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Found 9 results

  1. The Challenge: Plant a flag on this planet, Proxima Centauri! Its the nearest real possibly habitable planet located near Alpha Centauri, about 4 lightyears distance which is made accessible by Alternatively use Centauri Dreams Updated to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spyd3qnc6ppnocn/CentauriDreams.zip?dl=0 Although Alpha Centauri is our closest neirbour, traveling 4 light years though the interstellar medium might father than you think The main constraint would be that FTL drives are not allowed, but you are allowed to use any slower than light (STL)
  2. I used the KSPI mod with 1.4.1 it worked very well until I used the warp drive. I charged it and activated it at 0.1c and it worked fine, the real issue was when I set it to 1c. For some reason the moment I set it to 1c it got completely destroyed. I also used another warp drive mod (warp drive standalone) and it had this problem as well. Is there some kind of limit now that I didn't know about? Whats going on? PS: I have a recording of it happening if you want me to show you
  3. I am experiencing really strange behavior from MechJeb, RemoteTech and KSPI modules at the same time. This is what happens: I spawn a cargo ssto and fly to the station in orbit. Dock with station and transfer cargo. Build a station module with EL dockyard and dock it to the station. Everything is working without any problems. Undock ssto. RemoteTech reports N/A instead of local control for ssto(station has local control). Both vessels have crew that can fly them. Orient ssto retrograde and execute deorbit burn. Start time warp(focus on ssto). When separation
  4. Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! https://ibb.co/d7W6pa https://ibb.co/dEgT2v https://ibb.co/cEHe9a Craft File
  5. Hey, I recently installed KSPI-E. It is a great mod, but ever since the newest update, it has asked to update three times every time I launch the game. Here is the mod's link, I don't know if this is just me or a glitch. I would appreciate any help!
  6. Hello all, So I've been messing around with a lot of Space Planes; I've got the Mk2 expansion and starlion industries upgrade with KSPI. One thing the pack is majorly missing is atmosphere processing. I've been wondering if there's a way to make a separate part that can convert atmosphere intake (intake atm) to a gas/liquid fuel much like the stock KSPI processors, but not acting as it's own intake. ideally it would use the ratio of gasses in the current atmosphere and same charge-output ratios as the processors. the point of this is the have in inline processor hooked
  7. so, anybody who uses KSPI knows the pain of waste heat, and nuclear engine users know all about the melting; and don't forget about those high performance scram-jets that get redder than the atmospheric burn around your ship. There are a few good radiator packs out there, but i find they're not very... effective. I'm attempting to make a system that uses electricity (or MW at a higher level), radiators, and air vents, to do high performance cooling for engines, reactors, etc. obviously getting rid of waste heat as well. working on implementing the following parts: - An Engine precooler
  8. I have *ahem* little problem - I can't seem to return from space without exploding. My 67 ton spaceplane contains antimatter - hence my title - so explosions are deadly for everything below me too, turning DRE into F Extreme DRE I have 4 large airbrakes, but they are too weak up high, and they cant slow down me. At first parts at sides are overheating and exploding, but later, when I lose all parts at sides (which means doom, as I cant land safely anymore) my spaceshop folds like paper at 10 G destroying me and my container with ~1 kg of antimatter (isn't that around 9*(10^16)
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