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Found 5 results

  1. В режиме маневров перестали появляться маркеры цели, управляемых аппаратов и просто мусора. Пытался найти решение проблем в настройках, но так ни к чему и не пришел. Помогите пж
  2. NavBallAdjustor For KSP 1.8.x Description NavBallAdjustor mod allows you to adjust scale/colors/priorities for navball markers and configure collapse behavior. You can disaccustom navball to hide on Map View or force it to be afraid of the mouse cursor. How to use 0. Unpack ZIP to KSP game folder. 1. Start the game and click on "gear" icon on the top of NavBall. Adjust any NavBall option. 2. Go back to forum thread and like this post. Done. Change NavBall markers colors instructions Short video demonstration Pic
  3. I am coming back from Mun, i set up a burn to take me back towards Kerbin. I set the SAS, wait until T-10, the maneuver marker and the prograde marker are right on top of each other, but then when i fire the engine they start moving apart and my Delta-V indicator counts up instead of down. My new orbit is completely screwed up. I tried to get around the problem by setting it to Stability Assist but that did not help. I also uninstalled all mods in case they were interfering and i tried restarting KSP but nothing worked. Has anyone else been having similar problems.
  4. Situation: in space with slow rotation authority. Wanting to point to any of the navball markers (e.g. Target, Retrograde...) manually. On the navball, I only see the markers that are currently in front of me, so I have to actually turn the ship (sloow) to find out where the others are (i.e. to find out which direction I have to turn to). Is there some sort of hidden feature so that I can "look around" on the navball prior to turning? I can only think of putting parts with "Control from here" ability pointing to various directions.
  5. Just started playing a few days ago - have built a jet I can actually fly and land, and have been doing the 'fly here get a crew report' missions - except now I have an active mission that will not show markers. I do have active markers (on the other side of the planet) for a completely different mission, so it's only the markers for this specific mission that are missing. Ideas on how to get them to show up? (I've quit the game and restarted and the missing markers are persistent). Thanks.
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