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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, veteran KSP console players, We’ve prepared this article especially for you. First of all, we want to express our immense gratitude for showing us your support and most of all for your patience during the long process it took to develop KSP Enhanced Edition. Around a year ago we committed to provide console players a faithful and worthy version of KSP for both PS4 and Xbox One that console players all around the world could enjoy from the comfort of their couches. The process was longer and more difficult than any of us expected, but we are finally here and very proud of what we have accomplished with our dear friends at BlitWorks. If you have been following us, by now you know that we are standing by our promise to give Enhanced Edition free to all of the owners of the previous version of KSP on consoles. We have prepared this article to answer any questions you may have about redeeming your new copy of Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition: First and most importantly, in order to redeem your copy, you need to be logged in to the same account where you originally purchased the previous version of KSP on consoles. After that, you have to go into the Xbox One or the PlayStation Store and search for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition. Select the game and follow the instructions. As the purchase is account-based, both platforms will identify your account and let you download the game without any payment. The game will be added to your downloads. Once the download and installation is completed, you can start launching your Kerbals into orbit. Remember that Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition will appear in your library as a separate game and no data from the older version will be overwritten, so you won’t lose your progress in those versions and will still be able to play them. However, because the new version was built from the ground up, save files from the previous version will not be compatible with the new Enhanced Edition. But, that does mean you’ll be able to get those trophies and achievements a second time! Happy launchings!
  2. Reactive Xenon

    Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    I have known about ksp for nearly a year learning how to play the game by watching tutorials and reading ksp wiki. I don't have a computer powerful enough to run ksp though and I really like the game so I was wondering if I should buy the game. Someone told me to wait a month from the release date which I did so now I'm trying to make my decision. P.S I have about 10 hours of play time on my friends laptop and I have watched hundreds of hours of ksp
  3. I'm playing KSP enhanced edition on PS4 Radial Preset Late career mode Not what sure happened to cause this bug, but now when I attempt to load my career mode from the home screen, the game freezes every time, right at the "Resume Saved" screen. I attempted to delete and redownload my save from the cloud, but the save still always freezes the game. Please help!
  4. It’s an exciting time at Squad’s Mission Control facility as we are getting ready to launch Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on PS4 on January 16. We’ve partnered with the talented and experienced team at BlitWorks to develop this new PS4 version from the ground up that includes a bunch of enhancements for performance, user interface, and all-new controller layouts to improve your experience playing the game [...] [Continue reading] Here's the new PS4 Radial Preset control scheme as well, so that you can start practicing.