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Found 4 results

  1. Licence: MIT (you don't have to ask me for permission if you want to make a fork ) Description: Around March-2016 I started a fork of DMP to include UDP network messages but it finally evolved to a totally different program. Still, LMP would never exist without the work done by @godarklight as uses some of its concepts and some code snippets from his mod. If you want to support this project, consider donating trough paypal The mod still has some bugs but I'm confident that it can be released as an alpha. Anyway, if you want to report a issue, please do so on github If you want to collaborate testing new versions or help us in development join us in the discord chat In order to implement interpolation we need some person with maths + orbits knowledge that could help us do it Main features: Clean and optimized code architecture, based on systems and windows which makes it easier to read and modify. Multi threaded (as much as Unity allows) Settings saved as XML. Time synced between clients and the server using the NIST servers. UDP networking using the Lidgren library for reliable UDP message handling. Uses interpolation (still buggy) so the vessels shouldn't jump from one place to another. Nat-punchtrough feature so a server doesn't need to open ports on it's router. Servers are displayed within the mod. Better creation of network messages so they are easier to modify as you don't need to take care of serialization. Every network message is cached in order to reduce the garbage collector spikes Based on tasks instead of threads. QuickLZ for fast compression Caveats: Linux is still not 100% supported as we need some linux developer to help us Sometimes weird bugs appear Only sandbox mode has been tested No mods support still (please test it using stock only) Much testing is needed... Links: Oficial Github repo: Official website: Download from: Website or GitHub Wiki (WIP): Discord chat: Collaborators: @Dagger Developer @Lothsahn Developer @SupperRobin6394 Website development @godarklight Assesment & DMP code @Toonu Testing + Documentation The hellbox - Testing (linux)
  2. I have just stumbled upon the Soviet Rockets mod made by raidernick (great mod btw, you should totally install it), and everything appeared to be fine with the mod. But when i opened a sandbox where i wanted to experiment with my new rocket parts, and my Proton, Zenit and Dnepr rockets were 100% complete no trouble at all. But When looking at my R-7 parts, i saw that only parts for the soyuz showed up, not for Sputnik, Luna, Vostok and Voshkod. I thought i made a mistake and decided to remove and reinstall the mod, and again, the same thing. So i did it again and again and again... but nothing seemed to work. I saw the parts loading while starting KSP, but they dont show up in the parts list. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. This could have gone worse.
  4. He encontrado este articulo, bastante interesante,son los codigos del programa que controlaba al Apolo 11 y su orientacion, ya para los mas "expertos" o los que quieran curiosear, les dejo el enlace el cogido propio en GitHub, es una transcripción que empezó en 2003 cuando el investigador Ron Burkey pasó el código del papel a archivos digitales, línea a línea, página a página. Para comprender el trabajo que había en esta transcripción, esta foto muestra a Margaret Hamilton con una copia física de las miles de líneas que se necesitaron en aquel momento. Lo que en KSP seria el MechJeb o algo similar.....jajajaja