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Found 6 results

  1. mech suit

    i made a mech suit and made it look really nice (i think) and realized after a few tries that IR sequencer was deleting all my progress on "programming" a walk cycle i figured it must be a glitch and if someone could help me out by either helping me fix the problem or doing the suit's walk cycle for me that would be very much appreciated
  2. This is for the folks that didn't see this on KerbalX. Story time. I wanted to make a 4-legged walker after I had success with the mecha-pigeon. The idea started when I saw a restored Wells Fargo stage coach and thought well, I'm gonna need some horses. I thought people would really dig a horse. I'll just use the mecha-pigeon parts x2, right? But it seemed too difficult for me to be able to keep time between two different motors, so I needed all 4 legs on one motor. After I saw Azimech's latest piston engine and other gears on kerbalx I can see now how it could be done possibly, but this all happened a few weeks ago. I pulled up some gifs of horses to see what legs moved in what order. I put each leg 90 degrees off of the previous one so each leg made a full up/down once per rotation, but in some kind of order. Too creepy for a horse. Problem is this guy just cannot balance, or run, or do anything worth anything the way it is (even though it looks to me like it should). Salvaged project by adding legs. I didn't research how spiders walk, but the direction I was heading was a bug of some type just to get more legs on the ground for balance (4x2 legs was easier than 6 I thought). The spider legs are still 90 degrees apart, but it walks better as front/rear/front/rear leg movement instead of the horses front/front/rear/rear. -Always 2 front and 2 back feet on the ground. So the spider ride is a little bouncy - more weight maybe? More motor power doesn't seem to help increase speed as traction is limited. On hills, sometimes the rear toes dig in and the whole machine can flip, so I added some weight to the front and kept the center of gravity low. @Castille7 helped me with some of the bug features to keep with the theme. I'm really happy with it. Too bad about the horse though. KerbalX
  3. MechJeb

    Does anyone know if there is a MJ release available, or in the works for 1.2?
  4. Builds, Designs, Models, Vids from the past 2 years of KSP with Infernal robotics mod "thanks to Zodius Infuser" and his team. you can view hundreds of my mechs in my youtube channel and the long road i'v taken from basics to more complicated leg systems and modeling. from time to time i have taken requests to build something that my few fans wanted to see. like King Kriptor From Supreme Commander 2 or Metal Gear Rex. i have also tutored few of my subscribers to build more advanced leg systems than 2 rotor legs. what i would like to do now is to grow my channel and build up a mech builder community in Kerbal Space Program to see what other people are building and share some thoughts and ideas or to offer my help if i can. and hopefully maeby inspire KSP Devs to add their own Robotic system into the game. space shuttles should normally have robotic arms when building a space station, but why build mechanical arms into a ship when you can make a Mech walker ;D or a walking battleship like T2 Cybran Destroyer from Supreme commander. link to my youtube channel: also a Download Page for my mechs can be founded in Kerbal Curse, my newest Creation can be download from this link here : very good example of the mechs im building:
  5. Stock Mech Walker

    Some day Jeb will take a car to work. Until that day comes, he'll ride things like this... 168 parts. 31.6 tons. 100% bad ass! Instructions: EVA the Kerbal and board the seat. Engage brakes and SAS, press space and you're good to go. Best keep it at half throttle otherwise the bearings might pop. There's enough power in the reaction wheels to turn the Mech if needed. OK, it walks like it has arthritis but its not bad for a stock walker! I like the way it lumbers along. I think I can get better performance out of it if I can improve the bearings so maybe there will be an update on this in the future. I'll keep you posted. Until then, enjoy this behemoth. Download here >
  6. Battle Mech 100% Stock Hey guys, this is the first creation I've ever posted here, I hope you like it The description in the save file gives usage instructions. It sort of "skates" with the wheels on its feet. The autopilot can generally keep it upright, especially on moons. It's not necessarily practical, but it is a LOT of fun to drive With its ion engines I was able to land on the mun when launched from 80,000m above Kerbin. I recommend using it with Hyperedit (or at least quicksaving before undocking the mech in case it falls over) but I included a launch-cage in the craft for mounting on a rocket. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas everyone