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  1. video: et my channle:
  2. Hey all. First post here and a KSP enthusiast albeit, a newb. So to start off, I admit I have a weaker computer: a 2015 MacBook air with just 4 GB RAM and 1.6 ghz intel i5 I believe... possibly an i7. KSP ran fine at first with the usual expected occasional slowdown. I added a few mods over the last week:: EVE, Kerbal Engineer Redux, MechJeb, some other atmospheric graphic enhancements like planet shine, I can't remember them all right now but can get a list if needed. I also have placed about 10 satellites and space stations in various orbits. (I originally had three satellites for a geosynchronous orbit around Kerbin but had to increase it to 5 as a few started catching up on one another... although I thought they were are pretty good orbits). That said, in the last two days I have noticed the game slowing down more and more. I cannot tell if it is the number of craft in various orbits in the game or the mods I have installed (or the computer but I can't upgrade at the moment). While the information I have provided is sparse, what is the bigger culprit you think? Number of craft I have flying or the mods? Thanks!
  3. The title says it all, I'm having a huge fps drop when I look to the surface of Duna, there is no lag on the map screen and the the fps start to drop at below 70km of altitude. The lag only happens on Duna, on Kerbin and other bodies the game runs normally. I'm using kerbal 1.6 with no mods and the turned down almost every graphics settings. My system: Intel Core i3-3110M @ 4x 2.4GHz 4GiB of RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 Kubuntu 18.04 (Linux)
  4. I just recently made a large modded install of KSP (1.5) after a long break and the game usually runs fine even with 120 mods. (32gb Ram, GTX 1060, i5 7600k). The problem I'm having now is when ever I'm in the VAB and place down more then one command module, or any other part with crew space, the games frame rate drops down to sub 10. The memory usage maxes out to the point where it's unplayable. As far as I know all my mods are up to date and the only pre 1.4.x mods are just part mods. Log: Here's the mod list:
  5. So I have a decent computer but there is still a slow frame rate. I have 64 bit , 8 GB DDR3 Ram, Windows 10, Intel i5-2400, but no GPU or Video Card (pretty sure that is the problem). So can anyone tell my what is causing the slow frame rate and/or how to fix it?
  6. (I don't know which section to put this on put I think this may be most relevant to this topic) So some people like me play ksp on low end computers. You may have a hard time with lag and performance in general. I have a solution for you guys. I found a Graphics Card that will get your FPS from 10 fps up to 70 fps. I know the frustration of playing with 10 fps on any game. But the GT 710 is good enough to get 70 fps. I recently got it because of that and I had a freaking NVS 300 with only 512 MB DDR3. I specifically got the MSI 2GB one and at times I got 100 fps. I even put it in all high settings and it still got to 70 fps. And I am not a paid advertiser (even though this sounds like I am) I just thought this would be worth sharing. I know this GPU isn't a GTX 1080 Ti but it will do you good on other medium demanding games.
  7. I am doing a manned mission to Duna and back. I have only one mod installed, which is Kerbal Alarm Clock. Here is my problem: when I am looking out into space from Duna orbit, FPS is excellent. When I look at Duna's surface, FPS crashes down to about 3 FPS. Here are my graphics settings: My "Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame" is 0.04; I have tried lowering it to 0.03 and even tried 0.12, and all attempts have resulted in no improvement. My computer specs: CPU: Intel i3-3120M (4 cores, 2.5 GHz) Integrated graphics (Intel HD 4000) 6 GB RAM OS: Xubuntu 18.04 (Linux) I have tried launching the 64 bit version of KSP, which resulted in the same amount of lag. I have also tried lowering the texture quality to 1/8. Moreover, I have tried disabling V-Sync and setting the pixel light count to 0. The game has been reinstalled, to no avail. Furthermore, I have noticed that CPU usage decreases when I look at Duna, which makes absolutely no sense at all, considering the extreme lag. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this horrendous lag? It is difficult to land and takeoff with the lag. Thanks for any help!
  8. Ever since the "Big patch" to fix everything my experience has actually gotten much worse. Not much seems to have been fixed and more things have broken. This is a list of some of the issues I'm still having. Cant recover craft - I can no longer recover my ANY of my rockets or anything. Before the patch I could recover everything. I could fly to mun, land, take science and then recover. Not anymore. I'm stuck. Is this a fix? Was this how the game was supposed to be? I've never played any KSP other than enhanced so I don't know. Laaaaaaag - After reverting to build after a failed launch it does a loading spinner in the middle of the screen and I can no longer control my craft but it continues on flying for another 10-30 seconds before finally taking me back to the build. Buttons disappearing - This actually was a problem before the patch as well. I will fly somewhere and somewhere along the way I will no longer be able to recover, go to space center, go to tracking station or quit. All the buttons are grey or missing. I have to restart the game. That's all I can think of right now but there may be more I'm forgetting I will add later but those are the main ones. Should I just restart my career mode? Start fresh with the new patch? I have a lot of hours into the one I'm on. Thanks.
  9. Since the game finally got released I jumped on it like a hungry dog does with food. Rockets is like olden days, never getting them of the ground or losing control and kerbal death, planes work well but only when I make my own wacky designs. So after playing a long time it starts to get irritating that flying my planes (or any other craft with 20+ parts) the game gets super Laggy with every 10-20 seconds stutter. Am I right to say that the Unity 5 engine came after the 1.2 release of pc (enhanced edition is 1.2 version)? I know that porting isn't easy, but does anyone have a idea what type of unity engine the console version is using? Also, if/when blitworks is updating the game, are they going to port a more recent version of ksp from pc or do they update the game themselves to implement new features similar of the pc version?
  10. Normally I'm fairly good at doing some basic debugging and problem solving, but as of late (I'm not quite sure what caused it) my debugging console is always completely blank and I don't have much experience with reading the output logs. Only recently I have started getting huge spikes in ram usage and freezing / crashing, and I can't figure out why. These lag spikes have been happening in almost every part of the game, including the main menu, but it seems to be the worst in the VAB. I have 16 gbs or RAM so I don't believe thats the problem, and I'm sure my i5 7600k and 1060 6gb isn't the problem. log >>> <<<
  11. Recently I found a strange bug - I've noticed that I have 30 less FPS with the same craft on a runway in career mode comparing to sandbox. I run heavy modded install, so I investigated mods could be involved in this (contract configurator, strategia, etc.) But even without mods influencing career directly performance drop was the same. Wasted several hours and found a culprit - it's building levels! Enabled cheat and maxed out space center - +30FPS gain.. Funny thing that it's happening with only runway (and does not depend on level of runway) in view and without other buildings. Screens: Also, reproduced in stock (less noticeable) : Update: I've found the building causing FPS drop 15-30 in situations on screenshots above. Also, space center view is also affected. Culprit is launch pad level 1 and level 2. Once upgraded to level 3, +15-30 FPS gain. Crazy stuff... Update: still don't believe my self, but it made my launches so much smoother... Because with rocket on launchpad difference is 35 FPS and 60-65 FPS
  12. Hello everyone. This is a very simple "mod", more of a patch, which will help the lag when looking at the ocean from space. This doesn't fix lag at sea level, as the ocean lag is purely dependent on your hardware, so don't expect it to be 100% gone. This patch works by lowering the ScaledVersion and PQS fadeStart, fadeEnd and deactivateAltitude. The ocean completely unloads at 70,000, when you get to space in this patch. Before, it was 160,000. DEPENDENCIES: Kopernicus: ModuleManager: DOWNLOAD: - PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT CURRENTLY EXPERIENCE LAG WHEN LOOKING AT THE OCEAN, THIS PATCH IS NOT NEEDED AND WILL HAVE 0 EFFECT ON YOUR GAME. This patch is aimed at people with low spec PCs with either an integrated GPU, or an old one. @lajoswinkler Note to the Moderators: I had no idea where to put this thread, but making an addon release for it will bring more attention to it, meaning people suffering from this problem will see it easier. Feel free to move if needed.
  13. I need help because ksp is very slow. I made the setting minimum but I am still getting a lot of lag please help. PC specs: Operating System Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 39 °C Wolfdale 45nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard Hewlett-Packard 3048h (XU1 PROCESSOR) Graphics E2242 (1920x1080@60Hz) Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (HP) Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset (HP) Storage 232GB Seagate ST3250318AS ATA Device (SATA) 29 °C Optical Drives hp DVD A DH16ABLH ATA Device Audio High Definition Audio Device
  14. is there any way to improve my FPS ? my FPS is 7~4 while launch in 'SVE ed' bodys. I would like to know how to increase FPS by changeing setting or installing mods that will help with my FPS. (I don;t want to delete SVE or Scatterer) OS: windows 10 CPU: i5 6400 @ 2.71Gh (3.25 when overclocked) GPU: HD 530 (512mb vram) RAM: 8gb p.s. (i have 23 more mods) tell me if you need any more info
  15. i have a craft with 256 detachable satellites and thousands of parts. it keeps running at 2 fps and it crashes 90% of the time. is there any way to stop it from crashing without getting a smaller craft?
  16. Hello. Today I installed Kerbal Space Program 1.2, but I immediately realised something was wrong. The game was really laggy, especially when building in the VAB. I've never had any lag issues in previous versions of KSP. Worth to note is that the same problem occurred while testing out the Pre-Release. General Info OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Steam Client on Fresh Install No add-ons Kerbal Space Program 1.2.0 2560 x 1440 Resolution, Full Screen Specifications iMac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 1024 MB Are you missing something, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello, I can't find a thread about this, or maybe it's just difficult to find. Problem: I'm getting a slight pause in the game that lasts about .5 seconds. This happens anywhere between 6-10 second intervals. I haven't experienced this before 1.2. My ship part counts are not the problem. I'm having the issue occur with part counts that are 34 parts. I'm not running anything besides typically 6 chrome tabs, steam, and really that's it. If you need me to give any more data, let me know specs: Rainmeter (default setting) is telling me my CPU / RAM / SWAP usage is : 38% / 46% / 49% RipjawsX 16gb RAM. CPU- i7-4790K, Graphics GeForce GTX 970 GDDR5, 4GB Mods: KAS (most recent update) KIS (most recent update) Kerbal Engineer (most recent update) MechJeb (most recent update, but not 1.2 supported - it's just installed) Spacey Lifters (most recent update) Spacey Expanded (most recent update) Notes (haven't updated /checked for 1.2) Thanks!
  18. This is getting annoying. I've done literally everything to try and fix it, but still, I am stuck in the laggy, broken OSXplayer of KSP 1.2. By everything, I really mean everything. I have: 1) Verified the game cache many times 2) Opted out of Beta versions of the game 3) Restarted my Mac 4) Uninstalled and reinstalled KSP 5) Uninstalled and reinstalled Steam itself 6) Adjusted graphical settings 7) Asked about this problem everywhere. When the game loads up, on the main menu, it says the build number and in brackets, OSXplayer. I assume this is a prerelease player of 1.2, and its not going away no matter what I do. The performance on it is absolutely garbage, and sometimes the textures in game will completely break while giving me an absolutely nonexistent FPS. Given that 1.2 is supposedly have to have helped performance wise, this is exceptionally infuriating because I have literally NEVER had this much lag and game breaking glitches in KSP before. I'm desperate for a fix, could someone please help out because I am completely stumped.
  19. Hi, I run KSP 1.2 prerelease on Ubuntu 14.04. I've followed every guide I can to increase my FPS, lowered every setting to the lowest it can be, (My computer is a lemon. Don't even ask!) and have it running as smooth as I possibly could get it to be. The problem is planet terrain. Say I have a ship in orbit around Kerbin and I rotate my camera to face space. Everything runs great. But say I rotate to face Kerbin. Everything starts to run slow and laggy. I've lowered my Rendering to Fastest, my Textures to Eight Res, and even created a custom Terrain Preset, "Lowest", where all minDistances = 3. I am wondering if the terrain detail is what is screwing with me though. Whenever I restart KSP, it defaults to "High." Stupid question, but could this mean that KSP is possibly rendering terrain using the High Preset even when it is set to Low or Lowest? I've also noticed that KSP still creates a log file, even when I turn on the "Do not create log" option in the launcher. Other than that, if anyone has any tips to increasing my FPS, mainly while at Kerbin, any help would be appreciated. This same problem occurs in older versions of KSP (so it's not just because of 1.2), and I've already tried redownloading the stock files multiple times. I can attach my settings.cfg file if needed. Ty ETPOF
  20. Hi there, I run KSP with 8gigs of RAM on a pretty beefy graphics card NVidia GTX590M (for a notebook anyway) on a notebook with an Intel I7 processor. Normally I get around 80 FPS in KSP. Now, I have this space station, around which I have excessive lag. Now I know, that a station with 300+ parts will not give me 80 FPS, but not less than 8... I suspect that there is something fishy going on, but I cannot find the source. I assume it has to do with the following error/warning showing in my log file: [WRN 14:23:03.111] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.119] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.126] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.128] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.129] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.131] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.132] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.138] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.145] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.146] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.149] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.156] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.163] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.165] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.168] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.169] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.171] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.173] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.181] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.183] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.185] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [WRN 14:23:03.190] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [ERR 14:23:03.193] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.194] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [WRN 14:23:03.204] [PartJoint]: None of the provided nodes was valid! [ERR 14:23:03.206] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.207] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.211] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.212] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.217] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.218] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.224] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' [ERR 14:23:03.224] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value' Here is the full log file: My mod list: Any ideas, how I could make any progress in finding the source of the lag (other than too many parts in a space station)? Thanks in advance!
  21. What mod causes Kerbal Inventory System to lag when placing parts?
  22. I am playing a heavymod game. It (the game) has been running very smoothly and I have not had any problems what so ever. The other night I was flying a Command Pod to my space station. I docked just fine, transferred my crew, then undocked and as I fired my rcs retrograde I noticed that the game started running real laggy. 1 in game second would take 3 or 4 real time seconds to pass. I figured my heavymod setup finally caught up to me or the high part count. Wasnt that worried about it. I went ahead and painfully waited for my craft to get out of physics range of the station to see if it would speed back up to normal but it didn't. Again I went ahead with my rentery and landing in Super Happy Fun Time Choppy mode. It was late so I was going to shut game down and troubleshoot the problem the next day and when I was at the title screen I noticed that the rotation of Kerbin was choppy and as the kerbalnauts moved across the screen they were choppy too. I closed down the game and then reloaded it up and the choppyness was still there. I made a brand new sandbox save and loaded it up, built a small rocket and launched it, and it was real choppy as well. After all this narrative my question is this. Even though everything was running completely flawless, could it still be mods that cause everything, even the title screen, to run perma-chop? Out of the blue? I've dealt with high part count, and over-mod issues before. I'm not new to it, but this just feels different and I don't have the knowledge base to begin troubleshooting coding or physic time rates and such. I will start the long process of kicking mods out but I just don't see that being the problem. I haven't added anything new mod wise for a long time, not even any updates for my mods, and as I said before everything was running great, then BAM.... I'm stuck with perma-chop. If anyone has ideas I am all ears, otherwise, if I am lucky enough to find the problem on my own I will let ya'll know. I may try a clean install first with what I call my "Base Mods" first and see what happens. (Base Mods are ones I can't live without like Navyfishes' docking indicator and docking sounds. Mostly just fluff stuff...... er wait why am I rambling I'm sure ya'll don't care and I have work to do! lol)
  23. Hi there. I'm running a fully-patched Steam KSP on Windows 10 x64. I have an issue that has made the game unplayable. In previous versions it happened almost never; now it happens almost always. It happens regardless of how low I set the graphics settings, including render quality, texture quality and resolution. It happens in both the 32-bit and 64-bit builds. I do not see this in other games that use my graphics card, including Diablo 3. It usually happens at random while in the VAB/SPH. The framerate will go from excellent (>60 depending on graphics settings) down to about 1FPS. It will stay like that for about a minute, and then recover for about a minute, etc. It will do so regardless of whether the mouse is moving, what the screen is showing, etc. When it hangs like this, the audio will usually stutter. I read another post on this forum that it could be related to the temperature of the GPU in my laptop. I'm running GPUShark to look at the temperature, and it seems that is not the case. My GPU sits at about 50-60C when idle, and when running the game it ranges between about 60-85C. There is no correlation between when the GPU is hot and when the game hangs; sometimes it's smooth at >80C and sometimes it hangs at <65C. I found that rebooting the laptop and killing most other applications helped, temporarily (for about 30m) but then the problem came back. Any advice would be appreciated.
  24. On a dual-core i7, 8MB RAM, switchable graphics with Intel HD 520 and AMD R7 360, a clean install of KSP 1.1 stutters, where 1.05 is easily playable. On both 32- and 64-bit builds of KSP 1.1, + Loading Systems takes 230 seconds (50s with 1.05) + Main Menu stutters about 1/2 second just before the sprites come into view + Transition screens, black with 'Loading..' in the corner, take 20 seconds (5s with 1.05) + In the scenario "EVA over Kerbin" panning to show the planet stutters for about 5 seconds; panning in camera-view in often stutters about 1 second + Transition from map-view to camera-view takes 1-10 seconds (less than 1s with 1.05) + Esc menu -> Settings -> Accept, with no changes to any settings, pauses for 30 seconds before the Esc menu is responsive + Main Menu -> Quit takes 20 seconds before the KSP window closes This felt like garbage-collection, or file-system timeouts. Things I tried with no noticeable help: reducing graphics quality to minimum, setting the graphics to use AMD only, ensuring the same file-permissions on 1.05 and 1.10 install directories, turning off the send-progress-to-Squad option, pausing Windows Defender, setting the KSP option to use LEGACY_SHADER_TERRAIN, ... Any suggestions? Logs and DxDiag are here.
  25. Hi guys, With 1.1 came performance increases. The title says it all, I was just wondering. Which one of those will get you the best mix of graphics and performance. For example, I don't want 144p graphics but 120 fps, but at the same time, 1440 p graphics with 12 fps won't work either. Discuss below!