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Found 1 result

  1. The Kurburgring Lap The objective is to build a car made mostly of wings, ailerons, struts, I-beams, and use Juno engines to propel it to a high speed. Other means of improving maneuverability and speed can be used, but not at the expense of aesthetics. Rules: -No F12 menu. -Only stock game parts. -Only the TR-2L, or RoveMax M1 can be used as a wheel (6 per craft, 4 if using the TR-2L). -The track must be followed, no short cuts. -A screenshot on every corner if possible, or every other corner. -Craft will be based purely on score for the points, but must be aesthetically pleasing (the craft may be mostly made of wings (51+%) but it has to look like a real life sports car / supercar, or have similar aesthetic or it doesn't qualify) -The car must be mostly made out of wings, structural parts, or ailerons, struts, etc. -Only the Juno engines may be used, and up to 12 may be used in the design. *All of them must be used for forward only propulsion. -Only a single 1.25m SAS wheel may be used. Rules for "anything goes": -The rule above apply, but the following is changed. -Any wheel type can be used (up to 8 wheels) -Up to 18 juno's may be used to push the craft FORWARD. -No kerbal is necessary (but there must be a seat, and room for one) -Aesthetics is less of an necessity, crazier designs will be forced into this section, so make them good. (Crazy designs will be seen, and we will have examples at some point.) Any SAS unit may be used, but only one. Rules for "Anything and Everything": -The rules above apply, but the following is changed. -Any amount of wheels -Up to 20 juno's may be used to push the craft FORWARD. -No kerbal is necessary -Aesthetics is NOT an necessity, the craziest designs shall be forced unto this section, so make them the best. Up to three SAS units may be used per craft. The track: Examples of "wing car aesthetic" The Kurburgring Laptimes: (in order from fastest (top) to slowest (bottom) submitted) Name - Car name - Lap time C7-Rejects - G-11 Tricae - 0:47 Colonel Cbplayer - Toyota AE86 - 0:49 EpicSpaceTroll139 - Selenium I II R - 0:56 LABenterprises - G-Force 2.0LM - 0:56 LABenterprises - B19 - 1:10 "ANYTHING GOES" RACERS: Name - Car name - Lap time -no submissions yet- "ANYTHING / EVERYTHING" RACERS: Name - Car name - Lap time -no submissions yet