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Found 589 results

  1. so ive been playing this game for about a year now and i now just got a glitch that ive never seen before btw im using a mod pack if that helps with the answers the glitch is that when i have thrust going and i hit x it doesnt stop all the way it lowers the thrust but goes for a few seconds before stopping im wondering how can i fix this that would be cool to know Thanks!
  2. Here's the error I got inside the KSP.log: [EXC 15:16:51.022] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPointRequest (.Part part, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part, .Callback`1 deliveryCallback, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part) UIPartActionWindow.CanActivateFuelFlowOverlay (.Part p) UIPartActionWindow.CreatePartList (Boolean clearFirst) UIPartActionWindow.UpdateWindow () UIPartActionController.UpdateActiveWindows () UIPartActionController.UpdateEditor () UIPartActionController.Update ()
  3. Hey so I am wanting to take a main rocket and have a small sub Satellite detach off and do it’s satellite stuff. I am new on ps4 and to the game in general just wondering what to do
  4. Helll all - Have tried numerous online searches to no avail - so here goes: Working through the science progress tree in career mode - recently started mining ore - and had a “return 1100 units of ore from Mun mission... Fly to Mun - mined ore w/ no issues - topped up all fuel - and added “just enough” ore + small reserve....Flew back to Kerbin - reentry and landed - but no mission credit?!? The ore amount had dropped by @ 300 units in flight?!? Luckily I do plenty of game saves - so able to return to Mun - “overmined” - and then monitored ore reserves in flight (time warp) - and sure enough: ore gets slowly depleted while in flight?!? Would like like to know how to rectify - as am planning upcoming first trip to Eve - and have accepted a bunch of missions (aware of high delta V to relaunch from Eve) - including an ore return....but if there is still this small “ore leak” - I doubt I will have any left at all by the time I return to Kerbin Any suggestions? KSP 1.9 / Mechjeb / EngineerRedux / Docking Alignment Indicator and maybe ForScience or Automated Science Scanner Thanks in advance! Dan
  5. computer got accidentally turned off during sub-orbital flight above kerbin quicksaved luckily just before my foot rested on the off switch but when my pc restarts and i load up ksp my career save says 'just started' and when i click 'load' nothing happens any way to fix this issue and recover my hard earned space program? thank you so much for any support this is killing me
  6. The task is to add modules to the Kerbal XX space station in low orbit around Kerbin. Note that certain modules will already be added, such as the crew module and cupola. But other than that, start building! (Lucida Sans Unicode for LIFE) My module: Life support module (You obviously need that to survive!)
  7. Not really sure about this section being the proper place for this query, but i figured that if it wasn't then someone would point me the right way. So currently I'm taking a forced break from KSP (I'm trapped in trigonometry hell pls help!!!!). But i figured as this isn't really something that requires me firing up the game, and has a number of different approaches which would likely keep the thread going for a while . That makes it perfect for something to sit here and simmer while i slog thru graphs, functions and derivations of arcane formulas for the next few weeks. Anyway; to the actual blasted point. I rather enjoy building aircraft in my heavily modded install of KSP, and iv'e always had some difficulty figuring out how to replicate how actual planes use control surfaces. Note we're not excluding stock, but i personally always use Procedural Wings & Control Surfaces along with FAR in my installs. So anything specific to those is worth mentioning alongside other advice if you know of it. For instance flaps; iv'e never once built a plane in KSP with actual flaps. Not because i don't want to, but because i couldn't ever figure out how. Inverting the deployment direction doesn't seem to be enough since then they just become awkward airbreaks sticking up perpendicular to the edge of the wing, and actual flaps can usually deploy in multiple angles (For instance you almost always have settings for "Landing" which create a wack ton more lift so you can go below stalling speeds on approach). Things like Split Flaps, Elevons and Spoilerons i can't even conceptualize how to do in KSP, and it doesn't seem that any tutorials go beyond very basic aircraft design. So i ask of this wonderful community; please vanquish my ignorance and replace it with the knowledge i seek.
  8. Я понял, что многие на этом форуме устраивают космические гонки, но все они, похоже, требуют модов. Теперь у меня есть компьютер, который не может взять на себя больше, чем BD Armor. Поэтому я решил создать полноценную космическую гонку для таких людей, как я, которые не могут или не хотят устанавливать моды для ksp. Допускается до 7 участников. Каждый возьмет на себя организацию нынешней космической гонки на Марсе, но в данном случае Дуна! Соревнования начнутся 9 ноября (суббота). Все участники будут использовать игровой режим научного режима. Первый, кто установит 3 пяти модульных поселения, победит. Конкуренты: KASA: (kspnerd122) Национальная космическая программа Соединенных Штатов Kermerica, они широко известны тем, что высадили Нила Кермана и Базза Кермана на Мун в 1969 году. SpaceK: (не занят) Управляемый экономистом и миллиардером Элоном Керманом SpaceK известен как наиболее успешная частная космическая программа. Green Origen: (не принято) Еще одна частная космическая программа, Green Origen, фокусируется на космическом туризме и управляется миллиардером Джеффом Керманом. Duna One: (не принято) Duna One - это операция в Колланде, целью которой является колонизация Дуны. KESA: (не принято) KESA - это космическая программа, управляемая континентом Керопе, которая помогла ускорить развитие космической станции Кербин. Роскосмос / Космическое агентство Kussian: (не принято) Космическое агентство Kussian, широко известное как Роскосмос, известно своим Стайпутником, первым искусственным спутником Кербина. Хисесское национальное космическое управление: (не принято) Каинское национальное космическое управление известно своим изобретением фейерверков, которые впоследствии стали ракетами, и теперь планируют создать космическую станцию на орбите Кербина. Kindian Space Research Organization: (не принято) KSRO известна как одна из лучших космических программ на Кербине. В прошлом они выполняли несколько миссий в Кхандрейне и имели несколько орбитальных кораблей. Изменить: Просто хотел добавить, что все компании, которые были перечислены выше, основаны на реальных космических программах. НАСА, SpaceX, Blue Origen, Mars 1, eESA, Роскосмос, Индийская организация космических исследований и Национальная космическая администрация Китая. Правила: • Все участники должны использовать научный режим. (Настройки по умолчанию) • Не допускается использование каких-либо модов, за исключением ТОЛЬКО визуальных модов (без расширений). • Нет чит-меню • Вы можете использовать копии реальных кораблей, но попытайтесь проявить творческий подход. • Будьте готовы представить фотографии •Удачи
  9. Hello, I want to recreate a realistic simulation of the falcon heavy and the falcon 9 but the launchers pack says it will only work with 1.7.2 so is there any way to change or make it work to the ksp version 1.2.2
  10. So, i'm wondering what your favorite update since 1.0 has been so far? Mine is probably KSP 1.7, since it made doing precise maneuvers a lot easier and also added an altitude toggle function that allowed you to switch between ground level and sea level which made landing easier. I can't wait to see what update was your favorite!
  11. ksp ver.1.8.1で最新版KW rocketryを使用したいのですが。 ラジアル型デカプラーを使用しKWのパーツ同士(大型燃料タンク等)を設置する際に組み立て時はしっかりとくっついた判定がされるのですが、発射台に移動した途端デカプラー部分からすっぽ抜けてしまいます 中央に燃料タンク×1、両サイドに燃料タンク(ラジアルデカプラーorTTー70にて接続、ワイヤーでガチガチに補強)の最小構成でもすり抜けます。 分離を使用せず直接の貼り付けは可能なので困っています、、、
  12. Hopefully yes,but IDK so I'd like to know you guys' opinion.Sorry if my grammar is wrong.
  13. I have made a helicopter that works except for one part. Once it gets up if it rolls one way i cant get it to roll back without changing the pich of the intire copter. How would i fix this problem??
  14. Here's a video i made of my manned mission to mars and its two moons i did recently it took 3 days to do.
  15. Table of Contents Orbital Negligence Volume 1: The DSA (Demon Space Agency) Orbital Negligence Volume 2: SRAS Beginnings (StarRunnerAeroSpace) Orbital Negligence Volume 3: SRAS Continuum (StarRunnerAeroSpace) SRAS Continuum 1: Fast Track SRAS Continuum 2: Mistakes SRAS Continuum 3: Jool Odyssey SRAS Continuum 4: Deliveries SRAS Continuum 5: DSA Crew SRAS Continuum 6: E.L.E. Links to Wattpad versions. (more book like, no comments) Orbital Negligence How this started:
  16. Pease make the previews larger. They are currently small and pixelated,. Why not make a a hover over option with a larger thumbnail?
  17. Merry Christmas from India....... Here's my Christmas Creation in KSP this year......
  18. When update 1.8 happened my kerbal engineer stopped working and just showed scrambled letters has it been updated at all to work or is it just my install?
  19. Many of you have seen "The Incredibles" movie by now, there was one scene on which the Omnidroid was launched via rocket by the villain Syndrome. I made a KSP version of it and it's in the link below.
  20. Everyone plays KSP differently, and some of us play it with different controls or devices completely! So tell me, what do you use to play KSP with? Some use a normal keyboard, others use gamepads, like an Xbox Controller or even something else. In the picture below is an example of what most would use, so tell me, what do you use to play KSP? Why is that? Tell us all below! Option A: Keyboard Option B: Super Nintendo Entertainment System styled PC remote (This is a thing) Option C: Xbox Controller Option D: (Other) Gamepad Option E: Joystick Option F (not shown): Anything else! Please tell!
  21. Recently rediscovered an old install of mine (v1.0.4) that contained a number of my old mods I made, amongst them my old pelican mod. now in that all i did was mod one big block shape into the game and called it a day, it looked the part but didnt really fly the part. using the blender .mu importer i got my old files back that id have no hope of finding again. i could have just split the model up and re modded but i decided to re texture the thing, and to go for a stock-alike look at that. so here is my work so far, immediately prior to the part im sure im going to have difficulty relearning, all that unity shiz but either way here's how i'm planning to split it up and what it looks like so far ill try and post updates to it (and the eventual balancing) as i go to here
  22. KSP: HISTORIA ESPACIAL KERBAL Tras años de conflictos kerbalianos, que por suerte ya están en su mitigación por completo, el planeta Kerbin se empieza a sumar en la Paz y el desarrollo, y, estos conocimientos se expanden en cuestiones acerca de la existencia de ellos mismos, quienes somos?, a donde vamos? Porque somos verdes? Y muchas más preguntas que creen que pueden tener contestación, explorando el espacio negro que tienen alrededor de sus cabezas, y así surge su denominación, “El espacio”. Con el conocimiento adquirido en gran parte gracias a estos conflictos, y también acerca de su planeta (Kerbin), el desarrollo ha permitido que puedan empezar a explorar mas allá, que puedan ascender a ese espacio y explorar que hay, suponer e imaginar acerca de lo que se encontraran fuera, y, de este modo, empieza lo que se conoce como “La Historia Espacial Kerbal”. Tras su revelación y presentación al mundo, muchas han sido las autoridades y grupos que se han unido a este proyecto mundial. Tras estudiar las características, necesidades y capacidades de todos, la unión y resolución de estos ha creado su central de control espacial, la “KSP Central o KSC”, basada en controlar todo el movimiento, ideas, proyectos y necesidades para las carreras espaciales presentes. 1. KSC - Kerbal Space Center. El principal problema, es que no tenían suficiente capacidad de desarrollo solo en la central, al ser un proyecto tan ambicioso y de duración indefinida, necesitaban algún segundo aliado con capacidades según sus requisitos. Y así nació la “Rivas Espacial Research” (RES), que se centrarían en I+D e ingeniería de los proyectos (cohetes, propulsores e ingeniería constructiva en general), para empezar todo lo que se conocerá como “La carrera espacial”, empezando su Año 1 y sus primeras misiones reales. 2. RES - Rivas Espacial Research. Asimismo, mas tarde se creo el "Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia" (KSI), para garantizar y asegurar las condiciones mas preferiblemente optimas, minimizar riesgos, estudiar inconvenientes y tratar la salud de futuros y presentes kerbonautas a lo largo de todas las misiones. 3.KSI - Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia. Los integrantes ya los conocemos todos, y seguramente vendrán muchos más, en lo que se desarrolla toda esta historia de ambición y conquista espacial y en poco tiempo sabremos como empieza esta historia, sois todos bienvenidos a conocerla! Fdo. Miguel Angel Kerman (Director del programa KSP) INDICE DE MISIONES: Año 1: - Mision 1: Cohete V2 - Mision 2: Programa Kermes Año 2: - Mision 3: R7-Kemyorka - Mision 4: Satelite Sputnik 1 - Mision 5: Satelite Sputnik 2 Año 3: - Mision 6: Satelite Kexplorer 1 -Mision 7: Satelite Vanguard K -Mision 8: Satelite Sputnik 3 -Mision 9: Satelite Kexplorer 4 -Mision 10: Sonda Kioneer 0 -Mision 11: Sonda Kioneer 2 -Mision 12: Satelite Skore Año 4: -Mision 13: Sonda Luna K1 -Mision 14: Satelite Vanguard K2 -Mision 15: Sonda kioneer 4 -Mision 16: Satelite Kexplorer 6 -Mision 17: Sonda Luna K2 -Mision 18: Sonda Luna K3 -Mision 19: Satelite Kexplorer 7 Año 5: -Mision 20: Sonda Kioneer 5 -Mision 21: Sputnik 5 -Mision 22: Sonda Kioneer P3 -Misiones 23 y 24: Sondas Marks A & B (Duna 1/Duna 2) -Mision 25: Boletin de aviso! Año 6: -KSI: Boletin informativo. -Mision 26: Merkury 2 -Mision 27: Sputnik 7 -Mision 28: Sonda Venera K1 -Mision 29: Vostok 1 -Mision 30: Merkury 3 -Mision 31: Sonda Ranger KM1 -Mision 32: Vostok 2 Año 7 y sucesivos, archivos de misión: -KSC/KSI: Boletin informativo. -KSC informa: La estacion Polaris ESPRO -Archivo SENT.LS.E-V02.1-A7: Kariner 2 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V01.3-A7: Marks 1 -Archivo SOT.LO.K-V06.1-A8: Vostok 5 & 6 -Archivo SONT.LO.M-V07.1-A9: Ranger KM7 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V04.2-A9: Kariner 4 Año 10, archivos de misión: -Boletin KSC:10 años de exploracion espacial. -Archivo SENT.LS.MN-V08.1-A10: Ranger KM8 -Archivo SOT-LO.K-V04.2-A10: Voskod-Kemini -Archivo SENT.LS.E-V01.3-A10: Venera K3 *Cumplimos 10 años de exploración espacial Kerbal!! Inspiración:
  23. This is my attempt to create a Sky Crane using Stock Parts along with Modded Parts. Here it is: The link above takes you to my project page. Let me know what you think and what improvements can be made. I will try to include them when i have spare time. Skycrane Mk1 ------------ Created By: Gyrffen9971 Copyright ©2015, Gyrffen9971 Specs -------- Skycrane Mk1 Mission --------------------- The Skycrane Mk1 is used for taking Heavy rovers' into orbit and land at there intended location. It can detach and take-off again to leave the rover behind safely. Vessel -------- Mass: 24,750kg (26.0t) Delta-V: 38,483m/s TWR: 8.26 (By Itself) Atmo^V: 38,483m/s Height: 7.7m Width: 10.2m Length: 10.2m Parts: 45 Resources --------- Electric Charge: 35.0 Reserve Power: 100.0 Monopropellant: 750 (3,000kg) Deuterium Fuel: 8,0000 (8,000kg) "2,000 per tank" Planned Versions ---------------- Mk1 (Manned) - On Drawing Board Mk2 (Mannned) - On Drawing Board. Mk3 (Manned) - Not yet.(No Kerbal Engineer is ready for the challenge! ) Mk3 (Unmanned) - Not yet.(No Kerbal Engineer is ready for the challenge! ) Planned Upgrades ---------------- For the Mk1 Manned Version - Command Pod For the Mk2 Unmanned Version - Adding of Solar Panels and Batteries. Possible Sci-Equipment, Lights. For the Mk2 Manned Version -Command Pod and all that will be placed on the Unmanned Version. For the Mk3 version - A Manned Command Pod, More Batteries, Solar Panels, Bigger Engines. Page will be updated as Testing/Designing/Building continues.
  24. I don't know why this is happening, but sometimes, when I have a vehicle on the launchpad and either recover it and launch another vehicle or choose to fly it, the icon for the launchpad stays on the screen during flight and when I am in map mode. I've tried doing stuff like going back to main menu and then going back into the save, but it still stays there, even on the main menu. I know this is a bug, but i'm not sure how to fix it other than closing and re-opening the game. Below are some screenshots i took of this bug/glitch. And this is in Kerbal Space Program 1.8.0, if you're wondering what version. (Also, I can interact with it, but when I click the fly or recover button, nothing happens)
  25. Hello guys i need answers for very important thing for me and many people. I need to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Procuderal wings. Because i want to use them us structural parts. I tried to decrease deflection lift coeff to 0 but its not worked. How to remove or decrease to 0 the lifting of B9 Pwings ?