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Found 1 result

  1. There was legend of a planet in a distant galaxy far far away where little green men crawled out of the water and well decided land just wasn't enough. There was the sky. And beyond that? Well nobody really knew what came after the sky. These creatures were called Kerbals and other species on other planets would probably liken them to little green rednecks. This is Lukes Awesome Space Agency or LASA for comedic effect. Who is luke? He is the one they call the architect, the grand designer, the ultimate noob...... BIIILLLL GET AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER!!!!! There are a few rules to go by. 1) Unless there is a remote command all crewed missions will require a Pilot or at least a one star Kolonist. 2) Have fun with it. 3) Add more rules as you remember/think of them. It begins