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Found 569 results

  1. So I love to play Real Solar System and Realism Overhaul, together with a bunch of other mods. However, all the crafts that come with mods (I install using CKAN), keep coming back, ever after I reinstalled Kerbal Space Program. Please help me, it's not important, but annoying and time consuming. Oh and thumbnails are subject to it either. Please help me. Thank you!
  2. Table of Contents Orbital Negligence Volume 1: The DSA (Demon Space Agency) Orbital Negligence Volume 2: SRAS Beginnings (StarRunnerAeroSpace) SRAS Beginnings 1: Bought a SpacePort SRAS Beginnings 2: First Flight SRAS Beginnings 3: More Rocket’y SRAS Beginnings 4: Maiden Voyages SRAS Beginnings 5: Rendezvous SRAS Beginnings 6: Fly-by SRAS Beginnings 7: Mun Rocks SRAS Beginnings 8: Rescue Drone I SRAS Beginnings 9: Game Plans SRAS Beginnings 10: Rockets go Boom Boom Boom SRAS Beginnings 11: I don’t want to talk about it Links to Wattpad versions. (more book like, no comments) Orbital Negligence How this started:
  3. Hello! Welcome to my second planet mod, Planet Dunope Revamped! Download it here: Dunope Revamped Planet Dunope Revamped is my second KSP planet mod which brings back the old Planet Dunope mod in a new and revamped form! Kopernicus is required for this mod to work correctly. Dunope is a small ringed planet located between kerbin and duna. Besides having a nice ring system, it hosts a small green moon orbiting close aswell. Explore this new world with many biomes, and custom scienceDefs! Enjoy a great view of Dunope from its small close orbiting green moon! LICENSE: CC BY-ND 4.0
  4. So, what do you think the big feature of the upcoming KSP 1.8 update will be? 1.6 was a delta-v calculator and delta-v showing up in staging, 1.7 was a better and more precise manuever making system, called Room to Maneuver. So, what do you think 1.8 will be?
  5. The Adventures of the JSA is a multi-part series about the more interesting and cool missions in a mission report/story telling style (with occasional dialog) of my modded career, called Johnster Space Agency (AKA JSA). From unlocking new and futuristic technology like Solar Sails and even FTL Drives to exploring new and unique planets and moons, I hope you will enjoy: The Adventures of the Johnster Space Agency. Table of Contents Modlist (For Those Interested) JSA's Achievements So Far But anyways, I hope you enjoy, and have a good day!
  6. I am working on a part with RCS ports, so I can't use stock RCS effects (they appear to be multiparticle effects, and don't work well with the model in question). Unfortunately, KSP PartTools' particle emitter breaks my saved particle effects, and the "set up particle emitter" button does absolutely nothing. I'm going to see if I can get my effects to work without it, but I doubt KSP will support them. Help.
  7. Here's mine! ( for my friend and I's 'company', 'agency' and (future) Youtube channel) 'H2RE & CO' stands for 'H2 Rocketery Enterprises And Co.'
  8. So, what's the coolest thing you have done so far in Kerbal Space Program?
  9. I'm interested in how many people are already playing the latest version, or for what reason are still playing an older version? Tell it in this topic and choose the version you mainly play in the poll. Now to me: I play mainly on my modded KSP 1.3.0 because i dont used CKAN for the mods and i dont want to upgrade all these mods manually, i just stay on 1.3.0. When i finished the exploration of my OPM 1.3.0 i think to start something with another special Solarsystem-mod in the newer Versions this time only with CKAN.
  10. So, what should I make a collab on? I had an idea of doing a collab on solar system exploration, in which every person would work together in a new stock sandbox (or maybe career) save to send missions to every planet and moon in the kerbol system. I'm sure if that would be a good idea for a collab though, so that's why I am asking.
  11. The Saturn L1-N3V is a rocket that is a combination of a Saturn V and N1-L3 (hence the name). It's the first of what I call, "Combined Rockets", where I take parts of one rocket and combine them with parts of another rocket. The Saturn N1-L3V was created when someone thought: I wonder what would happen if i combined a Saturn V and N1?. This rocket consists of a Saturn V first stage, N1 Block B second stage, S-IVB third stage, a Blok D lander and munar orbit insertion stage, and a Apollo CSM and LK Lander. Images of the rocket in action are below: Saturn N1-L3V on the launchpad Liftoff with the S-IC Saturn V first stage Separation of Stage 1 and 2 N1 Block B second stage ignition Separation of Stage 2 and 3, revealing the payload TMI w/S-IVB third stage S-IVB separation, with Blok D, LK Lander, and Apollo CSM visible Blok D placing the spacecraft into Low Munar Orbit Kerbal doing an EVA to the LK Lander LK Lander undocked from CSM Blok D preforming De-Orbit burn LK Lander about to touchdown Kerbal on EVA next to a flag after successful LK Landing (ignore the Blok D engine firing nearby) Liftoff from the mun w/the LK LK ascending from the munar surface LK nearing the CSM spacecraft LK and CSM docked Discarding the LK Lander TKI burn with the SPS engine Approaching Kerbin Command Module separation from Service Module Re-entry Parachutes deployed Touchdown on Kerbin Craft Stats: mass: 458.49t, cost: 180,600, parts: 182, crew: 3 (Apollo Command Module), 1 (LK Lander) Downloads: KerbalX Steam Workshop Enjoy using this interesting craft, and if you decide to use it in a video, I would like to be credited. But anyways, enjoy using it, and I plan on making more rockets like this soon!
  12. I think i found a way to stop the fuel from boiling away without installing extra mods! 1. Go to your KSP folder and enter the "Game Data" folder. 2. Go into the "Real fuels" folder and then into the "Resources" Folder. 3. Look for a file called "ResourceHsps.cfg" and enter it with notepad. It should look a bit like this: @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdOxygen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for O2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) %conductivity = 0.152 } ... 4. Look for this: @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdOxygen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for O2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) %conductivity = 0.152 } @RESOURCE_DEFINITION[LqdHydrogen]:FOR[RealFuels] { %hsp = 0 // specific heat capacity (kJ/tonne-K as units) // recalc, mols are for H2 on wiki %vsp = 0 // heat of vapourization (KJ/tonne as units) or 8.97 * 10^5 or 8.97E5? %conductivity = 0.072 } 5. Change the value of "%vsp = ..." to 0 at both fuels. 6. Save and enjoy the game without fuel boiloff! If somebody has a better solution please let me know!
  13. So, I'm wondering, out of the dlc that kerbal space program has, which DLC, if any, is your favorite or the one that you like the most? I personally like Making History because of the Mission Builder since I've recently used it to make some historical recreations of missions and similar things also. The parts are also good, but I would like it if there were more parts in the dlc based on real life ones. What about you?
  14. So, what is your favorite ksp challenge that you have done (if any)? One of my favorites would be the Kerpollo Science Career in 9 Parts Challenge because of how it was an interesting idea for a challenge and I like doing challenges. What about you?
  15. Welcome to my Kerbal Space Program career save I started this particular save file after Breaking Ground came out to try a career file with all of the new parts and functionality. So far I've been impressed with the new surface science experiments and surface science features, and my Kerbals had a great time setting up stations around the Mun and Minmus and later landing bases and rovers on both of Kerbin's satellites. At this point in my game, the Kerbals are ready to take their first step out into interplanetary space and have accepted a contract to send a probe to flyby Duna and return. To this end, the KSC has developed the Quicksilver probe: The payload for the quicksilver probe is mounted on top of an older style lifter developed during the early days of the space program, which should have more than enough delta-v to flyby Duna and return to Kerbin. However, the Mission Planners at KSC noticed that the transfer window for Duna only comes up very infrequently. So, in an attempt to launch the probe to Duna early, it was equipped with a slapped-together set of solid boosters for its initial ascent: The hope is that the extra set of boosters will give the probe enough delta-v to reach Duna and return before the optimal transfer window, leaving the best time for a proper Hohmann transfer open for the first wave of full scale exploration ships. Here we see the probe shortly after launch. It has very little control authority on initial ascent, but remains stable at least. The probe reached orbit without incident and deployed its solar panels and antennas. After circularization it still had its lower stage attached, minus the boosters. After some messing-about with the maneuver node editor, the probe was on its way to Duna after its interplanetary transfer burn, now minus the its lower stages. The probe is seen here framed nicely in between Kerbin and the Mun on its trip out of the Kerbin system. Shown below is the (very rushed and inefficient) transfer orbit the probe is on, as well as a picture of the probe's projected orbit once it enters the Duna system. There is a maneuver node planned in the Duna system itself to circularize the probe's orbit to match a satellite contract. The maneuver is tentative, as I am unsure if having this probe actually enter orbit as opposed to just flying by will prevent the next "Explore Duna" contract from being issued. So for now the probe will just head on its merry way until the KSP Mission Planners (aka me!) figure out how to best negotiate with the contractors to fund the full scale of the KSP Duna expedition. Up next: Designing craft for actually mapping and landing on Duna, as well as equipment and infrastructure for the first Kerbaled landings on Duna!
  16. This is my stock ksp recreation of SpaceX's starhopper test vehicle, which recently hopped 20 meters untethered on July 25, 2019 and will hopefully hop 200 meters in August. It's still a WIP though, but I'm almost done with it! Here's some images: My Recreation (using Making History for some parts) Real Life Starhopper My Stock Starhopper Recreation "hopping" Real life Starhopper hopping My Starhopper Recreation after hopping, back on the ground One time I tried landing it on the VAB, and this happened (turns out its pretty durable, not the VAB though) Downloads: KerbalX Steam Workshop
  17. So, could you recreate (or at least partially recreate) the Gravity Movie as a mission builder mission in KSP? It would include parts like the beginning where they are at the HST on a STS mission and then debris which causes explosions destroy some of the Shuttle and you would have to get to the ISS and then Tiangong station to return to kerbin. I am just wondering if you could do this using the mission builder, or would it not be possible?
  18. The date is February 20, 1962. NASA is about to launch the first American into orbit, John Glenn. In this mission you will be recreating the Mercury-Atlas 6 flight, which brought John Glenn into orbit and back. It includes some realism, with some things that actually happened during the 3-orbit mission. Operated by NASA as part of Project Mercury, it was the fifth human spaceflight, preceded by Soviet orbital flights Vostok 1 and 2 and American sub-orbital flights Mercury-Redstone 3 and 4. I think I did a pretty good job at recreating the mission using the mission builder, and I hope you will enjoy playing it! Below are some images from the mission: Mercury-Atlas 6 on the launch pad, with the Friendship 7 capsule. Shortly after launch, when you are told to start pitching and what orbit you need to get into. Separation of the Atlas booster engines. Shortly after you get into orbit, and have to decouple from the Atlas. Image of Friendship 7 in Orbit. A problem happens during the beginning of Orbit 2 (like the real mission). The Retro-burn after 3 orbits. Re-entry. About to splashdown, with the KSC in the distance. Also, most of the mission parts are automated (like when you launch, fire retros, separate from Atlas, etc.). So just do what Gene tells you to in the Mission and if anyone finds problems, I will make updates that will fix them. Enjoy! Download Links: KerbalX, Mediafire, Steam Workshop
  19. KSP: HISTORIA ESPACIAL KERBAL Tras años de conflictos kerbalianos, que por suerte ya están en su mitigación por completo, el planeta Kerbin se empieza a sumar en la Paz y el desarrollo, y, estos conocimientos se expanden en cuestiones acerca de la existencia de ellos mismos, quienes somos?, a donde vamos? Porque somos verdes? Y muchas más preguntas que creen que pueden tener contestación, explorando el espacio negro que tienen alrededor de sus cabezas, y así surge su denominación, “El espacio”. Con el conocimiento adquirido en gran parte gracias a estos conflictos, y también acerca de su planeta (Kerbin), el desarrollo ha permitido que puedan empezar a explorar mas allá, que puedan ascender a ese espacio y explorar que hay, suponer e imaginar acerca de lo que se encontraran fuera, y, de este modo, empieza lo que se conoce como “La Historia Espacial Kerbal”. Tras su revelación y presentación al mundo, muchas han sido las autoridades y grupos que se han unido a este proyecto mundial. Tras estudiar las características, necesidades y capacidades de todos, la unión y resolución de estos ha creado su central de control espacial, la “KSP Central o KSC”, basada en controlar todo el movimiento, ideas, proyectos y necesidades para las carreras espaciales presentes. 1. KSC - Kerbal Space Center. El principal problema, es que no tenían suficiente capacidad de desarrollo solo en la central, al ser un proyecto tan ambicioso y de duración indefinida, necesitaban algún segundo aliado con capacidades según sus requisitos. Y así nació la “Rivas Espacial Research” (RES), que se centrarían en I+D e ingeniería de los proyectos (cohetes, propulsores e ingeniería constructiva en general), para empezar todo lo que se conocerá como “La carrera espacial”, empezando su Año 1 y sus primeras misiones reales. 2. RES - Rivas Espacial Research. Asimismo, mas tarde se creo el "Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia" (KSI), para garantizar y asegurar las condiciones mas preferiblemente optimas, minimizar riesgos, estudiar inconvenientes y tratar la salud de futuros y presentes kerbonautas a lo largo de todas las misiones. 3.KSI - Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia. Los integrantes ya los conocemos todos, y seguramente vendrán muchos más, en lo que se desarrolla toda esta historia de ambición y conquista espacial y en poco tiempo sabremos como empieza esta historia, sois todos bienvenidos a conocerla! Fdo. Miguel Angel Kerman (Director del programa KSP) INDICE DE MISIONES: Año 1: - Mision 1: Cohete V2 - Mision 2: Programa Kermes Año 2: - Mision 3: R7-Kemyorka - Mision 4: Satelite Sputnik 1 - Mision 5: Satelite Sputnik 2 Año 3: - Mision 6: Satelite Kexplorer 1 -Mision 7: Satelite Vanguard K -Mision 8: Satelite Sputnik 3 -Mision 9: Satelite Kexplorer 4 -Mision 10: Sonda Kioneer 0 -Mision 11: Sonda Kioneer 2 -Mision 12: Satelite Skore Año 4: -Mision 13: Sonda Luna K1 -Mision 14: Satelite Vanguard K2 -Mision 15: Sonda kioneer 4 -Mision 16: Satelite Kexplorer 6 -Mision 17: Sonda Luna K2 -Mision 18: Sonda Luna K3 -Mision 19: Satelite Kexplorer 7 Año 5: -Mision 20: Sonda Kioneer 5 -Mision 21: Sputnik 5 -Mision 22: Sonda Kioneer P3 -Misiones 23 y 24: Sondas Marks A & B (Duna 1/Duna 2) -Mision 25: Boletin de aviso! Año 6: -KSI: Boletin informativo. -Mision 26: Merkury 2 -Mision 27: Sputnik 7 -Mision 28: Sonda Venera K1 -Mision 29: Vostok 1 -Mision 30: Merkury 3 -Mision 31: Sonda Ranger KM1 -Mision 32: Vostok 2 Año 7 y sucesivos, archivos de misión: -KSC/KSI: Boletin informativo. -KSC informa: La estacion Polaris ESPRO -Archivo SENT.LS.E-V02.1-A7: Kariner 2 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V01.3-A7: Marks 1 -Archivo SOT.LO.K-V06.1-A8: Vostok 5 & 6 -Archivo SONT.LO.M-V07.1-A9: Ranger KM7 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V04.2-A9: Kariner 4 Año 10, archivos de misión: -Boletin KSC:10 años de exploracion espacial. -Archivo SENT.LS.MN-V08.1-A10: Ranger KM8 -Archivo SOT-LO.K-V04.2-A10: Voskod-Kemini *Cumplimos 10 años de exploración espacial Kerbal!! *Nos apuntamos a la webmania con: KERBALSPACELAUNCHNOW Inspiración:
  20. I am taking up Mopoii's The Martian Challenge - Recreating the film's Ares III mission and logging the mission here. Of course this has been done before, but this time Squad has made robotics available in the latest DLC "Breaking Ground", which helps to create cooler and more accurate craft. Wherever possible I have mirrored real life rockets in the game, like the Constellation Program Ares I and Ares V, the US Delta II and Atlas V, and Chinese Long March 3C. The fictional craft also mimic the conceptual artwork where possible and are built to a realistic scale. The use of robotics also allows for inclusion of some of the sequences in gameplay, such as recovery of the Pathfinder and RTG for use in the SEV Rover. As Mopoii says: Many of you will have seen The Martian (or even read the book!), and you will know it’s got a great storyline which is relatively realistic. That is why I thought it very interesting to recreate it in KSP. Therefore, the point of this challenge is to recreate the Ares III mission displayed in The Martian. You will have to design the vehicles present in the story, and then attempt to save Mark Watney. So here is my recreation of The Martian in KSP...
  21. I have NO MODS installed, I've tried completely reinstalling the game, I've tried restarting my PC, I've tried launching the game from steam and directly from the directory, I've tried restarting steam, And nothing works. I got no error logs and the game worked before. The only thing I know that might have been the cause is that I've tried installing Realism Overhaul via CKAN and ever since it didn't launch. I have no idea what to do anymore.
  22. This seems to be an issue that appeared after updating from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 every time I try to launch the game (in 64 bit) it will load about half way to 2/3 the way through and then stop and sit on a file. Ex. It will display Squad/Spaces/Placeholder/internal/Placeholder. Also on every one it gets stuck on it’s in a ‘spaces’ folder. As far as for RAM I have 16gb ant it is always at 60% utilization when the game stops loading (about 5.6gb). Also, when I delete the file that has broken the game and relaunch it just goes to another internal.cfg file and freezes. Btw when I say freeze I mean that it stope day loading but the background and stuff still change. any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance
  23. Game needs stock procuderal wings and parts (Plates,and tails,fuselages,etc). This can increase craft diversity and realism of game.
  24. Hello, I am playing KSP 1.6.1 with RO and a bunch of other mods, however I am struggling to replicate the Luna missions. I am using the pre-made "RN Stock Luna 2" craft (from the Soviet Probes and Soviet Rockets mods by Raidernick), the craft has plenty of Dv, but I am still unable to reach/impact the moon. Correct me if I am wrong, but here is my understanding of how the real mission went: 1. Launched from Baikonur 2. Reached an altitude of about 200-300km (could not find an accurate number), before the main engine of the second stage ran out of fuel 3. Removed the fairing 4. Decoupled the upper stage, and lit it's vernier engines 5. At the right time it lit the upper stage's main engine as well (the RD-0105) 6. When the impact orbit was reached (or in the case of Luna 1, slightly after) the engines shut down. 7. Decoupled the probe 8. Impacted/flew close by the Moon Here is what I am doing in KSP RO using the RN Stock Luna 2 craft: 1. Set the Moon as target 2. Wait until the inclination of the orbit is as close as possible to the one of the Moon (around 17.5 degrees, according to Mechjeb's Rendezvous Planner) and the moon is in a proper position (not too far behind or in front of what would become my transfer orbit trajectory) 3. Launch 4. Reach about 200-300 km, decouple, light verniers, etc. 5. Use Mechjeb's Maneuver Planner to create a node automatically 5.1. Select "bi-impulsive (Hohmann) transfer to target" 5.2. Select "intercept only, no capture burn (impact/flyby)" 5.3. Select "create node at next apoapsis", because otherwise it creates a node after one orbit has passed, and the craft is not in orbit 5.4. Click "create node" 6. Align the upper stage with the node, wait untill the required burn time is split 50/50 before and after the node. 7. light the main engine, burn until fuel runs out. The craft itself (according to Mechjeb's Dv stats has 13176 m/s of Dv. However no matter what I do I still fall short by at least 1000 m/s of Dv on the upper stage. I tried warping back and forward before launching to change the position of the Moon in it's orbit, tried playing with the inclination and initial altitude, but no luck. What am I doing wrong, why am I unable to reach the Moon? I tried looking for a tutorial/info about this mission and it's mission profile, but I was unable to find anything detailed.