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Found 3 results

  1. Preface - I've performed a perfunctory search and come up with - Lots of landing legs and auto-struts are probably not clever. So this question is kind of a two part-er. Background - I am designing a stock base+ system, largely aimed at Duna and to be developed et released as a scale-able, fun, and user friendly way of building up a permanent presence on the red planet. I've done it before, but not for general release. Issues - I am experiencing phantom torques that wildly spin the modules apart when about 3 or more are joined. When 2 or more are joined it tends to float over th
  2. I'd like some help with KSP 1.2's cfg files. Specifically, I'm trying to update Adie123 & Sceppie's KSP 0.9 Escepadie suspension leg (on my own system, not for public redistribution). I'd like to rewrite the 0.9 cfg to be up to date for 1.2, by taking the 0.9 animation name and collider name and putting it into the right place in a KSP 1.2 file. However, I'm not familiar with the KSP 1.2 wheel modules, so I don't know where to substitute. Please help if you can. Thanks! Also, does anyone know how to get in touch with Adie123 or Sceppie? I'd like
  3. I was testing a lander for a planet that I've never been to in KSP just now and noticed that whenever my jolly little space-vegetable got near a landing leg they would very suddenly shoot off in an unpredictable direction. Usually up, but every now and then sideways either straight through or into the nearest object, usually with disastrous consequences: I did a little more experimentation and tried to create something of a landing leg trampoline which didn't work, other than to accelerate the poor fool sideways to nearly three hundred and sixty Kilometers per hour:
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