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Found 12 results

  1. I used MechJeb2 last night on a vehicle I landed on the Mun; this morning the MechJeb2 menu isn't appearing anywhere for that one vehicle. It appears as normal for other vehicles in the same game, as well as the VAB/SPH, and in the default game. I've tried restarting KSP as well as reinstalling MechJeb2. The only settings I've changed between sessions was some EVA controls, and that was only impacting kerbals on EVA (duh). So what did I set for that vehicle that's hidden MJ from me altogether, just for that vehicle, and how do I undo it? :-/
  2. Hi. Just one quick thing. Is it possible to set different tasks on different vessels via MechJeb to be executed simultanously? Or maybe MechJeb works only for active vesssel and is not operating when not in focus? Let's say that I want to make some of my satellites to always point in the prograde direction or do other stuff while I am piloting another vessel or making another one from scratch in VAB? That would be really cool if MechJeb had this "set and forget" function
  3. Want to know your CoL/CoM/CoT and other fun and useful things while in flight?
  4. I have been away for some time, and I through I get an old version out and give it a go before the new release of KSP 2 so I have KSP 1-6-2401 running on a windows 7 workstations, and the game runs great, but when I try to install the Mod MechJeb2 into the game, the games loads OK, but I am not seeing the UI within the game the version of MechJeb I have is MechJeb2-, and I unzip it and place it in " C:\KSP 1-6-2401\GameData\mechjeb2 " what am I doing wrong ? Update: forget it. after a reboot, MechJeb appeared within KSP.
  5. Mechjeb2 Cant clear landing location. I'm lander on Menmus and want to take of and land at another spot. I launch and then start the Landing Guidance function, pick and spot to land and it is not able to clear the old spot. CANT CLEAR THE OLD LANDING SPOT????? Do I really need to go all the way back up into orbit to land somewhere else?? Thanks Sorry post wrong spot cant kill
  6. Can Mechjeb handle docking maneuvers on or very near the surface of the lower gravity worlds, like Minmus, Dres, Pol, Bop, or Gilly? I'm interested in building a tall multi segment vertical tower on one of those. The base would be a massive heavy ore loaded thing to provide a steady anchor to build on.
  7. drastically outdated and missing information. Using MechJeb 2 version KSP version Windows 64it As a result of a lack of information I have no idea if some of the issues I am having are a result of a mod bug, or incorect settings for the craft im flying. There are whole sections missing completely (Aircraft Autopilot window for example) and some sections are incomplete with settings missing. This leads to lots of questions and not sure where to post questions. In Aircraft Autopilot under PID, what are those settings? What is "Kp", what is "i" and "d". How does the "VertSpeed" fields under PID effect "Vertical Speed Hold" if it effects that at all. I have one aircraft where vertical speed hold fails completely and results in dratic and fata pitching ocillation. No idea why? There are settings on the Assent Guidence window that have no informations. What is "Q"? What are the force roll settings for? With an aircraft, I had Autoland completely fail to make touchdown. Was doing good untill the point where it should have moved the craft to make contact with the runway but instead just hovered there untill the plane lift stalled and crashed.
  8. Hello there, I have the following problem: I casually played KSP for some days now and had no problems at first. A few minutes ago my pc crashed and after restarting it my whole data was not reachable ingame. The only thing I see when i go to the menu to continue the game is a blank data file. If I click on it i can even choose which game mode I wanna play. The only mod I installed was Mechjeb2 on its latest version. After browsing around in my Steam game files I found that my ship plans got saved and so were 5 backup datas in the .sfs format and the saves that I did but I can't access them in any way. It would be nice if someone could assist me with this problem. Sincerely S0M3B0D4
  9. Hi Guys, I was searching for a related topic but could not find anything with the same problem so I started this thread. The issue is, I have "mechjeb2" and "kerbal engineer redux" installed beside a bunch of other mods. It works just fine but shouldn't it be greyed out or locked in function if you start in career mode? Actually here it does not, and I already tried to switch between career and unlocked for KER. For mechjeb I could not find a way to switch beside editing the config files. So even when I have not researched anything a place a single Mk1 vessel with a booster on the launchpad then I have all option of the mechjeb and KER available, just as it looks like in sandbox mode. Can there be a problem that MJ and KER do not realize it is career mode? So could anybody give me a hint what is wrong here? My System: KSP, KER, MJ2 Mods by Ckan: KSCSwitcher, RealismOverhau, ModuleManager, KerbalJointReinforcement, FerramAerospaceResearch, RealChute,SolverEngines, RealPlume, CommunityResourcePack, RealSolarSystem, RealFuels, AdvancedJetEngine, ModularFlightIntegrator, RealHeat, Kopernicus, RSSDateTimeFormatter, RSSTextures8192, SmokeScreen, KSP-AVC, KAS, KerbalAlarmClock, KerbalEngineerRedux, KIS, TriggerAu-Flags, EasyVesselSwitch, SVE-HighResolution (edited to match RSS), SVE-Sunflare, SVE-Terrain, RCSBuildAid, PersistentRotation, PersistentThrust, Toolbar, SolarSailNavigator, MechJeb2, Trajectories, Graphotron, HotSpot, VesselView, RasterPropMonitor, RasterPropMonitor-Core, DockingPortSoundFX, RCSSounds, RoverWheelSounds, SCANsat,ShipEffects, WaterSounds, ContractConfigurator
  10. Hi, Everything started when version MechJeb2- came out (MechJeb2- was ok). The problem is following: When you turn on the landing autopilot and the vessel approaches the ground it starts to deccelerate. The problem is that the braking maneouver is not SMOOTH like in the previous versions. The engine throttle starts to go up and down so in result the vessel is being stopped 3-4 meters above the ground and it stays like that with the engine turned on until it runs out of fuel. In the previous versions, when I was using the landing autopilot, the vessel was very gently touching the ground and the throttle was very smooth. It happens no matter I set the touchdown speed to 0.5 m/s or to 1 m/s or higher. Do you guys have the same problem with all builds above 575? Regards, Damian
  11. I have been trying to add Mechjeb module to some computerized parts such as SAS modules and probe cores, but I cannot get it working. I would be most grateful for advice from more experienced community members. Here is the code I am using (unsuccessfully): @PART[probeStackSmall],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { @MODULE { name = MechJebCore MechJebLocalSettings { MechJebModuleCustomWindowEditor { unlockTechs = flightControl } MechJebModuleSmartASS { unlockTechs = flightControl } MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleNodeEditor { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleTranslatron { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleWarpHelper { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleAttitudeAdjustment { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleThrustWindow { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleRCSBalancerWindow { unlockTechs = advFlightControl } MechJebModuleRoverWindow { unlockTechs = fieldScience } MechJebModuleAscentGuidance { unlockTechs = specializedControl } MechJebModuleLandingGuidance { unlockTechs = specializedControl } MechJebModuleSpaceplaneGuidance { unlockTechs = hypersonicFlight } MechJebModuleDockingGuidance { unlockTechs = specializedControl } MechJebModuleRendezvousAutopilotWindow { unlockTechs = specializedControl } MechJebModuleRendezvousGuidance { unlockTechs = specializedControl } } }
  12. I've got the latest dev build of MechJeb installed(So features actually work), and I have FAR(Farram Aerospace) installed, and I also have the MechJeb with FAR patch installed, but I'm still having a lot of trouble with using MechJeb features. Now, I know I could just not use them, but frankly most of the fun in the game is just building the ships for me, and I'm really awful at the flying so normally I let MechJeb handle that for me. Right now I can't do that. They oscillate like crazy while flying, they tip over as they're leaving the atmosphere, and it seems to have forgotten how to do a circularization burn properly. Do these mods just not play well together, even with the patch? Is there a setting I should change? Should I just not use FAR if I want to rely on MechJeb for ascent? Any answers or information at all would be really helpful, thank you.