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Found 2 results

  1. For clarification this would be Kerbin Orbiter's space program however that save is corrupted and well I've done two saves on that one so this is the third save ive added a few mods, removed some aswell, most notably RT because KOS refuses to do anything with RT installed even with a connection BREAKING PRESS RELEASE! so are you planning to go to Duna? KSEA-"yes we are we plan to go to Duna by the end of the decade" will you be using falcon heavy? KSEA-"no we won't we will be unavailing the rocket in around 10 days all I can tell you is it's HUGE" woule you take it to the Mun and/or Minmus? KSEA-"we will take it to the Mun but not Minmus because Minmus doesn't have the gravity" info: Currently the KSEA is working towards a recoverable rocket (this is the time i show you my code) Launch vehicles how to get involved Scheduled launches: Mission: Kerbinorbiter sat One objectives: Launch the satilite into orbit Secondary objective: Safe splashdown in the ocean Updates: we are now constructing a space station, i will also put the save file for downlaod every fortnight (two weeks) mod list incase you want to create a module for me video versions (release one soon!)
  2. Program status: hold due to SSSTS 3 mission falure first a bit of backround i feel as its important as it can explain the story a bit more the kerbals had been flung into a new dimension in that they uncovered plans for a "Space Shuttle" they made one and called it "The Jeb" they knew it would fly...but not as well as it did i am also going to be launching your payloads for SSSTS 3 and beyond This is the story of the SSSTS program... this is quite long-winded so strap your straps...were was i going with that one Ok, the new plan... restart the SSSTS program at SSSTS 3 and change up things firstly, ill be taking the shuttle for 1 mission a day and slowly work through your suggested payloads into LEO and every 5-20 missions i will launch one of my payloads (dont have the payload over 60 parts as my pc may melt...unfortunately however you may weld the satilite into 1 part if you wish but you will have to tell me what the coordernates are) the mods are RSS and RO (no sugested mods) SSS (space shuttle system) and ISS community (those are realy the only mods i use i will update them as i go along) mission: SSSTS 1 Commander: Jeb Pilot assistant Val Mission specalist 1: Bill Mission specialist 2: Bob Vehicle: Jeb Objectives Test the vehicle and retern it safely back to Earth Mission: SSSTS 2 Vehicle: columbia Commander: Jebadah Kerman Pilot assistant: Valentena Kerman Mission Specialist Bob Kerman Mission type (public secret or military): secret Objectives: Test Canadarm for future satilite launching test capture mechanism with Test Sat I release satilite test the canadarm when going home (get it in the payload bay essensialy) test the new life support system Mission Time: 3:22 hours Mission Photos SSSTS 3 Vehicle: Discovery Crew: Crisuki Kerman Laalla Kerman Daphphia kerman Gusvin Kerman Payload: To Be Decided (TBD) Planed Duration: 3 Days the news as of now: the ENOK (Earth Nations of Kerbals) has shut the program down unfortunately the new program is yet to be announced