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Found 26 results

  1. simple mod request

    Hi all, Whilst I really like IFILS for its total simplicity, I would like to add in a possible 'extension' mechanic for it. What I am looking for is a plugin that has the ability to generate a resource (or multiple resources) specified by a cfg file. The amount and name of the resource(s) would be generated per kerbal in a craft, would begin at launch. Kind of a IFILS in reverse I guess but without the ability to kill any kerbal as excess resources would be dumped overboard. Simple life support mods such as CLLS or IFILS could then be extended by modders. I don't think it would need a GUI - it would be something that just sat in the background doing its thing. Another way of thinking about it would be to consider kerbals being little RTGs, producing a different resource to electricity (hopefully specifiable). Would anyone please be able to create this for me , or point me in the right direction to a mod that already does this? I've tried fudging this using the ModuleResourceConverter/Harvester/ Generator but can't get it to work in a meaningful way. Thanks, and thanks @linuxgurugamer and thanks @-MM- for ensuring that the simple LS mods are awesome! Peace.
  2. So since I've started playing I've somehow never launched a proper mission to other planets (other than the odd probe). I got back into KSP a while ago thanks to adding a pile of mods that add the depth I was after (mainly everything and anything USI and Near Future) and I've now decided that a massive mission to Duna sounds like a plan to step up from my multiple 20 kerbal colonies on the Mun and Minmus. Currently I'm figuring something along the idea of a Martian style mission - probe dropped supplies ahead of the mission with a minimum duration on the surface of 30 days (just cause). Basically this all boils to a rather simple question - assuming the stock solar system - roughly how long sounds like a good budget for life support supplies / habitation? I reckon I need to allow at least 300 days for the transfer there plus surface mission time (30 days) but when is the best launch window for return? Is this going to be the expeditionary mission I'm planning on or should Jeb and co be planning for a year or more sat there?
  3. As you can see from the title, I have been looking for a conversion and life support chart, for ksp 1.2.2. I was wondering if anyone has stumbled by them and can send me a link to the web page. Thank You!
  4. [1.22, 1.3.1] OPT_USI v1.3.0

    A single config mod. Converts select OPT parts for use with USI Life Support. Requested by a handful but I'm sure will be welcome by dozens. It's not being offered as a patch to be included in the OPT downloads as USI LS may change drastically, rendering this (as a bundled patch) quickly outdated. Download it from: GitHub sandbox SpaceDock Includes MiniAVC so everyone can be aware of updates. Comments and suggestions welcome. Does this need a license? If so, CC-BY-NC-SA. Feature list:
  5. Hi guys, Can someone look at this image and tell me if TAC is glitching or I just don't understand how it works? I have Electric Charge in the command module, but TAC says I'm out of electricity. Is TAC Electricity a different thing? Wasn't finding any tutorials around with that detail. Thanks!
  6. Hi I'm not quite new to the forums, but haven't been active a lot. Now I decided to share some of my epic missions with you. I'm playing this almost vanilla, just with some minor mods for precise planning, better visuals and of course, to make it more plausible: life support. An (almost) complete mod list: Distant Object Enhancement Environmental Visual Enhancements Kerbal Alarm Clock KAS KIS Persistent Rotation PlaneShine SCANSat scatterer Stock Visual Enhancements TAC Life Support MechJeb SimpleContruction Planetary Base Systems Konstruction Link to my gallery: The pale blue dot, circling the green giant has captivated generations of Kerbals since the beginning of astronomy. With the beginning of the space age, Kerbalkind got to taste what it could be to visit it's mysterious twin for the first time. But to find out, what it would look like to visit the beaches of this far off world, there was alot lot learn, a lot of progress to be made, and a lot of mistakes that were awaiting brave pioneers. The KSP, the Kerbal Space Program, as it was officially named had quite some successful missions: Landing a unmanned UAV on Duna: Duna Direct: The Ravenstar: The Rolling Thunder: But all these missions served only one purpose: the get to Laythe one day. Finally, KSC accumulated enough bright minds, technology and of course funds to start with this humongous undertaking. Part I: The construction of the DSV Hermes
  7. I have tried out many life support mods in the past, but none of them were just right for me. Even USI-LS, with all its configurability, is a bit too unfriendly in Career mode, where often it ends up that probes are much more viable than crewed missions. I have no experience modding or coding in C#, but with interest, help, and a little more time on my hands I would love to try. My concept aims to encourage resupply missions without mandating them, as well as encouraging big, multi crew motherships without pesky hab requirements. My concept is here if anyone has feedback on it.
  8. [1.3] Airline Kuisine v1.5.0

    Everyone's favorite life support in everyone's favorite shapes. View Album This is my first real parts pack, built on the very basics: modified tanks. What it does is provide a set of Mk2 and Mk3 fuselage parts that behave like stem cells. They are useless and merely structural by default but once a life support mod is found they become functional for and thematically tied to that mod. They intend to reduce part count (cargo bays stuffed with little tanks), enlarge capacity and functionality on built craft, and even enable shareable crew-sustaining spaceplanes between LS modded games. I'm unable to use Unity or Blender so I must make do with only custom textures for giving visual distinction to the parts. Manipulating modules I can do fairly well. The custom crew cabin should hold only 2 and it lights up in more places than just the windows. Support is up for: Snacks!, TAC, USI and Kerbalism. Featured Parts: Mk2 2x Long tanks for food/waste/supplemental resources 3x Short tanks for food/waste 3x Inline converters (for USI, one becomes a greenhouse) 2x Rec Centre (2-seat cabins) with hab FX (one of which also has KIS space) Mk3 1x Medium tank 1xShort tank 2x tiny (from the MonoPropellant) tank. One for non-switching consumables and one for waste. 1x Rec Centre (8 seats) with HAB FX and KIS space 3x Inline converters (One of which is always a greenhouse) Known Issues: None yet. Please give feedback. Changelog: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may derive and modify the textures and add parts based on them as you like. If you publish your works for others' use do provide attribution within your download file and download page.
  9. Download latest release for KSP 1.3.1 Wiki Source Unsupported releases for older KSP versions: v1.0.1 for KSP 1.3.0, v0.5.3 for KSP 1.2.2 This mod introduces many aspects of astronauts' health management to KSP. It makes the game more challenging but also more realistic, encourages smarter mission planning, and adds to the fun. It works well alongside most popular mods. Features Every kerbal has Health Points (HP). Maximum HP increase with kerbals' level. A newbie has 100 HP while a 5-level kerbal has 150 (by default). Kerbals' HP change, including in background and in timewarp, based on a range of factors such as living space, presence of crewmates, gravity, and specific ship parts. E.g., a level 1 kerbal will typically survive 11 days in a 1-man pod before becoming exhausted and turning into a Tourist. Kerbals need time to recuperate at the KSC between flights to restore full health. If a kerbal's health goes under 20%, he/she is exhausted and becomes a tourist. They will go back to work when health grows back to 25%. If a kerbal's health falls to 0, he/she dies! Kerbals experience radiation, both cosmic and artificial, which permanently affects their maximum health. You can protect from radiation by using shielding and choosing safer mission profiles. Kerbals may fall sick, have health accidents or panic attacks: prepare for contingences! Health Monitor lets you check on all your kerbals in KSC and in flight. Health Report in Editor helps design comfy and healthy craft. A configurable low health alert will warn you when you are about to lose a kerbal. Compatibility patches support a range of parts mods (see below). All of these settings are easily changed or disabled in-game and with ModuleManager patches. Health Factors The following factors may affect kerbal's health: Assigned (kerbal is on a mission): -0.5 HP/day Crowded (effect scaled in proportion to crew/capacity ratio): -5 HP/day for a full vessel Loneliness (only 1 kerbal on the vessel, badass kerbals are immune): -1 HP/day Microgravity (orbital or suborbital flight or under 0.1 g conditions, e.g. Minmus): -0.5 HP/day EVA: -10 HP/day (don't abandon your kerbals outside for long!) Sickness (the kerbal is marked as Sick, cures after some time): -2 HP/day Connected (having a working CommNet to home): +0.5 HP/day Home (on Kerbin at altitude of under 18 km): +2 HP/day KSC (kerbal is recuperating in KSC, i.e. available): +5 HP/day These values, like most others in the mod, are adjustable in Difficulty Settings. Certain parts (Hitchhiker, crew cabin, and the Cupola) can reduce the effect of a health factor (Crowded in this case) allowing for much longer and healthier flights. It requires EC though. Hab rings (e.g. in MKS) can help overcome microgravity issues for long-term stations and interplanetary missions. All these features can be changed using ModuleManager patches. Health Recuperation and Health Decay Certain parts (such as the Cupola) provide Recuperation bonuses. If a kerbal receives, say, a 3% recuperation bonus, he/she will recover 3% of their lacking health (i.e. of the difference between their current HP and the maximum HP) every day. This change works in parallel with the normal health factors above. Example: A 5-star kerbal (maximum HP = 150) currently has 40 Health Points and is in a vessel that gives him 5% recuperation. The vessel is full, has connection and he has a crewmate. Therefore that he recovers (150 - 40) x 5% = 5.5 HP per day and loses also (0.5 + 5 + 0.5 - 0.5) = 5.5 HP per day. It means that the marginal change balances out the "normal" change and his health will stay around 40 HP (27%) until the situation changes. As you see, this mechanics may allow some kerbals to stay relatively healthy indefinitely. It may look cheaty, but the point is that: (1) there should be a way to design long-term missions without spamming crew space, (2) it requires a lot of heavy parts and therefore still difficult, (3) the balanced health level is usually far from 100% and may fall lower if circumstances change (e.g., new crew arrives and fills the station), (4) these bonuses require a lot of EC, (5) radiation still keeps mounting (see below). Radiation All kerbals on missions are affected by radiation, which slowly but permanently reduces their maximum HP. Radiation is measured in banana equivalent doses (about 1e-7 Sv), or simply bananas. 1e7 (10,000,000) bananas reduce max HP by 25%; 4e7 bananas kill a kerbal. Currently, there is no way to reduce the dose and, if it is added in the future, it's going to be really hard. The amount of radiation a kerbal receives depends on many factors. Most importantly, it is determined by their location. Planetary magnetic fields and atmospheres reduce radiation substantially; being very close to a celestial body may screen half of the rays too. E.g., radiation level at Kerbin's surface is 2,000 times lower than in interplanetary space just outside Kerbin's SOI. Cosmic radiation is also greater closer to the Sun. Being on EVA takes away all the protection your ship provides and dramatically increases radiation level. Artificial radiation is created by certain part like atomic engines and nuclear reactors. You can protect kerbals from radiation (both cosmic and artificial) by adding shielding to the vessel. It is provided by some parts, like structural panels, heat shields and mk3 cargo bays. These parts and most crew pods can be improved by adding Radiation Shielding to them in the Editor. You can never eliminate all radiation, but you can reduce it significantly. You may use this tool to calculate radiation effects. Copy it to your Google Drive or download as XLSX to edit. Random Events Kerbals' organisms, like ours own, are not always predictable. Sometimes, very rarely, you may see random events that can impact your whole mission. Now you need to prepare for contingencies like real space programs do. You may completely disable or fine-tune the event system in settings. Sickness/Curing: a kerbal can become sick and start losing health quickly. This condition heals itself after some time, but you may have to evacuate the kerbal to KSC (or bar him/her from flights) before their health falls too low. On average, kerbals catch flu once every 200 days and cure after 20 days or so. Note that these diseases have incubation periods, so it may be wise to quarantine kerbals for several weeks before sending them on an interplanetary trip. Panic Attack: when your kerbal's is on a mission, he/she may epxerience a panic attack and become uncontrollable for up to 3 hours. This event's probability depends on the kerbal's health (the lower, the more likely) and courage (the lower, again, the more likely) of the kerbal, the maximum average frequency is once per 100 days. Accident: your kerbals loses a random percentage of their current health (20 to 50%). This event's chance depends on kerbal's stupidity, but generally happens very rarely (every 1,000 days on average with 50% stupidity). However, it can become an important factor for very long missions. Requirements Module Manager Supported Mods B9 Aerospace Blizzy's Toolbar Deadly Reentry Continued DeepFreeze Continued FASA Kerbal Atomics KPBS KSP-AVC KSP Interstellar Extended SpaceY Heavy Lifters USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) USI-LS Conflicts & Incompatibilities Any mod (such as USI-LS), which can temporarily make kerbals Tourists, can conflict with Kerbal Health if both mods change kerbals' status and then rutn it back. In some situations it may mean that your kerbals will remain Tourists indefinitely or become active too soon. Kerbal Health tries to fix some of these situations, but cannot prevent all of them. It is recommended to disable habitation mechanics of USI-LS' (and other mods') as these largely have the same goal as Kerbal Health. RemoteTech's connection state is not supported for the purpose of the Connected Factor status. This issue will be resolved once RemoteTech 2.0 is released. Meanwhile, you may disable both Connected and Assigned factors to keep balance. Future Features New mechanics: injuries, medical supplies, quarantine, and whatnot... API for collaboration with other mods Feedback & Bug Reports I love feedback! Tell me what you think about the mod, what ideas, suggestions or complaints you have. If you have a bug report, please provide an output log while in Debug Mode (use in-game settings to enable) or at least give exact instructions how to reproduce it. License: MIT Changelog
  10. In MKS, you need electric charge, mulch and fertilizer to make supplies for your Kerbals. Electric charge is easy to get using solar panels and mulch is created by kerbals. However, fertilizer is the one where i cant seem to think of a way to get other than shipping it from kerbin. Is there a way to get Fertilizer when on a ground base? (there is mining in KSP now but i havent touched it much as i recently started a new modded playthrough so im yet to encounter mining). Maybe certain resources can produce fertilizer, but im not sure which ones do and what machine is needed to extract and process this into fertilizer. This might be a noobish question but like i said i recently started a new profile with life support and therefore havent had much to do with mining yet. Thanks.
  11. Well, if you have more than one life support mod installed, you might want to convert their respective resources. Here is a mod that lets you do so! Download: Here PLACEHOLDER TEXTURE/MODEL IN USE RIGHT NOW, LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DO THE TEXTURE/MODEL (I'm no good at that stuff) Snacks, USI Life Support, and Kerbalism are currently supported. Note: The LSStuff resource is a buffer. Yeah, I should probably add a license, which one is applicable? All Rights Reserved, All that stuff. If you want to use my code, just ask nicely.
  12. Assuming that you agree that Life Support should be at least a toggle-able difficulty option in stock, which mod would serve the feel and tempo of the game best? The inclusion of well-made mods into the vanilla experience is something we have seen before. Should @SQUAD begin considering candidate mods for Life Support, which one(s) would you prefer they look at? Why? And in connection with your choice, what changes -if any- would the stock mechanics need to maintain balance?
  13. Hello. I have been working on a simple life support mod and I was wondering, how much EC should a Kerbal consume while on EVA per minute? How much should they store? I am looking for something slightly realistic. The mod will only use EC as it is a no part-very simple life support mod. Thanks, Benji13.
  14. After completing a pretty successful (So far, we'll see how the return goes :/) interplanetary mission with USI Life Support and UKS, (Partially based on SpaceX's Interplanetary Transport System) I decided to post a few things that are in my mind pretty much essential for a successful mission. Lower the consumption rate. This one is not completely necessary, but it's a good idea if it's you first time or, you've had trouble in the past. I did it, and my justification for it is that by default a Kerbal consumes 16.2 kg of supplies per day, whereas a human consumes about 3 kg of food and water per day. That seems a bit excessive. I know that they include water for bathing, and other things, but I think they would be able to clean the water and re-purpose it if they were sending Kerbals into space. This can be done by going into the USI Life Support Settings.cfg and changing SupplyAmount (and WasteAmount respectively). I changed it to 0.0025, but it's up to you. Also, if you are using UKS then you need to do this in USI-LS.cfg. On that note: Use UKS. Believe me, this is a game changer. Using UKS, you have access to inflatable modules, which means you don't have to launch all these crazy shaped structures and land them, just to have a semi good looking base. Other than that, it will give so many more features to your base, allowing you to eventually turn it into a whole colony. Plan ahead. This is a big one, and it's straightforward. This can vary from an intricate spreadsheet, to just making sure in the VAB that you're sending enough supplies. On top of Supplies, make sure that you're vessels can do everything that you need them to do. Multiple launches. This may be annoying, but sometimes it's the only way to go. My mission had 4 vehicles that landed on the surface before the crew even got into space: A habitation module, A greenhouse/storage module, a huge lander with a crap ton of supplies, and an ore processor to make fuel. Make it pretty. This is not necessary, but it will make your base more awesome. If you do these things than you might have something like (or probably better) than this:
  15. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. Two years later, the game has advanced and while the original author appears to have moved on, it was time to give Snacks an update. Snacks Continued retains the simplicity of the original mod while adding new options. You can configure things like snacks consumed per meal, meals per day, enable/disable recycling, recycling efficiency, and various penalties for hungry kerbals including reputation loss, fines, and partial loss of vehicle control. You can even enable/disable random snacking if desired. Just like with the stock CommNet, the penalties won't brick your mission- or your save. And if you're new to Snacks Continued, please consult the KSPedia. KSPedia images License Source code: The MIT License (MIT) Snack Tin artwork by SQUAD/Porkjet: CC-BY-NC 3.0 Portions of this codebase are CC-BY-NC 3.0 and derived from Taranis Elsu's Window class. Module Manager by Sarbian Installation Delete any previous instances in GameData/Snacks Copy the files in the zip folder over to GameData/Snacks
  16. Bring some new real world inventions and ideas to KSP... Planes have many different landing gears and I feel that spamming small landing legs is wrong, so maybe we could use some SpaceX like landing legs ideas for larger landers? Draco like engine (with pretty shell that is on Dragon V2) with thrust between 24-77 "Twitch" Liquid Fuel Engine and Mk-55 "Thud" Liquid Fuel Engine, because there is huge gap between those engines. This engine would be very useful for development of medium weight landers/crafts. Anyone heard about this huge airship? It could be fun to have those in KSP, with ability to hover on few kilometres above land or sea... It is 1.2 version of KSP and still no pressurised rover cabin... guys it is wrong! Since we have water pressure, can we have proper submarines parts? That would allow to submerge just like in real world? Also jet engine for sea ships or submarines doesn't look good Kerbals should have at least one oil ring, barge or some ship on the planet... so we could use it as landing pad. In carrier mode recovering craft from this spot could be cheap, but not as cheap as recovering it from KSC. We could also use some very large structural parts, some of them could be flat as barge landing pad. Ramps... this is not new technology, so why we still have no simple ramps? Another not new technology, but still not available for Kerbals... tracks. Planet could be covered with few railroads, Russians use them to transport their Soyuz? So why we can't use it to transport our rockets or planes on different parts of planet? We would also need special wheels that would stick on tracks. Life Support: I've read few ideas about life support and almost everywhere people were afraid that this would make game too much repeatable. In 1.2 I can see "hibernate" option for probes, maybe we could have hibernation option for Kerbals? So once we are focused on other missions our space station/base is draining less resources that on normal use. It could require additional part, something like "hibernation compartment". Once kerbals are in hibernation they should lose all experience, but not permanently, they would recover it slowly once you awake them. After being awake recovery of experience points should be slow and take day or two. Also making kerbals uncontrollable for some time after being awake should force players to plan ahead and do not use hibernation for every time they are going to manage super short missions elsewhere.
  17. Currently in the new Devnotes Thursday, there is a debate going on about the addition of life support to stock. There are some very good points, and if you want to check it out, go ahead. But this is about that too. I have one question to ask. Should Life Support be stock?
  18. When is TAC Life Support going to be available for 1.1.2? Link discussions about it if there are any.
  19. Simple Life Support

    Hey guys. I've been looking at some life support mods and I was wondering if there where any with only Oxygen with 1 or 2 tanks and some sort of way to produce it for stations. I don't want too many parts. If there is a mod that has more than that (like food, waste, CO2) that I could modify, that would be fine. Thanks in advance.
  20. This thread has been superseded by a new release thread from JPLRepo: Find it here Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support (TACLS) update and development Mod License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Creative Commons License TACLS originally by Taranis Elsu TAC Life Support is under new management in conjunction with the Realism Overhaul team! We are glad for the opportunity to keep this great mod alive. We are also very grateful to @TaranisElsu for creating TAC Life Support. Our hats are off to him. What is TACLS? TAC Life Support is a mod which adds food, water, oxygen, and electric charge as requirements for survival in space. Go without support for too long, and your Kerbals die a non-fiery death! Included are parts with storage for food, water, oxygen, waste products, as well as some recyclers for oxygen and water. It does not include support for growing food, but there are many mods which play well with TACLS to provide this functionality. It also integrates well into Realism Overhaul! No pics right now, but they'll be posted soon! SUPPORT REQUESTS - PLEASE READ I've been noticing two different kinds of support requests. The first kind involves errors (buttons don't work, kerbals don't die like the kerbals they are, parts aren't available in editor, and so on). This is the kind we like to solve and help you get past. Please include detailed descriptions of the issue, screenshots, logs, mods installed, and so on, and we'll get it straightened out. The second kind is less concrete and involves requests for assurance that this mod works. It works. If you're unsure about how it works, make a new sandbox save and kill kerbals to your heart's content there. Any additional posts of the "I'm afraid to try this" variety will be referred back to this OP. Installation and Dependencies Please delete any previous installations of GameData/ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupport before installing this. Module Manager and Community Resource Pack are both required dependencies. They are included in the download for your convenience. DOWNLOAD v0.12.2 Source Changelog: Development Planning Thread
  21. Thunder Aerospace Corporation Life Support (TACLS) update and development Mod License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Creative Commons License TACLS originally by Taranis Elsu TAC Life Support is under new management in conjunction with the Realism Overhaul team! We are glad for the opportunity to keep this great mod alive. We are also very grateful to @TaranisElsu for creating TAC Life Support. Our hats are off to him. What is TACLS? TAC Life Support is a mod which adds food, water, and oxygen as requirements for survival in space. Go without support for too long, and your Kerbals die a non-fiery death! Included are parts with storage for food, water, oxygen, waste products, as well as some recyclers for oxygen and water. It does not include support for growing food, but there are many mods which play well with TACLS to provide this functionality. While this thread held a brief caretaker spot as a release thread until our bigger release was going, it is now a dedicated development thread. Please find the release thread here. Source Development Plans: I intend to keep the scope of this mod narrowly focused on life support and building on the present mechanic. I would like to improve a few things: Better background processing of electric charge consumption MM-friendly configuration and settings Adding switch functionality (container contents, textures/meshes) along with parts overhaul to reduce editor clutter Working with @TMS for improved part models and textures. We'll discuss this in detail, but we're now ready to do so. 3.75m parts (next update for sure) Additional suggestions for features are welcome! We can't guarantee they'll be integrated, but we're always open to good ideas. ----------------------------------------------
  22. Sorry if this question was posted before, couldnt find anything like this. I love Kerbalism, the real time simulation that calculates every ships resources, food, oxygen in the background. But I just cant play without RemoteTech. So my question: Is there anything I can do to make a system that work like the combination of the two mods above?
  23. This is a request to all life support (USI, TAC, Snacks) to change the way they are. Reasons: Kerbals are green. Green implies photosynthesis. This means they should use water, sunlight, and CO2, and Oxygen (for cellular respiration) Biproducts are a water (from cellular respiration), and Oxygen. So basically all Kerbals need to survive is sunlight. Just look up the process of photosynthesis if you want to know why it would be an infinite cycle.
  24. Closed Loop Life Support (CLLS) is a simple life support mod which aims at simulating a small, self-contained system for keeping Kerbals alive during long voyages through space. It adds a new resource "LifeSupport" which is consumed by Kerbals at a rate of one unit per day. If your crew runs out of life support they will die. To prevent this dire fate, this mod adds new life support containers to increase the maximum mission time as well as life support generators, which will allow you to create self sufficient ships and stations, provided you have enough electricity. Download 1.3 (for KSP 1.3.x): 1.1 (for KSP 1.2.1): Features Kerbals will require life support to stay alive (1 unit per 6 hour day). All parts with crew capacity will hold a small amount of life support (3 units per crew-slot). Kerbals on EVA will take 1 unit of life support from the ship and put it back once they return, giving you a maximum EVA duration of 1 day. Kerbals which have run out of life support will die. Life support can be extended with life support storage containers. For longer missions life support generators can be used to generate life support. This allows the creation of fully self-sufficient interplanetary ships and bases. The production-rate and thus the energy consumption of life support generators can be tweaked to avoid wasting resources. The life support usage and production is tracked for all ships, even in the background and during time warp. Technical Details This mod keeps track of the life support values of all vessels, even those which are not currently active. This is done by caching their last known consumption / production levels as well as their remaining resources. When an event is triggered that changes the game-world (like launching a ship, modifying an (inactive) vessel, saving the game or running out of life support), all vessels are updated. This should make it compatible with other mods which manipulate inactive vessels (like KSTS) while consuming only very little system resources.
  25. So I have been considering over the past month or two the creation of a life support system tailored to fit in with the USI mods, and also bring together some the bits I like about other mods already on the market, and add a few of my own tweaks, etc. This is pretty much my interpretation of how, if I were to go buy Kerbal in a store, I would expect a stock-ish life support system to work. I've been playing with it and minus a few refinements am very happy with the result. With that, I am pleased to introduce USI Life Support. Basic overview stuff. Mechanics wise, it's pretty simple. Kerbals require supplies. Kerbals also require EC. these are both on the same timer, so I just check supplies for the status window. When Kerbals are done consuming supplies, leftovers, scraps, and 'anything else' is either tossed overboard, or (if storage is available) tossed into a 'mulcher'. The resulting organic slurry is called 'mulch' and can be used to feed greenhouses, etc. at the player's discretion (or in the case of MKS, converted into Organics at varying levels of efficiency). 15 days out, the visuals go yellow (sorry, no auto-warp-slowdown-thingie, use KAC). When supplies run out, things go into the red. If you leave them unsupplied for 15 days... well, they just say 'screw it', get grouchy, and quit. They are still in the pod. they still take up a seat. But they can't fly, can't EVA, and essentially do the Kerbal equivelant of spinning around in their office chairs, refusing to work, until resupplied. This is a design consideration in that all of us, at least once, has just flat out done goofed, and lost a whole colony of Kerbals via glich or other sadness. Yes, death/despawn will be an option. Not the default one tho. Mechanics wise, they are transformed into tourists, as they are essentially on a self-imposed vacation Once resupplied, they are happy as clams and will return to work. While on EVA, they will not quit. But if they are brought back aboard a ship and have been starved (and can't find a hot meal waiting) they will promptly go in strike, and begin their self imposed vacation immediately. Orange suited Kerbals (Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val) are immune to the ill effects of life support. They will still consume supplies if given, but do not leave the job, because they are just that awesome. This always gives a player (especially a new one) an 'out' to test out a manned mission before actually committing your other kerbals, etc. to a horrible fate of snack deprivation. Yes, it's a bit more 'Kerbal' than TAC-LS, but also a lot more predictable and with harder consequences than 'Snacks'. It does, however, feel 'right' (at least to me) from a design standpoint. Parts wise: Three inline storage compartments. No extra recyclers needed. No resourced added to pods (the 15 day window covers all of the Kerbin SOI so no point). No random contracts. MKS/OKS Changes MKS wise, closed loop just got a lot harder/more interesting (depending on your point of view). The old C3 (now renamed to the Pioneer Module) will have a basic mulcher and greenhouse and can do recycling at 50% efficiency for up to four Kerbals. Kerbitats operate at 75% efficiency. Mk-IV modules (once released) will operate at 90% efficiency off-world, 100% efficiency on the surface (pulling in of local material is inferred, no extra drills required). Supplies come from organics. Organics come either from mulched supply waste, or from a combo of water/substrate. So surface bases are easier to get to self sufficiency - if they are on water/substrate deposits. Orbital will always be a pain - so you will need to fly up fresh organics or keep large stores. And since organics creation is not tied to the life support loop, building large surface farms is also pretty easy now. Dealing with hungry Kerbals So you can do some very interesting things. Run a command pod to dock reviving supplies/snacks to a starved out colony ship. Use one of your orange-suits to lead a mission and conserve supplies. Note that Kerbals are pretty damn aggressive about getting their snacks - the only way to lock them out of the biscuit tin is to click that little feed button by the resource on a part (same way we reserve some battery power for a probe). Note that a Kerbal about to starve (i.e. no supplies for 15 days) will in fact happily break open said biscuit tin. witty screen message included Design side note: So 'Mulch'. Waste was used, and too generic. And I wanted something that showed that the stuff was kinda useful, not edible, and felt more 'kerbal' (and less like poo!) if that makes sense. The idea of Kerbals tossing all of the spare bits and scraps into a contraption and getting out a semi-useful generic organic slurry had a certain appeal, hence the abstracted mulchers and mulch resource. The resource itself is just 'supplies' and has the visual representation of a translucent, semi-rounded green cube. What are they? Well... leave that to the imagination. But the labeling will read 'N.O.M.S. - (Nutritional Organic Meal Substitute)' on the tins LICENSE: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely DOWNLOAD: Get it at the GitHub Repo!