankful for any input on how to solve this. Next I'll try rebuilding the solar array construction, maybe with other structural parts, but I find this construction quite appealing, so solving the problem would be preferrable :-D. Thanks in advance!
  18. My orbital ship is wobbling. Ship has 3 long modules. Sorry for bad English There is no wobble when i attached first 2 parts. But when i tried to dock the ship started to wobble. I`ve disabled autostrut in one of clipping parts. The wobble gone. When i tried to dock 4 module the ship wobbled again. And i can`t stop it. Please help
  19. We all have had moments when we botched a mission out of our own stupidity. But I've often wondered how many of us have had our plans thwarted by some strange, and sometimes hilarious bug! Recently I had this happen when I tried to launch a reasonably large hypersonic aircraft with two parasite aircraft. The configuration looked perfectly fine in the SPH. When I launched it however... uhh... just take a look. I took the old version and attached new parasitic fighters, and it came out fine that time, so no harm done. Please post your kraken moments here! btw, if there is a preexisting thread like this somewhere else, feel free to point it out, and close/merge this thread. I thought there would be, but all the kraken threads I found through search (and also by looking through about 5 pages manually) were complaining about bugs. This thread is for the humor!
  20. The Kraken Drive returns! After looking at people making wheels using legs and 2 separate crafts and such I've decided to dig deeper. My efforts have proven successful: Download (for some reason cant see how to embed i on the right.)
  21. Ever since I upgraded to KSP 1.2 (and coincidentally, transitioned to Windows from Linux, if it matters), the spirit of the Kraken has been overwhelmingly strong in my games. It started with my vessels blowing up (100% of the time) when they transitioned to the Mun SOI. I "fixed" that by turning on invulnerability cheats, and the transition became a mere "spin my ship around wildly" instead of blowing up. When I went to land on the Mun, I was constantly be batted around by unseen phantom forces. I landed anyway. This angered the Kraken greatly, and it has increased its' fury. This video is the latest example of my crappy, not-entirely-legit Moho probe crossing into Moho's SOI, with invulnerability cheats turned on to try to survive the onslaught. I can just HyperEdit into orbit around Moho (which at least shows it's the transition that's the issue), but that ruins the adventure of it. Here is a log. I am using a fair number of mods, not all of which are updated to 1.2.1 (still 1.2 mainly), but even when they were up to date with 1.2, this still happened routinely. In the log I see a fair number of NRE's related to BasicOrbit, which is a flight info mod, but I suspect those are generated after the Kraken attack, and the mod is simply overwhelmed. In the face of such primal fury, I'm kind of at a loss of what to do, besides stay on the ground and build sand castles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi, So I built my first rover.... Its rather wide so I had to transport it to Minmus slung under the lander. I tested everything, well almost everything on Kerbin. Dropping the lander and driving it away using the built in probe body worked fine so I launched and landed on a slope just short of one of Minmus' flats. I dropped the lander, but when I tried to drive it the Kraken struck and everything exploded into bits of exploding rover, lander and terrified Kerbal. I tried to move the rover repeatedly but every time - Boom. The only way I could get around this was to use the landers RCS and hop it away from the rover. I could then drive the rover fine. The other issue I have with this rover is that Kerbals get fired vertically out of their seats several metres every time they try to get out of the seat. I have not played KSP for some time, but don’t remember that happening in previous versions any ideas? On the plus side I was able to visit Minmus’ Lesser flats, Slopes, Lowlands, Midlands and Poles all in a few hours of driving which gave well over 1000 science points Has anyone else had these problems?
  23. So I've finally returned to the game after a few months hiatus, blazed through career and updated to 1.2. In Celebration of this I built a neat little Minmus base that serves to purpose but to look cool. I send over the core unit, a mobile scientific rover, a expansion craft to dock it with 2 modular solar arrays, a rover to ferry around said arrays, and a bigger rover to ferry around the bigger parts. After that I decided to dock up the rover and start piloting the abandoned fuselages I used to land out of the 2.4k range, least to save performance. After moving 2 I switch to the one closest to the base and lo and behold the physics take over and rip my base apart. No matter if I turn out cheats the base still freaks out and does a little kraken dance, ripping out the solar arrays, the rovers, and the general structure of the base falls apart. I'm not sure what's causing it but the running theory is that it has something to do with my compact little rover, maybe the fact that it's made out of mostly small panels and ant fuel boxes is making the rover lose it's mind, upon watching the base rip itself apart it seems that my rover's panels meld together and the game has no idea as to what it Should look like, or something I don't know. I would love an answer to this problem as I have spent the last 12 hours meticulously making sure that every single component of this base fits, both rovers are able to move stuff around, and making sure that I still have room to expand this base after this expansion is done. So please let me know, I'm basically open to all interpretations and hints as to a solution to this problem.
  24. Have you ever encountered the Kraken? I have! My Space Station ones started spinning for no reason, and i was in IVA, so i could not see what it what it was. But im sure it was something like the kraken. But is he really real? I havent really seen him, so i could not confirm it was the kraken. But im sure it was not space debris, my space station was in a 250Km orbit, and i have no debris in that height. Many people believe the Kraken on Bop is the real Kraken, but it is dead, and it does nothing. What do you believe? And before you say: Oh! Its just a bug! This thread is stupid! This is not a topic that should be taken too seriously. Lets just say bugs and glitches dont exist. I started this topic just so we can have a fun talk, not to be angry at eachother. Ok? Ok!