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Found 1 result

  1. Hey KSP Crew, I'm sure its been done before but i wanted to start a thread to keep track of my own progress on a long term project i have decided to take on, this project is mainly for the love of the ship, it was one of the first sci-fi/horror movies i watched as a kid and its stuck with me for a long time. I will be attempting to create this monster in sandbox mode with predominate stock materials, if i end up using modded parts i will let you guys know, the craft will be created in space at a newly created space station just for its build, each part will need to be able to get into order and then the final ship created in orbit No cheats will be used, like i said its a long term project so I will be building this over the next few months, got a wedding to plan as well so please don't expect anything for a while haha As a side build I will also be looking to make a to scale Lewis and Clark to fit with the Event Horizon Final size is yet to be determined, but it will be big, in light of this i will most likely use construction ports to "weld" the ship together to create a lower part count and more stable platform Ship in question: Event Horizon From: Movie "Event Horizon" 1997 The Beast: Complete Album: Wish me luck