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Found 25 results

  1. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A THREAD TO COMPLAIN TAKE IT ELSE WHERE THANK YOU So I am sitting here watching my modded KSP load and I wait patiently. I sit here and I wonder, what is the average time that everyone else waits for their client to load up? I am sitting pretty with about 106 some items in my GameData Folder. I usually wait for around, 30 mins for the game to load. What is the average wait time for you? By you I mean anyone that is taking the time to read this? I have a pretty modest gaming rig, I have an FX 8-core AMD processor, a dated Gigabyte Motherboard, 16 Gb of DDR3 Ram, and a Shiny New STRIX GTX 1060OC. I have thought about trimming my Mod Files, I am looking to make a Extensive Play-through Series. I will share what my GameData (see spoiler for link) Folder looks like, if anyone has some pro tips or what not, let me know.
  2. build id = 01804 2017.05.25 OS: Windows 10 64 bit at 17:52:25 CEST Is Using It From Steam Branch: master language = en-us I am helping my friend. He has done a clean install twice and it still is posing him with the same problem that I have never seen. When he creates a shuttle it will not let him Save it. Also on top of that, it will not let him load ones from when he was able to save, **VAB only SPH is working fine** Out_Put Log.txt He has found this like of code, I am unsure if it will help, Any thoughts? **UPDATE** 7/14/17 Ferry_Orpiter_mk2.craft (He has removed all .Craft files and re-added them, one by one till it broke again. he has discovered this file seems to break his ability to Save and Load Ships while in the VAB. Anyone know as to what could cause that?)
  3. My game will load but it stops at Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairingSize1/fairingSize1 The game doesn't freeze, because it keeps showing the witty loading comments. Help?
  4. I got the game a few minutes ago and tried looking for some mods to add, since i've always seen YouTubers like Robbaz play with giant ships or missiles, and miniguns, so I thought to put mods in since it looked so easy and fun. I put in KAX, SCANsat, HotRockets!, MechJeb, and Docking Port Allignment. The game loads but then stops and crashes exactly on ModuleManager: FINAL Links to crash.dmp, error.log, and KSP.txt in order:
  5. I am running KSP 1.2.2 with the Fall Of Kerbin Modpack, which is obviously a lot of mods, and none of my saves are loading, not even new ones. Instead, it just shows the loading icon in the bottom right corner, and plays the night theme (the crickets). Any help?
  6. I am encountering a crash during the game loading. As far as I can tell, all my mods are updated (Except for the Phoenix Industries mods, which I removed). Here are my mods. And here is the error file.
  7. I just installed the planetary base system mod (correctly I hope) and reloaded the game and I got to the start screen, and I clicked on start and now it is frozen on the page with start game option, settings option, etc. the graphics in the background are still working but when I go to click on start game (or anything else) it does nothing. I have no idea what is wrong. I (think) I installed the mod correctly. What may I have done wrong? thank you, in advance.
  8. Hello, I need help. AVC shows that I have 104 mods installed and it load forever, but when I had about 80 mods it loads in 20 minutes, now it is not in half way to load in 40 minutes. (If there are grammar mistakes, sorry, I don't use English often.)
  9. help my game is not loading it gets stuck in the middle and wouldn't load I tried restarting it but it still doesn't work !!! I just downloaded it
  10. I recently installed the game on my 13" Macbook Pro early 2015, and whenever I run the game it seems to load fine. It gets to the end – says "Squad/Spaces/mk2InlineInternal/Internal/mk2InlineInternal" – and remains stuck there. I am running the latest version of macOS Sierra, and I could not find any solutions to this problem, although there does seem to be a similar one where it got stuck on assets earlier in the loading sequence.
  11. I'm trying to set up a comms network by throwing up some satellite in low Kerbin orbit. I've watched a couple of tutorials and built myself an SSTO with a cargo bay. I then built a satellite small enough to fit in the cargo bay, but I'm having no luck at all trying to get the satellite loaded into the bay. How is it done? I loaded up the SSTO then load/merged my satellite in there but I can't get it to attach to the rear or front of the cargo bay. I've tried couplers on the satellite and on the cargo bay but no luck. I tried using docking ports instead of a coupler but that too did not work at all. What am I missing? I'm guessing it's something simple that I've not picked up on in the tutorials. How do you guys load and mount satellites in cargo bays?
  12. I noticed that the game takes longer to load asset bundle definitions than the rest of the game combined. I would assume that it would be a smaller file than the 3D models and textures of all the parts external views, and the iva models, and the sound files. What is this file, and why does this file take so long to load? edit: to clarify, I mean it takes 1-2 minutes to load, while my computer breezes through the rest of the loading before and after at about 30 seconds total, and I was wondering why it takes so long to load the asset bundle definitions. I take it that it is network related?
  13. I just updated KSP to 1.2.1 from the official website, and after opening it, the loading bar says "unpacking assets", so I have left it running overnight, hoping this will fix it, however, I do not know if it will work. If you have encountered this, I would be very grateful for helpful feedback on how to fix it. P.S. this is the Mac version.
  14. Since I updated KSP to V1.2, it loads all the way until it reaches the file "Spaces/PodCockpit/Internal/PodCockpit" asset. Then it stands there forever. RAM usage at this point is about 1 GB and I have still plenty of RAM free. Same happens with x64 version at the same moment during loading. Before the update from V1.1.2 to 1.2 I was able to run it in x86 and x64 mode with a couple of mods without problems. Oddly enough, it loaded exactly once after I made a completely fresh, unmodded install. But the problem recurred after starting it a second time and has since the exact same problem as described above. The output_log file does not give any immediate clue what's going wrong. - at least not for me. Can someone help here? I have found some similar topics with google, but no reliable solution was given in any of those. I'm running Win7 x64 on my laptop (it's not my gaming PC) 4 GB RAM 2x 2.13 GHz Intel Core2Duo CPU nVidia GT 230M with 512 MB dedicated VRAM
  15. So, When i try to launch KSP this happens And it never moves The last thing i did before this happened was launch an Ares I, And then KSP Crashed, So i decided to play sleeping dos, But after 1 day when i wanted to play KSP Again, The bug happens, Please help me fix this, I have tried running as administrator, And this KSP is from steam
  16. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! i reinstalled my game for a fresh start after my loading screen stopped at "loading asset bundle definitions" its still there after the reboot, i have no idea how to fix it!!! please help, i cant do anything. im on steam and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did have mods but i deleted them all.
  17. Hey guys, I just purchased ksp for mac on steam after playing the demo for a couple weeks. Once I downloaded it, I tried to launch but it just came up with a blank white window and started to spin forever. I cant find the mac support area so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I tried the whole permissions thing but I'm sure its not working or i'm doing it wrong. I'll attach a player log and hopefully someone can help me
  18. Dear devs and community, I have played many hours of KSP without problems, but now the loading time takes forever. I have a decent PC ( i7-4790K and GTX 770 ) and no other network adapters like the other had with the same problem. I tried uninstalling all mods, verifying game cache, clean install on both HDD and SSD (30 and 15 mins respectively), but as you can see 15 minutes loading running from an SSD on a semi-high end PC is quite long. The game does run fine after that, but does anyone have advice for this? It's rather annoying :/ Thanks in advance! ThePyCoder
  19. Yesterday, I installed Realism Overhaul with all of its dependencies and recommended mods and it failed to load. It was loading normally and suddenly (2-3 seconds after Module Manager finished its job) it stopped loading at around 80%. It was just standing there, HDD indicator was blank and nothing happened. I thought it was RAM issue, so I uninstalled all recommended mods and only things left were RO and its dependencies. Once again, it failed to load. Same problem. It stopped loading at around 80%. Either my PC hates me, or I have some big problems. Please, tell me that it is second one (You can also tell me the solution btw). Thanks in advance! UPDATE: I think that I may have found the problem. Real Fuels are stoping it from loading. Reporting soon.
  20. Hello, I searched for quite a while, and could not find an answer to my question. I just did a fresh install of the game on, but when I try to run ksp64 or the launcher I am taken to a black scene with "loading..." At the bottom where it stays frozen forever.
  21. Hi I just installed the new patches today. Yes I know I am behind. After they installed when I go to play the game it only goes to a black screen that shows loading. I completely reinstalled 1.0 and ran the patches again and the same thing happened. Please help
  22. Hello all! I have been tinkering with this 1.1 and I cannot get ANY Mod with parts to break past the 80% load mark. Always just stops. I can get a clean run to load and play, boring, I want a my fave mods up. Well, if it adds parts it appears to not go. I have started fresh, one at a time and always, always crashes out when I add something "with parts". Would it help to wipe and reload Kerbal fresh? I hate to do that if I don't have too however... this is quite annoying. The only part mod I've gotten to load is MekJeb! What's up with that? Any help would be great!
  23. I have yet to play the game, I just bought & downloaded it through steam and it is stuck loading and a black screen with a loading icon on the bottom right. I tried exiting out and opening it again but I keep getting the same problem.
  24. Hello, I am having an annoying issue. It just happened a while ago. I had an SSTO orbiting Kerbin, when I choose it from space center its delta wing explodes saying it has exploded at launch pad!! Then I decided to quit game and return and the annoying thing started here. Now, I can not load any of my saved games in the main menu. I just started a new career and came back to load it and it didn't work also... My career mode is so crucial because I am uploading videos on Youtube from that. It is so strange but that thing doesn't allow me play the game. edit: Now tried and saw that I am not able to run those Scenarios also. Just Kerbal Engineer Redux, Chatterer and Asteroid Day mods are installed and playing on Macbook.