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Found 342 results

  1. Hi, I hope that squad will finally add multiplayer in the next update, like they very long time ago said. Regards
  2. SpaceX Challenge!

    This applies to any version, First make a dragon like Resupply craft. And then make a fully reuseable rocket, then: You must land the first stage and recover it(No parachutes(No drouges either)).Then land the 2nd stage from orbit(drogues are allowed on the second stage de-orbit/landing)and recover it.And then resupply a space station with the dragon like craft.Then finally land the spacecraft and recover it.(you can use parachutes and drouge chutes on the spacecraft).
  3. Tópico De Imagens

    Começando de novo, só que dessa vez vocês postam as fotos primeiro. Não estou jogando KSP faz tempo. Tópico De Imagens
  4. Dust storm Chapter 2-VOYAGE Against the slowly stopping wind... Against the freezing night...Against the weakness, kerbals go.. Bob looked around the rover.. Jeb was resting, looking into the void-dark sky... Bob got closer to observe the rover. To his upset he saw nothing valuable. Bob pushed the rover really hard! And then the wheels began to work! The happiness of accomplishment overwhhelmed Bob and Jeb.. Rover went on, automaticly.. Rover stopped. And then, Jeb suddenly got off the rover, it seems like he got better, Bob didn't want ot question that. Probably because Bob was doing something else. Kerbals went sleeping.. But then, suddenly Jeb woke up at the Dunian midnight. Jeb's personality began to crack under the pressure of the situation, much to Bob's surpise.. Kerbonauts finally found their calm, and began sleeping, dreaming about their homes.. Eearly,early in the morning. Morning starts with a proper routine, even in the extremal situation.. Crossing the remaining 9km was not easy, especially for Bob.. Finally, after a long time reaching the base, kerbals, or kerbal, to be clear, saw the base in the distance.. They have reached the safety for now, but that is just for now.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: The second part is reached! Our little voyagers have reached the base! Awaiting trials of the future! Now, i sincerely ask @Vanamonde, not to merge this one with the previous one. I want to merge it after i will be done with the third part. I will send a message!
  5. Full album : I created this solar powered electric plane using... This airplane will weigh about 533 KG (1170 Lb) with all the necessary solar panels attached. It is intended to be very light, highly maneuverable and cover distance through Duna's atmosphere. 1:Remodel or add to annoying fixed stock photovoltaic panels! Why haven't I installed all of them panels yet? Well, take a look at the album then at the 1st and 2nd picture. On the first picture the fixed stock solar panel is dropped on, and I didn't use move tool in the SPH. It sticks out due to the beam guards/raisers that raises the panel surface above the wing. So much so that if I would cover the thing it would look like a biplane due to the dimensional size. If I drag them down they stick out down the bottom which the 2nd pic shows. Now they actually look like beam guards protecting the wing seen on the 2nd pic. I'm not sure if they function like one, but the bottom line is that I'd rather not see those beams stick out. Is this a great problem? NO! But it is still annoying. So, are there any panels out there that match my design that are tweakscalable albeit with some config changes which you'll have to instruct me as I don't know how to. The thing is, there is cosmetic design in this and should look at such. Solar panels sticking out certainly don't contribute to that criteria. Just saying before someone tells me to deal with it, which I obviously have to in case of disappointment:p Are there any fixed solar panels that do not have grip handles or beam guards, surface attachers, raisers or anything structural sticking out? They 'must' work with tweakscale unless they're coincidentally the correct size which is unlikely. Why are the stock panels modelled with those beam fixed surface attachers anyway? Many photovoltaic panels are just integrated surfaces irl. Which is exactly what I want! Give me a few options please. Only fixed ones work in the atmosphere. I know it's far more likely in KSP for somebody to go into space with great interplanetary vessels. Rather then making a miniature carbon fibre replica of a home build 1 seater cabrio aircraft. So I can't complain if theres no applications for what I need. I would want to ask the modding community if they can focus a little bit more attention on the availability in terms of size, shapes for fixed solar panels. Unless I'm the only character that wants this. Maybe Nertea can add more fixed solar panels in a new version of NFP? The ones it got I already like, they're just useless in this design. Even with tweakscale! The shapes and the sticking out of things just don't match. 2:Procedural panels? I've been browsing occasionally and am aware of the negligence towards the request of this and that it has been requested before. Why is this? I'm not expecting everyone to turn their heads around. Launching spaceships is far more interesting then something more infantile as this. But if you can create procedural wings (procedural dynamics) then can't someone model something similar for a fixed solar panel object? I'm a blank man in the programming world otherwise I would have cracked it. Ultimately I can understand why there isn't such a thing yet. In stock ION's don't work well enough in the atmosphere (where you'll need fixed panels) And as a large scale powerplant you'll probably only need it when your using the electric propeller from KAX. Otherwise you'll use reactors from different mods. Which are a little bit to heavy in this design even when tweakscaled. In all other scenarios your in outer space where you don't require fixed panels. So I understand why this part may be neglected both in stock and in the modding community. But I'm sure I explained well enough why I really want/need it. If you can make me happy in the future with some of these photovoltaic parts then I'm a really happy guy.
  6. Is there CameraTools for 1.3

    Is there a CameraTools Mod for KSP 1.3? I need it for my new KSP YouTube Channel. If you have any information please link the mod or tell me what you know about this topic. Thank you!
  7. KSP: HISTORIA ESPACIAL KERBAL Tras años de conflictos kerbalianos, que por suerte ya están en su mitigación por completo, el planeta Kerbin se empieza a sumar en la Paz y el desarrollo, y, estos conocimientos se expanden en cuestiones acerca de la existencia de ellos mismos, quienes somos?, a donde vamos? Porque somos verdes? Y muchas más preguntas que creen que pueden tener contestación, explorando el espacio negro que tienen alrededor de sus cabezas, y así surge su denominación, “El espacio”. Con el conocimiento adquirido en gran parte gracias a estos conflictos, y también acerca de su planeta (Kerbin), el desarrollo ha permitido que puedan empezar a explorar mas allá, que puedan ascender a ese espacio y explorar que hay, suponer e imaginar acerca de lo que se encontraran fuera, y, de este modo, empieza lo que se conoce como “La Historia Espacial Kerbal”. Tras su revelación y presentación al mundo, muchas han sido las autoridades y grupos que se han unido a este proyecto mundial. Tras estudiar las características, necesidades y capacidades de todos, la unión y resolución de estos ha creado su central de control espacial, la “KSP Central o KSC”, basada en controlar todo el movimiento, ideas, proyectos y necesidades para las carreras espaciales presentes. 1. KSC - Kerbal Space Center. El principal problema, es que no tenían suficiente capacidad de desarrollo solo en la central, al ser un proyecto tan ambicioso y de duración indefinida, necesitaban algún segundo aliado con capacidades según sus requisitos. Y así nació la “Rivas Espacial Research” (RES), que se centrarían en I+D e ingeniería de los proyectos (cohetes, propulsores e ingeniería constructiva en general), para empezar todo lo que se conocerá como “La carrera espacial”, empezando su Año 1 y sus primeras misiones reales. 2. RES - Rivas Espacial Research. Asimismo, mas tarde se creo el "Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia" (KSI), para garantizar y asegurar las condiciones mas preferiblemente optimas, minimizar riesgos, estudiar inconvenientes y tratar la salud de futuros y presentes kerbonautas a lo largo de todas las misiones. 3.KSI - Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia. Los integrantes ya los conocemos todos, y seguramente vendrán muchos más, en lo que se desarrolla toda esta historia de ambición y conquista espacial y en poco tiempo sabremos como empieza esta historia, sois todos bienvenidos a conocerla! Fdo. Miguel Angel Kerman (Director del programa KSP) INDICE DE MISIONES: Año 1: - Mision 1: Cohete V2 - Mision 2: Programa Kermes Año 2: - Mision 3: R7-Kemyorka - Mision 4: Satelite Sputnik 1 - Mision 5: Satelite Sputnik 2 Año 3: - Mision 6: Satelite Kexplorer 1 -Mision 7: Satelite Vanguard K -Mision 8: Satelite Sputnik 3 -Mision 9: Satelite Kexplorer 4 -Mision 10: Sonda Kioneer 0 -Mision 11: Sonda Kioneer 2 -Mision 12: Satelite Skore Año 4: -Mision 13: Sonda Luna K1 -Mision 14: Satelite Vanguard K2 -Mision 15: Sonda kioneer 4 -Mision 16: Satelite Kexplorer 6 -Mision 17: Sonda Luna K2 -Mision 18: Sonda Luna K3 -Mision 19: Satelite Kexplorer 7 Año 5: -Mision 20: Sonda Kioneer 5 -Mision 21: Sputnik 5 -Mision 22: Sonda Kioneer P3 -Misiones 23 y 24: Sondas Marks A & B (Duna 1/Duna 2) -Mision 25: Boletin de aviso! Año 6: -KSI: Boletin informativo. -Mision 26: Merkury 2 -Mision 27: Sputnik 7 -Mision 28: Sonda Venera K1 -Mision 29: Vostok 1 -Mision 30: Merkury 3 -Mision 31: Sonda Ranger KM1 -Mision 32: Vostok 2 Año 7 y sucesivos, archivos de mision: -KSC/KSI: Boletin informativo. -KSC informa: La estacion Polaris ESPRO -Archivo SENT.LS.E-V02.1-A7: Kariner 2 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V01.3-A7: Marks 1 -Archivo SOT.LO.K-V06.1-A8: Vostok 5 & 6 -Archivo SONT.LO.M-V07.1-A9: Ranger KM7 *Próxima misión programada: Kariner 4 (SENT.LS.D-V04.2-A9) Inspiración:
  8. Hello there, I am the guy that (almost) never posts, but I wanted to help the community at least a bit, so here's a list of which mods have been updated to work with KSP 1.3 Disclaimer : Not all of the listed mods have been tested. Most have just been updated and I included them here. Reply with the name of any "compatible" mod crashing the game and I'l remove it, or with a mod not included here and I'll add it List of mods in the spoiler, sorted by alphabet in sub-spoilers. WARNING: It's really long By the way, I'll be updating this list as often as I can Last Update : June 26th, 2017
  9. We all have that one rocket, that one spaceplane, that's a bit, well, different. Admit it. KSP is made for stupidity! This is a place to share those creations, so get posting!
  10. Hi everyone ! Following my last post (, I gathered all the information I wanted in order to prepare my gaming mouse project. I want to thank you all for your answers, there were so many ! This time, I'll try to answer to all of you, promise Now, I only need one thing to perfect my presentation : the configurations of the mouse for KSP. So I ask for your help again ! Here is the list of the buttons and X, Y, Z axis : - Left and right clics - 2 side buttons - Joystick button (you press the joy) - Analog joystick 360° : config on 4 directions - Analog tilt 360° : config on 4 directions - Translation up, down, left, right - Scroll wheel up, down - Scroll wheel button - Lexip button (under the scroll wheel) - Scroll wheel sensitivity - Mouse sensitivity - DPI (01 to 5040) You can set up all these buttons with the Control Panel. You can do what you want (keyboard keys, shortcuts, macros…). How would you configure the mouse ? Thanks again !
  11. Hojoz's Videos

    This is basically my thread for posting my videos on, hoping that someone sees them, views them and likes them (Not like button like but like as in it's good content) My channel on YouTube is HojozVideos, and amongst other stuff I post random KSP videos and Cedara Fighting Competition ones, which is oriented at fighters made using BD Armoury continued. Please excuse me for any mistakes, I'm new to the KSP forums.
  12. Hi All! So as you all must know, the 1.2 update came out today!! (yayyy) and so i dutifully updated my game from Steam. Anyway I have lots of mods installed, including, but not limited to, KW rocketry. Anyhow, when I updated my game it informed me that it could no longer load pretty much any of my spacecraft as the part medium strut connector was missing. Is there any way to resolve this?????
  13. Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба. Наверно многие слышали о группе KSP. Ангар Джеба. Идея, которая распространилась по нескольким развлекательным соц. сетям, в том числе в ВК и приложении Discord. В группе ВК вы сможете увидеть множество интересных рубрик, которые содержат арты, музыку, видео, научные рассуждения об игре. Каждый день выходят новые посты, арты, песни и другие интересные умозаключения. Также вы можете выкладывать свои крафты, истории полетов. Если крафт понравится и другим участникам группы - он может попасть в меню в раздел "Ангар". Там и хранятся самые лучшие крафты, которые были представлены Ангару Джеба. Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба в ВКонтакте Также у нас недавно появился сервер в приложении Discord. Присоединившись к нам, вы сразу сможете общаться в главном канале, обсуждать игру, технические проблемы, делиться достижениями и т.д. Также на сервере есть система автоматической выдачи ролей за уровни: активно общаясь с другими игроками, обсуждая разные вещи, вы получаете опыт, вследствие чего у вас повышается уровень. Так, после вступления на сервер вы получаете доступ почти ко всем каналам. При 10 уровне вы получаете роль "Хорошие Люди". При 20 у вас есть возможность стать одним из руководителей сервера, получив роль "Модераторы". Получив 35 уровень, вы становитесь "Редактором", а при 75-ом - Мл. Администратором, имея все права на управление сервером. Сервер постоянно дорабатывается и приобретает все лучший облик. Сервер Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба в Discord Надеюсь, вам понравится! Дерзайте!
  14. This is a summary of the previous exchange between @KSK, @Bottle Rocketeer 500, and myself. KSK origionally said To which I replied BR500's reply... My Reply KSK's Reply Again BR500 replied My sadly reasonable response KSK responded And besides my last response that is what we come up to. What do you think?
  15. I bought KSP on my main Windows 10 PC but when I am on the go, I normally take my Mac with me for PC games but this is an older Mac and due to memory isues, cannot go any further. I want KSP on here but I have it on Steam but I only have 10.6.8, can't download the Mac Demo either because the demo site is down (and has been for several months now, pls fix this KSP team). What do I do? Is there an possible way to transfer it to Mac? -MK
  16. When I have landed my ssto or any other craft I cant recover it or go to the space center and I am forced to kill ksp_x64 and restart the game. And my console keep saying this: PLZ HELP
  17. Share Your KSP Moments Here!

    Post whatever special moments you like, when you first landed on the Mun, when you first got into orbit, or landed on Duna! I will show my oldest screenshots my first orbit, in mid-2015; back then I loved the 1.25m parts and hated the 2.5m ones, it took me months to actually do it. [I had EVE and scatterer installed already].
  18. Halo 5 KSP Spartan Company

    So I was looking at Halo Waypoint and found out about Spartan Companies. They are like clans, and they can have 100 people in them. So I made one for you Halo 5 players out there if there are any in the KSP forums. I called it Kerbal Company and the logo is a shield with a science-point looky thing on it. Without further ado, here it is! -
  19. ISRU Extended

    Hello everyone! Inspired by the XenonISRU mod, made by @Xyphos, I've decided to make a simple CFG file that adds the ability to make Xenon Gas, Solid Fuel and Ablator to all ISRU units in the game. The config file just steals the Monoprop making MODULE, and copies it a few times. In theory, it works with mods too (I've tested it with the Stockalike Mining Extension mod made by @SuicidalInsanity). Implementing other resources (Community Resource Pack) is a possibility for the future. License-wise, you are all free to do anything with it. Download here!
  20. Hi I work in a company which has created a 3D mouse designed for graphic designers and 3D designers. I find the format suitable for video games and I would like to know your opinion on the subject. Our mouse is called "Lexip 3D", it has a joystick and a tilt allowing movements in 3 dimensions on 6 axes. Companies like Dassault Systems have had the opportunity to work with. Today, we don‘t sell this product anymore but we are working on a new basis for our professional target. On my side, I would like to present some mouse’s configurations on video games to my superiors to propose the development of a Lexip gaming mouse. I had the opportunity to do some tests on your game: You can set the tilt, the joystick, the buttons as well as the classic keys of the mouse. As regular players, what do you think of our mouse? Would it be interesting for KSP? Do you have any configuration ideas? Thanks !
  21. I need to make an engine which has fuel input controlled by an external throttle part. Any ideas on how this can be done?
  22. What are the weirdest ksp related things you have ever seen? For me it's that role play is banned. It makes you think why....
  23. MK1-2 Pod dimensions

    Hello, and I want to know what the dimensions of the MK1-2 command pod are because I'm making a mod with a pod that needs to fit inside the SDHI BPC. Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer
  24. My Space Programme

    Hello and welcome to meh little space programme! Here I will be weekly uploading about my space program. Maybe I should tell you about my status as a space program. Ok, I'm not a real space program owner but hey, maybe one day I will be! Ok, back to the topic, I live on a farm with a airspace that VERY rarely planes pass across.this kinda means that for my rocket launches, I will not need to have airspace cleared or anything. so that means I won't really have a time restraint, meaning I won't have to finish a rocket on time. Also, because I live on a farm, many chemicals are available (because they are used for put killing), but this doesn't necessarily mean they are perfect for using rocket fuel. Also this thread is linked to my other thread: Ok, now lets cut to the chase, and I will start posting my status as a space program! PROLOGUE Back a few months ago I built these mini match rockets and they, because of limited time, flew 30 feet(only half of the expected 60 feet). I then, in the afternoon of that hot day, built these bottle rockets flying 40 metres! (80 feet?) they were made of soap, water and local air(dat stuff you breathe in). We did so many launches that I could not even count!!!(I'm guessing like 80 launches or something) then we started experimenting with petrol! *evil grin* to put it, the petrol we used was not explosive, between it came out it burnt everything it lands on because of the Bunsen burner used to light the petrol up. After this I went into a period of long research... August 13th So today I was looking in the ol' PVC and adapters parts and I found the perfect piece for a hybrid rocket motor! Then I burnt one end with a Bunsen burner until it was alight. then I quickly used an O2 tank as an oxidiser which then created a very hot exhaust... The flame actually turned blue at a point too! I think hybrid rocket motors are the way to go if you are beginning a space programme!!!