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  1. Do you think that there should be reactive missions? I.E.G: Find Jeb’s lost sandwich on minmus, and you actually have to do an EVA and pick up an actual sandwich. Or rescue lost kerbals?
  2. ABOUT THE RECREATION This is my recreation of SpaceX's Starship rocket in Kerbal Space Program 2. At the moment, the recreation only includes the ship portion of the full stack, but I might eventually add a recreation of the booster as well (although it won't have 33 engines). The ship has over 4.5k dV, and can reach LKO on its own without help from a booster underneath. It also has 6 landing legs, 4 retractable solar panels, and 3 sets of 4 vernier thrusters near the top of the vehicle. There are 2 variants of the ship that you can download: Uncrewed Variant Crewed Variant (Can hold up to 4 kerbals) Planned/upcoming variants: Uncrewed and Crewed variants without landing legs Uncrewed and Crewed variants with SpaceX colors (black and white) SCREENSHOTS
  3. So, today in Kerbal Space Program 2, I finally went to Minmus. After the first patch was released, it made going there and back a lot easier because of the bug fixes and also because I now have a laptop with an RTX 3050 Ti graphics card, which improved the game's performance. Here's some screenshots I took while I was on the surface with Jebediah Kerman. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nhxvtACe6dA-Me9KoMmjUbhTaTIPT8a3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1riza28DGtpnaV2vbRdiDQd2RNsnLt4z7/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uMPvKJlvQzLTyn6nnxvV51IKA6T1RHiU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mp30rBrggA-pYypzBko8DUU1FFbMRqWy/view?usp=sharing However, after lifting off from Minmus, I decided to EVA Jebediah, which caused the capsule to explode. I'm pretty sure this is a bug, as it should have shown Jebediah on the ladder when I did the EVA instead of the capsule exploding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o9bLOrGNG3vsi-CIK4Tbg0WTf0oB5bac/view?usp=sharing After reloading a save and not doing the EVA however, I was able to return Jebediah Kerman safely to Kerbin after going to the surface of Minmus. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oKpnLha_iRTzKvdtPLZKq6fo7DfDsPsl/view?usp=sharing Edit: And here's some gameplay I recorded that was from the mission.
  4. The attachment nodes on the Mk2 "Tuna Can" are not aligned with the center of the part:
  5. Hello. I'm trying to create a custom part mod for KSP 2 but I'm not 100% sure how to set everything up so that my custom part will show up in-game without any problems. The images below show what I have so far in Unity. I know there is a creating custom parts section on the SpaceWarp documentation, but some parts of it are a little hard to follow.
  6. Burn Controller is a mod for Kerbal Space Program 2 that lets you set up engine burns, with the ability to set an amount of time to wait before starting a burn, the percentage of thrust, and the duration of the burn. The latest release is 0.8.1, which has been tested to work with of KSP 2. Previous Releases: 0.7.0 | 0.8.0 Download Links SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3330/Burn Controller Github: https://github.com/JohnsterSpaceProgramOfficial/BurnController/releases Installation Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx into the root directory of your copy of KSP 2. Drag the contents of Burn Controller's zip file into the root directory of your KSP 2 installation. If you did everything correctly, when you run the game, Burn Controller should appear similar to what is shown in the screenshots below. Usage For a demonstration of how to use Burn Controller, you can watch a short video here. As of the 0.8.0 update, engine burns can also be set up for maneuver nodes. You can view a short video showing how to do this here. Requirements SpaceWarp 1.0.1 or greater and BepInEx. Screenshots License (MIT)
  7. Kalkulator is a mod for Kerbal Space Program 2 that adds a basic calculator with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functionality. The latest release is 1.0.2, which has been tested to work with of KSP 2. Previous Releases: 1.0.0 | 1.0.1 Download Links SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3327/Kalkulator Github: https://github.com/JohnsterSpaceProgramOfficial/Kalkulator/releases Installation Download and extract SpaceWarp + BepInEx (https://spacedock.info/mod/3277/Space%20Warp%20+%20BepInEx) into the root directory of your copy of KSP 2. Drag the contents of the mod's zip file into the root directory of your KSP 2 installation. If you did everything correctly, when you run the game, the mod should appear similar to what is shown in the screenshots below. Screenshots License (CC BY-ND 4.0)
  8. Since mods have started being released for Kerbal Space Program 2, I was wondering, how do you get started with creating mods for the game? I have a little experience with creating mods for the original KSP (The Varuta System and Planet Dunope), but I'm sure modding KSP 2 is different from how it was done in the first game. From what I've seen on SpaceDock, there is something called BepInEx and Space Warp, which is a modding API for the game, but how do you get started with creating mods using it (like this for example). I do have some C# coding experience, as I've created projects in Unity before, but where do I begin?
  9. Since I've experienced some kraken attacks while playing Kerbal Space Program 2, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread and see what other kinds of krakens players are getting attacked by. I'll start this with a video I created showing what happened when I was trying to do a Mun mission in KSP 2 early access. Share your kraken attacks underneath this! I would like it if you can post screenshots or videos showing what happened as well.
  10. Dear KSP 2 Developers (including Creative Director @Nate Simpson), I have a feature suggestion. You should add a craft file converter to the game, so players who created vehicles in KSP 1 would be able to use them in Kerbal Space Program 2. I have previously suggested this feature as a mod for the game, but now I think it might work better if it was a standalone feature included in stock KSP 2. As for how you could implement it, I gave an idea in this post along with some UI concept art: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/214938-idea-ksp-1-craft-file-converter/#comment-4259514. A feature like this would be useful for players coming from KSP 1 who want to use vehicles that they spent a lot of time making or have a high part count in the original game and don't want to waste time trying to recreate the vehicle part for part in KSP 2. From my many hours of experience in KSP 1 (over 600!), I know how tedious it can sometimes be to create a vehicle that works and functions the way that you want it to, so having something like this in the game would be very much appreciated... Thanks, @Johnster_Space_Program
  11. I bought KSP 2 in the first couple of minutes after it launched in EA. I had a fair amount of fun with it as well as a couple of headaches, which is understandable during early access period. However, just as a lot of other players, I have a feeling that this is a bit of Too-Early-Access Release considering the amount of problems troubling the game right now (as of 28.02.2023). There has been a lot of complaints over the state of the game, some more fair than others. Combined with a very high price tag for EA (240 PLN ~ $54 !!! here in Poland) it doesn't surprise that a very low number of copies have been sold during the first days. It does raise some sad concerns whether the game's development will continue. In my opinion, the first update will be the most crucial step towards either forging KSP 2 into an ultimate-space-simulator or... let's stay positive for now. I believe that, provided the update fixes at least 1/3 of the current problems, the game will attract more KSP 1 veterans, and with following updates adding newer features even some new players. Fingers crossed for the first update!
  12. Hello everyone, AtomicTech here! I started this challenge over on the KSP 2 Modding Society and I figured that I'd bring it over here to the forums! Image from Penumbra's Submission over on the KSP2MS Discord Server. For this challenge, should you choose to accept, you'll take an aircraft of your design and construction over to our rusted neighbor, Duna, and show off its capabilities! You'll need to adhere to the following challenge constraints: No infinite fuel or electricity. No orbital placement cheats. Your spacecraft must survive Duna entry, descent, and landing. After landing, it must take off and travel at least 10 KM. (Note: The way to measure this is up to you; I recommend you take some sort of rover or small SRB-powered rocket to travel to your landing point .) Kraken drive-powered submissions will be considered separately. Winners will be chosen March 11th, 2023; your imagination is the limit!
  13. Hello. I would like to share a bug that I've experienced with Kerbal Space Program 2. When trying to load the space center scene on a computer that only has integrated graphics (and no GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon graphics card), the game just crashes. I've seen some other people (like ShadowZone in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVpeUc5mIF0 at the part where he tries running the game on a laptop that only has integrated graphics) trying to run the game who have experienced this as well. If this will help at all, these are the specs of my main laptop. Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11390H at 3.40 GHz (8 CPUs) Memory: 16384 MB RAM Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics Available Virtual Memory: 8.62 GB I also tried running the game on a different laptop with 2 graphics cards (one with integrated graphics, and the other with an AMD Radeon) and it was able to load the space center scene without the game crashing. Hopefully a developer will see this and fix the bug soon.
  14. Not sure if anyone else has thought of this suggestion before, but I think comets should be added to Kerbal Space Program 2, since we already have them in the first game, so why not in the sequel as well?
  15. Every time you quick load, EVA, reboard, switch crafts, etc. an extra game paused/unpaused message will appear. The number of messages seems to correlate with the number of scene changes per play session. For example after doing an EVA on Minmus two scene changes occurred (leaving the craft and reboarding) which lead to three messages appearing.
  16. I'm trying to get informations about KSP 2, and I think that there are a few things that should be changed. For example I think that, since you KSP developers are adding colors and themes, the GUI should follow the vessel's theme, becoming custom and different for everyone, another thing about color is that the R.A.P.I.E.R.S engine is colored by both sides, but the Mk2 double engine mount is colored only in the upper side, and it makes everything lose a bit of his environment, so I think that some sort of auto-color changer should solve it, making a transition or something like it, wich makes it a bit more dynamic. Another interesting colour addition can be an advanced color option, wich enables the possibility to choose every color singularly, for exaple, you could color the bottom of a spaceplane black and the upper side white and blue, for an old-style aircraft. Talking about technical additions, I think that there are a bunch of useful additions and changes: for example you could make it that, when you save something, it adds a "version" of it, the one you just made, so that, if you regret your choise, you can get back to the better version. A last addition I think that could be very realistic and make everything better is to male it so you can control your probe from a spaceplane or a base, and it could be even better if there were different command levels, like: -Mk1 command pod or cockpit-> no drone control -Mk1 probe controller-> only action groups -Mk2 cockpit or size 2 command pod-> thrust and action groups -Mk2 or size 2 probe controller-> thrust, action groups and single part control -Mk3 cockpit or size 3 command pod-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Mk3 or size 3 probe controller-> thrust, action groups, single part control and SAS -Land base drone controller-> full control They could connect to the standard probes and function with extra crew, that controls rhe probe another if there is no connection between Kerbin and the vessel. I also think an important addition for spaceplane or airplane builders would be the possibility to regulate the landing gears from the VAB or even in-flight, so that it isn't necessary to make some strange things anymore. Eventually I think that it would be very interesting to make the new water launch site finally useful with some water parts for boats and submarines and physic corrections like control surfaces not affecting the vessel while in water and intakes functioning underwater.
  17. I was watching a KSP 2 video, when I noticed a thing I always personally think graphics-ruining: most of the Rocket tanks have non-connecting textures, for exaple the size 4 fuel tank has a lines texture on the bottom for the long one, but no line texture on the upper part of other tanks, wich makes the classic enormous KSP rocket have a bad aesthetics, so I think it would be a thing to add the possibility to have a connective texture (I think that, since KSP developers decided to change graphics, they could also solve this thing), I mainly think of two options: -make textures automatically bind together -make more part versions to bind textures manually Obviously the best thing would be to add an "advanced coloring" option to get the "part versions" thing and to make it so that it automatically bind with the option unabled. What do you think of it?
  18. What are the minimum specs for ksp 2
  19. Nate Simpson here -- I'm the creative director for KSP2, and I've been following the passionate discussion taking place on this forum. There have been a couple of emerging narratives that I'd like to address here. As some of you may know, I came into this role primarily because of my love for the original Kerbal Space Program. I go back to the .15 days, before EVA was even a thing. I remember when Jool was born, and I remember the first time I used the (all-new) NERV engines to get there. This was a game that scratched a creative itch that no other game ever had. For me, it started a life-long love affair with space technology, and enlarged my understanding of the real world. One of the many joys of this job is that I've gotten to meet, hang out with, and even work alongside the people at Squad who are making sure that KSP continues to be the greatest game of all time. From the very first day that my co-developers and I got a chance to put together a proposal for this game, my main purpose has been to imagine and define what KSP2 could be. It's real kid-in-a-candy-store stuff, and I have no illusions that to get to all of it will take at least as long as the original game has been around. But there were a few things that we had to get right from day one. Of course that included the big new features - colonies, interstellar, and multiplayer. Equally important was the need to enhance the first-time user experience, tutorials, and user interface to make the game easier to get into as a newcomer. But as important as all the new stuff is, it's equally important for us to preserve the magic of the original game. Its sense of humor, its commitment to physical realism, its stealthy teaching of rocket science. Also, its flexibility to different styles of play, and its ability to appeal to players across a wide spectrum of interests and abilities. I hope that I'm doing a good job of advocating for all of these perspectives -- though it has often been helpful to get feedback from the community when we're exploring what does and doesn't work (yes, we know how you feel about the navball). I say all this now because it sounds like some people are concerned that this project has changed -- either it's canceled (it's not) or it's going to be a freemium game with microtransactions (it's not), or it'll be debased in some way (it won't be). I want to make super clear that nothing from our original vision for this game has been altered in any way. And I want to be extra, super clear that we've never once gotten any pressure from the publisher or anyone else to change, add, or remove any feature from KSP2. I especially want to call out Michael Cook, our executive producer at Private Division, as somebody who has been supportive of us from day one and who I've seen get visibly giddy during conversations about Z-pinch fusion devices. He's one of us. We're still working hard on this game. As usual, we have more stuff we want to show off in the coming weeks and months as we continue to bring new systems online. For most of us on this team, this is a dream come true -- a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on something we truly love. That has not changed, and I hope it never changes. Thanks for your patience and understanding. I look forward to playing this game with all of you.
  20. After some consideration and community discussion, all of my previous concerns have evaporated. I sincerely apologize if I sounded rude to the KSP community and developers. This was not my intent, but I believe I came off as such. Would a moderator delete or discontinue this thread, please? Thanks.
  21. All 48 minutes of music selected for the latest stream (And no, my real name hasn't been leaked with the link. It's just an alias) My favourite track starts at about 38:52, having a sort of thumpy motif near the middle.
  22. KSP 2 Feature Videos Episode 5 is here! In this video, devs discuss what interstellar travel means for players, how it changes the gameplay experience & the challenges associated with bringing this feature to the game with scientific accuracy.
  23. What do you think is the order of the planets in the Debdeb (Deb Deb) system? Here is the overview in my order: Debdeb - It is a possible analogue of Alpha Centauri while also being 4ly away (as mentioned in KSP 2 - Episode 5 at around 1:20). Judging by the distance of the planetary Debris disk from the star, and the fact that it has already formed into planets, the age of the star might be around 5 to 50Myr. The only planets officially confirmed to be in Debdeb so far are: Charr, Gurdamma (+Donk, +Gop), and Glumo (+Merbel). Some planets are seen orbiting a yellow star, while Gurdamma is seen orbiting an orange-red star (which we know is Debdeb). This could be placeholder or outdated footage. We do know that Nate has confirmed that some of the planets we've seen are from different systems. The following is my order if all of the known new planets were in Debdeb. Charr - It has been officially confirmed to be the innermost planet. It has a very hot surface and it is made entirely out of iron. Planetary Debris Disk - It is formed formed from the protoplanetary disk after a few million years. It is orbiting the star and has formed at least 2 planets. Rask and Rusk - They have a partially melting surface. We're not sure if it is entirely due to tidal forces alone, or if star proximity plays a part. If they are present in the Debdeb system, my guess would be that they are the 2nd innermost planet we see on on the map. If so, they will likely have high amounts of iron and possibly some carbon. Gurdamma - It is a young earth, or proto Kerbin, with rings. It has liquid water, but no ice. Gurdamma is officially confirmed to be like Earth in the Hadean Eon. At that time Earth had a very thick carbon dioxide atmosphere, with oceans of liquid water. Gurdamma has no oxygen and it is covered in craters and occasional surface lava. This is also the planet we have the most footage of so far. Donk - It is a moon of Gurdamma which was formed with the ring after a recent collision. It has a light grey rocky surface. Gurdamma may also have a second distant moon with unknown composition. Gop - Gurdamma may also have a second distant moon with unknown composition. It is possible it is the unknown brown planet/asteroid we saw the footage of earlier, but that's kind of a long shot. Lapat - Although not confirmed, the little footage we have of it shows it has vegetation and clouds. It is most likely not present in Debdeb, as it would take a while for plants to develop. If it is in Debdeb, it would be in the goldilocks zone due to water and trees. The vegetation might be producing oxygen making atmosphere breathable. This could allow for animal life. Puf - It has an atmosphere and a large crater with liquid water which looks like an eye. If it is in the Debdeb system, the presence of ice caps might put it on the colder side of the goldilocks zone. It does not appear to be tidally locked. Clearly it had suffered a massive collision. Ovin - It is a giant dry planet with rings. It is larger than Kerbin and has a surface gravity of 4Gs. There is no surface water or ice. If it is hot and further away from the star, it might have a dense greenhouse gas rich atmosphere. There are no mountains on Ovin due to the high gravity. It might also be flinging asteroids from the mid-system asteroid field into the inner planets, like Gurdamma. Skutt - It is a large spinning asteroid with a rocky surface. With one side being covered in boulders and a fast spin, it will allow for some fun landing challenges. If it is in the Debdeb system, it would make sense for it to reside in one of the asteroid fields Glumo - It is a colorful Saturn analogue with rings. It's moon, Merbel, is the icy moon we first saw in the cinematic trailer. Its orbit does not align with the ring, suggesting it was captured by Glumo. In addition to ice, it also has some liquid water and atmosphere. There is a chance that underwater life is possible here. Maybe it was a captured planet that is now slowly melting. Glumo is confirmed to be in Debdeb. Due to its frozen moon, I would put it further away from the star. Perhaps it is the planet we see in the far corner of the map. In KSP 2 Episode 5, we got to see an early map of Debdeb. I have made a vector map using the information we currently have: SVG: https://www.reddit.com/r/KSP2Mods/comments/z2g1zg/comment/ixggn7v/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 What do you think of my order of Debdeb's planets and where they are located? Keep in mind that the only planets officially confirmed for Debdeb are: Charr, Gurdamma, and Glumo.
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