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Found 4 results

  1. Having just upgraded (forced by) my company laptop to a highest spec 13" MacBook Pro (2016+), I have to say that the port to Mac OS is just fine. Well Done. Even 2880X1800 runs fabulous! Sadly my 1.3.x RSS/RO port has a few "scene shift|" issues, but still it seems OK. I can live it. Let us allow Apple and Unity to figure that one out on their own. So... Well Done @SQUAD and well done to our RO/RSS pioneers! (I can't fully enjoy all aspects of KSP without you!) Checkout ...
  2. I have been unable to delete nodes placed in the mission maker. Every tutorial I have seen says you clink on a placed node and hit the delete key. Doing that does nothing on my Mac. Can anyone else confirm this? MacBook Pro Retina 15in Mid 2015 macOS 10.13.3
  3. I bought KSP on my main Windows 10 PC but when I am on the go, I normally take my Mac with me for PC games but this is an older Mac and due to memory isues, cannot go any further. I want KSP on here but I have it on Steam but I only have 10.6.8, can't download the Mac Demo either because the demo site is down (and has been for several months now, pls fix this KSP team). What do I do? Is there an possible way to transfer it to Mac? -MK
  4. Hi there! I've recently decided to start playing KSP again and in the past the KSP launcher really gave me headaches so I decided to transfer my KSP to steam. I then clean installed KSP through steam and launched the game, adjusted all the settings to my personal preferences and started the game. I started getting extremely weird graphical bugs that then result in the game crashing. I'm very very confused as to why this is the case. KSP has never been the most stable piece of software on a Mac but this is now completely unusable. Below a more detailed description: KSP Version: What Happens: Graphics turn black or invisible, game will crash eventually Mods / Add-Ons: None Steps to Replicate: 1. Start any save game 2. Go straight into the VAB from the space center view Result: Kerbals are not green, they are black. Most of the VAB walls are missing (doesn't always happen). Other objects within the VAB are black also. When returning to space center view, parts of the space center and Kerbin also turn black or invisible. Eventually the game crashes, especially when moving the mouse to the top of the screen where the Mac OS overlay appears. Fixes/Workarounds: None Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: This also happens when switching from the flying vehicle to the map and back. This causes the Nav-Ball to completely vanish. Although any of these steps don't always result in the graphics turning black. It happens randomly, but aways when the graphics change (eg. going from one building to another, switching from the map view to the vehicle, etc.). Sometimes random parts of vehicles that are in the VAB also become invisible. Screenshot of the VAB when the bug occurs: Crash Report: