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Found 4 results

  1. What is it? MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS) is a replacement for Mihara's RasterPropMonitor. The goal of MAS is to provide an updated flexible toolkit for creating interactive IVA experiences in KSP. What isn't it? It is NOT a collection of ready-to-go IVAs. It does not have a complete collection of MAS-enabled props yet. MAS is intended to be a toolkit, like alexustas's ASET Props Pack and ASET Avionics Pack. What is included? MAS includes an IVA for the MRK DM command pod from Commonwealth Rockets, as well as an IVA for the stock Mk 1 Pod and Mk1-3 Pod. How do I make MAS IVAs? Download the latest release from GitHub. Download the ASET Props Pack. Look at the example prop configs in MOARdV/MAS_ASET. Look at the example IVAs. Look at the wiki on GitHub to see what functionality is available and to see some introductory prop config walkthroughs. Brush up on Lua, if you really want to push MAS to the extremes. The prop configs in MAS_ASET use models from the ASET Props Pack (required, not included). The IVAs in MAS require Module Manager (also not included). CKAN? Not supported. Other questions? GitHub wiki Download: GitHub releases Source: GitHub source License: The MAS plugin uses the MIT license. Licenses for included components are documented in the download. Documentation: The MAS Wiki has a fair amount of documentation, including some examples. MOAR IVA? If the basic Mercury-style IVA isn't enough of a challenge, take a look at a Bluedog Design Bureau compatible Apollo IVA for a more immersive experience: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent.
  2. Have you gotten bored with stock IVAs? Are modded IVAs more your style? Do you want to see some more advanced features that MAS allows? Well, look at this: MOARdVPlus demonstrates the capabilities of MOARdV's Avionics Systems, giving players a chance to play with an IVA that has MOAR switches, buttons, dials, and whatnot. And hopefully to inspire other IVA creators into diving into the capabilities of MAS. The initial release includes a re-imagining of the FASA Apollo command module, updated to be drop-in compatible with the Bluedog Design Bureau Kane / Sarnus launch stack. The FASA Apollo CM, heat shield, parachutes, and parachute covers are included in MOARdVPlus - use BDB parts for the rest! Two IVAs are included in v1.0.0: the RA-01 variant (pictured above) is a fairly complete retro-style IVA. The GA-02 is an incomplete Glass Cockpit version of the Apollo (still under development - use at your own risk - contents will change). DOCUMENTATION: The Wiki on GitHub includes an operator manual for the RA-01. I suggest you at least skim through it. Or just dive in and start mashing buttons, if that's more to your taste. DOWNLOAD: GitHub PREREQUISITES: All of the MAS prerequisites are required to fly MOARdVPlus IVAs. (MAS, ASET Props, ASET Avionics, and Module Manager - not included). LICENSE: MOARdVPlus IVA and prop configs are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. The FASA Apollo was released to RO under CC-BY-SA.
  3. Hi all ! I'm french sorry for my English First of all, thanks to : @alexustas for the "ASET Props Pack" @MOARdV for the " MOARdV's Avionics Systems (MAS)" @sarbian for "MechJeb" I work on IVA pack ( It is my first IVA ) include : M.E.M. IVA ( MK1-3 IVA ) ? M.E.M. IVA It is an interior for Munar Excursion Module Release : Other version : No Hud available on GitHub Mk1-3 IVA Release : In development ( size and place of instruments, tools ) Dependency : MOARdV's Avionics Systems here ASET props pack here MechJeb here How to install ? Drop the file "Max-Ksp IVA Pack" into your gamedata folder
  4. Have you ever wonder to fly a Vostok or a Voskhod? Well now you can. This is a replacement for stock KV pods. I have tried to unite functionality with historical accuracy. Pictures: KV-1 "Onion" Pod: Vostok Inspired REQUERIMENTS: ASET Props - ASET Avionics - MAS Avionics - DOWNLOAD: Version 0.1