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Found 1 result

  1. CareerManager Some quick words: Once upon a time I was looking for a mod that would allow me to lock my funds and science. I stumbled across a mod called "CareerLite". For anyone who doesn't know what it is, here's a link. This mod did everything I wanted to and more. Unfortunately, the mod seemed to be out of development. It seemed like such a waste for a mod with a huge amount of potential to go to waste, so I checked the license and followed all the procedures that I believe were necessary, and a few days later, released... CareerManager! It is essentially a recompile with a major bug fix which caused the toolbar button to multiply. I sincerely hope you guys enjoy i, and If I did violate some terms, please let me know right away! Description: Like stated above, this mod allows you to lock your funds and science at max, and also is bundled with complete reversibility. If that isn't enough, it also allows you to upgrade all buildings and topple the tech tree, again with full reversibility. It is a phenomenal mod for people who want to utilize some aspects of a career game (such as Kerbal Leveling) but without having to worry about money. I know you can partially do this with the debug menu, but I believe this can be much more elegant and again, has more features. Downloads: You can download this mod either on either: GitHub: SpaceDock: Source Code: The source code is fully available on GitHub: Bugs & Future Plans: There currently aren't any known bugs, but future plans include: - Better icon - Utilizing the KSP skin Changelog: | 04/28/2016 - Fixed the icon size error - Changed version file for 1.1.1 | 03/30/2016 - Fixed the 1.1 release major bug | 03/30/2016 - Updated to KSP 1.1 | 03/18/2016 - Changed the icon | 03/17/2016 - Changed to KSP skin - Fixed some formatting - Added license to the folder | 03/17/2016 - Major bug fix - Button no longer multiplies - Fixed button not saving choices and excrementse - Enjoy! | 03/16/2016 - Initial release - Known icon duplication bug - Will be once that bug is squashed License: GNU General Public License v3