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Found 2 results

  1. Good day all. I made a pretty decent rover and I have been testing it around the KSC on Kerbin and it got me thinking. Are there any special locations on Kerbin to go to, such as cities, monuments, craters, wonders of the world, etc. If there are, do they offer special science bonuses at these locations. Also, if there are such locations, as a Kerbal, shouldn't I know where these are at? It is my home planet after all.
  2. ***SPOILERS WARNING*** This thread may contain information about locations you don't want to read about on the forum, but would rather discover for yourself at your own pace. If you read on, please don't hold me responsible for giving anything away and spoiling your fun! Friends, I need your help. A few months ago I posted a thread suggesting that Exploration Accolades could be added to KSP as an encouragement to revisit worlds and launch different mission profiles, as well as have the game record some of your achievements. I still think this is a good idea, but I also recognise that KSP has moved beyond that optimal stage of development when features like this stood any real chance of being integrated. So, I thought, why not simply create a catalog of places worth visiting and share it with the community as a giant destination-finder that does slightly better than just reward you with a bit of science when you get there. If there was enough interest, it could even become a massive compendium of lesser challenges, with sig-badge awards galore for the determined polyglobetrotter. The trouble is, I don't have a great deal of time on the one hand or technical know-how on the other, to seek out and find these locations. What I'd really like is for people to respond here reporting locations they've found and tell me how to go there and find it myself. Hopefully I will be able to visit and verify each returned location before adding it to the catalog. Let me clear, this goes a step beyond easter eggs (although they're welcome too). I'm wanting to collect location information for: highest peaks or ridges/deepest pits or trenches, (this might be retrievable from map data, but IDK) river mouths/sources, lakes or pools, major and minor impact craters, the north/south poles, large and small islands hidden/secret valleys anywhere at all that you can reliably see something picturesque, remarkable or unique (I'm thinking of Joolrise, but there must be better examples). anything else that might just be noteworthy enough to be worth a visit Pictures are not necessarily required (in fact in some cases they might ruin the surprise!). What I really want to know from you is: What is it? Where is it? (world and latitude/longitude) Which way do I have to look from there to see it (if applicable)? What time should I be there to get the best out of it? (e.g. dusk, sunrise etc) Lastly, much as I love mods, I'd like to begin by doing this for the stock game only. Using mods to find these places is of course fine. Many thanks in advance.