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Found 14 results

  1. Automated Static File Localizer (this mod is only useful for mod creators) This mod intends to automate the localization of static files for KSP like textures and KSPedia pages. As most of you already discovered, adding localization to KSPedia or textures is a bit cumbersome and adds more effort for both, mod creators and users. For more info, see here: To make the life for all of us easier, this mod automatically switches the files provided by a mod to let KSP load the correct ones. Warning: Due to multi-threaded loading of KSP, it is possible that this plugin is not able to rename all the files before they are loaded by KSP. It should work however when KSP is started a second time. How to use KSPedia entries For each KSPedia file you want to translate you have to set up a config file with the following content: KSPediaLocalization { path = GameData/Path/to/KSPedia/ filename = filename default = en-us } The path describes the path to your KSPedia files. E.g. GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/KSPedia/ The filename is the name of your kspedia file. E.g. planetarybaseinc The default sets which language is set by default when the language of the user is not supported All three fields are required. For the files to work, you have to name them according to that scheme: filename + "_" + language_tag + ".lang" for the files that can be translated into and filename + "_" + language_tag + ".ksp" for the file that should be used. in the case of KPBS the folder would look like this: Other static files BEWARE, this feature is still in development and not fully tested yet! Feedback is welcome. For each static file you want to translate you have to set up a config file with the following content: FileLocalization { path = GameData/Path/to/file/ filename = filename.extension default = en-us languages = en-us,es-es } The path describes the path to your KSPedia files. E.g. GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/Parts/Utility/ The filename is the name of your static file. E.g. The default sets which language is set by default when the language of the user is not supported The languages field contains all the languages wich are supported for the file. For the files to work, you have to name them according to that scheme: filename + "." + language_tag + ".lang" for the files that can be translated into. You need to provide these files for ALL languages including the one that is delivered as default. filename for the files that sould be used. in the case of KPBS the folder would something look like this: (when Spanish and English is supported) Download Plugin, Source License Automated Static File Localizer is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 But honestly, do whatever you like with the code! You can also add it to your project and adapt it instead of using the .dll. Just let me know when you discovered bugs or problems and know a way to fix them.
  2. TO ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE TO HIS/HER NATIVE LANGUAGE: Go to this spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) and begin translating into your language. Download: Plugin: Download | GitHub Languages: At the moment I haven't released any supported languages as I'm just translating on my own. But the plugin is available for download. Planned languages: Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Polski Credits: Plugin: @Olympic1 French translation: @Olympic1 @yrou @valens @bart @rem0230 @maabaa @vinikk @iceolator88 @legendofkaya German translation: none Dutch translation: @Olympic1 @swjr-swis Italian translation: none Polish translation: none License: Plugin: SwitchLanguage is licensed under the MIT license. See for full details. Language files: The language files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. See for full details.
  3. ·前言· Squad在KSP1.3版本推出了本地化API,允许modder使用更加方便的方式来本地化mod。为了配合坎巴拉太空计划吧MOD发布条例,规范坎巴拉太空计划吧mod发布,故编写此简易教程。这是此教程的forum版本。 ·常用链接· MOD本地化之家(en-us) MOD中文翻译帮助中心 (zh-cn) KSP.Localization类Localizer函数描述 ———————————正文——————————— 1.本地化标识符(Localization Identifier) 在1.3的KSP中,Squad给了我们一种方式来实现本地化——本地化标识符。 ·实现 通过本地化标识符来实现本地化的方式如下: 在.cfg中用本地化标识符替换原文本/在plugin代码中用Localizer.Format函数替换原文本。 运行mod时,KSP会从各mod目录下的Localization文件夹下的dictionary.cfg文件中读取指定语言的Localization部分。 KSP会将本地化标识符所对应的文本输出。 ·本地化标识符的格式 本地化标识符唯一的格式要求是必须以”#”字符开头,其后的字符只要是字母数字下划线均可。 例: #autoLOC_700000 #CAL_AmmoBox_title ·本地化标识符的规范写法 为了更加简单易懂地明白每个本地化标识符的含义及其对应文本,我们推荐按以下命名规则命名每一个本地化标识符。 #MOD名称_部件名_属性 例1:一个叫A的mod的一个叫Engine的部件的标题 #A_Engine_title 例2:一个叫B的mod的一个叫LiquidFuel的资源 #B_Resource_liquidFuel 2. 指定语言 KSP使用国际通用的语言代码来标记语言,现用的5种语言及代码如下 语言代码 对应语言 en-us 英语(美国) zh-cn 中文(中国) es-es 西班牙语(西班牙) jp 日语 ru 俄语 可以添加其他语言的代码实现对其他语言的本地化。 3. 本地化文件的编写格式 本地化文件存储在mod根目录下的Localization/dictionary.cfg配置文件中,每一个配置文件都遵循KSP标准配置结构。 本地化文件的标准格式如下: Localization { 语言代码 { 本地化标识符1 = 对应文本1 本地化标识符2 = 对应文本2 本地化标识符3 = 对应文本3 …… } } 例如: Localization { en-us { #autoLOC_7001100 = Loading... #autoLOC_7001101 = Adding K to Every Word... #autoLOC_7001102 = Adding More Boosters... } } Localization { zh-cn { #autoLOC_7001100 = 加载中… #autoLOC_7001101 = 正在给每个词加上K…. #autoLOC_7001102 = 正在添加更多助推器… } } 4. 对.cfg文件的本地化 对.cfg文件的本地化非常简单,你只需要将.cfg中需要本地化的文本用本地化标识符替换,并在本地化文件中按格式添加对应语言中的对应的本地化标识符的文本。 如将某部件的parts.cfg文件本地化时,在dictionary.cfg中添加如下内容: (图片仅供参考) 对于除部件外例如resource等.cfg文件都适用于此方式。 在这里我建议在本地化时以注释的形式将原文本附在本地化文件中,以方便翻译及校对。 5. 对plugin的本地化 在代码中使用本地化时,你需要声明使用KSP.Localization类才能调用Localizer函数 方法为在代码开头添加 : using KSP.Localization; 最基本的Localizer 函数为Format函数,它接受一个本地化标识符,并返回这个标识符对应的字符串,例如: using KSP.Localization; string text = Localizer.Format(“#autoLOC_500605”); 此时字符串text会被赋值,值的内容为在本地化文件中#autoLOC_500605所对应的文本。 通过此方式,可以将代码中需要翻译的内容使用Localizer.Format函数替换。 更多的Localizer函数可以在常用链接3中找到。 __________________________________ ·后言· 在参与mod本地化时,我们建议与mod原作者取得联系以获得技术支持。 想要寻找需要本地化的mod,可以到常用链接1或2中寻找需要本地化的mod。 想要深入探究mod的本地化可以在常用链接1中与modder进行讨论。 感谢您对KSP本地化事业的支持!
  4. ここは日本語対応を希望するMOD開発者と、その作業が出来る日本語スピーカーを結び付ける為のスレッドです。 様々なMODが多言語化の協力を必要としています。お互いに協力し合ってKSPのプレイの幅を広げていきましょう。 ※直訳ではなく、KSPの世界観を活かした日本語対応を目指しましょう。 MOD多言語対応のメインスレッド: 上のリンク先の 「Localization supported; translations needed - Links point to the primary assets in need of translating:」 にリストされたMODのうち「Japanese」と書いてあるMODが日本語対応を必要としています。 ローカリゼーションが必要な行数と単語数も記載されています。 作業手順: MODまたはMODの開発者の要望を確認します。 MODの開発スレッドに書き込んだり、もしくは開発者にDM(PM)して、日本語対応の作業を申し入れます。 このスレッドに、MODの名前と作業開始の報告をして下さい。その内容を私が下の例のように書き込みます。 メインスレッドのリンク先にあるGitHubもしくはテキストファイルから作業を開始します。GitHubでは他の人が作業中かもしれませんので、最新のフォークをチェックしてください。 作業が終わったらMODの開発者に連絡して、このスレッドに報告してください。下の作業状況を更新します。 日本語対応待ちのMOD: ※最新ではない可能性があります。 ※作業用GitHubはメインスレッドを参照してください。 SCANsat - 221 Lines; 3630 Words - Needs Japanese Surface Experiment Pack - 1398 Lines; 17549 Words - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Astrogator - Needs Japanese Precise Maneuver Editor - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Feline Utility Rovers - 1968 Words - Needs Chinese, Japanese Tarsier Space Tech - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Deep Freeze - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian JSI Advanced Transparent Pods - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Explodium Breathing Engines - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Ship Manifest - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Contracts Window + (Plus two associated mods One; Two) - 66 Lines; 190 Words - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Science Relay - 13 Lines; 71 Words - Needs Japanese Connected Living Space - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - 5916 Words - Needs Chinese, Japanese Critical Temperature Gauge - 20 Lines; ~54 Words - Needs Chinese, Japanese PicoPort - Needs Russian, Chinese, Japanese Action Group Manager Continued - Needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Galileo's Planet Pack - 613 Lines - Needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Community Tech Tree - approx 1300 words, 153 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Near Future Propulsion - approx 2500 words, 238 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Near Future Electrical - approx 2800 words, 170 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Near Future Construction - approx 2200 words, 160 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Near Future Solar - approx 1400 words, 120 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Near Future Spacecraft - approx 1200 words, 144 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese Stockalike Station Parts Expansion - approx 1000 words, 84 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Cryo Engines - approx 250 words, 25 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Cryo Tanks - approx 800 words, 90 lines: needs Chinese, Japanese, Russian Kerbal Atomics - approx 900 words, 40 lines: needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Heat Control - approx 700 words, 59 lines: needs Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Airlock Plus - 8 Lines; ~25-30 Words - Needs non-stock languages Auto Actions - 17 Lines; ~26 Words - Needs non-stock languages 日本語対応作業中のMOD: e.g) 例 )KSP:EBOSHI SCANsat: EBOSHI 日本語対応済みのMOD: e.g) 例 )KSP:EBOSHI Airlock Plus: EBOSHI Naval Artillery:System: EBOSHI Auto Actions: cakepie 今は基本的な情報しか書いていませんが、順次情報を増やしたいと思います。
  5. Dear Mod Makers, if you want to find a translator for your mod quickly - please just leave a message in English in >this< thread with instructions and feedback way. Thanks! KSP tiene ahora oficialmente compatibilidad con la localización de varios idiomas, por lo que nuestros modders están tratando de convertir sus trabajos en una versión multi-idioma. Este tema está diseñado para ayudar a la comunidad modder a completar más rápidamente la localización correspondiente, con el fin de permitir un mayor círculo cultural de jugadores que puedan obtener la versión nativa de cada país. Si desea participar en la traducción oficial de mods - ¡entonces esta es tu oportunidad! Enlace a la Página Principal Multi-Idioma Cómo ayudarles: PASOS. 1 - Información sobre solicitudes: 1.1 - Vaya al tema global en este enlace. 1.2 - Encuentre sección de eventos "Localization supported; translations needed", donde exista "Needs .... Spanish". 1.3 - O en la misma sección, fijarse que, aunque aparezca "Needs .... Spanish", puede que ya se esté tratando como indica este post en el segundo punto en ROJO. 1.4 - Puede comprobar si esto es correcto en la misma aplicación del modder. (en la parte superior derecha de la página de GitHub, haz clic en el icono del número situado junto al botón de la horquilla/fork para ver quién ha copiado el reporte de GitHub). Si alguien más ya está trabajando en una traducción siempre puede proporcionar ayuda con la edición y las correcciones, o dividir el trabajo para mods más grandes. 2 - Contactar con el propietario: 2.1 - Haga clic en el enlace que encuentre, o 2.2 - Ir al tema de desarrollo del mod (development), y dejar un mensaje allí, o 2.3 - (Si lo anterior no está disponible), por favor, póngase en contacto con el desarrollador a través de mensajes personales. 3 - ¡Traducir! 4 - Informar: 4.1 - En el tema global, que la traducción ha terminado. 4.2 - En este tema, ¡para que se le marque como intérprete merecido! Mods buscando traductores en ESPAÑOL Galileo's Planet Pack - 613 Líneas - Necesita español, chino, japonés, ruso Mods que se traducen en ESPAÑOL (aún no lanzados) Heat Control por @fitiales Surface Experiment Pack por @fitiales JSI Advanced Transparent Pods por @Deltathiago98 Contracts Window + (Más dos mods asociados Uno, Dos) por @fitiales REKT Escape Pod Mod por @fitiales Mods traducidos en ESPAÑOL SCANsat - dev version por @Deltathiago98 Airlock Plus por @GonDragon Astrogator por @Deltathiago98 Kerbal Planetary Base System por @fitiales Feline Utility Rovers por @bice Auto Actions por @fitiales Critical Temperature Gauge por @fitiales Naval Artillery System por @fitiales PicoPort por @fitiales Science Relay por @Deltathiago98 Action Group Manager Continued por @fitiales Near Future Propulsion por @fitiales Near Future Electrical por @fitiales Near Future Construction por @fitiales Near Future Solar por @fitiales Near Future Spacecraft por @fitiales Near Future Launch Vehicles por @fitiales Stockalike Station Parts Expansion por @fitiales Cryo Tanks por @fitiales Kerbal Atomics por @fitiales Cryo Engines por @fitiales Precise Maneuver Editor por @Deltathiago98 Deep Freeze por @fitiales Explodium Breathing Engines por @fitiales Science Relay por @Deltathiago98 Connected Living Space por @Deltathiago98 Tarsier Space Tech por @fitiales StageColorPlugin por @fitiales RoverScience Continued por @fitiales BDArmory Weapons Extension por @Next_Star_Industries Dr. Jet´s Chop Shop por @fitiales SuitRefuelPlugin por @fitiales ResearchBodies por @fitiales Community Tech Tree por @fitiales Ship Manifest por @fitiales Nehemia Engineering Orbital Science por @fitiales TAC Life Support por @fitiales SmartTank por @fitiales Kerbal Science Innovation por @fitiales
  6. In working on Localization for my mods I was finding it sorta tedious to correlate all the numbers/files etc so I indulged myself in spending some time on something I've always wanted to do: creating a Visual Studio Extension. Currently this has a single focus - which is speeding up the replacement of strings with localizer calls, but with enough time will add in any useful additions. So What does it do? In a nutshell it does this (cause pictures give you a better score right?): It makes it a bit easier to replace strings in your code with Localizer.Format calls. When its actioned it: Replaced the string under the cursor with the Localizer.Format call that has the next tag injected Made sure that the usings statement is in the top of the file Added comment to the end of the line to say what the tag equals do you can still search your code for the text Written the key/values to the cfg files you configure Updated the ID in the settings so we can move straight to the next one Recorded the steps errors to a custom output pane With this I can now run through and refactor strings, and write the cfg files, using the native VS refactoring toolset. I've published it in a git hub repo with an MIT license as per usual modding rules and will add any other features/functions I can come up with that help too. Lots more info on the wiki. Links and Further Info Wiki: Source: This work is licensed under an MIT license as outlined at the OSI site
  7. Hello all! Me and bunch of folks are preparing Polish localization of Kerbal Space Program, as it is quite easy with the recent 1.3.0 update and I'm sure that many Polish folks will appreciate this kind of endeavour. Translation is currently in early alpha stage, however most of the game is localized in Polish. There are still few things missing, but I think that it is a good time to present our work and maybe ask for small feedback. There are still "few" things untranslated, but we are hard working to finish the translation: Parts names and descriptions Many training missions Few different options Some contracts and descriptions Installation: Install KSP 1.3.0 Download and unzip the compressed file Copy folder "Spolszczenie" to Gamedata folder Launch the game in x32 mode (as x64 is currently corrupting the translation) Enjoy almost full-Polish version of KSP 1.3.0! Know problems: Translation will work properly only on new save files Translation is currently NOT working properly on 64bit version of the game Download: 1.3.0 - Polish translation by CEBULA Translations Licence: GPLV2
  8. Hello everyone, The public pre-release of the localization pack is here! It has been a massive undertaking to localize Kerbal Space Program in four more languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Around 4,000,000 lines of code carefully revised to catalogue all the aspects that needed to be localized and addressed. More than 82,000 words translated. 456 images created for textures and UI. 684 slides prepared for the KSPedia. For the past few months more than 20 dedicated volunteers threw everything they’ve got at the game in order to help us catch any error and to ensure that the KSP humor and technical accuracy was kept intact. They did an incredible job and we can’t express enough gratitude for their help, but now we need more eyes to help us polish the final details of the localization effort to ensure a high quality experience to all KSP players around the world. This test build is open for everyone before we officially release the update (1.3). You’ll be able to opt-in via the Steam betas and through the KSP Store. Naturally, you’ll need to own a copy of the game beforehand in order to access these builds. A Pre-release project has been made available on the bug tracker to report errors and/or unlocalized texts. Additionally, to facilitate discussions of the Pre-release branch we’ll be opening up a temporary sub-forum for feedback, but while talking about and exploring bugs on the forum is welcomed, we highly encourage you to use the bug tracker to ensure the team gets all your feedback. For more details of what and how to report, click here. If you need help to get the pre-release builds on your language, check these download tutorials to start playing (the KSP Store tutorial will be made available tomorrow, March 17th). Steam video tutorials: English Español русский 日本の 中国 But that is not all, throughout the pre-release phase, two “additions” will be inserted to the builds: Ambient Light Adjustment: A Boost value to the ambient light setting that can brighten the render engine settings to bring light into the darkness. Asteroid Redirect Mod: The official mod will finally be merged to the base game to add that extra facet to contract gameplay without needing an extra download - including the SENTINEL Infrared Telescope. For more details and the full changelog, check out the Pre-release Chagelog. Got any additional questions? Don’t forget to read our FAQ, now in five languages! English Español русский 日本の 中国 We’re almost there and we couldn’t be more excited. Happy launchings!
  9. Is there a way to provide some "default" language (presumably, english) for the mod? Right now, the labels with no translation in the selected language are just left as-is, which means that if a user has a language which is not supported by the mod, he'll see a useless labels. Officially, KSP supports only five languages, so I just copied the english localization five times with different names. But I guess it's only a matter of time until we get the language mods for lots of other languages. I can't copy my localization for every language there is.
  10. Hi, is there any existing thread or place in the forums to search and offer help for translating mods? This thread can be it if such a place does not exist.
  11. Hello all! So far I've made a part mod, contributed to a mod, and created an extension to a mod, but I've never really made a true, in game mod that really interacts with the game per se. The mod/extension I've spent the most time on is my KSP-PAO - Public Affairs Office, which creates a NASA/TV like experience for your missions in real time. This mod relies exclusively on the the AWESOME Telemachus mod to pull KSP data from the game and provide it externally over http. While designing new features to KSP-PAO, I realized that some of them I had been planning on being part of the externalized portion of the code in JavaScript - I realized that I could include some of it IN GAME as another mod so that other people could use it, and I could get some new experience. The functionality I've started playing with is a kerbal biography generator. The game keeps interesting stats on Kerbals that my KSP-PAO should talk about, but what about... where they were born? or went to school.. or what degree(s) they obtained? The next version of KSP has been Internationalized and localized (a process which I have professional experience with) and I wanted to create a way todynamically and consistently create Kerbal biographies in ANY language. So, I've started designing the code to be able to just that. Eventually this mode will allow you to look at the mini-biographies of any of your Kerbals and utilizing the string tables for localized versions for all the KSP supported languages. The Kerbal Chronicle contest really got me thinking about the backgrounds and back stories of not only the four veteran Kerbals, but all of the Wily, Thermin and Belka Kermins out there! I'll be documenting the development of the mod here on the forums. All that being said, when the next version of KSP comes out, I'd like to know how/learn to to.... get the list of all the localized name pre-fixes and suffixes, and their appropriate enumerators. get the list of all the localized location names in KSP (DSN names and contract locations) Also, I'll be asking for help with:. getting some localized grammar structures for three or four sentences I'll be heavily reusing. ...and eventually some great suggestions and additions to the list institutions of higher learning I've started. The list currently includes: Kerdue University (more Kerbonauts have graduated from here than any other school!) The Kerbin Institute of Science Joolian Polytechnic. I'll be also be learning how to create/use some in game UI elements for the first time. Eventually, my KSP-PAO will use this mod, via Telemachus, to read out the biographies of Kerbals from time to time, during a launch or EVA.
  12. Humans are and have always been explorers, regardless of our ethnicity or cultural origin. We all share some underlying traits such as our unquenchable curiosity, our ingenuity and our will to go further and beyond. That is how we were able to venture out of Africa and populate every corner of the world, but that wasn't enough for us, and in the past 60 years we have expanded the grasp of our reach to the ultimate This venture has united us as human beings, and requires the expertise of all fields of science and the collective effort of all nations. At KSP HQ, we deeply believe in this venture. As a multicultural team, we have always tried our best to bring the experience to everyone and inspire future explorers. That is the reason why we started a massive undertaking to localize Kerbal Space Program in four more languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. We want to decrease language barriers and let more people enjoy the Kerbal experience in their native tongue. Each language was carefully localized so it keeps the humor and charm of the English version. Keyboard layouts, UI and textures were also modified to please local players of each region To give you an idea of the scope of this endeavor, the game has around 4,000,000 lines of code that had to be carefully revised to start cataloging all the aspects that needed to be localized and addressed. We translated more than 82,000 words, created 456 images for textures and UI, prepared 684 slides for the KSPedia and everything was carefully revised by a team of more than 20 dedicated volunteers. This venture is not over yet, though. In the next two weeks we will pre-release this update to let players start playing in their native language and in the process, help us polish the final details of the localization effort to ensure a high quality experience to all KSP players. The KSP community has always been an essential part of the game, so we are grateful and honored to keep counting on your support. By doing this, we’ll be able to use more resources on other projects in development, while simultaneously continue with localization on a steady pace. The Localization Pack pre-release will come out on March 16th, and as always, you will be able to provide us with your invaluable feedback via our bugtracker. But that is not all, we’ve decided to celebrate this release by announcing The Kerbal Chronicles Contest. Be a space article reporter for a day! To participate, you must write a satirical/parody/comedy article for our space race-themed magazine, The Kerbal Chronicles. As we are getting four new languages, we consider it proper to have four winners from anywhere in the world. The best four, selected by our community, will win the following prizes: Prizes For the four winners: Their article will be published in The Kerbal Chronicles. Winners will get themselves kerbalized by our Lead Artist, along with their own chosen or designed flag in a Shapeways exclusive one of kind figurine, which will be delivered to your home. Have their names – or a name they choose – to be included as astronauts in Kerbal Space Program, available worldwide. A special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles. The first 10 runner-ups will get a special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles. The Kerbal Chronicles will be available digitally to everyone, but only these four winners will see their own articles featured, along, of course, with their names as authors. Rules Everyone in the world can participate! Please use proper language (suitable for all ages). The article must have a title and be between 200 and 300 words in length. The article must be set in the Kerbal universe. To participate, you will have to post your article in this forum thread. We will let our community decide for their favorite article via a poll. Important dates The last day to submit your article is March 13, 2017. A poll will be open in the forums on March 14, 2017… everyone can vote! Winners will be announced on March 15, 2017 (one day before pre-release). On March 17, 2017, the magazine will be available digitally. But that is not all! We have more exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned! And next time, we’ll make sure to hype up those future announcements even more!
  13. Dedicated to the devs : @KasperVld@Ted Hello, I'm Simon, the guy who first created the LanguagePatches project for KSP and the French translation mod. First of all, let me tell you the story : Three years ago I first asked the devs about their plans about translating the game, I asked them if they were interested in making a collaboration with me for the translation, but their answer was "we are not focused in localisation efforts as the game is not yet officially published, but we'll contact you in the future once we are ready to start translating the game". So I waited. A lot : 2 years. In 2015 I asked Ted again, I wanted to get information about the plans for translations in the future, and he's answer was positive : So I waited again, and I had no more info. So what are the plans now ? Three years later, now that the game is officially published ? I confirm I'm still wanting to translate the game, so I'd like to have news, you see... I mean.... 3 yrs folks...
  14. When "warp here" function is used, game displays "/ to cancel time warp" but this does not work for me. I have non-u.s keyboard (fi), slash is typed with shift+7 or from numpad and neither cancels timewarp. The , key does cancel time warp. Not exactly a question but I didn't know where else to post it..