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Found 5 results

  1. I've noticed in my updated 1.7.3 install, that it takes much longer to switch from Flight mode into Map view. Is this a known thing with any specific mods? I've tested a stock 1.7.3 install (only mod is Hyperedit) versus my fully modded install, and the stock install is practically instantaneous. Modded install takes approx. 5 secs, which doesn't seem like a lot... but it's painfully obvious. So most likely something is going on with my mod interactions and the Map View loading... Thanks for any input, advice, or troubleshooting direction! Here's my list from CKAN for reference: Most recent log also provided for reference: KSP Log 092619 T1016.log
  2. It has always really annoyed me that when i am blasting my engines in mapview, the sound tends to come 100% from the left or right speaker most of the times. The ship is always centered in the camera so this thing makes no sense to me, and even if it did i would still love to be able to disable this.
  3. KSP: 1.2.2 KSP 64-bit Windows Problem: I... well, I have no idea. Gameplay seems fine, but while I was in the console to get some electricity to a dead probe, I saw tons of repeated red exceptions. I don't know what they mean, but they must be affecting my game somehow. Mods Installed: Galileo Planet Pack + others Reproduction Steps: Flying my small low-tech SCANSat probe around Ceti, the exception seemed to be constantly refreshing. Like I said, I can't see anything wrong with my gameplay experience... I really don't know what I'm looking at, I'm sorry--I'm just assuming it's bad for my game. Am I wrong? Log: Thanks, everyone!
  4. Love the new cleaner map view where you don't see the orbits of ships until you zoom into the planet. Then they fade up nicely. But the fade up takes way too long. I zoom into a moon and think "Where are all the ships ... oh there they are." is there a text file I can edit to make that faster?
  5. Hello community. I had a cool little GUI idea that could make your KSP save your KSP save. Basically, my idea was you could customize the colors of each orbit and even add more options to the craft type selection menu. As in you could make your 'GPS' Satellites orange, your scanners green, etc. How cool would that be! I thought maybe you could even customize planet and moon orbit colors. You could customize your map view and even make all of your craft more organized. I know this could be a mod, but for the soon releasing XBONE, WiiU, and PS4 versions it adds a whole new level of organization, customization, and creativity. Another idea of mine was to have the ability to edit orbits with maneuvers from map view at the KSC for interjection burns, stabilization burns, and panic edits for satellites. My final idea was to be able to change the name and craft type from map view. To change a satellite or craft name, I have to go to the craft and find the command pod, I believe this should be more streamlined. -aperture science employee