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Found 1 result

  1. UPDATE YOU CAN USE ANY VERSION YOU WOULD LIKE OF KSP!!!!!! JOOL MAY BE IMPOSSIBLE IN THE NEW VERSIONS You have heard of Jool 5? Well it's great and all but you forgot the best space in the joolian system: JOOL! Basic points Land on all 5 Jool moons and Jool (touch sea level), simple as that - 15000 points Bonus: direct ascent and return - 2000 points Bonus: SSTO - 15000 points* Bonus: plant a flag on Jool - 2000 points * Tylo is the only acception with a separate module allowed taking points These conditions take points away from your final score, you rocket will have 5 basic scorings For every part is minus 10 points - more parts more technical issues For every 100,000 is minus 100 points - congress wants less for best For every 2 years this mission takes is minus 100 points - BORING if it takes 100 years, who wants to wait that long? For every expendable part is minus 10 points - reusability is key** For every 5000 m/s of fuel is minus 100 points **Used parachutes, lost ablative material, or broken wheels or broken parts do not count as expendable Each of the following adds points based on difficulty (the Basic points are part of this catagory) +100 points: Plant a flag on Bop, Plant a flag on Pol, Aerobrake at Jool +200 points: Plant a flag on Vall, Get a surface feature scan from Bop***, Get a surface feature scan from Pol***, conduct a science experiment on a moon*** +400 points: Plant a flag on Laythe, Plant a flag on Tylo, Get a surface feature scan from Vall***, Get a surface feature scan on Laythe***, Get a surface feature scan from Tylo +800 points: Get an EVA report from any moon***, visit an easter egg from Tylo or Bop***, bring deploy able science gear to a moon*** +1600 points: Get an EVA report from Jool, conduct a science experiment on Jool, Recirculate at Jool +10000 points: Conduct an orbital survey on every moon and Jool, Establish a relay network on Jool***, Reuse all parts +25000 points: Conduct ALL science experiments (includes all surface features) on every biome on every moon and Jool *** ***you can only scan the surface feature once, any science experiment qualifies for the 200 point conduct a science experiment, EVA reports only count once per biome, the tylo cave is worth 1600 points if a flag is planted on the top, the relay network must include 3 satellites in geostationary Jool orbit, includes levels of the atmosphere, science reports Other rules of this challenge: To be clear, sending a kerbal on this mission is not necessary to complete this challenge. In order for your submission to count you must land on all 6 moons, the higher the score the better, winners of this challenge will get private badges based on their skill. The winner badges First place Badge: get with the highest score before the end of the year Second place Badge: get the second highest score before the end of the year Third place Badge: get the third highest score before the end of the year SSTO badge: Complete this mission with an ssto (special badge if you have no separate modules for separate moons) Regular badge: Complete this mission This may be a challenge for people like @ShadowZone or @Stratzenblitz75 or @JacobJHC! But if you can prove me wrong then first credit me and get creative regular badge under development !!! Submit your results with images/videos of all milestones in the mission and statistics of the spacecraft !!! Must submit HERE December/31/2019 11:59:59 PM MST