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Found 4 results

  1. As some of you know, I have wonted to build a control panel for a long while, and have even write my own KSP plugin + openGL application for it. Recently I have started building it and have finished the frame and cut out the wooden panels to fit on the frame. The panels aren't really "mounted" in the sense that i will still have to take them off to make cutouts for the switches, as well as paint them. The two big holes in the middle are for a laptop and a monitor. The laptop will serve as the multifunctional display / guidance computer while the monitor will display the video output from the PC running KSP, serving as the cockpit window.
  2. I've developed a simple tool for testing/debugging custom display/controllers which use the KSPSerialIO mod by @zitronen This allows you to monitor controls from the Arduino, as well as send control values to the Arduino. Reloading KSP multiple times, and the lack of real time onscreen data make this tool a bit more efficient in finding what isn't working. It also allows you to test/play with your display or controller without loading KSP. The project is open source and can be found on my github at Thoughts ? Ideas ? Found a bug ? Please reply to this thread. Once things smooth out I will add a link in the application to the Report Issue feature on github, as well as this thread. Currently this only runs on windows, and you must build it from the source.
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if a developer would be able to shed light on the Indicated Air Speed or Mach value(s) that determine(s) the 'safe to deploy' indicators from Safe | Risky | Unsafe. This is for a control panel I've been working on, and I'd love to be able to accurately reflect what's happening on screen on my panel Many thanks in advance!
  4. Current Progress Shot List of posted updates and developments - Mid-May (2015) update - Annunciator Panel mount, Shift-register board, and dual-coloured LED panel mounting - Mid-June (2015) update - Completed 3D printing upper panels with black spool - Late June / Early July (2015) update - completed testing of LCD + 7 Segment displays, finished wiring, began writing the code / testing [lots of internals stuff, SPI issues] - Mid July (2015) update - Labeling the panel + Annunciator - Mid July (2015) update #2 - Master Alarm system Arduino Code / sketch samples Here you will find some sample code that will hopefully help others out with problems they're having, or implementing certain features without getting to the point of wanting to put your head through a wall Previous Development Photos Credit I have to give much credit to zitronen- For the work he's put into creating the plugin that many of us are using to create these controllers, and the support given not just to the plugin, but also with general arduino problems / queries! Thank you! T.A.P.O.R, who personally helped me to get my head around the 7-segment LED screens, along with some additional insights shared. Thanks heaps! Freshmeat, & stibbons, who often (and regularly) have something incredibly useful to add - or assist when the going gets tough, and nothing on google makes sense -- Thank you! Also, credit to AmeliaEatyaHeart for creating the LedControlFunctions 'function', and for various insights shared in a variety of threads; thank you. Mulbin & Marzubus - whose own hardware projects inspired me to start my own. Outside of these two, every other hardware project has provided guidance / inspiration / ideas of some kind. So thank you to everyone in this community sharing their own ideas, interpretations, and struggles. We all benefit from them! Specific Feature Credit Whilst reading different forum threads, various members have commented or made suggestions of elements / features that they want to include in their own projects; some of these I quite like, and wish to incorporate too. I shall provide credit here - with a link to the post - in acknowledgement. Mulbin - dual-coloured LEDs to display more information about the state of the craft. AmeliaEatyaHeart - Flickering panel lights when low power ************************************************************* Background & Long-term project I would love to eventually create a fully immersive simulator, which would have two components: A mission Control, with projector and a few consoles, and a 'shuttle' / cockpit. The two would be separated by a wall, of some kind - and then there would be communication with headsets, which would increase delay to simulate real-life distance delay. No idea if I'll ever get there, but a guy can dream So in the mean time, I will work on a smaller-scale personal physical console for use whilst playing KSP. I'm still debating creating joysticks - as my Logitech proves to be ridiculously useful for that stuff; so why re-invent the wheel? Build, Parts, Plans & Ideas eBay Parts list