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Found 94 results

  1. How i can setup the ascent guidance to orbit on RSS.
  2. New install, but I have had 1.7.3 in a different folder. Game will "hang" on load screen (but slideshow and jokes still working), just before the menu screen. KSP.log Player.log This is what I found in Player.log MechJeb module MechJebModuleMenu threw an exception in OnDestroy: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown. at (wrapper managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes(System.Reflection.Assembly,bool) at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () [0x00000] in <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0 at AssemblyLoader+LoadedAssembly.TypeOperation (System.Action`1[T] action) [0x00006] in <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0 at AssemblyLoader+LoadedAssembyList.TypeOperation (System.Action`1[T] action) [0x0001c] in <55ba45dc3a43403382024deac8dcd0be>:0 at MuMech.ToolbarTypes.getType (System.String name) [0x00014] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 at MuMech.ToolbarManager.get_Instance () [0x00023] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 at MuMech.ToolbarManager.get_ToolbarAvailable () [0x0000c] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleMenu.ClearButtons () [0x00034] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleMenu.OnDestroy () [0x00000] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 at MuMech.MechJebCore.OnDestroy () [0x000a1] in <4cdbe337c6aa43d0bc3552436a95c969>:0 (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) Just D/L the latest mods yesterday: Bargain_Rocket_Parts_Recycled- Click_Through_Blocker- Community_Tech_Tree-3.4.1 DMagic_Orbital_Science-1.4.3 Flexible_Docking-8.0 Fuel_Tank_Expansion_Rebuilt-0.9.7 Hide_Empty_Tech_Tree_Nodes-1.1.2 K2_Command_Pod_Continued-1.1.9 KW_Rocketry_-_Community_Fixes- KW_Rocketry_Rebalanced- Luciole-1.2 MechJeb2- Modular_Rocket_Systems-1.13.2 ModuleManager-4.1.3 NearFuturePropulsion_1_2_1 Near_Future_Aeronautics-1.0.4 Near_Future_Construction-1.2.2 Near_Future_Electrical-1.1.1 Near_Future_Exploration-1.0.6 Near_Future_Launch_Vehicles-2.0.1 Near_Future_Solar-1.2.1 Near_Future_Spacecraft-1.3.1 NovaPunch_Rebalanced- OctoSat_Continued- Orbital_Utility_Vehicle_Updated-1.3.1 PicoPort-0.1.6 Real_Scale_Boosters-0.16 Recycled_Parts- SpaceY_Expanded-1.4 SpaceY_Heavy_Lifters-1.17.2 SXTContinued- The_Janitors_Closet-0.3.7 The_SSR_MicroSat_0.35m_Probe_Parts_Revived-0.1.3 Tokamak_Refurbished_Parts- TweakScale- KSP-Breaking_Ground_Expansion-en-us-1.4.1 KSP-Making_History_Expansion-en-us-1.9.1 P.S. Sorry, I don't know how to make colums
  3. download: source: binary: for ksp 1.9, 1.8, MJ 2.9.2 installation: just put the plugin dll near MechJeb2.dll (inside GameData/MechJeb2/Plugins folder, and 2 new window ("My Landing Guidance", "Ascent StartTime") will be in mechjeb list) Ascent StartTime (MechJebModuleAscentTime.cs) provides interface between mechjeb and plad's flyby finder, or allows you to plan your interplanetary transfer before you leave the ground. and auto start to correct intermediate orbit, helps you advance that orbit, and do ejection burn to some other celestial body around sun (or in case you fly from one moon to other - around parent celestial body) To do so you need to: 1. select destination body (other planet) (or type it's name if you clear ByTgt checkbox) 2. fill Orbit altitude (will be forwarded to Ascent autopilot) in Ascent StarTime window (it's in list of other mechjeb windowses, if addon was installed correctly) 3. generate with initial guess and tune buttons or fill (from PLAD's flyby finder, or other sources such as alexmoon's Launch Window Planner) following values: Departure Arrival (they are set in days from start of game (first day is 1, but can be changed by offset field (which is in hours)) ) which path to use short one or long one, usually preferable one with lower Boost deltaV, but in some cases to get to next gravity assist you would need to be more specific, so there is no auto here by default, but any previously mentioned tune button will auto that. 3. after that you could just Press Best button to fill most optimal parameter that defines inclination (previously mentioned auto tune will do it for you), it will find parameter that correspond to lowest possible inclination of initial orbit, which HOWEVER do allow both: launch from your launch site (your current position on planet surface) and chosen interplanetary transfer. or if you need more specific orbit you could fill Orb[ital] Par[ameter] of incl[ination] by yourself (or just select it by clicking some point on planet, after clicking on "Select"). 4. after that you could use DrawIntermedOrbit button ( Choose or tune buttons will do that also ) to show orbit in orbits screen (M), more important that Boost from Circular [orbit] field will now show calculated transfer deltaV, which should up to 0.1m/s correspond those from PLAD's flyby finder, or just (in case other sources of transfer time) be good enough for you. other fields which can be useful: BoostPrepareDays - how much time (in days) you want spend on orbit of current planet. (you could build boost with several passes, but you would need time) BoostPrepareOrbits - same(additional to days) but in orbital periods of shown orbit (it's not circular!) LaunchOffset - will start early by that number of seconds, allowing vessel get to upper layers of atmosphere, or you will miss selected orbital plane because of planetary atmosphere rotation (with planet itself), best values 90 sec for kerbin and 150 for earth, write here if you find better, spaceplanes could require more. HoursPerDay - just to choose between kerbal/earth day OffsetHours(firstday) - i probably should replace this field with something like offset day, currently should be same as HoursPerDay, and for PLAD's fly by finder both fields should be 24. (at least old for version) Launch countdown - same as in mechjeb's ascent guidance (i.e. how many last seconds will pass with warp 1x) PartialBoostGuidance - parameter for displayed orbit, which allow you to see how orbit will looks like after acceleration by this speed in proper time (beginning of interplanetary transfer), for technical reason can't be 0(i.e. displayed orbit is never circular), but value can be 0.0001 * (Boost from Circular) again Boost from Circular is accounted from exactly circular orbit with selected Orbit altitude 5. press button Launch to circlular orbit (it will update and calc orbit again anyway, so may be needed to check it, if some bugs got there) 6. (optionally) tune values in Ascent Guidance window. 7. press engage autopilot (do the same in both windows, but better do it in "Ascent StartTime", as caller is tracked in MJ) 8. after reaching orbit CreateTranferNode button will be available to create transfer maneuver node (this done mostly with slightly modified mechjeb code, when i did tests precision was 1m/s or better) but you could just do prograde burn manually - you have marked point on orbits map, where you need to do burn (in case marker orbit and your orbit matched closely) (p.s. there was bug that orbit marker is drifting over time, so DrawIntermedOrbit may have to fix that, better to press it before burn, CreateTranferNode also call same code to prevent any error appears, if you could reproduce or know why it's happens i will fix it) 9. and CreateCorrectionNode button would place correction node as soon as possible (after all nodes) this button use 100% mechjeb code (only with fixed arrival time filled from Arrival field) and it's buggy(2 authors of mechjeb why?) while you fly in source planet soi, if you want correction early (than leaving source planet soi) you need to do it manually. I did find cases when launch to inclination choose completely wrong times (on minmus orbit), so i did add same feature to that addon, with completely different code (which is used for primary purpose of addon anyway) i.e. "Launch into plane of target" just doing the same job as button in ascent guidance but without bugs :). take into consideration that current MJ version did not account for initial (start) orbital velocity (due to rotation of planet) when it goes for inclined orbits (so it will end with incorrect inclination), so you need to make correction by yourself in upper layers of atmosphere, you need keep 10 degrees on correct side for 10-20 sec, you don't need even turn of autopilot for that (MJ devs said that bug is fixed in dev build), mine last 5 attempts(while i did test that) result into orbit with relative inclination less than 0.05 degrees from calculated. with life realistic plugins for ksp i would recommend to use fake vessel and warp time (using this addon to step 7) until 1 min before launch(Launch countdown = 60), then abort and recover fake vessel and select proper one, and do proper launch (you would need to select target/planet again, other values should be saved so you could press launch in circlular and engage autopilot). "Launch to circular orbit" button uses latest allowed(by limitation) time for launch (to keep vessel in parking orbit minimum time, because life realistic plugins will spend your resources while you in orbit). "Launch into plane of target" button uses earliest allowed time. Auto tuning DepartureDay and ArrivalDay supported, i.e. you don't need external window planner anymore, unless you want several flyby. InitialGuess: makes them for almost circular orbits (all celestial bodies in original ksp looks good enough) and not much inclined. Tune makes it almost perfect (there are separate buttons for DepartureDay and ArrivalDay and also combined one near InitialGuess: toggle able Tune2 near Dst.Inb.Spd: allows previously mentioned tuning not only for minimum boost speed (transfer dv), but also for minimum entering orbit burn (stopping) at destination. most of feature still working when you in orbit of moon of starting celestial body, i.e. you could tune intermediate orbit for transfer and left moon in proper time with minimal delta-v (including transfer burn) My landing guidance - highly experimental fork of mechjeb version with a lot more tunable parameters done to allow landing with RO engines, now could only be used after deorbit burn done and in way (i think that you have limited ignitions): take into account that interface do change in new MJ version so if you want to use faster you need to download sources and rebuild by yourself (you could just compile with any .NET c# compiler (even without VS installing, just add reference for assemblies dlls { mechjeb2 UnityEngine Assembly-CSharp } from ksp forder) ). outdated: temporary merged with GravityTurn source binary (As accessible as submenu from GravityTurn main menu, but actually it controls Gravity Turn ) small fixes in GravityTurn for inclination and max thrust while too low. P.S. it's old GravityTurn recompiled for 1.2, new GravityTurn without AscentStartTime is there
  4. So, reading the forums, I noticed that many people say they suck at docking. For me, it's one of the easiest things (provided I constructed the docker properly), but I just can't land where I want, either with lander or plane, especially with landers. I don't even know why, I can do excellent ascents, rendezvous is no problem and I prefer doing it by myself, starting and flying a plane is also not hard, but for landing I usually let the Mechanical Jebediah handle it. But what do YOU suck at and why?
  5. It works via a Clean Install, also, it was working before I Used CKAN to install Cryo Engines but even removing it still didnt fix it...
  6. Does Mechjeb allow scripting or ai control of a vessel? I want to have them scripted so I only need to record and move the camera. Like go up or something like nodes and do the bd armory guard mode?
  7. こんにちは。 ここはMechjebに頼りすぎてもはや使い物にならなくなった人間たちを矯正していくスレです。 質問をすると優しい人が答えてくれるかも....
  8. Want to have MechJeb embedded in your ships? Don't like the MechJeb parts? Then I present to you MechJeb Embedded Universal, Now With Career mode support! It has two modes: "Career mode" if you want career mode support, you'll have to go to R&D to unlock modules. "It's Free!" if you want not to go to the R&D to unlock modules, they'll be enabled from the start. This version uses ModuleManager (included 4.0.2) to provide functionality. It does not change your files, it justs appends the MechJeb core at the time of execution. This does not add MechJeb functionality, it just adds the MechJeb module to the command modules. That means that you don't have to manually add MechJeb while building your ship, it will come embedded on the command module (not physically, but in the code). (You can get MechJeb here: I take no responsability for what you do to your game (Works on 0.23, all the way thru 1.7.2, you need to have the proper ModuleManager Plug in I included the latest one for convenience) This addon is licensed under the GPL v3, and includes Module Manager by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth, which is licensed CC-BY-SA, forum link here: Module Manager Version 4.0.2 I have no relation to the guys behind MechJeb nor Module Manager, I would like to say thanks to them, and guys, keep up the good job! Download : MechJeb Embedded Universal
  9. I usually use mechjeb for small things like circularizing b/c its just so trivial, and i have been doing this for a while and it has been working just fine. However, recently my nodes have started acting very weird. For instance, when i tell MJ to circularize, the dv indicator continuously ticks up to way more than i need. The node itself is in the wrong place because instead of being in prograde, the marker is somewhere below that and as the burn goes on, it transfers down to radial in, which screws up my orbit entirely. One more thing i noticed is that the time to the node is counting waaaay to fast and is saying that the craft is, for instance, T+ a few seconds but the node is not even close to the ship. it counts down probably in double or triple time. All of the above also holds true for maneuver nodes i make myself, so i'm not sure if mechjeb is the problem. Another thing to note is that the engineer in the VAB is telling me that the AR202 case is facing the wrong direction but i have found that this is a known little bug and doesn't do anything. I changed nothing from when it was working fine to now and i have tried reinstalling mechjeb. I have made sure the problem isn't my ship and have tried probably 10 different ones that worked for me previously as well as stock ships. My only other lead on the issue is that i think it started happening after i researched ascent guidance for mechjeb and tried using it. Thanks
  10. For some reason mechjeb just broke on me. Here’s what happened, I launch KSP and all is well I fly some of my craft that are already in space and mechjeb works fine. Then I head into the VAB and make a rocket, from that point on none of my existing or new mechjebs worked. The tab that you extend down is gone however the thumbnail for the mod still appears in the bottom right corner and does nothing when clicked on. Is anyone else having this problem?
  11. Sometimes when I launch a vessel, there's this horrible gray filter on everything I can fix this by reverting to launch. I have mechjeb, KAC, hyperedit, and Making History. Are any of these causing this, or is it a stock bug?
  12. Hello all, I am posting this here, because I have noticed some odd behaviour in conjunction with engines using liquid hydrogen (LH2), such as from the Cryo Engines pack by @Nertea or from BDB by @CobaltWolf. I am not posting the relevant threads, as I believe this is not a bug of these specific mods but rather something underlying, which makes these engines work. The issue is that with any LH2 engine, that I have used so far, the dV calculation within the game seems incorrect. This becomes apparent, when using a mod such as MechJeb and/or KER, which calculate the dV per stage and for the whole ship. Following please find some screenshots to illustrate what I am referring to: In the first screenshot, I am at the beginning of executing a manouver node of ~350m/s, I have 3,770m/s left in my rocket. You would expect that after the burn, you'd be left with ~3,418m/s. Instead, you end up with roughly twice the dV expended, with only 3,114m/s left in your rocket. FWIW, I installed KER as well, to see if the error can be traced back to some error with MechJeb, but this does not seem to be the case, as the remaining dV is calculated almost to the same value (#floatingpointerror) in both mods. Now, I do believe there is only one way to calculate the dV of a rocket, hence the error must be somewhere else?! I heard that others, @RocketPCGaming specifically, wondered about this inconsistency as well. As I have currently no idea, what might be causing this, I would like to stick some heads together to try and find the cause for this. As a start I would like to ask others, whether or not they have seen the same kind of behaviour and if so, was/is it similar to what I have seen (roughly twice the dV expended than anticipated) or was it a different kind of inconsistency? Your feedback will be very welcome!
  13. I'm using Realism Overhaul and RP-0, along with a whole host of other mods for this playthrough. I do have Mission Control and the Tracking Station upgraded to level 2. Yet for some reason maneuver nodes are unavailable to me. For a brief time while ascending through the atmosphere I can click on my blue line flightpath and place a node, but once I get high enough and transition to space, my flightpath line turns pink and I can no longer click on it. Also, I cannot right-click on other ships, moons, or planets to make them targets. I can't rendezvous with anything, or leave Earth orbit. Essentially, I can't play the game. I'm not sure if this is MechJeb, Principia, or some other mod that's blocking it, or perhaps a setting I haven't found yet, or a genuine bug. Please help. Many thanks and appreciation to you all.
  14. I've had a problem with controlling ships when controlling from docking ports at a right angle from the root part. Both SAS and mechjeb's Smart ASS have wild oscillations around the roll axis of the docking port, like its overshooting its attempt to stop rotation. This happens with both an inline docking port part like the shielded clamp-o-tron or with a normal docking port attached radially. I might try testing this in an unmodded install, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have several mods installed but the only one I can think that would effect SAS's ability to hold steady is mechjeb. Nothing out of ordinary appears in the logs Edit: this is in 1.3.1 since I'm still waiting for mods to update
  15. Hi! This is actually my first post... be nice for my sake! So i've been playing KSP for about a year now and have devoted a lot of that time to finding decent mods. I have a relatively powerful iMac (2013-14) so the size of capabilities of the mods don't matter. Right now I only have two installed: TweakScale MechJeb I would like to find a mod that is easy to understand and useful as well. Thanks in advance!
  16. Guuuuuwd Moooorning everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday so far! I have a question regarding MechJeb 2 and the Aircraft Autopilot. Since the wiki is so outdated it doesn't even contain a single line of text regarding the specific part of the MJ2 mod, I thought I would try my luck over here! So far I managed to make the autopilot obey my orders of altitude and direction, however, I struggle with getting it to listen to my command when it comes to speed Down here I have provided a screenshot, you will see the Aircraft Autopilot window. Notice that I have set the speed to 200 m/s and also notice that my aircrafts actual speed is 358.2 m/s. Screenshot Why doesn't it regulate the thrust for me? What am I doing wrong? Please MechJeb gurus, guide me on the right path! Kind Regards - Schmelge
  17. drastically outdated and missing information. Using MechJeb 2 version KSP version Windows 64it As a result of a lack of information I have no idea if some of the issues I am having are a result of a mod bug, or incorect settings for the craft im flying. There are whole sections missing completely (Aircraft Autopilot window for example) and some sections are incomplete with settings missing. This leads to lots of questions and not sure where to post questions. In Aircraft Autopilot under PID, what are those settings? What is "Kp", what is "i" and "d". How does the "VertSpeed" fields under PID effect "Vertical Speed Hold" if it effects that at all. I have one aircraft where vertical speed hold fails completely and results in dratic and fata pitching ocillation. No idea why? There are settings on the Assent Guidence window that have no informations. What is "Q"? What are the force roll settings for? With an aircraft, I had Autoland completely fail to make touchdown. Was doing good untill the point where it should have moved the craft to make contact with the runway but instead just hovered there untill the plane lift stalled and crashed.
  18. Good evening ! Im using MechJeb ( the newest offical Version ) and ksp 1.3.1. MechJeb ist a great Tool and i totally Love it. But sometimes it seems to stuck at some Point. I Launched my Rocket Today and MechJeb navigated it into a Stabel 75 km Orbit. I wanted to try the Automatic landing, so i Set a target somewhere in kerbit and started the Show. Inoticed that MechJeb Status showed Always " Burn for reenter Orbit ". And it doesnt do anything. This Happens pretty often. I only once saw that MechJeb Lands my Rocket ob kerbin Out of 43 Times... The MechJeb Tool Always have enough Energy... Does anyone noticed this Kind of Problem too ? Any solutions ?
  19. Hello! So I am testing my new reusable rocket with mechjeb 2. The issue is, that when I pick a target on the map, it basically tries to land on the opposite side of what I picked..... Here is a list of my mods that i currently have installed: Here is a video showing the issue:
  20. So I recently updated my KSP to 1.3.1 and I wanted to reinstall all my mods anyway, but the only mods that aren't currently working now with the latest patch are MechJeb and the mod that allows having the MechJeb functionality on all parts. Because I'm lazy, I like to let MechJeb do all the maneuvers for me, including ascent guidance and performing nodes, but I can't do this now as it wont work. Please can someone guide me as to what version to use, if any for the new update. Thanks.
  21. So, I am on KSP Version 1.3.1, and I downloaded MechJeb multiple times, its been installed correctly in the files and all that. But its not showing up in game. I don't know why. Any help? I have some pictures of my folders.
  22. I am experiencing really strange behavior from MechJeb, RemoteTech and KSPI modules at the same time. This is what happens: I spawn a cargo ssto and fly to the station in orbit. Dock with station and transfer cargo. Build a station module with EL dockyard and dock it to the station. Everything is working without any problems. Undock ssto. RemoteTech reports N/A instead of local control for ssto(station has local control). Both vessels have crew that can fly them. Orient ssto retrograde and execute deorbit burn. Start time warp(focus on ssto). When separation between station and ssto becomes 12.5km(physics range??) and station unloades, some strange things happen to ssto: KSPI reactor(nuclear salt reactor) stops working. Reactor control window reads active but no fuel is consumed and no power is produced. MechJeb's SmartASS module starts orienting vessel RAD+ regardless of the setting. SAS turns itself off, although rapid consecutive clicks will turn SAS button eventually. MechJeb is completely turned off, SmartASS is off. I have control over the ssto and can orient it manually or using SAS, when it is on. But no power is generated and mechjeb becomes useless. Although 3 mods are affected at the same time, I believe it is not the fault of any one of them, but an underlying problem, which I am trying to identify. Here is the log file, in case someone knows how to troubleshoot it: And here is list of mods:
  23. So this is essentially what is happening to me: Im on 1.2.2, so I install the version of MechJeb for 1.2.2. The game starts loading, and a popup, well, pops up, and says 'This version of Mechjeb is incompatible with your version of KSP', so Im like, "Oh, that must be a glitch". And then, as soon as the game finishes loading, it crashed. This keeps happening, and it won't stop unless I uninstall MechJeb. Can someone help me with this?
  24. Ok, lets get this started. Mods in Use: MechJeb, SpaceY, SpaceY Expanded, Cacteye, Chatterer, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Procedural Fairings, Reentry Particle Effects, KIS, KAS, Planetary Base. Note: ALL mods are up to current standards for KSP 1.3.0. Issue: MechJeb is failing to stage the first stage away, requiring manual staging, then, when the action group to discharge the payload fairing it suddenly decides it wants to engage the sepatrons which destroys a portion of my payload rendering it entirely useless. I post this here, as, the game is not generating a log that I can find, and the console depicted in the final images shows no errors either. Is anyone encountering this themselves or have some clue as to what is going on? Personal Supposition: I think either my craft is borked some how, or something is going on with mechjeb. Or its a kraken. I honestly do not know. Craft File (NOTE: if you wish to explore my craft to see this for yourself, you require: MechJeb, Procedural Fairings, Cacteye telescope) For ease of helping, I will remove the spaceY launch clamps): Secondary Note: Sorry for the lack of an album, but, I am told the new forum upgrade broke the imgur albums, so, heres a string of images. It should be noted, one the first stage is cut lose, I begin taking pictures once a second until manual deployment of the payload fairing. I have never had MechJeb do this. I have used it since I discovered it back in KSP 0.21, and never had need to command it to stop short of any stages. Initial Post Posting Edit Note of additional Information: I just tried something. I tore off the boost stage, leaving the final orbital stage/payload intact. I replaced the mechjeb unit, zeroed the mainsails thrust and launched. I found that even if I manually stage the thing using space bar, the moment that fairing is deployed and mechjeb is active, it instantly fires the sepatrons. IF I use the action group or manually stage with mechjeb OFFLINE the sepatrons do not engage. Secondary Post Posting Edit Note of additional additional Information: I just altered the vehicle again, moving the mechjeb unit up onto the payload itself. This had no effect on the aforementioned issue. Tertiary Post Posting Edit Note of additional additional additional Information: I found I was missing a probe core on the payload. Thought adding one would fix it along with swapping to stock sepatrons. It did allow for control of the payload post undocking on orbit, but, the sepatrons are still being fired by the mechjeb. cause remains unknown. Images: On the pad: Initial Ascent: Stage One MECO, This image and all the rest to follow are taken roughly at 1 to 1.5 second intervals: MechJeb is now just sitting there as we coast: MechJeb still sitting there doing nothing as we coast: I press 1 button, action group 1 to deploy the payload fairing, suddenly mechjeb wakes up and cooks the payload: I have 0 clue what is going on here. I have never seen mechjeb do this since I first found it way back at 0.21. I wish I knew what was going on. And before someone asks if I have an output log, no, no I do not, as it has not created one. The last log I see that has the title of output log is from october 2016, and thats in both the KSP_Data and KSP_X64_Data folders. If I am not looking in the correct place to find one dated for September 4, 2017 please guide me to it, and I will gladly file dropper it into this post with a big ol edit showing it off. I will try to coax the kraken out of hiding as those who know more than I take a look see. OP 23:57:30 first edit time: 00:05:30 second edit time: 00:08:30 third edit time: 00:29:30 fourth edit: 11:06:30 fifth edit: 15:27:30 sixth edit: 9-6-17 18:42:30
  25. Hi. I am having some trouble with rovers going downhill with mechjeb rover autopilot on. I set speed for 10m/s, for instance, but when downhill mechjeb won't apply brakes and will only, apparently, try to brake with the engines, which doesn't works. I can easily, manually, brake and the brakes are effective, it is just MJ that does not appears to use them. Any alternatives? I am using KSP 1.2, RO, RSS, all dependencies, and a few more mods like MJ2