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Found 4 results

  1. The SIBM Hello my dear friend! Today i am going to showcase new creation!- SIBM "What the hell is that!?" That is an uninflated 3.75m base module! "What does it looks like when it is inflated?'' Surprise! It is very simple in construction and can easilly be sent to anywhere! Its mass is only 2t! How can i use this? What can it do? How does it inflates? What is it made of? 1.You can use it as a storage for everything! Kerbals Rovers Life Support Lab stuff Secret nuclear weapons 2. It can store stuff...kinda... 3. The inflation process is very quick! 4. It is made of navsats! (i forgot their name, sorry) What are minuses and pluses? -It is very vulnerable to reentry and impacts if not retracted. -Costs a lot -Difficult to assembly via KAS +Very very very lightweight +Doors are everywhere +Internet will be great +Doesn't require a lot of power to function +Easy to transport +You can use such design to create bases of any size +Can be used as orbital modules +Can be combined with other parts I won't post the thing because it is a design that is supposed to be used individually. Have fun. GG THIS WILL BE FORGOTTEN WON'T GET A REPLY OR A LIKE IN A WEEK GG
  2. whats your lighest vessel to go to the mun and bring crew back safely? my entry 2.498 Tons i spent quite while shaving 10kg's here 20kg's there for the past day or two, so i hope there isnt an obvious way to go any lighter without ladder exploits, best of luck
  3. start height - 220m start mass - 16 tons - - do i win with the lightest return vehicle? :¬)