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Found 68 results

  1. Falcon 9 Dimensions?

    Does anyone know where I can find the exact dimensions of Falcon 9's Fairing, Stage2, interstage, Stage1, and dragon? I'm trying to build a perfect replica in RO
  2. Optimal Rocket Landing

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out what is the most efficient way, fuel-wise, of landing on a celestial body. What are the equations that I must plug my values in? What is the T value that I should start retrograde burning so that just when I'm going to touch base I'll have a velocity of 1 m/s or so? How to figure out this physics problem?
  3. Hello, and this is my first post here! I hope this is not too much of a noob question, but is there anything like a VOR to help landing an aircraft, SSTO, or shuttle? If there is then I missed it, if there isn't then what else can I use to help make landing a bit easier? Is that too many questions? Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted. It is needed. Thanks you in advance, but I must attend to my clockwork band.
  4. Landing Tips

    This is where you browse for useful information for your planet/moon and some helpful tips to not die. Please share your own useful information, that would be so great!
  5. So I've just finished construction on what I hope is my first unmanned mission to Eve, but the thing is quite expensive, and I play with revert off, so I need this thing to succeed. Anyway: Lander parts, bottom to top, according to descent orientation: Heat Shield (43.90 Ablator) Decoupler Fuel Tank w/ 6 Landing Struts Service Bay w/ Rechargeable Battery inside Probodobodyne OKTO w/ 2 Communotron, 4 Photovoltaic Panels, a Barometer, and a Thermometer, all attached radially Fuel Tank with 4 Parachutes, and 4 Tail Fins, attached radially. Terrier Liquid Fuel Engine I use the scaling mod, so here is a screenshot: Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm a noob in the SPH and working on only my second (2nd) airplane. This one is a supersonic transporter (named Aquila Ursa) All was going well with previous development versions including a number of short-field landings and take-offs, which is its primary mission. Then I extended its body to insert a short cargo bay in which to load the Prospector 1 (stock) rover. Gross weight is now 75t. It takes the whole 3km to reach Vr = 120m/sec, but with half tanks it will do it at 40 m/s and climb solidly. Cruise is Mach 3+ and range is 75% Kerbin circumference. Problem is that I cannot land it any more without the wings breaking off. (Maybe I just need to get better at landing but this one is palpably fussy about it compare to my SSTO (which is a good deal lighter)). I've moved the engine close and equally-spaced to the gear and moved all closer to the wing root. I tried aligning the main gear as best I could. I tried using Toggle Snap for alignment as well. I can accept not being able to land it with full fuel and that's fine. (Do the mission or don't come back!) But I want to be able to land it reliably on half tanks or less. I will really appreciate any help on this because I am so EXCITED: who needs to go into space when there is all of Kerbin to explore!!?
  7. Nothing to see here. Move along. Maybe go install "Trajectories" and, in map view, zoom out.
  8. While landing a rocket near a target is very simple, because you see the "anti-vector" () of the target position on the navball, landing precisely near a waypoint it's impossible. When you set the navigation, in the navball only appear the waypoint vector and not the "anti-vector". So when you are landing, and of corse your rocket is facing the sky, you don't have any clue if you are going in the right way, because you don't see the direction (the marker is in the other half of the navball, and you can see it only pointing the spacecraft "nose-down"). Anyone knows a mod that add it? I've searched for a while now, and it surprise me that there isn't a plug-in out there for this simple problem. I've tried waypoint manager, that add the waypoing on flight mode, and searched for a non-exsisting uptated version of enhanced navball
  9. Just wondering. Can you land using drag alone? Parachutes don't count here.
  10. Best Landing So Far

    I know others have done it and I won't be the last either but I was particularly please with this result. Having rescued Parey from the suface of The Mun and Oremy from orbit of the same I let them have a few hours R & R and snacks aboard the space bus docked at Babylon K ( Only Parey was granted access to the K proper due to the all female crew, no boys allowed! ). Once refreshed they were taken by Space Bus ( previously Level Up Bus in another thread but renamed ) to Kerbin Orbital Station where they transfered to a rocket bus flown by Valentina. As Valentina had a go at throwing the ship at the KSC. The results were better than expected. At 7km up things were looking very promising! Then at 1100 meters she remembered that she should probably open parachutes at this point. The final result being a gentle touchdown on the landing gear just 1.8km from the VAB
  11. 16th July 1969 was the launch of the first crewed lunar LANDING mission. Exactly this day, 48 years ago. Due to the anniversary I decided to recreate Apollo 11 lunar landing mission in STOCK KSP (KER was used to help with orbital data). NOTE: This is not 1:1 accurate, I was limited by the stock ksp parts and physics. Thanks
  12. Elon Musk said that he will land first stage of the ITS back on the rocket holder (don't know what it is called) and that is what this challenge is. Show that it is POSSIBLE. Design a ITS-like rocket that can have the first stage land on the pad Level one: land the booster back at ksc. Score is 100times(Launch mass/distance to the pad)/dv used to land. Level two: land the booster back on the pad. Score will be Score will 20Launch mass/Dv used to land. Level three: land the booster back on the launch holder (Dock with the launch holder using engines). Score will be 30 times Launch mass divided by Dv used to land. Docking ports are recomended for the launch holder. Dv will be measured in m/s in a vacuum, distances in meters and launch mass in tonnes. Rules 1. No f12 menu, hyper edit, cheating, or exploiting glitches. 2. You can use the landing guidance in Mechjeb as an informational tool, but not the autopilot. 3. The only three part adding/changing mods allowed kerbal reusabitity expansion, any life support mod, and deep freeze. 4. Must have at least 100% re-entry heating, plasma blackout, kerbnet enabled, have it so the signal is required for control, and must have no partial control allowed. 5. Must have no kerbals on the booster. 6. FAR, FMRS, and deadly re-entry are allowed 7. NO PARACHUTES 8. NO DROPTANKS/ASPARAGUS. Must be Two stages. 9. Modded. Only mods that don't offer a signifigant advantages over stock are allowed. If it adds fuel tanks with a better full to empty mass ration than stock, it is not allowed. Prohibited; Procedural parts and near future propulsion. Obviously, no using the ITS mod (It is WAY overpowerd). Tweakscale can be used if it is not abused. Bonus points Second stage goes into orbit +1 Second stage lands back at kcs +1 Second stage lands on launch pad +2 Booster can refuel +.1 Multiply final scor by ten Documentation Have informational tabs and Dv stats open (Mechjeb, not KER for dv) Keeping the landing guidance tab open with the information tab is highly recomended Video is great. If you take pictures, use an imgur album; when to take pictures; Pre launch (on the pad). Gravity turn. Stage seperation. EVERY BURN. Re-entry Take plenty of pictures in during landing for level three and two. Refeuling (If done). Leaderboard; Stock; Modded; My exemple entry on level one. Score=1000*266.924t/75.2m/1995m/s+1=1.178
  13. How to Land the Space Shuttle

    Some other day, I saw this video. It's really nice how Brett explains how to land the space shuttle lands in a comprehensible way. Anyone agree? This can also help with ksp if your playing in rss/ro and you're trying to land a shuttle.
  14. After a worker from the VAB complained about having to untangle and repack all the parachutes after use, the KSC has decided to stop using parachutes and drogue chutes entirely. Some kerbals say this was an extreme, others say it is a great excuse to try out new landing techniques! Challenge Rules -Your must start in an orbit with a minimun periapsis of 100km -You are allowed to have a de-orbit booster, but it must be detached before hitting the atmosphere -The only reason you are allowed to slow down in orbit is to preform a de-orbit burn -While preforming your de-orbit burn you must be pointing fully retrograde -You may use hyperedit to cheat into orbit, but no other cheats allowed -You are allowed mods that add flight assistants -No parachutes or drogue chutes -Your craft must carry at least one kerbal -Try to include a picture or two -No mods that add parts or dramatically change aerodynamics -Glitches are allowed -Kerbal must be in a command seat or control module when contact with the ground is made -Have fun! Scoring System -You start with 500 points -For every kerbal on board you gain 10 points -For every wing, stabilizer, or control surface you lose 35 points -If you brake a part you lose 75 points -For every kerbal killed you lose 100 points -If you land at the flat grassy area by the KSC you gain 40 points -If landing is on the island with the runway you gain 50 points -For every landing gear or landing strut you lose 30 points -Your overall thrust measured in kilonewtons at sea level divided by 4 will be subtracted from your score Leaderboard 1st- @qzgy With 3145 Points! 2nd- @BogusDionysus48 With 590 Points! 3rd- @goduranus With 530 Points! If you have any questions just ask. Best Of Luck To All!
  15. So..I'm trying to start a colony on Mars in RSS/RO and I'm pretty much stuck.I landed on the Moon and landed some rovers on Mars , no problem.Now I have to land heavier payload on Mars , but it seems I'm not able to do so. This is what I should land.I already tried everything , from parachutes to big heatshields (I don't have small and powerful retro rockets, sadly).So yeah , that's the problem.Thanks for everyone that gives me a tip.
  16. The dead passenger plane of doomsday challenge It was an ordinary day in Kerbin; planes crashing and rockets exploding. The mayor of Kerbin was concerned about that, so he decided that a new kind of transport vessel should be engineered, to bring more kerbals to the Space Station from afar. He clearly stated "The vehicle must carry at least 50 kerbals and 30-70% of them must survive a 100km journey". As the commandment arrived to the Kerbin's Ambiguos Kompetitions and Khallenges Association, the rules were specified by a read-it-literally-wisedonkey-wannabe-engineer called Sivonen: -Start a new career in sandbox mode. -Go to astronaut complex and hire as many kerbals as you need (at least 50 total). -You must build and fly a plane that carries at least 50 kerbals. -ALL PLANE PARTS MUST BE STOCK. Yes, you can add Mechjeb, time acceleration, etc mods. No parts, autolanding, physics, etc unfair mods. -All kerbals must be in command pods, hitchhiker containers etc. No command seats or stuffing them in the trunk. -It's a plane, so maximum altitude is 15km. -Ground distance covered must be 100km, points will be reduced if goal is missed. -30-70% of kerbals must survive. -In other words 30-70% of kerbals must die. -You must not drop the kerbals by EVA or decouplers, you must do a controlled crash landing which kills the required amount. -Brakes must be turned ON before landing. -Also no evaporating kerbals with a jet or a rocket. -No cheating via cheat menu, clipping the parts, or other unfair actions. Mild clipping here and there is ok. -Post screenshots: *Astronaut complex showing your total number of kerbals before flight *Show off your plane. Bonus points for flamboyance. *Try to get shots from the landing. *After your plane has landed, press F3 and take a screenshot showing your ground distance covered and max altitude. *Astronaut complex showing your total number of dead and alive kerbals after the flight *Video which shows the above information is acceptable instead of screenshots. Scoring is calculated as follows: Accurate crashing landing at 100km: every meter away from 100km gives minus one point. No driving on the ground after landing, be fair. Number of kerbals on plane: every kerbal gives you 10 points. Remember the minimum of 50 kerbals. Number of kerbals survived: target is 50% survival, every percent away from 50% gives minus 250 points. Results over 70% and under 30% are not acceptable and will be given minus a million points. If you make the trip back with the same plane and kill another 30-70% of the remaining passengers, you earn an extra point. Bonus points might be awarded for flamboyance. Most points wins. Or the least minus-points. An example entry: Distance: 102397m = -2397 points Total kerbals: 50 * 10 = +500 points Kerbals dead: 6/50 = 12 percent = -1000000 points Cool looking doomsday plane of doom: +1 point Total: -1001896 points Brakes were off when landing = disqualified Best results: 1. Sivonen -4302 points 2. 3.
  17. I try to find out documentation for modding landing leg but it appear obsolete and the links are brokens. Someone can made updated tutorial on how to mod KsP please ?
  18. Precision landing tutorial

    I've managed to work out a fairly decent technique for making precision landings on airless bodies in KSP so I thought I'd make a video explaining how I do it. Hopefully this will be of some help to people having trouble with this part of the game. This is my first time making a gameplay video of anything and I stumble over my words in a few places but I think that overall it turned out okay. Using since YouTube's been doing some pretty crappy things lately and I figured it would be best to just stay away from that platform. I'm not sure if this will embed, but if it doesn't just click the link.
  19. Duna landing (sorta)

    I just got done landing on mars well maybe not perfectly (try to land but have the command pod and not fuel or engine fall off) I did it today like a couple minutes ago RULES (MUST LAUNCH FROM KERBAN, AVALIABLE MODS - MECHJEB + ENGENEER REDUX, MUST BUILD OWN ROCKET, DO NOT GO INTO A SUB ORBIT TRAJECTORIE FROM KERBIN, GO OUT OF KERBIN INFLUENCE BEFORE HOHMAN TRANSFER, WHEN ENCOUNTERING MARS CIRCULIZE, MAX PARACHUTES ARE 5, DO NOT USE HYPEREDIT) enjoy!
  20. Good Evening all, hope you're having a pleasant night. I was wondering, in all of your opinions, what is the optimal altitude above the Mun that you should start your landing descent?
  21. Your PROUDEST moment in KSP

    What are your proudest moments in ksp? Mine was not eve in KSP. Mine was in Google. I typed 'Jeb' into the search bar, and -adiah Kerman was the first result.
  22. [TEASER] Landing training session on Tylo

    This movie is dedicated to @GoSlash27 and @Gaarst who inspired it and because they ruined my social life (again) : i have landed about 150 times on Tylo this sunday to shoot the full movie. Here the Teaser, you'll love this method...