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Found 34 results

  1. Does anyone want interactable buildings? Like buildings you can walk up to, open the door, and walk inside? I think it would be cool, as the astronaut complex and other buildings seem like cool places to be in. I also think there should be npc's inside that just walk around. Also, i think the space center would feel less abandoned if there were kerbals and vehicles moving around outside and having vehicles parked in the lot at administration.
  2. I decided to do what (to my knowledge) no one has yet done: instead of making a single mission, making a mission pack. The theme: Interning at the KSC. This mission pack features an intern as the main character. Start with some basic tasks, then work your way up to managing the entire space program. This is not released yet, and will likely take a significant time before it is, but I will show you the progress I've made so far: The only completed mission as of yet is Ore Gathering, in which the player must pilot a rover already on Duna and gather 75 units of ore before 10 hours is up. Again, pretty simple to start. I have another mission in the works, but I will reveal that when the time comes to do so...
  3. Johnster_Space_Program

    KSC on Mun?

    So I was just looking at the Changes for The Mun on the KSP Wiki and it says "Removed the KSC on the Mun (don't ask)" for v0.14.3 ( This means it must have been added in v0.14.2 which is also the version The Mun's terrain was overhauled and changed from looking like this: To This If you have any images or know anything else about the KSC on the Mun, please tell me. (
  4. maculator

    Science Checklist Kerbin

    I made this and thought it's worth sharing: Downloads:
  5. Mark Kerbin

    Target KSC

    I would just like to be able to target runways/launchpads. It would be nice if I could just click on the KSC to target it. Especially since its now visible in map view. Just saying
  6. Hello, I just recently created my custom SpaceX like landing pad as a new part for my another mission. But can someone tell me how could I add it into the kerbal space center like another launchpad and it will be part of it? I'm talking about something like this: or I would really like to know from which mod is this: Album will appear when post is submitted My attempt (It was totally the first version and I will be improving it) : Thanks
  7. Whenever I try to select a KSC facility, either the Runway or Launchpad, it defaults to Dull Spot. Please help.
  8. Ever wanted to take out all the buildings at KSC? I have. But I find it hard to destroy them all (including runway) with a single stock vehicle. Here is a vehicle that can take out pretty much everything but the runway and survive if you are careful. It acts as a giant double sided battering ram and can withstand building impacts at full speed. The bumper is effective at protecting it, but pieces can sometimes be knocked off in explosions. It's best to hit things directly with the ram if possible. Share your vehicles too! DOWNLOAD HERE!
  9. The game sometimes crashes when returning to the KSC, especially when loading a craft with at least a moderate number of parts (space stations, ships with a lot of science parts) KSP: 1.3.1 OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Mods: Output Log KSP Log EDIT: I've noticed an exception error in all three logs a minute or two before the scene change. Haven't tried reinstalling the mod that appears to have caused it though.
  10. Wonderbreadninja

    [1.3.1] KSC Support Staff

    KSC SUPPORT STAFF Hey Guys/Gals/Kerbal-kind! I was searching for a mod that would allow you to have technicans and scientists on the ground for role playing purposes. Lets face it, Astronauts don't drive the fuel trucks and astronauts are not soldiers in the the war games. So here is a mod that will allow you to have those guys in the game. Since I could not find something like this, I decided to try to make it on my own. This is my first mod, so please be kind and I hop I do not disappoint. This mod does require Texture Replacer Replaced to work! Downloads: Spacedock: KSC Support Staff on Curse: Coming Soon! (approval process :/) This mod will be updated as I get more free time, see the included readme for details.
  11. Hello, everyone, I'm Rocket_man1234! I don't usually post on the forums but today I decided to make a race! The following images will show the short course that the race will take place on: the requirements are: 1. you must have 3 or less Juno jet engines 2. the only propulsion system is the junos 3. you must stay below 115 m after the bridge 4. the craft must be your own and must be manned 5. submit the craft file and video or imgur album to enter (in the comments) If you have questions just ask have fun!
  12. Hello, everyone, I'm Rocket_man1234! I don't usually post on the forums but today I decided to make a race! The following images will show the short course that the race will take place on: the requirements are: 1. you must have 3 or less Juno jet engines 2. the only propulsion system is the junos 3. you must stay below 115 m after the bridge 4. the craft must be your own and must be manned 5. submit the craft file and video or imgur album to enter (in the comments) have fun!
  13. vossiewulf

    Launchpad Lights

    I've been surprised there isn't more than one mod for this purpose- I just googled again, didn't see anything. But amusingly I found a guy from last year using almost the identical solution to me and asking the same question, why isn't there a launchpad mod with multiple lighting options that has our cool launch vehicles looking like proper massively-floodlit Apollo launches? Considering there are mods for like growing evil mutant carrots in the R&D facility, it seems something of an oversight. This was my fancy solution - four Packrat rovers with batteries + solar + bank of spotlights, arranged around the pad with the side ones aiming low and the front and rear ones aiming high. It works reasonably well, and they have enough batteries to never turn off so until a better solution comes along they're parked there for the duration. Here's YT video of a guy doing almost exactly the same thing. Anyway, I think that would be a widely-used mod if done well so like the lights are smart enough to alter aim depending on height of launch vehicle, full range of rainbow colors because why not, possibly even disco ball lights. Yes, disco ball lights should be a requirement.
  14. Everyone that has developed a rover in KSP knows that testing them is essential; unless you really like to discover you didn’t bring enough EC to transmit your science after you launch. What’s missing for this is a rover test range. What’s a rover test range? Well, in its most simple way it’s just a piece of land that has various hills etc to emulate the surface on other planets. This is especially helpful to test suspension. Like this Apollo-era rover testrange: Or this (rather small) ESA test range: Another example: Cool, what else? Hmm, well, suspension aside, things like “did I bring enough EC to transmit this stuff?” could be answered by testing at night. But that isn’t very handy, so a small garage/shed like building on the test range could help with this (park in the shade / out of the sun so solar panels don’t work). In order for this test range to be helpful you should be able to launch a vehicle from it (no point in having to drive to it). Any other ideas for this would be appreciated.
  15. I am wondering if there is a mod like this already, or if it is even possible. After thinking on the subject a bit, I came to the conclusion that my ideal base construction mod would NOT be something based on any sort of parts themselves. Instead, it would be something that lets you build actual buildings (i.e. the same kind of object that the actual space center's buildings themselves are). Once a building is constructed, it could either be upgraded with funds (if on Kerbin/a populated world), or with some sort of "Parts" or "Supplies" resource (if on NOT-Kerbin/an unpopulated world). At its core, it could simply be a mod that lets you build the Kerbal Space Center the way YOU want it to be layed out. You would start out with a single building that lets you purchase/place another building, in a vaguely sim-city style, where you want said building (in a career mode, the first one you'd get would probably place would be the rocket launchpad, and some of the administrative buildings, which for purposes of balance would all cost 0 for the level 1 version). The starting building itself could be upgraded to increase the number of different buildings you can build. A necessary aspect of the mod would be the launch button in the vehicle designer bringing up a short list of all nearby launchpads and runways (in case you decide to build more than one, such as having two runways facing different directions). Another necessary aspect would be the ability to switch between different space centers, and a part that allows you to build the lowest level version of the building you build all other buildings from (in a sense, using the part places a new space center at that location). So you could build another KSC on the north pole if you wanted or something. Lastly, there would need to be a tag or value for a planet that basically tells the mod whether or not it is a populated planet, so that you can't just construct bases on other planets that work the same way that the KSC does. Either way, once you had this, the next step would be to apply it to other planets. On other worlds, instead of currency, there would presumably be some combination cost of ore (easy to get there), parts/supplies (have to bring with you until you have a building capable of manufacturing it from ore and energy), and in some cases construction time based on energy and how many kerbals are there to work on it. In the event a building is destroyed, it would leave rubble behind that you can select and repair for the appropriate resources, just like the default buildings. If the mod were to just keep itself light, it could be that you can only build structures for things like hangars (buildings that store/unload a nearby vessel until you want it to be spawned again either outside the hangar, or at the base's launchpad), habitation (basically, like the training center except you cannot recruit new astronauts there, only store the ones you have so you can put them into any ships you take out of hangars). If you wanted to go further, you can also have VABs and/or SPHs, which could only use parts that you actually have there, or which can only work if you have some sort of factory building to produce the parts there (the level of which could effectively correspond to what research level of parts can be used there). I could go on listing various things that could be cool, but I've already rambled enough. Are there any mods that let you build actual BUILDINGS? Not just building-like parts, but true, proper buildings? .
  16. Gardevoir11

    Build a mini KSC.

    Yea... This challenge is about building a mini KSC... Just build one. It must not be an exact copy of it, but build what you can. Some tips: R&D= science labs VAB= upwards Mk3 cargo bay Launchpad= four flags in a square Runway= ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ SPH= horizontal Mk3 cargo bay with ramp Tanks= fuel Tracking station= Relay antennas with remote control point. Astronaut complex= Mk3 crew cabin Mission control= I don't know. Administration building= ↑↑↑↑ And please post pics (not mandatory)
  17. ryan andrade

    Happy Halloween!

    hello guys. this is a day halloween! the builders rockets is starting event halloween!!!!!
  18. What the title says... Crickets really need to hum louder. I had to put my volume 3x the usual amount to just barely hear them. Since ppl might complain they are too loud if you raise the volume too much, how about an additional slider "Cricket volume" in the settings ? At any rate, it's nothing compared to the birds and it's a shame... I am rather found of Crickets in RL too, until my cat eats them all at any rate Oo
  19. KSC/CCAFS has gone to Hurricane Condition 1 - everything battened down and the base and facilities closed except for the rideout crew.
  20. So, first of all its called the "Planning Center" here, you can set trajectories for orbit, or landing, and you can select along the orbit line where everything is for optimal trajectories. Now, for the Funding mode, you will get more funds the more precise you are on following the bold line and a bonus if in the administration building, you set it so that the line is thinner. (you can also set it thicker for less money on each plan) The building will be totally seperate from the tracking station. The amount you get will always be less than or equal to what you had on hand before the Plan! If you fail a plan, you can have a possibility of going bankrupt! There further the distance you plan, the more it costs to "research", meaning your money is the limit! There should be a set-up fee too... Hope you consider soon! Thanks to NightHog for saying we should be able to set up waypoints before launch! I did most of the technical thinking, but huge shoutout to NightHog for activating my thinking process and spawning this idea!
  21. Okay, so here is a perpetual problem I have when I play KSP. I like to make my vehicles cost-effective, and that means recovery of useful parts. I have gotten pretty good at getting them back down to Kerbin survivable, but the closer they are to KSC, the more the funds recovered from the craft. This is especially important with spaceplanes, since they often need a good runway to touchdown on. Unfortunately, my attempts to land near KSC from an equatorial LKO position have a bad habit of undershooting the target, often leaving my craft coming down a continent away. Even a spaceplane, that could theoretically make that flight back, often finds itself running out of fuel during the long return flight (fuel budgets are especially tight for such craft.) Can anyone share a best practice method for getting craft down near KSC, assuming equatorial LKO as a starting position? Things like what altitude range above the KSC I should aim for or how far around the globe I should begin my breaking burn would be helpful. I realize there will always be some approximation involved in this depending on the aerobreaking characteristics of the craft and its orientation, but anything that helps me better evaluate my optimal entry would be valuable.
  22. So basicly I got my ksp working again, i was able to load and play saves again. Because i uninstalled B9 and my station had B9 it was removed so i loaded an old quicksave. Since i loaded the old quicksave, no matter what I do, I can't press any buttons. I start in the ksc and i can't go to any building except the administration and the astronaut complex and maybe one more but vab and sph etc. doesent work. I press the button, it makes the animation and thats it. Here is the quicksave I have loaded(I would really like to continue my game at this point),(I used dropbox because it was too big for pastebin, it didn't respond): EDIT: I started a new save anyway because I wanted too and there it works just fine but I would stilll like a solution :c
  23. Guardian Hope

    A Few Travel Questions

    So, I have a predicament. I have been playing KSP which I have owned for a while and although I only got about 20 hours under my belt since the Early Access days (don't really have time to play games) I have gotten back into it. Well, I inadvertently launched a test orbital ship into space with enough power to break Kerbin orbit and enter into what appears to be a stable elongated orbit of the sun (read it all as it goes down here: Anyways, as I plan my rescue and refine my space program abilities (we only just achieved Kerbin orbital capabilities last night!) I realized that to attempt a mission of such magnitude presents a few hiccups. So, I will break my multi-part question down into smaller ones: Launching from KSC My first thought was SSTO but not only can the KSC construction building (fully upgraded) not handle rockets that I'm building (they get to be too tall for the building) but the SSTO component creates so much drag that even with the SpaceY Heavy Lifters SRB all firing at launch, it still takes the Liquid Rockets to reach a high enough altitude and burns through most of the fuel supply meaning no turns to establish orbit. I've seen a lot of craft on here and I'm sitting here asking myself, what am I doing wrong (the thread I linked off to contains the booster segment in my second post). It feels like drag as smaller launches for satellites on a new platform are working well as my space program techniques are refined (I get the Mach effect and have to use SAS to stabilize or else be flipping back to the ground in the SSTO booster so I feel I designed the vessel wrong) Orbit of Kerbin Can I dock a spacecraft at an orbital station for refueling (I do have a number of mods from KIS to KAS and than some - not reflected in the post I linked off to as I didn't have them then)? Can I dock multiple components to create a larger spacecraft in orbit of Kerbin? Planetary Assist Maneuvers My space program, as I stated, is obviously at a very early era with it just beginning to create craft capable of orbiting Kerbin. However, I successfully launched an automated craft that reached 11,000+m/sec and was plotted on Kerbin's escape before it was destroyed. What I am trying to figure out (and I have been reading) is how do I make the cross over maneuver to intercept a planet's orbit? (I think I have started to figure out how to do the orbital assists but getting to the planet is a bit harder). I see the alignment come up on my map when I set the target with the time, degrees, and delta-v needed I think. I am just not sure if that's what I am supposed to follow. Intercepting the target Spacecraft When I select a planet as a target, KSP can give me what I believe is the appropriate information if what I said above is true. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to intercept a spacecraft moving 3,000 m/sec and move my Kerbalnauts from the first craft to the rescue craft. Can I just EVA them at a close enough range? Returning to Kerbin KSC has no beacon. No ILS marker. Nothing. How exactly am I supposed to return to KSC in a spacecraft. So far my spacecraft have been pods so it didn't matter where on the planet they landed but I'm constructing a spaceplane for the final descent so landing at KSC which has a runway would be helpful. Knowing this would allow me to calculate a de-orbit trajectory. Reverse Thrusters - we're talking about a multi-stage interplanetary mission. We'll obviously need to slow the spacecraft down before reaching Kerbin descent. Is it even possible to mount reverse thrusters such as SRBs? Miscellaneous I think I am doing something wrong with the radial decouplers. When I try to decouple the SRBs from first stage they don't actually decouple and stay attached. You can see and hear the decouple effects. This is with the stock radial decouplers. Interestingly, in the many, many times my rockets have exploded, you can see in the report that the radial decouplers are colliding with the SRBs but the SRBs aren't exploding (these catastrophic failures where my rockets blew up were on reentry to Kerbin). Yes, so a number of questions but a very complicated and challenging mission coming up which I hope to learn a lot with.
  24. FPSKernow


    TRICOPTER KSC RACE This challenge will be a test of pilot skill. It will require you to use a craft that resembles a David Windestål mini tricopter that has been built for you and will be available on KerbalX. ~The Challenge~ This race will require you to pilot the tricopter as fast as possible from the start of the runway and then land at the VAB launch pad. Though there will be some manoeuvring involved. ------ From the start of the runway you will take off and travel down to the other end of the runway as fast as you can. Once at the other end and then have passed between the two lights you then turn around and back track down the runway. Once you have arrived at the SPH you will need to follow it around to the left where you will be met by Mission Control. Once faced with Mission Control you will fly around to the left then straighten up to fly along the wall facing the launch pad. Continue along this heading, passing the VAB and the Launch Pad. Having passed the VAB, you will then take a swooping left hand turn around the tracking station. Having completed that, head directly for the gap between the Astronaut Complex and the R&D Facilities. Make another swooping turn to the left around the R&D Facilities. Now take a tight left hand turn around the Astronaut Complex to be faced with the VAB. With the VAB ahead, climb over the top of it. Once at the top, do an aerobatic manoeuvre, such as a roll or flip. Descend to the Launch Pad for a powered landing. Stop the clock. ------- Here is a map of the circuit ------ For this challenge, you will need to make a video of your fastest attempt. --------- After the challenge, feel free to change, morph and modify this design and make it even better! Upload images if you do Best of Luck FPSKernow
  25. What about including an interplanetary travel calculator in the tracking station so as to be able to plan such travels, without any external help? Personally I am using a web site to plan my interplanetary travels and I think it would be great to do this directly in the game, from the Kerbal Space Center.