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Found 7 results

  1. Many of you may like building with LEGO. Me, I LOVE it. Here's some of my stuff: Unfortunately I lost the password to my Flickr account and I don't have time to reset it right now, so check out my website! ^ It's pronounced O-Lay, after the founder of LEGO.
  2. after I saw sky vagrant's X craft video I thought it would be cool to have a challenge based on the idea of taking a toy or model of some sort and making a ksp craft based on it. whoever makes the best recreation of one of the three lego's below by the end of may, wins the challenge
  3. Having a break for two weeks is good. Unfortunately, after a week and a half, my TV called it quits and stopped working. Still having 3-4 days left of holidays, I opened up the cupboard, and took out my large LEGO collection. 5 hours later, I had a 'train'. Not being happy with the finished result, I then completely redesigned it, and I am sharing it now. Take a look below. - The front of the train - Lights and horn unit. - Back of the train - Side view - Driver's cab, featuring mini-bed at the back, and coffee cup. - Underside. Two sets of four wheels provide good traction. And that's it. A design based on a diesel freight train, with matching yellow, white, and grey colours. Hope you enjoy it, TCIS.
  4. I have decided to post my LEGO Saturn V and some of my other Space-related shtuffs. Enjoy! Here's the box: When I got home after a long day, this box at the front door really made up for my exhaustion. Here's my little "display:" From left to right: Saturn 1B orientation manual, the Apollo capsule splashed-down, the July 21st 1969 newspaper from San Fransisco, showing the headline of the Moon landing, and the 12" Apollo astronaut that my Dad collected a long time ago. Here's stage S-IVB, the LEM service bay, and the CSM, as well as the Launch escape system. I broke the fairing apart and removed the LES to show the LEM in the "garage." The LEM and CSM docked in "Luner" orbit. The engine detail for Stage S-IVB. Here we have Stage S-II. Engine detail for S-II. Stage S-IC: Engine detail for Stage S-IC. Now, for the final "LEGO" pic. The rocket standing straight up in my driveway with a soda can as a "control." The entire thing is THREE FEET TALL!! NON-LEGO PICS: Saturn 1B manual. July 21st 1969 newspaper: 12" Apollo figure. Detail on the pack of the figure. Wow. I think that's it. What do you guys think?
  5. Stopped by a Lego store on my way home from work and grabbed the new Saturn V rocket kit they just released today (June 1 2017). Unfortunately, I wont get to start building until later tonight or this weekend due to the small children I have in the house (one would "help" by hoarding and hiding parts, the other would probably try to eat them because everything that can be grabbed is obviously delicious). I will follow up here with pics of the build if there is any interest. Alternatively, if anyone else has the kit and wants to one-up me by posting their own build pics, this is the thread. Feel free to do so if you want! Here's the box. PS4 controller there to give it scale. I also got a free kit (the little yellow/orange box) with a minifig and some random parts, presumably because I spent over a certain dollar amount. 12 bags of parts and an instruction manual about a 1/4 inch thick. This is going to take more than a few hours. The first couple pages of the manual have some neat historical info on the rocket, some tech specs and diagrams, and info on the guys who came up with the kit idea and the Lego designers that finished the kit and made it happen. The first 6 bags of parts are for the S-IC stage only.
  6. I am looking to get a Lego airplane imported into KSP and I am willing to pay someone to do it. The airplane is built in Lego Digital Designer, and can be exported into a 3ds or an obj file format. See pics of the plane here: More pics can be provided as well as various files for it. The airplane can be broken into various components such as the cockpit, main fuselage, tail, wings, tail fins, ailerons, etc. so it may be assembled in KSP. There are four engines on the plane, and it should operate in atmosphere and vacuum. Perhaps the attributes of the aerospike and an air breathing engine could be copied from the original game. An IVA would also need to be made. Perhaps someone could explain how to maintain compatibility for future versions of KSP provided the modeling doesn't need to be drastically changed. Hopefully the poly count can be reduced. Don't need those Lego nubs sticking out. I want the shape to remain the same, but there can be a degree in freedom with small details. I built the plane as a child and I would love to see it fly in KSP. I don't mind helping financially in exchange for the modeling/coding/etc. Let me know if you are interested in the project and we can talk details.
  7. Hello everyone! XCLD, a Lego Ideas user has put together another awesome space set after his old ISS got disapproved (Despite reaching 10,000 followers, Lego decided not to produce it). He has come back with a Nice, Small, but not any less awesome Mini ISS. Here it is: He has made such an awesome little thing that I am sure a lot of people will support. Here is what he is including so far: He makes awesome sets, so check him out here and if you can, support his model here! Wish him luck, and just so everyone knows, I'm not XCLD but rather a person very excited about what he creates. I'll update this page so check back here if you are interested in this. [Edit]: Here's a link to his website for everyone!