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Found 5 results

  1. First station was I published, it's "Mir" Base module Kvant-1 Kvant-2 Kristall Priroda Spectr Mir Other station: Russian/USSR: Almaz-1B Almaz-T Almaz RKK-A Almaz RKK-B Mir Mir-2 (2 sick variant) TKS(FGB) OPSEK Salyut-1 Salyut-4 Salyut-7 American: Skylab-CSM Chinese: Tiangong 1 Tiangong 2 Tiangong 3
  2. Album = KerbalX =
  3. Today We commemorate the 30th anniversary of the MIR Core being launched into its orbit. Please leave your messages below and ill read them with a cup of tea and a smile on this wonderful day!
  4. Hi ! I`ve build myself a new space station, first for a really long time. It does nothing special, just orbits. It`s supposed to be a replica, is it good ? You decide MODS : - Tweakscale - Infernal Robotics (hinge for the antenna on Priroda module) - AIES (2 antennas) - Dmagic Orbital Science - Near Future Solar