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Found 3 results

  1. ISE

    I need a mentor

    Hey everybody I'm looking for a mentor to help a little on my senior project. Im required to have someone mentor me who knows things about microgravity research. Please anyone will do. thanks
  2. I'm keen to learn from the experiences of anyone who might have attempted drilling on Gilly (moon of Eve). My drill rig has 3 drills but they are not on an action group, so they have to be deployed consecutively. I'm worried my rig will topple over? My only Plan B right now is to keep the lander on the rig and use SAS and RCS to stay vertical and possibly provide some downforce... Clues anyone, please?
  3. Put enough people in space and eventually one of them will want to punch another. Now, how would that fight happen though? From an article I found: And not just that, we also have to think about other aspects, such as how to transfer the maximum amount of force to your punches and kick - would a spin kick be more effective due to centrifugal force? Would simply increasing your total mass deliver more forces behind your punches, making an obese fighter as effective as a muscular fighter? For this thought experiment, let us assume we are having a space fight club in some frontier asteroid colony, no artificial gravity, and using a spherical cage arena. What kind of fighters and fighting style would be the most effective?