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Found 2 results

  1. this mod solves problem of cheat-unlimited science from lab(s) (each stock lab(accompanied with 2 scientist and rover with instruments) gives you 3000 science from minmus each 3 years, which in turn makes even Duna visit meaningless) this goal is accomplished by 1. removing data concept from lab. 2. all bonus science from lab goes to corresponding research, so many labs can't give unlimited science on same subject (science bonus currently 100% of original science and limited by lab location and scientists levels and stupidity, 110% for kspie, needs testing) Features: 1. lab can send science(both collected, and bonus) without losses, but only if scientific subject already studied at lab at least up to 5% (bonus) by scientist on same celestial body, where it was obtained(last part required only if you want send research bonus itself). You can resend it as many times as you want (using button "Fair Transmit Science"), in case link was lost, or send updates if you collected(combined)/researched more. 2. lab bonus science can be viewed inside science archives ("from Lab" entries), after it was transmitted from lab. 3. lab can combine several experiments made by same equipment type in same conditions into one experiment, similar way of how its done in ksp, to use that feature you need to dock science lab and experiments with scientific data (at least two made in same location, and same type, but launched in different launches), and press button "FairCollectScience", it will copy data from experiments inside lab and combine them (if possible), you can do docking in sequence(same time not needed), and you could use instruments in same vessel as lab(as one source, you still need other(s)), but if you move data from experiment equipment, you would lose ability to combine it later(you still could study it inside lab but without ability to combine later with other experiment). this complex way is necessary to prevent cheating (multiple data scan by same equipment), and also because ksp don't mark scientific data with launch id, when created, so it can only identified from equipment it was created (while data still there). Science bonus depends both on current lab position (you would get 50% of max bonus if you within soi of celestial body, where scientific data is acquired, and up to 100% if situation and biome also matched) and (mutliplied by) cumulative level and smartness (1-stupidity) of scientists (formula is pow(level13*(1-stupidity1)+level23*(1-stupidity2),1/3) )/5 ), i.e. one level five scientist with stupidity 0, could give 100% science bonus, science processing speed also depends on lab location, and scientists levels. binary 1.2.2 1.3.0 (just extract inside ksp data folder, and resolve conflict ModuleManager if exist (leave only latest ) ) source on screenshot in processed queue first percentage is how much science did you collected (combined) on subject, second percentage is how much researched, second maximum (bonus) depends on first one, as soon as it reaches 5% you could send both to ksc. Fair toggle prepare(send) only allows study only up to 5.1% just to be able to send original experiment data to ksc without losses (using Fair Transmit Science). updated, initial compatibility with ksp interstellar extended added. in archives FairLab science can be seen such way (for example) P.S. i hope SQUAD would include that mod inside ksp. normal gui planned... don't forget lab in offline state while you leaving your vessel (i.e. you would think lab is working, but it is not) lab do auto shutdowns on resources absent, usually if you have a lot of research you could leave lab without supervision even longer than original one (as there is no data limit), but you should consider to move it from one biome to another, just to get maximum bonus. debug logging (enable) option is not saved, so each time you switch to vessel if you expect to see some bug you should enable it (and send logs (after bug occurs) here) science container functionality inside lab is fully enabled, but it is not linked to Fair lab code, so it will NOT allow combine scientific data, use FairCollectScience for that.
  2. I have my station ( Babylon K ) in orbit around Mun and I have a few questions about labs. 1) I left my Lab running over night but the game was at the space centre and my station produced no science despite a predicted 4 science per day. Does the game have to be focused on the lab to produce science or is there away to leave it unattended while I work on another project? 2) I gather that only Scientists in the lab itself contribute to the conversion rate ( I forgot to add a scientist to the lab and now it's producing 9.8 sci/day ), Is it worth having a second lab on the station and two more Kerbals? Will they work on the same data or will the second lab fill with data once the first is full or will the second lab simply not function?