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Found 1 result

  1. KSP is a great game for adult nerds. Many of us have background in aviation, engineering and even some of are test pilots, flight test engineers, etc.. Like many of us, I let out a silent "squee!" when I start doing math. Figuring out whether you have enough torque in your reaction wheels to hold an asymmetric craft on a vector at various levels of acceleration is the type of thing that makes me gush physics and tell long, rambling, pointless stories about how cool I think I am to my infant daughter. But all of this stuff appeals to adult nerds. As one myself, the idea of space-cows and the like makes me cringe. But as an adult nerd I have recognize that we are bad at breeding more science nerds (we make pop-culture-reference geeks en masse). With alien life (I suggest on Laythe) that players can interact with, kids have an excuse and reward to get to another celestial body. Just like giving a pill to a dog wrapped in a sausage, the space alien stuff is the sausage that we use to get the engineering and physics pill into our kids. Perhaps even a part, like a death-laser that blasts things can be unlocked for the kiddies? As is we have flying saucer wreckage and various Arthur C Clarke reference. I don't want to work living, breathing creatures onto Laythe, but perhaps relics that offer rewards or something? Is it so bad to have alien artifacts and cartoon things on Laythe if it gets ten year olds doing math and thinking about construction? I am starting to change my opinion on the matter.