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  1. KSP 2 Modding Wiki We have made a new community wiki for everything related to KSP 2 modding. The goal is for it to become a centralized knowledge base for modders, one that is more accessible and easier to navigate than scattered posts throughout the KSP 2 Modding Society Discord server. I'd like to encourage everyone who has any insight that they feel could be useful to others to share it there - from basic examples on how to create a basic SpaceWarp mod to making part mods with Unity to specific guides on e.g. creating custom Part Modules or solving some common issues. All you need to get started with writing your own articles or helping with existing ones is to make an account! Link: https://wiki.spacewarp.org
  2. ok so first of all i posted this initially on the discord channel under feedback... so we are all aware of what the new reentry effects look like. and how they conform to the shape of the craft and change color depending on (temperature? could that be a factor?) and atmosphere composition now i'm not complaining about how it looks, it looks hella awesome. HOWEVER... my ONLY 2 complaints (really just suggestions at this point) is that it lacks 2 very simple but effective things that would make it look hotter and more violent/dangerous. that being sparks from bits of your ship burning off, and bow shock: the super compressed plasma IN FRONT of the ship which creates a VERY bright hazy glow on the leading surfaces which is honestly even more simple than the sparks. and here is the improved reentry effect i really hope the devs decide to implement (image edited in krita so sparks and bloom were manually applied). the sparks are simple, just get a second and slightly larger layer of the reentry effect but instead of a fire texture it's animated sparks. this would go well with the plasma colors in other atmospheres because the sparks are glowing hot molten metal so they are ALWAYS orange. As for bow shock, that is exceptionally simple. just a 3rd shader layer but very short, only to cover all the surfaces that are exposed to the reentry effect and it is VERY bright. and as such creates A LOT OF BLOOM (i'm talking halo 3 mcc levels of bloom) so the bloom (or light bleed for those who are not well versed in lighting terms) creates a hazy glow around the part surfaces visible to the effect which gives a crude but effective visual bow shock. if implemented properly this ought to make reentry look far better as well as convey more of the danger of reentry. i mean this improved effect looks like something you would see in a movie and the players deserve nothing less than jaw dropping spectacular
  3. I have done a lot of trial and error to make this rocket work, but now I have finally created the second stage for the full starship rocket. I have tested this in an orbital flight, and it works flawlessly, it is very light on the computer (what I mean is that it gives the normal KSP2 FPS) and it can also land perfectly! (Have only tried a water landing). This has enough Dv to get all the way to Duna! This rocket was referenced from Starship SN10. THIS WAS TESTED WITH JOINT_RIGIDITY: 1500000.0 Craft files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19pS-SCzZqfchSv5mXkuQy2EhPk4Wxjap?usp=share_link Front View: Bottom View: Gallery Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/4ZcbU3W Update 1: Added RCS Thrusters for easier mobility. Update 2: Added the Super Heavy boosters making this a full starship. (16 boosters because 33 broke the game's physics)
  4. This is a bit of a random challenge for all those Outer Wilds fans out there (If there be any) The challenge requirements go as follows: - Create a replica of the Outer Wilds spaceship (Here's a 3d Model:) https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/outer-wilds-the-ship-f6797d8650794c8387708f7ef78ee0d5 (Or picture down below) Picture: - USE COLORS. I don't particularly want to see the basic black and white of KSP2. Express yourself! You can make it look like the actual Outer Wilds ship or you can make it your own colors. I like both! - Have working multi-directional engines (I.e. engines that can be flown in any direction using engines pointed in other directions) ((Action groups, though they are a little broken, are great for this.)) - NO REFUEL MISSIONS IN SPACE. All of your fuel has to be on the ship itself... (Good luck!) Here are the levels of difficulty: Model ship level (Tutorial): - Figure out how to fly the ship! These things are a little finicky and, once you attach an unholy amount of struts, fly it around a little! Slate Level (Easy) - Create the Outer Wilds ship and fly it in a suborbital trajectory (Fly up) to at least 30,000 meters and (OPTIONAL) perform a manual inspection of the ship (I hear Slate has not done a good job this time)... You can crash land if you want. BONUS POINTS: Land! (Splashdown, I guess) EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Land on land! (Land... down...?) Riebeck Level (Easy Medium) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get all the way to space on a suborbital trajectory (70,000 meters straight up). Fly back down and either crash or... BONUS POINTS: Touch down safely on the ground... It's... probably possible. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Touch down at either the KSC or the Old Airfield (Yes, it's still there) Gabbro Level (Difficult Medium) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get to an orbital trajectory around Kerbin. Then, carefully deorbit and touch down safely ON LAND (No splashdowns.) BONUS POINTS: If you land back at the KSC EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you land on either the launch pad or the helicopter pad. Hatchling level (Difficult) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship and get to an Orbital trajectory around Kerbin. Plan your maneuvers just right because we're going to the Mun! Yup that's right! Pilot your ship to the mun and touch down safely without too much part damage (A couple explosions here and there are normal). BONUS POINTS: Get back to Kerbin! Normally I wouldn't allow refuels but, just this once, you get ONE refuel! (Extra bonus points if you don't use a refuel mission) EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Land again! See if this ship can fly multiple times! Feldspar lever (NEAR TO IMPOSSIBLE) - Create the Outer Wilds Ventures ship... yadayadayda. If you can... Go to Minmus or beyond. I want to see how far you guys can go! I will allow one extra refuel for every planet you cross (ex. Minmus: 1, Duna: 2, Dres: 3, so on and so forth) BONUS POINTS: If you either return to Kerbin or get OUT of the Kerbolar System (Aim for DebDeb you guys!) both of those will be awarded bonus points. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Why not do both? This may be a bit of a stretch but try your best to get out of the Kerbolar system and then come back! POINT SYSTEM - 1 point for each requirement you complete (I would really like to see them all completed) - 1 point for each level completed (I.e. Model ship is one, Slate is two, Riebeck is three and so on) - 5 points for every bonus point level you complete (If you complete the extra bonus you get 10) - 2 points for every extra little gimmick you add (Point them out in your post!) Total up your points and let me know how you did you guys!
  5. Nertea could neither confirm for deny plans for linear aerospikes in KSP2. So, I want to ask the community.
  6. Questaria Aerospace A general parts mod for KSP2 Downloads SpaceDock Dependencies SpaceWarp (v1.4.1 OR GREATER!!!) Lux's Flames and Ornaments Current Parts - Condor Engine (Medium sized lifter) - Parrot Engine (Medium sized lander engine) - Godwit Engine (Medium sized Nuclear thermal engine) - Skylight Cupola (Small cupola) - More to come! Special thanks to @LuxStice for helping me a ton while making this mod! *Plumes are modified from SORRY's plumes until plume editor is out* All Assets licensed under an All Rights Reserved License.
  7. Ksp has always had this problem where there was no real reason to use generators, as the engines on your ship have could always just power everything. It’d be nice to actually have to attach generators to your ship to keep the power up. If they do decide to implement this a good quality of life feature would be to have a bar indicating how much power your ship needs vs the amount being produced, kinda like command and conquer.
  8. Just found out that Kerbin's height texture in KSP2 still has the smiley face easter egg. It's nice to see. I don't know if anyone has discovered this yet, so I just decided I should share it here just in case. If you wanna see for yourself, either head to the coordinates of the original smiley face (At least I think it's in the same place), or use some sort of texture extracter like I did to reveal the bump map.
  9. I'm not the best with words, so I'll get straight to my point: I believe that the developers of Kerbal Space Program 2 should have multiplayer functionality as a higher priority than it already is. Even in the game's current state, I believe multiplayer would be highly beneficial to the development team, as it would attract more people into the game's player base, as well as help to keep existing players invested. This means more money in their pockets and more motivation in their heads, making it much more likely that they'll be able to successfully fulfill the goals set in their roadmap, shown below: ^ KSP2's current roadmap ^ As can be seen, multiplayer is currently at the final stage of the roadmap. What do you guys think? Should the developers try to add multiplayer as soon as they can, or should they maintain current course?
  10. I visited various celestial bodies, both in stock and modded KSP 1, and yet Duna is the place I find myself always returning to: relatively small dV required to reach it, enough gravity for quick surface traversal, atmosphere thin enough to allow brutal reentries but at the same time just so thick enough to fly and even land planes. Pretty much everything I could do on Duna I did it: from simple fly-bys to non-refuelable SSTOs to even circumnavigating the entire planet on land With the release of KSP 2, total redesign of Duna and (future) addition of all the new game mechanics, I plan to again thoroughly explore the Red Planet. But, instead of doing it all myself, I decided to share the fun with others! Proudly introducing... The Mastery thread will consist of various challenges/achievements that you will need to complete in order to get on the respective list. Challenges must be done in order from start to finish. Depending on the future updates and new gameplay mechanics new challenges will be added, or the old ones adjusted. Rules might also be modified accordingly Rules: Usage of potential physics exploits is forbidden: no cheats or Kraken drives of any kind If you use any mods that affect stock gameplay (whether it is new parts, changed rigidity configs or otherwise), state them. These submissions will be marked as Modded General construction of the vessels is up to you: use any part you want, as long as you keep within the broad requirements of each challenge (satellites must have antennas, Rovers must have wheels, you get the idea) All crafts must be launched from Kerbin (unless specified) Post proofs of your mission: screenshots or videos. If you have a lot of screenshots, place them under a spoiler Don't mix up the missions: there must be one submission per mission and the missions must be flown one at a time State the Game Version that the mission was flown on If you have concerns or questions about the ruling - ask away! Let's get down to the Challenges. And before you ask: most of the Challenge names are inspired by various works of fiction about Mars 1. Destination Duna Pretty straightforward: build an Unmanned Probe and perform a fly-by of Duna. Very broad definition of "Probe" here: you don't need to have antennas or means to generate electricity. As long as it has a Probe Core and it fly-bys Duna - you're in 2. Otherworldly Connection Build an Unmanned Satellite and enter Duna orbit. Satellite must have an antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. Take Ike's SOI into consideration when you plan the orbit! 3. Transmitting Live From Duna Set up a Relay Satellite constellation in Duna's orbit. There must be at least 3 satellites in the constellation. Each Satellite must have a Relay antenna strong enough to reach Kerbin and have means to generate power. You can either launch new satellites or add some to the one you've sent in Challenge 2, as long as the Satellite from Challenge 2 satisfies the aforementioned requirements 4. First Landing Launch an Unmanned Lander (like Viking) and land it intact on Duna. Lander must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and some sort of landing legs. Whether you choose to use already provided lander legs or make some of your own from structural parts is up to you 5. Desolation Road Design an Unmanned Rover, send it to Duna and demonstrate its functionality by covering some distance in it. Rover must have an antenna that can reach the Relay satellites, means to generate electricity and at least 3 wheels 6. Bring It Home Design an Unmanned Lander that can land on Duna and then subsequently return it intact to Kerbin. If the Lander is multi-stage, the stage with Probe Core must be returned. Otherwise the requirements are the same as in Challenge 4 7. Strangers in a Strange Land Land a Kerbal (or Kerbals) on Duna and then bring him (or them) back. The method (Direct ascent vs. Orbit rendezvous) is up to your choice. If you send multiple Kerbals, all of them must return home: leave no one stranded! 8. Come Fly With Me Design a Duna Plane and demonstrate its ability to navigate its skies. Plane must have wing parts and be able to land and take off horizontally. Plane can either be Manned or Unmanned. If Manned, all Kerbals must later return home (either via Plane or other means). If Unmanned, the Plane must have an antenna to reach the Relays and have means to generate electricity. Extra kudos if it can return intact back to Kerbin More to be added... Good luck and have fun!
  11. Hi, it is suggestion to add a option to change UI to old / normal style.
  12. I'm kind of stunned that an artifact of the original game's game engine limitations were carried over to the sequel. Wobbly rockets were always a bug. The KSP1 devs spent years trying to minimize the problem, even bringing on new members to work on the issue. Most people don't like them, and they introduce an un-intuitive stumbling block for new players or people that want to learn space. eg. Rocket veers off course on launch. Why? The control part wobbles away from the heading, resulting in SAS shenanigans and off COM thrust. Furthermore, everyone gets rid of wobble to the best of their ability by adding struts, resulting in a higher part count. So you have a feature, that only produces greater part counts. Why? To keep the destructive effect, just define stress tolerances for parts at which they explode, disconnect, crumble or shear. Also, real rockets don't wobble. Scott talking to KSP1 devs about the wobbly rocket bug. They go off on tangents but almost the entire rest of the interview is on the topic. KSP1 dev describes his next gen parts physics sim in which wobbliness is not a feature. --- If you're new to KSP, wobble is that wet noodle, jello rocket thing. Please get rid of wobble all together. Thank you. Development on the issue:
  13. Hi Guys, Built the Dark Star from Top Gun Maverick. Took 2 days to get this to fly and keep it looking right lol Thrust To Weight:2.334 Total Mass:28.99t Parts:117 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG901zvMJ8E&t=61s For Aircraft Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q63lGRBq8l-bpTeDst7qYKF5EzqCsBPZ/view?usp=sharing
  14. Have you ever wanted to exit the game at the end of a hard day's rocket science but felt that using the menu option lacked a little pizzaz? is the F4 button on your keyboard a little sticky from fast food? Would you rather operate your game through arcane unexplained magic rather than the provided perfectly working options? Behold the Kraken Nuclear Option, a device which uses ??? to put your application to sleep tonight. The controls are simple: Load one (1) qualified computer technician into the device's control mechanism. Suspend the device on clamps above your least favourite launch site Activate Action Group 1 This was originally something I made to test the idea of docking together segments for a ring station, but then I discovered its fatal consequences to the instance of the game currently running. While I have submitted this over to the devs for bug reporting, I'm also kind of curious as to whether anyone out there has a machine or setup of the game capable of handling whatever happens when you undock the one port holding this together, so I figured I'd throw this out here in case anyone is amused by it/wants to play around with it and see if their copy of the game runs it. Have fun all of ye: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cNBhrL-JJ8m0Ox-1_fKoBxzRv4dKOOYX/view?usp=sharing
  15. While the game already includes randomly generated hairstyles, skin colours, glasses, and eyeball sizes, expanding this system to allow for comprehensive customization beyond just suit colours would greatly enhance our connection to the little green kerbanauts and their missions. Drawing inspiration from the discontinued kerbalizer game, we would be able to create or modify unique Kerbals with distinct facial features, hairstyles, and outfits & accessories that they would wear when idle (in the astronaut complex, colony habs, or floating around on a space-station).
  16. Hi Everyone, Who can remember Starfox on the Nintendo 64? Built the Arwing. Lightweight craft and very good handling. Thrust To weight: 0.365 Total Mass 23.74t Parts:64 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeMZKc5e3LE&t=35s Link for Arwing build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wTSJG4gW1qPBxsX2UqznnNBfs5tk4OYs/view?usp=share_link
  17. Behold, the completed Nuclear Engine for Rocket Vehicles - UpScaled, or NERV-US (thanks for the name suggestions)! This engine's nozzle retracts when the LH2 engine switches to its O2-injecting afterburner mode. Model by Jonathan Cooper.
  18. The CoM indicator currently shows the CoM that you would have with full fuel tanks - but the CoM can move a lot when fuel is being burned, so this is really bad. When you remove fuel from the tanks in the VAB, the CoM indicator will just display you wrong informations. I really don't know how I'm supposed to make more complex spaceplanes like this. And this is such a basic feature, I really don't understand why this isn't implemented yet. And this isn't beginner friendly either. Please fix that as soon as possible.
  19. Greetings to all, I have been encountering a problem that I unable to solve it anymore. Actually I purchased this game from Steam last week. But I am having a problem when I try to launch this game on my Windows 10 PC, it would not. I dont know what could be the issue. Does anyone have any idea about how to fix it? Any kind of help would be highly appreciated. My PC Configuration: Processor - AMD Ryzen 5 3400G OS - Windows 11 RAM - Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB*2 3200MHz Storage - SSD WD 240GB HDD - Barracuda 1TB GPU: AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Motherboard - MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
  20. so i tried building a HE 162 and i had a small problem with the col arrow, it is pointing slightly backwards, making my tail want to pull up and making it imposssible to fly the airplane., does anyone know why the arrow is pointing this way? or how to fix this problem? (hopefully without altering the desing too much. heres a demonstation video :
  21. It seems like mountains are much shorter than in KSP1, like the Kerbin's terrain was scaled down like 5~10x. Does anyone know if this is intentional, intended to be permanent, or the reasons why?
  22. I think procedural command parts would be incredible for those of use that love the building element of the game. Examples: Pods - Pick a diameter, slider for height, slider for top node diameter. Makes anything from dragon to fuji possible. To go above and beyond, add curvature sliders to make soyuz and vostok style pods. Probes - Pick a shape and height Rovers - I'm not sure how to do this one Cockpits - mkI or mkII shape, then window style, and length/curvature of the nose Hitchhiker cans - Diameter, height, maybe shape Inflatables? - Please How many kerbals does it fit? - Have the game calculate the maximum sized cuboid that the shape can contain, then calculate how many whole kerbal sized cuboids can be sardined inside that. How much does it weigh? - Use a density for each command type part for the volume - cuboid, then + weight of kerbals Doors, windows, and more. - Make these parts radially attachable. This would open the possibility for built-in containers that can be opened by kerbals, cargo holds, multiple hatches, windows. Think parts like ladders are now. Would this sacrifice IVA? Most likely. But we would still have the old parts for those. Although, procedurally generated IVAs could be done, may not always look great though.
  23. Hey y’all. I’ve noticed that the sentiment towards KSP2 has wained over the past week or so. Just want to know all’ve your opinions.
  24. Any and all spacesuits for Kerbals in KSP were always cosmetic. As long as you had a spacesuit, you could go anywhere in the Kerbol System with no problems. The Breaking Ground DLC added a little bit more gameplay to it but little else. But what if there was more? My idea for spacesuit progression in KSP2 works like this. You start out with essentially an old, decrepit, extremely depressing space suit that doesn't really do anything other than shield your Kerbal from the vacuum of space. You have no jetpack to move around, and rather have to attach many ladders and bars so that your Kerbal can maneuver their way around the craft. Your Kerbal has a tether attached to them, so you can only go so far (it would be nice to be able to pull yourself back to the craft using the tether in case your Kerbal starts to float away). The more science and resources you get, the more base space suits and extensions you unlock. Over the course of the game, you might unlock a general space suit, a high-pressure suit for thick atmospheres, a G force suit that let's Kerbals experience higher Gs before blacking out, a high mobility suit that lets your Kerbal walk/run faster on surfaces etc. You would also unlock extensions that increase a space suit's functionality. Depending on where they're going, you could give your Kerbal headlights, a larger EVA pack that makes them more mobile in vacuum, climbing gear that lets them climb much steeper surfaces, or even robotic arms that lets them do science on the go. To stop players from create these weird frankenstein mech suits that can do anything, suits would have a maximum weight and be limited to one per Kerbal. This would force the player to make unique suits for every mission that they go on, which would aid in the realism department since that's what NASA and other irl space agencies do. What do you guys think?
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