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Found 63 results

  1. Yesterday, I did find the time to eventually try out the new parts that came with the DLC and I must say that really like the new soyuz russian style pods. Best thing is that there's now a 2 crew pod available (through DLC). So I am curious - do you use the new DLC parts along with stock in your latest creations or do you go for stock-only parts, even with DLC installed?
  2. I'm attempting to make another custom node for Making History, this time an action to change the focussed vessel. This one fires and changes the focus but seems to be causing an error in the MH code and preventing the next node from firing. Can anyone (probably @SQUAD) tell me what is wrong? The code for the node And the Logs
  3. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live! This patch includes improvements, bug fixes and more for both the base game and the Making History Expansion. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.4.2 ============================================================ 1.4.2 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * Variants now support multiple drag cubes. These are calculated automatically on a per-variant basis. * Updated the parachute model to more accurately reflect a real world ram air chute +++ Localization * KSPedia fixes: Fixed a wrong key binding in the English EVA controls page +++ Parts * The Mk1-3 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been reduced for consistency with other parts. * Fix centering on the Rockomax Jumbo-64. * Tweaks to the EVA parachute shader and texture. +++ Bugfixes * Fix kerbals thinking they’re still on a ladder if they get knocked off at high speed. * Fix players not being able to quicksave when knocked off a ladder at high speed. * Fix parachute being loaded in at 1.25x the normal size when controlling a kerbal. * Fix player not being able to repack parachute if they rag dolled with the parachute deployed while hopping across the landscape. * Revised EVA parachute model and shader. * Fix kerbal being able to repack chute in the air while performing recovery maneuver. * Fix surface FX appearing when landing legs deployed even when not on the ground. * Fix LT-1 landing legs clipping the ground. * Fix to the loading screen getting stuck between scenes infinitely in some cases. * Fix contracts app icon to use it’s icon - not the new Missions app icon. * Fix switch editor button to check facility is open before switching. * Fix switch editor function to not load backup when all parts on existing vessel have been deleted by the user. * Fix switch editor symmetry setting. * Fix tourist contracts not completing correctly and messages for tourist contracts causing NRE and infinite rewards when failing. * Fix contract parameter completion to catch errors and contract parameters now log info messages when their state changes. * Fix UI layering for Debug menu. * Fix the camera IVA Overlay persistence between camera modes. * Fix NRE spam when vessel destroyed and gameobjects disappear while doing FX. * Fix icons in map overlapping over the Apps dialogs. * Fix NRE spam when launching a vessel on the Island Airfield. 1.1 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Show node type icon in the node header of all nodes in the Mission Builder. * Node category color defaults amended. * Improve CPU Load performance when placing nodes on canvas. * Awards display now doesn’t overflow with long texts and improved awards UI design. * Allow zoom in Mission Builder canvas to go down to 20% - can also be reduced more via settings.cfg. * Can now delete nodes and connectors in the builder canvas with the backspace key (in addition to the delete key). * Add mission difficulty setting to allow/disallow vessel recovery in a mission (default - disallow). * Add ability to go to vessels on LaunchPad/Runway when clicking the Launchpad or Runway in a mission game. * Add kerbal killed node. * Reordered Node parameters. * Upgrade difficulty setting for missions in the Briefing to a slider. * Stock missions improved (see missions section below). * Node expand/collapse button now only appears on Node headers when applicable. * Starting funds now has a text field and slider for setting the value. * Change vessel viewer in Mission Builder GAP to function like the VAB/SPH camera. Can be toggled via settings.cfg. * Change Filters in vessel viewer to completely hide/show parts rather than changing their opacity. * Change mission briefing dialog at start of mission to max-size the text. * Fix disabled shrouds on parts reappearing when changing vessels. +++ Localization * Mission meta files now support localization. This indirectly also solves an issue where the expansion folder was not being removed when uninstalling the expansion. * KSPedia fixes: Localized all images in the Making History section of the KSPedia. Added missing text to Chinese pages. * Fix localized text for resource name on vessel resource node. * Translations for GAP descriptions. * Fix for certain pinned nodes coming up unlocalized. * Fix missions not supporting non-ascii languages for mission names. +++ Parts * The Mk2 Pod reaction wheel EC cost has been increased for consistency with other parts. * The Wolfhound engine is now properly centered. * The truss sections of the 5m fairing and accompanying nodes are now scaled correctly. * Add IVA window cameras to new command pods. +++ Bugfixes * Fix revert to last build/editor session in missions not always saving and therefore not allowing revert. * Fix saving mission when entering mission difficulty settings. * Fix checking values on time control parameters. * Fix date handling greater than 235 years. * Fix orbit parameters when minimized in node display in the Mission Builder canvas. * Fix launch site being displayed when clicking on a vessel situation node with landed or orbit selected. * Fix spawning orbiting vessels in missions in some circumstances causing explosions. * Fix vessel restrictions not updating in Missions App in VAB/SPH when loading a new craft file. * Fix hovering the mouse on slider parameters in the SAP preventing the user to continue scrolling. * Fix copy-pasted nodes that spawn things not having unique IDs. * Fix handling of newline and tab in message nodes to display correctly when playing a mission. * Fix vessel resource amount node to work with unloaded vessels. * Fix Orbit Parameter and Orbit node value sliders and max values. * Fix Start Node activated time being always 0 UT, even when the mission was set to start at a different UT. * Fix Vessel Naming to set default type to be the parts default type. * Fix for vessel naming changes not updating ship name in editor scenes. * Fix node position not been saved when moving groups of nodes. * Fix mission not progressing when loading a create vessels node checkpoint when testing a mission. * Fix node name changes not being updated when loading checkpoints when testing a mission. * Fix music not playing after resuming a mission being played that was last closed in the VAB/SPH. * Fix arrange nodes function to rescale the canvas correctly so nodes do not go off the edge. * Scale node line connectors at low zoom levels so the lines can be seen. * Fix node connector lines not aligning correctly when parameters are pinned/unpinned. * Change key-combo for Copy Paste in the builder to Cmd-C, CMD-V for OS-X. * Fix import mission zip extract method for Unix based systems. * Fix Vessel text to correctly identify Active vs Any vessel. * Fix node connector pin buttons triggering drag. * Fix Orbit node to support correct accuracy testing. * Fix event node and objective hiding so these get hidden from players. * Fix end mission dialog coming up over a dialog message node that is set to pause the mission. * Fix vessel viewer filters in Mission Builder GAP to switch off colliders so player can select parts inside other parts. * Fix when selecting new or load mission in the Mission Builder with a node connector being selected breaking the Mission Builder. * Fix the Take Kerbal node not triggering correctly after switching vessel in some cases. * Fix the LAN orientation to match the Mission Editor in the Orbit node. * Fix the loading screen sometimes getting locked after transitioning between scenes. * Fix orbits sometimes getting rendered over the Mission Editor canvas after loading the tracking station or flight scenes. +++ Missions Dawn of the Space Age * Added missing end conditions. * Improved instructions with better hints. * Improvements in the objective lists in all launches. * Fix scoring for destroyed jebnik 1 in atmosphere. Trouble In The Void * Improved instructions. * Extra test for checking if the wrong kerbal has boarded. * Fix the explosion sequence. * Added failure condition. To The Mun Via Minmus * Improved instructions. * Removed time limit. * Fix a Time Since Node for the second Goo Experiment not working correctly. * Fix the objective list not updating correctly in the second launch. Meet Me In Zero G * Improved instructions. * Fix craft not exploding. * Low fuel message now appears in the second launch. * Fix orbit accuracy parameters having incorrect values. * Fix splash down not triggering successful mission. Blue Moon * Improved instructions. * Added 3 tons to the mass limit. * Changed the values for the fuel efficiency bonus. Munar 1 * Added failure conditions. Acapello 15 * Fix Time Since Node in splash test had an incorrect value causing a 5 min wait for the mission to complete. Happy launchings!
  4. Finally after the landing of the Orion lander that's done by Bob , and Bill who also had big role , because he was in the main module in orbit . The team want's to go back home , but unfortunetly of course , Bill forgot something , not knowing what he forgot he heads home thinking that everything is okay until he encounters a catastrophic problem . Download I hope you enjoy the mission, and please if you have any feedback tell me.
  5. Disparia Books

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Edit: I will list each chapter as it is available below. Chapter 1 DXX Download Chapter 2 Download DX Chapter 3 Download Note: Chapters marked with DX are final and have been played by others and cleaned up of any glitches, errors, or generally broken bits. ------------------------------ Hey all, I've been browsing the forums and it looks like this is a pretty good place to share missions and mission ideas for Making History? I got the DLC day one and have been playing around with the editor ever since. It's powerful, but a bit tricky. That being said, I'm trying to formulate some cool ideas for unique missions and wanted to get your thoughts. I'm a writer by day and love sharing stories. Instead of just doing recreations or one-off missions I thought it would be cool to do a very narrative-driven set of missions that follow each other logically. For example, if you download and play mission 4 and finish it, when you start 5 everything would be in the same place you left it for a bit of continuity. I'm just curious if any of you would be interested in Kerbal missions with a lot of text and story based narrative (that is funny, don't worry) and a mini novel-like approach to missions with each one named with a chapter number in it. The story would follow Jeb from his first day after graduating the Kerbal Space Academy and a rather mundane mission, eventually leading to more elaborate missions exploring the solar system. My first test mission is almost finished and I will upload it here in the coming days for a quick example if anyone wants to see what I mean. I'm still trying to learn everything well enough to actually tell a story though. Thanks everyone! PS-here's Jeb leaving the academy and being swarmed by fans.
  6. Jollyranger

    5m fairing stretch bug

    So I loaded up my Saturn V to try it out, and I find out the fairing between the S-II and S-IVB is bugging out, and it appears to be too large and the pieces are spaced strangely. I tried restarting to no avail, as well as replacing the fairing and placing it on another rocket. I do have KER, Trajectories, and KIS installed, but I doubt those have anything to do with it, because I had them and Making History before the bug. Does anyone know what's up, or have a solution? Try to make it simple, because I know almost nothing about computers or code.
  7. As someone who is just setting up a teaching program for KSP with students, I have been really interested in the Mission Builder. I'm still in the early stages, but there are some very cool aspects to it, and naturally I got very distracted.The biggest one: you can build a launch pad nearly anywhere: any planet or moon other than Jool and any location on the map. Here are some pics. One of my many failed attempts to get a large rocket into orbit from Eve: On the side of a mountain on Kerbin At the bottom of lake near the ice sheet on Kerbin at the bottom of a river (notice they've modeled all the underwater topography.) Underwater cliff: Beachfront view: Parked on Pol: Takeoff fail: Flying through Eve's ocean: It crashed almost immediately after this shot. Taking off from Laythe It's all a bit silly, but I really found the EVE launch to be a great challenge, which I have not at all succeeded in solving. I'm pretty new to this, so I have a LOT to learn.
  8. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this before I concluded you just can't: Alter the score based on multiplying or dividing by another measurable value the mission builder knows about. i.e. "add (leftover funds / 10) to the score", or "subtract (distance from vessel 1) from score". The problem is that the closest I can get to this is to make "buckets" of score categories and then add fixed score amounts based on them, which gets really tedious and clunky. i.e. "if leftover funds > 100000 add 500 points else if funds > 90000 add 450 points else if funds > 80000 add 400 points else....(etc)" when what I'm trying to say is "add (leftover funds * 0.005) to score".
  9. How do get Kerbals to wear the new space suits added in Making History?
  10. I've created a couple of custom nodes for the making history expansion mission builder. They aren't ready for release yet but the source is here One node simply kills the warp when triggered, the seconds checks that the active vessel has a specified part on it. I'm interested if anyone else is thinking about extending MH?
  11. I think the new structural panels planned for MH expansion should be made available to all players. I would not be picking up the expansion just for objects as simple as these, the expansion is about its historically-inspired engines and capsules. Not to mention the mission builder! These shapes are fundamental building blocks that I think every player should have, they work with any kind of design, historical or futuristic.
  12. So I've been playing around with the mission builder. It's been alright though I'd be lying if I didn't say there were some issues. Here are my thoughts. Asteroid Redirection: You can spawn asteroids with the Spawn Asteroid node. However, once you've spawned them you can't really do anything with them. There's no way to require a ship to dock with them (they don't technically count as vessels), there's no "grab object" node, there's no "move asteroid to x orbit" node. This is really disappointing since a very specific Asteroid Redirect Mission was the first thing I attempted in the mission builder after getting my bearings. "Dialog" Boxes: First of all, a nitpick: "PR Kerman" should be "Walt Kerman." Second, it would be nice to have the dialog box show an astronaut of any of the four space suits (Veteran/Normal, Vintage/Normal) of any gender. Or a tourist. Or female scientists and engineers. Third, and most important: it's not really a "dialogue" if there's just a rant from a single Kerbal and then a single "OK" button to close the box. There should be multiple dialogue choices that the mission player can choose that might affect the rest of the mission. Solar Orbit: Without using maneuver nodes (and even then it's finicky), it is impossible to set high orbits above the Sun for spacecrafts, space stations, and asteroids. The maximum distance allowed by the semimajoraxis slider and number box is below the orbit of Moho, something like 0.002 AU. This makes conventional ARM or some deep space rescue mission very difficult to set up. You can not zoom out enough to set this up either, and children bodies (planets around stars or moons around planets) are not plotted in the graphic action plane. Glimmeroids are supposed to be called "Magic Boulders," as their implementation in 1.1 or so was a callback to an old easter egg of the same name. Also, there should be more types of asteroid than just the one gray texture, there is at least one more reddish-brown texture. There are a lot of problems with the default historical missions. At this point though I'm not sure how much of it is just based upon lack of polish and gameplay testing for the missions and how much of it is fundamental limitations of the editor. Misspelled or awkward text, reverse completion order, *precious loads of goo*, and so on. Why not let the player choose to launch as many vessels as they want for the mission as an option? If you wanted to use the Mission Builder for, say, the Jool Five Challenge, it would be unreasonable not to allow orbital assembly. On a similar note, the player should be able to optionally choose the name of the ship. Wernher (shouldn't it be Gene, the Mission Control guy?) von Kerman in the Mission Builder tutorial alludes to a third tutorial which seems to be missing. Now that we have this sort of programmable mission building u.i., maybe we can have scratch-style programmable flight computers for space probes? Why partition it off from sandbox and career mode? It would be amazing to have missions come in through the mission control center that you would get funds and reputation for. Or even as a way of planning out missions in sandbox and career. You could add a setting to the mission builder that disables universe-scale changes like funds, universal time, etc and marks it as a "Career Mode Mission." The vessel part explosions and failures could be an interesting hard mode setting for sandbox--as long as it's optional! Buying new launch sites on Kerbin would also be an interesting mechanic for career mode. You could spend funds to update them through each of the launchpad levels. EDIT: THE NEXT DAY: There is no way to display dialogue boxes of information in the VAB or SPH, which may be where you need exposition delivered through witty one-liners the most! The mission builder has so much potential to be great. But it isn't quite there yet. It's mostly functional, it's decent, but it's not great. Some of the features I've suggested are pretty major things that would classify as "updates" to the whole Making History DLC (or even future KSP DLC or Updates), but some of them are more like what you could put in a Making History fix patch, like the asteroid redirect mission and higher solar orbits. The main failing of the Mission Builder is that its limitations seem to come from a lack of imagination of what this system could do and what mission authors may want players to do. Also, a few thoughts on the new parts: The center of mass for many of the new pods is far too low. For the spherical pods and the MEM it looks like the COM is near the bottom attachment point. If your reasoning for the spherical pods is "well it's to keep it pointed the right way during reentry" then that's the wrong answer--that's the point of conical pods. The MEM would need to be completely filled with fuel to hold the amount of fuel that it does. Many pod IVAs have the ability to double click on windows to get a closer view of the window. This feature is absent in the new pods. It's not the end of the world, except for the MEM. The way the real Lunar Module was designed, the astronaut had to lean right up against the little window. In order for the MEM IVA to be usable for internal-view flight, you need to set up the double-click window setting so that you can look closely. This should also be enabled for the windows on the Gemini-like pod and the Mk1-3. No soyuz spacecraft parts? There is a part model switching feature now. Why not use it to keep the old parts in the game (neither removing them entirely nor keeping them hidden away), since some people (myself included) prefer them to the new ones?
  13. Hi, here is my KSP Mission builder tutorial series for KSP Making History expansion. Here I will be covering how to create missions, how to edit mission parameters, test etc Episode 01 - Simple Rescue Mission (Basics) Episode 02 - Pre-made Craft & Part Failures Episode 03 - Adding Flavor with Catch All Nodes Reserved for future use
  14. Story: Jeb forgot his Key Card for the KSC (again!) and Gene is about to fire him! Get Jeb's Key Card from the Island Runway and hurry back to the VAB Roof. Summary: - fly to the island runway - land - get out and pick up your Key card - fly back to KSC - parachute onto the VAB roof and run to the door sounds easy? true but HOW FAST CAN YOU DO IT? Can you do it in less than 3 minutes? DOWNLOAD v1.1: <HERE> CHANGELOG: 1.1 - you have to EVA and get close to CoolCat Kerman on the Island Runway now (getting close within a craft isn't enough anymore) - Kerbal Recovery removed as endgoal - parachute to VAB roof door as endgoal added
  15. Download here --> On an effort to finally understand if the earth is a globe or not, Mike built his steam powered rocket and launched it in the Mojave Desert on March 25, 2018. Recreate Mike's mission by launching a small rocket from the back of a truck in the middle of the desert, and landing it 400m away after having reached an Ap of 550m. "Mad" Mike Hughes climbing into the rocket. The steam powerd rocket lifts off. The rocket soon after landing in the Mojave Desert. Download here -->
  16. Put the most S4-512 fuel tanks from Making History into orbit at one time using an SSTO Rules - No cheating - Stock and Making History parts allowed - No part mods - S4-512 tank must actually be full of fuel - SSTO must return to Kerbin (KSC landing optional but preferred) - Most S4-512 fuel tanks launched wins - Must take off horizontally, it would be too easy to simply add a bunch of Saturn Vs to boost the thing into orbit. Leaderboard 1. @JacobJHC - 1 fuel tank 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. My entry to prove it is doable:
  17. the mission consists in: docking to a target, undocking, redocking, undocking, redocking. the result is unpredictable, sometimes it works some times not, maybe you get the first 2 right but the third bugs, and so can't move on. I kept trying and retrying, but still I can't manage to find a way that ensures completion to the task. Sometimes it seems that it is related to a vehicle modification before mission test, so I deleted and recreated the docking tests dozens of times, but only sometime it seems to be the solution... In the screenshot you can see the project. During the last 2 tests the ATV-gemini dock has worked fine, and triggered the message, but "undocking 1" dind't work the first tima, and not even in the second after I tried to recreate it. I just don't get it, it has the same vehicle specifications of the other, but it fails.
  18. May 5th 1961. Almost a month after Yuri Gagarin's loop around the globe, Nasa was finally ready for it's first rocket mission with human crew. Alan Shepard boarded his mercury capsule Freedom 7, strapped on a Redstone rocket and prepared for a Suborbital flight. Follow the instructions and recreate the mission, some parts are completely automated(stage separation, boostback and parachute deployment) Mercury-Redstone 3 at Launch Complex 5. Freedom 7 in space. Download here --->
  19. I thought some parts from Making History (specifically the round pods) were overpowered so I made this little modlet to fix that. Downloads, documentation, source code, issue tracker, place to fork it and try your hand at my code, etc - all on Github. Requires ModuleManager. Get that on Github or via CKAN. Questions I will likely be or am frequently asked (TL;DR FAQ): Is it on CKAN? - No. I'll try to get it on, but I need to learn how and would appreciate support in that aspect. Does this break saves? - Maybe. Currently, be careful if you have one of the round pods in flight (particularly the Pea and Pomegranate - size changed) as they have their mass and size changed to match the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk1-3 pods. (When) Will you update to KSP x.y.z? - It should work with all KSP versions 1.4+ (but not below because Making History didn't exist back then), just modify the version file so under KSP_VERSION it says: I've found a bug! - Report it on Github How can I trust a mod made by a wibbly lander? - (wobble, wobble) (kraken) (flies to pieces) Full list of changes? - Not many, just 3 parts with 5 changes at the moment - all in my documentation. NOTE: Thanks to @RoboRay's fantastic explanation of the balance of the new pods, I have decided I do not want to continue the mod. Feel free to use it, but consider it abandoned. Thread will remain open for discussion and if anyone wants to take the mod over, but no support will be provided by myself and I will get the thread locked should it spiral out of control. BLANKET PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE MOD
  20. Brotoro's Making History Replica Missions I have renamed this thread so that I can post multiple replica missions I flew using the new Making History KSP expansion. This first post has my Gemini/Agena rendezvous and docking mission. Look at later posts to see other missions that I may post. Comments about the missions or Making History DLC are welcome. Gemini/Agena Rendezvous and Docking My first build in the Making History DLC is complete: A Gemini/Agena rendezvous and docking mission. The Agena was launched on my rendition of an Atlas-Agena. The "stage-and-a-half" Atlas first stage is not quite right...since the side engines drop off in two pieces:: The Agena reaches orbit with lots of fuel to spare. A close-up view of the Agena. The Agena uses a T-45 engine clipped up inside of a empty Oscar tank and a new conical service module part to achieve that Agena rear-end look...along with a couple small RCS tanks. Dumping the forward fairing uncovers the docking port (stuck in a inverted cone transition part). The Gemini-Titan II is made with the new 2-kerbal capsule and 1.875 meter parts. Alas, the Gemini's adapter section is therefore a cylinder (the 1.875m service module) instead of conical: The Titan's second stage tank is only partially full to lower the liftoff weight of the rocket...and still gets to orbit with fuel to spare. I always like a little fuel to spare. The Gemini was targeted into a slightly lower orbit than the Agena so that it could catch up to it after a few orbits: My Gemini has the same RCS thruster arrangement as the real Gemini. And here are some views showing what's tucked away inside the service module (batteries, RCS tanks, liquid fuel tanks...since this Gemini uses a liquid fuel Spark engine to deorbit instead of the solid fuel retros the real Gemini used). The small tanks at the front of the Gemini (a couple empty Oscar Bs) are there to give it a more Gemini shape...and the parachute hides inside them as well. Successful rendezvous and docking! Hey...I remember how to do this stuff after such a long time not playing KSP... The Agena's engine was used to boost the Gemini into a high elliptical is right and proper for an Agena to do. And then the Agena brought it back down to a low orbit (I only used the built-in heat shield of the capsule, so I didn't want to come in too hot). The Agena/Gemini stack was not stable under full thrust...but it's traditional to have attitude problems after your first successful Agena docking, so I guess that's OK (just ask Neil). I had to maneuver in short bursts or low thrust. The service module engine provided the retro burn, then separated from the Gemini. And the Gemini made a very non-Gemini recovery on land, returning Jeb and Bill safely to Kerbin: Thanks for all the fun new parts!
  21. I downloaded the Making History expansion but when I launch it I get a black screen. I asked the technical support and they told me to uninstall and download/launch again. I don't know how to uninstall it on my Mac Could you please help as I was very much looking forward to this expansion. I am not a very experienced user so can you please help me in a simple step by step way? All help is appreciated.
  22. download here--> 19th April 1971. While NASA was busy with Lunar missions, the Soviets decided to launch the first ever space station, Salyut 1, in low earth orbit. Salyut consistend of a single module, inside it cosmonauts had space to live and work on scientific experiments. It was launched on a Proton-K rocket from Baikonur, in Kazakhstan, to its almost circular 200 km orbit inclined of 51.6 degrees. In this mission you will also take command of Soyuz 10, lanuched on 23rd april 1971, the first spacecraft to dock to Salyut 1. Vehicles recreated: -Proton-K -Salyut 1 -Soyuz 7K-OKS -Soyuz Rocket Accurate features: -Salyut 1 orbit -Salyut maneuvers -Launch sites coordinates -Landing site coordinates -Cosmonauts names Proton rocket at Site 81/24 in Baikonur. Salyut 1 in orbit around Kerbin. Soyuz rocket just after booster separation. download here-->
  23. NavyFish

    What were they thinking?

    So I finally fired up 'Making History' this evening. Decided to play the first mission. I'm a bit of a completionist when I play video games. So I took their various challenges to heart - land my first sounding rocket at the island airfield, fly through the 3 aerial waypoints with my 2nd rocket... Mind you, these took several attempts with 'revert to launchpad' in between, but no shame in that. So all said and done, 2 hours or so later I'm beginning the 3rd segment of this first mission. I launch and only then notice a staging error - launch clamps before main engine start, whoops! But suddenly, before I can revert to launch, a dialogue box pops up informing me that I've failed the mission. And I have no recourse.. no ability to revert to launch or VAB or anything. Even the somewhat hidden/obscure quickload feature didn't work. And like that, three hours of gameplay down the drain in an instant. Needless to say this was extremely disheartening. I quit the game in frustration and came here. Seriously, Squad? What the heck were you thinking?
  24. September 12th, 1966. The ninth mission of Project Gemini, crewed by Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon, was ready to begin. It would have tested essential procedures to pave the way for the Apollo program, like direct ascent rendez vous, docking and EVAs. This recreation begins with the launch of an Agena target vehicle, then follows with the Gemini capsule, many of the authentical aspects of the mission(launch site coordinates, orbital inclination and height, astronaut's EVAs) are featured. The Atlas rocket with the Agena Traget Vehicle on top, at Launch Complex 14. The Titan II rocket at Launch Complex 19. Gemini 11 and Agena docked together . Download Here --> [sometimes problems show up while playing through the mission, I'm working to solve them]
  25. Has anyone else experienced the following problem in the mission "Meet Me in Zero G": The "Undock NOW!" node will not activate for me. I can undock immediately after the dialog message instructions, with no result. after then waiting for a bit, the time since node activates, I get a 0.7 score multiplier, and the waypoint for KSC never activates. Removing the undocking node and replacing it with an identical one fixes it for me.