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Found 378 results

  1. Back!

    Wow. After only two days, I got hooked on KSP again. I have 2-3 months to play it, as school just finished for the year! We go back on February the 15th, so roughly 12 weeks of holidays is here! It was total madness. When the bell rang, everyone just cheered and ran out of the hall. Some kids were yelling "Free! Free at last!" while others were screaming, and one kid even went a little overboard and took his shirt off, diving into the pool outside the gym. 3 whole months of gaming is finally here! YYEESSSS!!!!!!!
  2. Being a Kerber

    Ok, you know your a Kerber when you see a cars license plate like KSP 010, or VAB 121 or SPH 761 Nd it catches your eye. Or when you see a vehicle, or craft, and you wonder what the part count is.
  3. Hi.. i want to change my graphics setting in in KSP but it will not apply. i can click the accept and apply button but noting happens. i am using KSP version 1.3.1 without any mods and i have also recently re-installed windows 10 on my PC. Also, i can't find settings.cfg in my game file. here is the output_log Thanks in advance!
  4. "DARKEST FEARS" 1 Hundreds of metres away, shrouded by a thick blanket of forest, and a tall electrified fence surrounding the complex, within the Hawkins National Laboratory, the Department Of Energy laboratory native to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a small, red light began to flicker on one of the huge banks of buttons, lights, and screens that composed the control room of the laboratory's central test and observation chamber. A beep began to sound as the light flickering became more intense. The little sensor was calling for someone, beckoning for someone -- anyone -- to acknowledge its existence and the danger it posed -- not the danger of the light, but the danger that the light signaled. However, the halls of the laboratory were utterly deserted, not a soul in sight, the entire facility devoid of any signs of life, each and every single door under lock and key. The red light now became constant, not just a flicker, and the beeping was now a constant, ear-piercing drone. Other lights on the console -- green, yellow, and orange -- began to flash, more alarms joining in with the screech that the red light was now constantly emitting -- beeps, whines, clangs, and whirs. A loud and deafening klaxon began to blare over the PA system, alerting everyone to prepare for something -- something big. ( the two bubbles touched for the first time -- boom.) The klaxon and other alarms now merged into one long, continuous, high-pitched blare, as a huge boom shook the building, dust and plaster falling from the ceiling, the walls shaking violently, the entire facility subject to what felt like an earthquake. And a crack began to run down the side of the wall of the control room. It was a tiny crack, no bigger than one foot long, but it had the potential to have devastating effects. A blinding red light emanated from the crack, and a thick, viscous, green goo began to ooze from it, plastering the walls surrounding it. Tiny plant tendrils -- vines -- began to reach out from the crack, rooting themselves in the wall. A tear in space-time that led to The Upside Down had been opened once again. The constant blaring of the alarms stopped -- the sheer noise had overloaded the PA system -- but the lights still flashed, lighting up and flickering like a Christmas tree with bad wiring. And there was not a soul in sight to notice the potentially fatal and deadly event which was now occurring at the Hawkins National Laboratory. Read the Prologue Read Chapter 1 Note: The full story was removed from the forums due to the references to blood and violence it contained. That's why I'm hosting it on Google Docs. So, you have been warned.
  5. The Time has come, you either hate it or like it. THE KSP CURSOR( with 1.0+)Tm I am one who likes the cursor and I would like to have it as default windows cursor. I have tried extracting it and more but it failed. the cursor either looked weird and shaped weird or it was to small or To Big (thats what she said ). Any way i'd like to find the file or source that makes the KSP cursor the KSP CURSOR Tm It might be in a shared assets file or .dll hidden somewhere. I know how to extract these files and i have the tools but I'm to lazy to look at every single file. Please Help. I gave myself a solid 3/5 because grammar and stuff(opps i gave myself 5/5)
  6. So, I am on KSP Version 1.3.1, and I downloaded MechJeb multiple times, its been installed correctly in the files and all that. But its not showing up in game. I don't know why. Any help? I have some pictures of my folders.
  7. Check out my P-26 i made! It requires BDArmory, and Airplanes plus. Download:
  8. KSP BD armoury war

    I’m interested in doing a KSP turn based war using BD armoury, similar to “fall of kerbin” and “kollaborative warfare”. The game will require 2 or more players/teams, building there own vessels and setting up defenses and attacking each other’s bases by taking it in turns to pass around the save file. Should be really good fun! I’ve tried doing a similar thing by myself but that’s getting boring now! Will need to come up with rules. Reply if interested
  9. whenever I boot up the game I end up crashing, I have deleted all my mods and reinstalled them, I uninstalled the game and back, I have the latest drivers, I dont understand what I should do! Logs Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.0p4_b15b5ae035b7] mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0023:100704db. Error occurred at 2017-11-17_180410. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe, run by Bios. 72% memory in use. 0 MB physical memory [1684 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [0 MB free]. 0 MB user address space [1605 MB free]. Read from location 00000000 caused an access violation. Context: EDI: 0x3bf08498 ESI: 0x00000000 EAX: 0x00b8ed38 EBX: 0x477e78c0 ECX: 0x3bf08498 EDX: 0x00000067 EIP: 0x100704db EBP: 0x00b8ed3c SegCs: 0x00000023 EFlags: 0x00010216 ESP: 0x00b8ec88 SegSs: 0x0000002b Bytes at CS:EIP: ff 36 ff 75 08 e8 0f f9 ff ff 50 56 53 89 45 0c :The rest is at
  10. ksp discord server

    i made a ksp discord server, come and join if you want and talk with other ksp players about mods and other random stuff
  11. I've been having constant crashes in KSP, and its gotten to the point where I'm sick of having my missions constantly interrupted by it. I can play for an hour or so before it happens, and it's always the same crash log. I don't really understand much of it, so I don't know what to do. Can anyone else help? My game doesn't have a huge amount of mods, but it might be a little much. Not sure though. Here's a list of what I got and the crash log too; Crash log (More or less the same every time I crash) : CKAN Modlist : If it is any of my mods, I can't tell which one. If anyone can see which one causes the crash, that'd be fantastic. Thanks, guys
  12. KSP Career Vlog

    So I have a youtube channel where I've been creating KSP content and figure I'd share it to the Forums. The point of my career is to make money and colonize the Kerbol system. I am playing with a few mods, but they are honestly negligible. I use MechJeb, Alarm Clock, Outerplanets, and this Landing Leg mod I found. I've documented most of my career in videos, with the exception of busy work like refueling and taking up easy routine contracts. Down below I'll post videos of my missions, testing, and crafts. It should be noted that there is no reverts allowed, except for when the Kraken intervenes. The videos are organized from recent at the top to old at the bottom. The recent ones are where you'll find my best KSP missions probably, not that the old ones don't have some good memories, but they mostly exist as documentation. Duna Science Launch: This video shows the launch of our reusable ship infrastructure. I'm not sure how well I like it. The booster is definitely good, but the ship will probably be changed as time goes on to make cargo easier to deploy. Right now we are just loading up the ship in LKO. There it will be refueled. The ship has the science lab for Duna. Minmus Lab In this video clip we land a second Minmus ship down on the planet, this one having a lab. From here we set up the basis of the colonies, having a refueling station and a lab. As we are starting to max out on science at this point, later bases will be more focused on habitation and refueling. Mun Cargo Vessel Return Here we see a demonstration of the Cargo Variant of our Reusable system returning from deploying a lab in orbit of the Mun. This was during the prototyping of the reusable infrastructure. Minmus Mission In a test of the updated vehicle we did a Minmus landing and return, and learned to change where we put our drag surfaces. Minmus Sat Early episode in our space program where we first unlocked the vector engines and made a nice booster stage. ProtoKais Mission Part 1 of one of our more daring missions when we were young with technology. That was a cheaper version of second stage re usability tests. Satellite Launch Here we can start to see the progression of our career as we launched satellites in the early stages of it. Lion Launch Vehicle One of our earliest rocket designs, good for basic satellites Career do or die Moment It was at this point in our career where this mission was the difference between failure and success. If we failed here we wouldn't have enough money to do another mission. First Ship to Orbit The first time we went to orbit
  13. My KSP game has a few mods (Mostly USI mods) and was working fine until yesterday! Now when I attempt to launch a Vessel the game crashes. I’ve created new saves within the game, reinstalled the game all together, and reinstalled the mods but it still continues to crash. Any help? Mods I’m using: Habitat Pack, easy Vessel Switch, USI Pack, HL Airships, science relay, x science, KAS, KIS, Scan sat, Kerbal planetary base systems, environmental visual enhancements, stock visual enhancements, scatterer.
  14. Preparing to colonize Duna, from Eeloo!
  15. K&S Kayak Racing

    K&S Technologies Group Kayak Racing This project started with a little Kayak I once built and it then bloomed into a Kayak Race. At first the craft was only a cool little show piece without any intentions of a rowing mechanism and we thought about making one for it. At first the rowing mechanism was tweaked and fitted to look and row nicely. Then the idea of racing came along with the creations that were needed for filming. We both hope everyone enjoys this Kayak Racing Project as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Once again a huge thanks to @klond for his inspiration with the KSP Engineering that gives me the motivation to push these projects to their limits. The Making of K&S Kayak Racing Operations: K&S Kayak Drive the Kayak to the water by holding down your W key for forward and A&D Keys for steering, hitting water near 20 m/s. Engage SAS when you are in the water. EVA a Kerbal and mount into the seat if desired. Pressing Space Bar will remove wheels and Capsule. Apply Full Throttle Press Space Bar and allow Kayak to reach 2.0 m/s Switch to the Oar's, press and hold Q to Row. K&S Dueling Kayak's Drive the Kayaks to the water by holding down your W key for forward and A&D Keys for steering, hitting water near 20 m/s. EVA Kerbals and mount into the seats if desired. Pressing Space Bar will remove wheels and Capsule. Apply Full Throttle and press Space Bar and allow Kayaks to travel near 2.0 m/s Switch to first Kayak by switching Left. Press and hold Q then Switch Left Press and hold Q to Row second Kayak Kayaks will continue to paddle on their own. Switch back to the craft by switching Right twice, steering with A&D K&S Kayak Craft File: K&S Kayak Parts: 108 Mass: 4.185t Height: 3.4m Width: 6.6m Length: 12.3m K&S Dueling Kayaks Craft File: K&S Dueling Kayaks Parts: 362 Mass: 9.494t Height: 4.3m Width: 15.7m Length: 16.7m
  16. Hex guys. I have a problem. I have the surface experiment mod and other mods that are needed for this mod. So my problem is that i cant open the right-click menu when i click on a plug to connect the sep and a experiment. I cant link the plugs. I hope you have any ideas for this problem. Thanks Nic
  17. Essential Mods?

    Hi! This is actually my first post... be nice for my sake! So i've been playing KSP for about a year now and have devoted a lot of that time to finding decent mods. I have a relatively powerful iMac (2013-14) so the size of capabilities of the mods don't matter. Right now I only have two installed: TweakScale MechJeb I would like to find a mod that is easy to understand and useful as well. Thanks in advance!
  18. So, this might sound weird, but it's cool. Basically, mod developers could work together to create a balanced "Modpack" for users who don't want to configure anything and want a nice, mostly bug-free experience. This would also help the mod developers, because all the mods are compatible with eachother, there would be less "False Alarm" bugs for them to deal with (As-in conflicting mods causing bugs that are hard or impossible to fix)
  19. "My Heart" KSP music video

    So, a while ago I started making another KSP music video/montage and I finally managed to finish it! Here it is, enjoy!
  20. So, I just installed A LOT of mods: BDArmory CameraTools Chatterer Stock Visual Enhancements Pack Kerbal Engineer KerbalX PhysicsRangeExtender Targetron TweakScale And Vessel Mover Quite the shopping list, eh? So that means that it'll take a big hit on my FPS, but that's kinda unfair, since I have 8GB of RAM. So how do I give KSP more RAM?
  21. Saturn V spacecraft issues

    So I was trying to launch the FASA Saturn V rocket, but every time I turn on SAS, it shakes itself to pieces, and if I don't turn on SAS, it rolls and yaws uncontrollably. Is anyone else having this problem, and how do I fix it?
  22. Right Now am trying to make a robotic arm from infernal robotics and i have made the robotic arm But I Haven`t got something to allow it to attach to other things Can You Please Help
  23. I finally got to da Mun, but stranded Jeb, Bill, and Val. Should I send a colony or a rescue ship? Or something else?
  24. For me, personally, Motorized landing gear Scramjets A new R.A.P.I.E.R. - like engine The Stearwing D45 A realistic shuttle A new craft like Kerbal Y Or Kerbal Z SpaceX craft and parts, A stock Saturn V N1 Soyuz parts N-body physics Asteroids, parts, and Kerbals having gravity Being able to move entire things like planets or moons (Sometimes we want to push Gilly somewhere else), with other things with gravity, albeit not a lot. More radial engines More heatshields More parachutes Moar boosters! More capsules A built in DeltaV calculator How about you?
  25. Atlantis Space Shuttle

    After a few days After The first Atlantis Launch They Had the second time they had a crew To Test The Newly Made robotic arm It is Told That It Is Hard to find and Build In a few hours They will return for a runway landing The Last flight til now Was Unmanned and Landed Near By the KSC And Tried to Land at the Runway But didn`t have enough runway space for a landing The Next Part will be in a few hours