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Found 2 results

  1. Using the new robotics hinges, rotors and pistons released with Breaking Ground DLC, build a catapult, trebuchet, onager, ballista, mangonel or just an overly enthusiastic Ferris wheel to fling a Kerbal to the Island Airfield. Since I'm still tinkering with the parts and not 100% this is possible (UPDATE: @neistridlar has categorically proved that it is!) there will be 2 leaderboards: Distance - Furthest distance from the launch site reached by your intrepid Kerbal Time - If anyone actually managed to reach the Island Airfield, then the entries will be ranked by fastest time Rules: Stock KSP, Making History and Breaking Ground (or any subset of these ) Other informational, visual and audio mods that don't modify gameplay, including KER and MechJeb allowed No reaction engines - spin, flip or twist your way to victory instead! Decouplers are OK, but any thrust gained should be incidental. No physics exploits e.g. ladder drives or phantom collider force powered shenanigans However reaction wheels and/or stock bearings are fine, if you're crazy enough! Start from the KSC launchpad or runway Craft should be unpowered after it leaves the...erm...device. Gliding or personal parachutes to eke out extra range is fine. There will be a Rogues' Gallery category for folks who want to go their own way Check this out thread for inspiration: Distance: 33.6 km @neistridlar 32.1 km @neistridlar @neistridlar 6.9 km @neistridlar 1.0 km @Vanamonde 375m @SkunkTwerks Time to Airfield: 9:54 @neistridlar Applying an ingenious combination of pistons and leverage, was the first to catapult a glider all the way to the Island Airfield. ~~~Rogue's Gallery~~~ Folks who took the challenge in a different direction... @Tyr Anasazi Applying the time honored MOAR LEGS approach, kicked a capsule on a ballistic trajectory all the way to the Island Airfield in a speedy time of 2:17. Nice shuttlecock air brake design on the capsule ensured a smooth stable ride on the way over.
  2. This game has seen many creations which the creators cannot have imagined would be possible, like stock piston engines, rotating hinges, and even submarines. However, as far as I know, this is the first real trebuchet to be created in Kerbal Space Program*. *Scott Manley did make a trebuchet several years ago, however it had no sling, no hinge, and used a mod for the bearing. For those who do not know, a trebuchet is a form of siege weapon used in the Middle Ages in Europe. Before gunpowder artillery was invented, the trebuchet was the largest, most powerful weapon used against fortified castles, and many were so large that they had to be built on the site of the siege itself, as they were too massive to be transported easily. The biggest trebuchets were able to lob boulders weighing nearly half a ton hundreds of meters[citation needed]. A trebuchet in general is actually quite simple, being essentially a first class lever. The energy needed to operate the arm is provided by gravity (or lots of really strong guys pulling on ropes, in the case of a traction trebuchet), and an extremely heavy counterweight is mounted on the end opposite the throwing arm. A sling is often used to transfer as much energy as possible to the projectile, and the counterweight is usually mounted on a hinge to relieve stress on the arm and help conserve energy. This design proved so effective that trebuchets continued to be used in warfare long after gunpowder weapons arrived on the battlefield, and their construction is so simple that many people still build recreations of them today. The projectile fired by my trebuchet is a stayputnik probe core. It may be too light to smash buildings, but because of its weight (or lack thereof), I can make the counterweight lighter and still get a cool looking projectile. The sling is a KAS winch, which can be extended to various lengths to allow for different release angles. The only problem with this (aside from the fact that I had to use a mod) is that the projectile must be released by an action group, making it nearly impossible to achieve a consistent, repeatable release. As you can see, I can launch the projectile a considerable distance using nothing but the power of gravity and instinct. By tuning the length of the sling and finding the best time to release the projectile, I daresay that this machine could actually launch even farther, but I haven't tested it yet. Here's the trebuchet after firing. Technically it can be reloaded because it uses a KAS winch, but I'm not sure if the action group used to release the ball would remain. To give you an idea of just how big this is, try and find the Kerbal standing in front of the machine. FIRING PROCEDURE Stage once to release the hinge. This allows it to swing freely. Extend the sling to the desired length. I typically use 10 meter long sling for my shots. Stage again to release the arm. it should not fire because of the landing legs I have placed in the way. Press G to retract the landing legs, allowing the arm to swing upwards. Once you do this, you have committed to the shot, and you must act fast in these next steps to get a good angle and range. Switch to the arm (it's a good idea to test which key you need to press before you pull the legs back) and watch for the sling to reach your desired release point Once the sling is in position, press 1, triggering AG1, which releases the projectile from the sling ??? Profit!! DOWNLOAD Required Mod: KAS If you can make a further shot than me, post a picture of it here, and I'll keep a leaderboard of record shots. Whoever can make the furthest shot will get... uh... an honorary Kerbal Siege Engineer certification? Yeah, that sounds good. If you make it on the leaderboard, you can make people refer to you as *insert name here*, KSE. Sounds cool, right? I can probably come up with a cool badge for your signature too, although I don't know how well MS Paint will work for that... Anyway, Enjoy!