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Found 1 result

  1. KSP Tools KSP Tools is an application for Windows OS, based on .NET Framework. (it is needed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher to run it) It was developed by me as practice on Microsoft Technologies and what is better exercise than making an application for your favorite game?! I have been playing Kerbal Space Program since 2013 and I really love this game!! I already have over 1300 hours on it! This application has a combination of 6 tools-calculators to make your life easier when you want to organize a interplanetary mission. The first tool is the Mission Calculator. You can choose the planets and moons that you want to include in your mission, among the Stock Game and the 2 popular Mods with planets (RSS, Outer Planet), and it will provide to you a lot of information about these planets-moons. Also It can calculate the phase angle between the planets the interval window, the transfer time, the Δv for every single route ,the total travel time and the Δv Budget for your mission . (the Δv is calculated as a summarize of the routes from the Δv maps . All the other information is taken from the wiki ) The second tool is Δv Calculator. It can calculate the total Δv and the Δv for every single stage of your rocket. Also it can provide to you the thrust per weight ratio of your rocket for every planet-moon among the Stock Game and the 2 popular Mods with planets (RSS, Outer Planet). The third tool is Biome Maps. You can choose between the planets-moons you like and it will provide to you the Biome Map and many details about the selected planet-moon. The fifth tool is Δv Maps from the Community. Credits: JellyCubes (Original concept) WAC (Original design) CuriousMetaphor (Original out-of-atmosphere numbers) Kowgan (Design, original in-atmosphere numbers) Swashlebucky (Design) AlexMoon (Time of flight) The last tool is the Terminology. Credits: wiki Kosmo-not for his amazing Interplanetary How-To guide. Rockets & Space Technology. Latest Change Log: Version Added Phase angle Drawing. You can now see your Launch Windows. Major changes to the Mission Calculator Tool U.I. Version Added Real Solar System's and Outer Planets's Biome Maps. Added features to the Biome Maps and the Δv Maps Tool (zoom and pan). Version Fixed typos and broken paths ------------------------ Installation: Download the application, extract it to any folder you like and run it . Important : it is needed .NET Framework 4.5 or higher. Source Code: I would like to thank the Community for all the high value information they are giving for free. Without that, I could not have managed to build this application. License: