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Found 2 results

  1. Not sure if it is already posted,but i'm using a corsair K55 French AZERTY keyboard,i used the change layout function to switch all my keys instantly to that perfect layout (very handy feature!) problem is it still thinks its a QWERTY keyboard,i tried changing them manually too but nope ZSQD stays WASD ... Please help...
  2. Up till now, I've built rockets that look like real ones **cough, asparagus staging, cough** ok, well, the top bit looked conventional anyway. You'd have an upper stage that looks like this - Parachute Capsule Heat Shield Separator Fuel Tank Upper Stage Engine However, I ran into a problem trying to fulfill the contract to launch a load of space tourists on sub-orbital trajectories. Firstly, if you economise on the rocket part and just go straight up without adding much horizontal velocity, you re-enter at a very steep angle and smack into the ground before slowing down enough to get the chute out. Secondly, if you do re-enter from an orbital trajectory, adding a mk1 crew cabin below the capsule can muck up the aerodynamics so it no longer enters heatshield first, and burns up. Now, as someone who built spaceplanes in KSP long before he managed to figure out rocket flights, the solution sounds obvious. Put some steerable fins on the re-entry vehicle so that a) in sub-orbital flights, you can angle the thing away from prograde once you've slowed down enough to not burn up, that way you can get the chutes out in time. b) keep your heatshield facing the right way before that point. However, since the heatshield is at the bottom of the re-entry vehicle this necessitates putting the fins at the top, and since the re-entry vehicle sits at the very top of the rocket stack, it means you have one set of fins at the very tip of the rocket, which makes it aerodynamically unstable. The solution was to reorganise the upper stage so the fins can be attached nearer the stack's CG, and to re-enter nose first. New layout - Nose Cone Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Inline cockpit Mk 1 Crew Cabin Upper Stage Engine Since it is the final propulsive stage, there is no additional delta v to be gained by separating the upper stage's fuel tanks and engine from the vehicle, unlike with spent lower stages. If you like living dangerously, you can in fact skip the heatshield altogether and watch as the nose cone, then one fuel tank after another overheat and explode. BOOM ..... red bar.. BOOM ! red bar.... will you run out of disposable parts before completing re-entry? However, i figured out the recovery value of the tanks is more than the cost of a heat shield, so i eventually added one between the nose cone and first tank. Also, the fuel tanks actually give body lift which is helpful with arresting the sub orbital trajectory plunge and gives a little cross-range capability. You can still do sub-staging, by putting stack separators between tanks, to jettison empty tanks/useless aero nose cones, once out of the atmo. A picture is worth a thousand words, so.. Why aren't real ships built this way? Well for a start, I suppose it means propellant lines running through crew cabins, with possibility of leaks etc. Kerbals complain that monopropellant makes their snacks taste funny.