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Found 2 results

  1. Mod Licencing Options

    Hi All, What are the options for licences and which is 'Best'? Also if the Mod is based on a Film, Series or sum such (e.g. Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, Halo etc...) what are the conditions or requirements? and as most Mods are made for the love of the game is it even a consideration? As noted in other posts I'm new to Modding and would appreciate any help/pointing in the right direction
  2. so Ive been amassing quite a collection of self written module manager patches, and am thinking about releasing them as a single pack or set of mods. (some only change simple things, one is in the works to add ablative nozzles to engines and/or electrode wear to ion engines) my question is, i modify stock and modded parts alike. would it violate the license to distribute a mod that changes the overall feel of another mod without explicit permission? and if not, would it be impolite? would most mod makers be ok with it?