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Found 1 result

  1. right. So, I’ve been playing KSP since I was like, idk, in 0.23 I think. I played it for years... then put it down in 1.4.4. When I got back, everything changed. 1.6 was out, KSS was cancelled, etc. I was out of the loop. So I got back into the game... until 1.8 when my computer broke. And now... a lot of stuff happened. Negative got more team members, KSP2 was announced. 1.9 was out. And that’s fine. But... KSP2 worries me. Again, I saw lil KSP grow up, giving parts nicknames, adding asteroids, part variation, DLC, and then KSP2 steals the spotlight. And then Squad is obviously like other games, forget that the first video game I ever played exsisted. It’s... sad. So, sorry, but the hype train left me at the last stop. KSP2 seems amazing! But I just can’t bear it. Y’all are gonna have to be patient with this fellow forum member. Thanks for reading this long drawn out post. Like if you agree I guess...