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  1. Trip 1 (part 1) - Decent of Doom. With the Kerbin Sorta-Circumnavigation completed, Bob felt like he still had things he needed to accomplish on Kerbin, before heading off for other planets. So to help Bob resolve that (and pull in those big tourism funds) he's been set up in the travel business, taking tourists on guided tours of far flung parts of Kerbin. For this venture new equipment was needed. No puttering around in a boat at 30-40m/s, when a plane will get you places a lot quicker. The new bird, named Flaming Flamingo (of Flam Flam to its friends) took to the skies with Val at the controls and Ribrick Kerman, a paying passenger, sitting next to her. Housed in the belly of the aircraft was a rover, in which sat Bob and Katsen Kerman, the other tourist, in search of distant adventure. Takeoff of the the Flaming Flamingo is a little hairy, as it needs to get up to about 100m/s to get into the air, but starts to veer off course at about 60. So after a wiggly line down the runway, it made this rather unorthodox route into the air. On it's next trip the rear landing gear might get a little adjustment to try and get off the ground faster. But once in the air, Flam Flam is a joy to fly and was soon banked round to give the tourists a fine view of the KSC as it headed West. Well Ribrick had a fine view from the cockput, but from the rover, all Katsen could see was the interior of the cargo bay. Well occasionally she could see the exterior of the rover flapping wildly around while the interior stayed motionless. She was a little concerned about this, but Bob assured her it was nothing to worry about. "Happens all the time". From the cockpit Ribrick got a fine view of the mountains to the West of the KSC, nicknamed The Shortstop. So named because if your de-orbiting spacecraft comes in short for a landing at the KSC, that's where you're gonna stop. Flam Flam headed out over the sea with about half a load of fuel onboard. It wasn't fully fuelled before departure, as putting fuel in that big rear tank puts the CoM way too far back for a stable aircraft. But at least that thing gives the plane a shapely rear end. What's that up ahead, must be the desert coast. Good thing, because that sandy realm is the destination the fleshy payload that's paying for this trip, stumped up the cash for. Val's pretty excited, she's really enjoying being at the controls of something airbourne again. The landing strip at the Dessert Airfield is in sight and Val lines up perfectly for a landing on it. Flam Flam has great handing characteristic for a landing, it can come in really slow on those big wings, almost feels like it's hovering. Once on the ground Val pulled the plane round to the pilot's club. Ribrick is a real plane buff and is looking forward to chilling out in there while Katsen heads off in the rover. Well... here is that rover, a much upgraded version of the one which Bob took up many mountains in the K.S.C. It dangles from the end of a telecoping piston, which it undocks from.. ... before heading off on its own travels. This new rover (Bob likes to call it The Bear, but it's not official) is a lot heavier than the he was used to driving. Fortunately with an extra 4 wheels, it's got the grunt to move it. So bob and Katsen left Flam Flam and the Dessert Airfield behind and headed South into the desert mountains. After the smooth ride to the edge of the mountains, Bob took the rover up it's first proper slopes, nothing taxing though and well within the vehicle's capabilities. Bob decided to take Katsen over to the West side of the mountain range (well he got lost and ended up there) to show her the vast dazzling expanse that it Dwight Sands. The area is named after the famed explorer Dwight Kerman, who lost three fingers while exploring it, when his snack supplies ran out. It is now home to the Dwight Sands Test Grounds, the one place on Kerbin that you can test anything, even really smelly things. Something really nasty must have been tested recently, as both Bob and Katsen can't miss the wiff of something unpleasant as they stand on top of the rover. To escape the pong, the pair quickly headed back inside and Bob deployed the array of solar panels. The rover has a capacity of 4900 units, way more than the piddling 300 of his previous ride. With batteries filled, the pair headed off into the mountains and away from Dwight Sands. There was not real mountain climbing planned for this trip (no real mountains here anyway... just big sandy rock piles), but a lot of the time travelling to their ultimate destination they're up above 2km. Bob feels pretty stoked to be out rovering once more. After some more trundling through the desert mountains, those batteries need feeding again. 4900 units is a lot, but when there's 10 hungry wheels to feed, the rover is going to need another refill before getting to their destination. As the going is getting steeper and therefore slower, Bob decided to deploy the rear solar panels, as the speeds they will be going at won't put them in danger of turning into confetti. Might be time to bring them back in though, as that long downwards slope is going to give them some serious speed. Katsen was almost suspiciously calm durring the journey. After all the funds she spent on her trip you'd think she'd be more excited. The going got decidedly angular at this point in the trip. Bob suggest that there must be some kind of chrystals buried here... real big ones. After those spiky little peaks, Bob had the fun of throwing the rover off the top of ridges, into steep descents, as they closed in on their destination. The great thing about having those extra wheels is all that extra traction allows the rover park motionless on pretty steep inclines. In Bob's old rover they would have been slowing sliding downhill, which is not what you want if you're trying to recharge at the time. One steep drop was puntuate by a ramp that put the rover into the air... high into the air. Fortunately the rover and all inside survived this. Ooo look... more skateboard park type environment for Bob to throw the rover into. Finally their destination is in sight. It might be one of the most visited destinations on Kerbin (I think there's even a gift shop round here somewhere) but it's katsen's first time, so she must be pretty excited to be he... ... not exactly excited, mildly curious perhaps. Well here we are at the famous Tully Temple, named after its equally famous discoverer, Tully Kerman. Another kerbal with the incorrect number of digits (toes this time) due to a snack deficiency related crisis. In Part Two, Bob and Katsen do stuff at the temple, then return home. For all that excitement, join us next time on Bob's Travels.
  2. At The newly Upgraded KSC funding was tight after the completion of Kerbin Station Alpha, and was barely afloat with shuttle missions and satellite contracts. Gene Kerman, slightly drunk after the party that ensued after the station was in orbit, and Jeb was back home, Had been contacted by a Jacob Kerman who offered a very lucrative contract which gene signed without reading the fine print. He Had just accepted a mission to Jool, to land on all 5 of its moons, and return in one ship. Wernher had an unexpected visit from Gene who asked him to design a vessel for the mission. After a few frantic weeks, Wernher had come up with a vessel for the trip. But first... He wanted to launch a few probes.
  3. Greetings, fellow Kerbals! Over the last week or so, us moderators had started talking about doing some mandatory bonding exercises co-op gameplay together. We used to play MC together or TF2 from time to time, the biggest problem is that we were often awake and asleep at varying times, and rarely were we ever all awake at the same time. I remember a ways back, the Youtube KSP community started a series together where they passed a save file around and built a space station in orbit of Kerbin. I thought to myself, surely we can do better, and thus the Moderation Nation Space Program was born. Over time, the OP will be updated with missions as we go through them. The game itself is relatively vanilla, I use VOID and a transfer window planner while a few other participants use similar (non-parts) mods. Our Mission In order to ensure the Moderator's dominion over the realm, we have set out to build a grand space station in Low Kerbin Orbit, but will also pursue many ventures in the star system, from small robotic probes on Mun and MInmus, to massive colonies on Duna. Really, it's up to us to decide. Over time, if we see suggestions in this thread that we like, we may also pursue that. Please do let us know if you want us to set any other goals, we are leaving this rather open-ended. MISSIONS Mission 1 "MSP-01" by @TheKosmonaut Mission 2 "Magic Carpet" and the invention of FLIGHT by @Deddly Mission 3 "Ulysses I" by @DuoDex Mission 4 "Manatee" sounding rocket by @Supernovy Mission 5 "MSP-04-Echo" ORBIT GET by @TheKosmonaut Mission 6 "Usagi I" for wads of cash and buckets of science, by @Snark Mission 7 "The Omnibus" with tourists! By @Vanamonde Mission 8 "Usagi II" for a high orbit, by @DuoDex. Also, whoops. Mission 9 "Landfall 1" by @Vanamonde Mission 10 "Type-41-1" robots in space, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 11 "Usagi III" Expensive but sciency, by @Snark Mission 12 "Flag and official logo" plus the most useful expenditure of science, by @Deddly Mission 13 "Ulysses IA" space tourism, by @DuoDex Mission 14 “Roundabout 1” Accidental update, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 15 "Prospector 1" Money wasted on Skull Island, by @monstah Mission 16 "Capricorn I" Space station! (on the wrong planet, but it's a start) by @Snark Mission 17 "Goliath I" Munar surface rescue by @DuoDex Mission 18 - Robots on the purple planet by @Vanamonde Mission 19 - "Changxi" station in Mun orbit by @TheKosmonaut Mission 20 - Munar station refueling, and Mun relay, by @luizopiloto Mission 21 and 21.5 "Vert-i-go" by @Deddly Mission 22 "Capricorn II" - Kerbin station in place! ... and then moved to Duna @Snark Mission 23 "Grasshopper Mk I" - Accidental prototype and the pitfalls of translation, by @TheKosmonaut Mission 24 The Space Skuttle - an unexpected payload, with free drama and tension. By @Deddly Mission 25 "Hector I" We (L)Ike rabbits, and the shooting star from Duna. By @DuoDex Mission 26 Space Skuttle Contender launches the first part of the Moderation Nation Observation Station! By @Deddly Mission 27 Capricorn continuation, with extra Ike, by @Snark Mission 28 The fully-tested big mission is a lie, by @Vanamonde Mission 29 Someone FINALLY adds something to the station. But wait, there's more (and more)! By @TheKosmonaut Mission 30a/b/c/d... Project Habitat and flying a blind ox, by @Vanamonde Mission 31 SNAC Kart, by @Ten Key Mission 32 SSTO, tourists, rescues and comic strips, by @Deddly Mission 33 Noobest mission yet, with credits! By @Noobton Mission 34.1 Something a little epic, by @Deddly Mission 34.2 The epicness continues, by @Deddly MIssion 34.2 (??) Going Slightly Peculiar, by @Deddly Mission 34.4 Ow!, by @Deddly Mission 34.5 [Oh my!] by @Deddly Mission 34.6 This "Submarine Challenge" has a worrying lack of submarines, by @Deddly Team I want to thank my fellow moderators for humoring me in taking up this shared campaign, and a special thanks to @DuoDex for making our mission patches and @Deddly for securing our flaggy flag and emblem from the wonderful @Badie and friends at SQUAD. We are doing this in our fun, off-time that we do have and are really enjoying the results thus far. Members @Noobton @TheKosmonaut @Deddly @DuoDex @Vanamonde @Dman979 @Snark @Supernovy @goldenpeach @Ten Key
  4. <mod list to be added> KSP Version: 1.3.1 A Twilight Epic Revival, Names, and Ulterior Motives After installing The World Beyond, I decided to make a Space Station around Kerbin to serve as a jumping off point for voyages to Duna. It was also my attempt to get back into KSP after an absence of a few months. Chapters with a # next to the title were originally posts in "What did you do in KSP Today?". Index: Book 1 Book 1 - On Fire and Gateways Part 1: Twilight Power# I don't even know anymore. Twilight Station Assembly I added the backup power module, launched using the Pozhar-1A. I deorbited both upper stages. I encountered a heat bug.
  5. Hi peeps!! I'm HansonKerman, and these are my Sandbox Micro Missions where I post small missions in a new save! This save is Custom Mode - Normal Mode with 64% reentry heat Oh, and VAB snippets will appear. Notable mods: Astronomers Visual Pack Fengist's Font Factory Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb MissingHistory Textures Unlimited RealPlume Stock ManueverNodeEvolved Everything Is Awesome (LEGO parts) Squiggsy Space Research (probe parts) and many, many, many, MANY, more... Thanks to: @SiriusRocketry, mission status report inspiration @Triop, inspiration general @All my forum friends (you know who you are) Table of Contents M1 - PPP1 - Construction Phase M1 - PPP1 - Flight Phase M2 - PPP2 "TTA" - Konstrucktion M2 - PPP2 "TTA" - Flight Part One M2 - PPP2 - "TTA" - Flight Part Two M3 - EX1 - Konstruction Mission One - Probey Probe Probe I Construction We use a few mods and make a decent payload. Mandatory MechJeb and KER Cute engines and TweakScaled panels Now we do some fair farings and our friendly neighborhood first stage. And we place our beautiful final stage onto our Probey Probe Probe I. Later we'll see how she flies! (Question: What gender do you call a Lego?)
  6. This report/analysis seeks to answer the question: What would the future of the Kerbals look like? Specifically in the time frame of say, 100-300 years, a future firmly ingrained in realism and hard Sci-Fi.. I’ve had the idea of creating a story set in that approximate era, but being an extraordinarily extravagant idea, this series is dedicated to finding out the specifics. I also hope that this series will help future writers help flesh out their futuristic universes as well. Things to Note: -There’s a fair amount of mods used in this series—but i’ll try to keep it at minimum -Nothing too implausible will be used (no warp drives, but certainly nuclear fusion) -If you’ve got an idea for a chapter, let me know! -Want to contribute directly to the project? Come to the ToughSciFi discord, where this series has a channel for itself. -It helps to read the comments, since some bring up some good points -When writing these chapters, I do tend to assume that kerbals have a similar physiology to humans... But greener and smaller? -The goal of this series? Consider all the essentials for world building a futuristic Kerbol System -For engines I try to mix info from the game and real life, but the pros and cons, as well as the uses sections generally reflect the in-game depiction of the engine -Since I have both near Near Future Electric and KSP-I installed, a modifier lowers the output of KSP-I stuff* *I later chose to just work with the power output in KSP-Interstellar, so I amended most of the chapters to reflect this Table of Contents PROPULSION Chapter I—Atmospheric Propulsion Chapter II—Electric Propulsion Chapter III—Nuclear Propulsion Chapter IV—Fusion Propulsion Chapter V—Mixing Propulsion Systems Chapter VI—Beamed Power THE PROCESS OF COLONIZATION Chapter VII—Colonizing Moho Chapter VIII—Colonizing Eve a. Colonizing Gilly Chapter IX—Colonizing Kerbin Orbit Chapter X—Colonizing the Mun Chapter XI—Colonizing Minmus Chapter XII—Colonizing the Duna System Chapter XIII—Other Propulsion Systems Chapter XIV—Colonizing Dres Chapter XV—Colonizing Jool Chapter XVI—Colonizing Laythe Chapter XVII—Colonizing Vall Chapter XVIII—Colonizing Tylo Chapter XIX—Colonizing Bop and Pol Chapter XX—Colonizing Eeloo ———————————————————————————————————— Chapter XXI: Non-Rocket Spacelaunch—Part One Chapter XXII: Non-Rocket Spacelaunch—Part Two Chapter XXIII: The Ship Design Process I Chapter XXIV: The Ship Design Process II Chapter XXV: Depicting the Future In KSP ———————————————————————————————————— PLANETS OF A COLONIZED KERBOL SYSTEM Chapter XXVI: Who and Why Would Kerbals Colonize Space? Chapter XXVII: Moho in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXVIII: Moho in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXIX: Eve in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXX: Eve in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXI: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXII: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXIII: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Three Chapter XXXIV: The Duna System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXV: The Duna System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXVI: Dres in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXXVII: The Joolian System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXVIII: The Joolian System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXIX: Eeloo in a Colonized Kerbol System ———————————————————————————————————— SPACE WARFARE IN KSP Chapter XL: Overview of In-Game Space Warfare Chapter XLI: Approaches to Depicting Space Warfare Chapter XLII: Space Warfare, In-Game Chapter XLIII: Combined Approach Space Warfare & Epilogue Craft Files: The Uncatchable Swift Mod List (Incomplete): Further Info (I mainly cover topics when applied specifically to KSP, these cover a broader range of topics) Without further ado, let's get started! Chapter I: Atmospheric Propulsion "It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a nuclear-powered hypersonic ramjet airliner!"-Linus Kerman A hypersonic, heavily-modified concept version of the Stearwing A300 that utilizes nuclear ramjets Perhaps we should start with something that is readily available to kerbals—flight. With jet fueled engines it is possible to reach speeds of over Mach 5. While that is excellent, major problems arise from its use—large portions of the plane are reserved for fuel, not passenger space, and a large amount of funds are used on fuel. Preferably there should be a way to reach those speeds without fuel... A conventional 16-passenger hypersonic aircraft, almost half of its takeoff mass was dedicated to fuel. The main focus of this chapter is thus about finding new ways of (supersonic) aviation. The way in question (with the mods available) is the powerful nuclear jet, generally produced in two varieties; turbojet and ramjet. On Kerbin they achieve speeds similar to that of the liquid fuel jet planes, with higher thrust. They perform exceptionally well on all atmospheric bodies, with tests on Duna achieving orbital velocity. Without the need to load fuel, planes could be lighter and take less time to be able to fly. A basic fighter design that can reach hypersonic speeds and reach space on Eve. Such designs could easily outmaneuver jet fuel enemies, but you probably don't want a nuclear jet flying over your own territory... Duna, where nuclear ramjets achieved an apoapsis of ~5000 km Disadvantages Sadly, this is where we must look at the disadvantages. There’s one obvious one—the radiation hazards. Shielding (though we must take in the "future tech" factor) would be very heavy, and of course nobody would want to sit next to a nuclear reactor (10% flight ticket discount for sitting next to it?).That said, they could still be used on special SSTO launches in certain areas. Second, they would be expensive (likely initially and maybe for maintenance), which would make their flights high-priced but also keeps them from being used for missiles (Well, except for the fact that the TORY ramjet part is based off a supersonic nuclear bomb delivery method called Project Pluto...). A 64-Passenger concept aircraft that would use nuclear jets, with a conventional rocket thruster to reach orbit, at which point it can safely return with a powered landing. Provided enough shielding is given, they could be practically everywhere in locations with poor infrastructures and no alternatives, a fate likely for the planet Eve. How Would I Use This In a Story? As a method of getting around on planets, and the best part is that you can actually make the plane in game, so you don't have to resort to pure prose or drawings. As for part of the story, I'm not exactly sure what they might be used in, but perhaps a radioactive crash involving such a plane could have be a plot point... End of Chapter One: Atmospheric Propulsion Next Time: Spacecraft Propulsion (Electric) Thanks for reading!
  7. THE KERBIN ESCAPE:THE JOURNEY TO SPACE COLONIZATION Introduction Over an year since the original idea, and five months since I wrote the first lines, the first chapter is finished. Escaping Kerbin will follow an organized effort to colonize space in the KSP universe. The story is intended to cover the many factors, trials, tribulations, and outcomes of the space colonization, before a backdrop of a world slowly tumbling into chaos. The story will rely on modern technology at the beginning, with gradual technological advancements becoming available. In the context of this series, space colonization and settlement refers to Kerbals living permanently off Kerbin—this report seeks to go further than small, scattered habitats, and instead hopes to go one step bigger to structures such as rotating space stations, and extensive mining bases by the end of the series. A few notes: A motivation that will warrant space settlement is very much lacking in our universe, but I hope that this series will find one that can justify the effort. While I will be playing a career mode save, The Kerbin Escape will likely rely on... Other sources of income to begin. The Kerbin Escape will use a slowly increasing amount of mods, of which I will make a list of below. The Kerbin Escape borrows certain elements of the world from the Asteroid Sentinels but it is intended to be a stand-alone. Feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope to use it in order to improve your reading experience. Enjoy! INDEX Chapter One: The Journey to Space Colonization The Space Settlement Drive (SSD) Act Chapter Two: "The Kerbal Space Program is the Past." A thousand kilometers away, the thunderstorms of wasteland and war began their creep across the ochre dust clouds that now smothered the Kertoussa Highlands. Yet at the Kerbal Space Center, the waves of the Sea of Serenity lapped at the peninsula as usual. The harsh light of an equatorial Kerbol shined as it always did, but with a faint reddish glow, on the day when the tree to the stars were planted, and the day when Kerbalkind was one no longer. Bill and Valentina A red flash darted across Bill’s news panel, his rounding eyes chasing the bold, highlighted words that flickered by. His shoulders sank as the sound of defeat seemed to escape out of his mouth. “Never in a thousand years would I have ever expected this to happen.” Bill’s head sank. Sitting on the chair across from Bill, Valentina was staring into the seventh edition of What Could’ve Been, the same way one would look down into the supposed Mohole. She set the book aside and directed a scowl at Bill. “What?” “The googly-eyed missile kerbs! They’ve actually done it. The leader of that ironically-named Real Deal Front over in Kertoussa has just gone rogue, and is attacking Kerbal Union bases!” Valentina’s head cocked forward. “What?!” “I know, right! This world just seems to get more and more chaotic. First the freaking asteroid blows down the coastline of Kertoussa, Jebediah Kerman disappears into the night with no known quote-on-quote ‘foul play’ involved, every little province out there is hammering at the knees of the KU and on top of all that… the KU being a typical KU, fails to address the kerbanitarian crisis in Terketia—” Valentina cut him off sharply, saying, “Bill, the world is degenerating into chaos each day, but it won’t change much to complain about it. In the meantime, there’s this ‘super surprise’ at the administration building in 10 minutes, and they brought a lot of aerospace executives, so we should get going.” “Oh. That’s what the security is about?” “Bill, how did you not know about it?” “I don’t read the daily dispatch, Val.” “Of course you don’t,” Valentina muttered. “It’s not shocking, I admit. So what’s the super surprise part of this meeting?” “I haven’t been able to figure out. Any ideas?” “The security seems more than the typical waiting-to-bash-some-RDF-hitmen tight, more Secgen of the KU is coming tight—” Bill grinned. “Ah-ha! That might be it. Maybe the Secgen is coming! That’s the apparent surprise!” The Administration Building in the Kerbal Space Center that now lay before Valentina reminded her of the appearance of an old Spark I rocket—a few pre-constructed components hastily bolted together, and built to the standards of those 60’s era Kertoussa housing complexes, which is to say, usually stable. Gus insisted that it was a phoenix rising from the ashes, but while it sure shared the similarity of having its old form turned to ash, the hatchling that replaced it was hardly impressive. It had been the opposite, of course—a clean-cut lawn, a superpool, and a helipad fit for a Secgen once adorned a sharp, sleek building with not one, not two, but three press rooms! It was a shame that on the fateful night of the Announcement—the same night the RDF was truly born, it blazed like bombed K-42s. Valentina and Bill cut their way through the dense mass of fellow astronauts and KUBS, AR, and INA reporters that had coalesced around the entry door. “...I apologize, but we just don’t have the seating in there! You’ll have to ask questions through the KSP Reporter’s virtual site!” shouted Mortimer, grizzly and uptight as usual. Valentina and Bill finally broke through the crowd, repeatedly exclaiming “Sorry," and “I apologize for the inconvenience,” along the way. “There you are!” Mort called out, singling them out with a jab of his finger. “You two are late! Passes?” Valentina flipped through her categorized tabs on the terminal and out popped up her Astronaut ID card, still marked by the picture of a haunted young pilot returning from the bombing runs on her own homeland. “Here you go.” With the tenth defeated sigh of the day, Bill sluggishly threw up the ID of a naive engineer with a devious grin. “Have a look, Mort.” “Of course. Enjoy your time in the shack,” Mortimer grumbled, waving them off. The crowd behind them seemed to get more than a little upset at their entry, but the sound was drowned out as the protester and reporter-proof door slammed shut with a hiss, replaced with the waft of fried safut. “Ah...If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s the food,” Bill said, pulling a strip of safut and popping it into his mouth. Valentina’s boots made a consistent clop as they struck the runway-like floor. Consistent, until they stepped into the din of the austere press room and trampled onto a fellow astronaut’s boot. “Oops!” Valentina looked up. “Oh! Hi Bob!” Bob stretched a forced grin. “Hiya?” Valentina spun her head around the room. “The chairs are filled up, so do you want to stand with us?” “I mean, we can’t exactly sit,” Bob said. “True.” The trio squeezed along the wall to make way for some rather large executives from the C7 Kerbodyne Aerospace Company. “Isn’t the speech or whatever supposed to begin in a minute? Kind of strange they haven’t started. I always miss these by a bit, since they always seem to start five minutes early—” At precisely noon, the stage bloomed into a light like a sunrise, and only a silhouette—that of Secgen of the Kerbal Union Hudcas himself. Well, I guess this building has a second thing going for it—a light show, of all things, thought Bill, as the beaming Secgen stepped out onto the stage, and the lights dimmed… Secgen Hudcas The Secgen swept his gaze across the room, packed with Kerbals sitting on haphazardly arranged chairs that looked vaguely like the ones from the school he visited earlier in the morning. With a grin as far as Kerbally possible, the Secgen bellowed out, as always, “Helloooooooo fellow Kerbals!” Only this time, the sound system was unable to take the sound, and a horrific whine projected across the room. “Ah! Sorry, everyone! I suppose I won’t be using this little thing today,” tossing the microphone towards the backstage at some poor intern. “So where was I?” He shifted his eyes every so slightly at the glossy teleprompter, which shouted in bright yellow text, “GET TO THE POINT! WHY WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT AND ALL!” “You may wonder what this security and all is about. I know I would.” He cleared his throat. “My fellow kerbals, it is all to reveal a bright hope in what has seemed like our Union’s darkest hour. This bright hope shines like the South Star above us!” He paused. So far, so good. “This hope is the dream. The dream that will be Kerbalkind’s greatest leap yet. A leap to the stars, and you, all of you! You are here for a reason! To build that trampoline that’ll send Kebralkind sky-high!” The Secgen breathed a sigh of relief, as he heard a few chuckles from the audience. Not the most cringe-worthy thing a Secgen has ever said, considering what Halski said last Munth, thought Hudcas. “I have a vision for the Kerbol system, a thousand years from now. In this vision, there is Kerbin, flourishing from unbroken peace and from the resources of distant worlds, where hundreds of millions of Kerbals live. In this brave new Kerbol System, we will not see others as Terketians or Tacakrans, as Dunans or Laythians, but as Kerbals, united in peace and prosperity! And who will have gotten them there? All of you, in this room, sitting or standing right now. We begin the journey to the stars, and the journey to elevate Kerbalkind to a higher state.” Cheers rippled forth from the audience. I never exactly got to why we were here, but the crowd is excited, thought the Secgen. Bill, Bob, and Val At the back of the room, Bill, Bob, and Val were doing their best to dodge the clapping hands of suit-cladded executives. “Peculiar. He didn’t exactly tell us why we were here, did he?” Bill asked Bob. “Seems like the Secgen is talking about some kind of space settlement program!” Bob shouted over the din of the room. Bill paused for a few seconds before saying, “Well, now that I think about it, that sounds about right. This new Secgen has promise.” Bill beamed at Bob. “A real forward-thinker, the Kerbal Union could use a lot more of them. A real shame he came at the worst time to be forward thinking.” They turned back to the stage as the applause died down. “As the new Secgen of the Kerbal Union, it has been in the interest of the whole KU for me to review the issues and changes of our deeply interconnected world—” Bill shifted back towards Bob. “When I said forward-thinker, I didn’t also request a guy who underplays the urgency of the current situation. If he’s no idiot, he has to see the KU as peeling open at the kerpato bag!” “Well, I’m sure he’s no idiot, Bill. He’s probably just trying to keep the upbeat mood around here.” The Secgen continued, “In my review, I recognized one part of the Kerbal Union we were overlooking. The space industry. Here, for 60 years, the freshest and bravest minds on Kerbin have been hammering away at a way to sail the stars, but they’ve only gotten kerbs as far as Minmus! And of course, there was the asteroid that—” This was quite the sore spot for the audience, whose groans rippled through the room. “Anyway, Kerbals have the unique capability to get back up and fight harder than they did before. Today, I announce the Kerbal Union’s pledge to make sure that never again will asteroids threaten Kerbalkind, for sentinels will stand guard. Today, I announce the true beginning of the quest to send Kerbalkind into the Final Frontier. Today, I announce to you all the groundbreaking of the road to space!” The crowd thundered with applause, and the Secgen basked in the light of camera flashes. “In order to kickstart this journey, we will provide a one time grant of 20 million funds to develop space in a profitable manner that’ll encourage space colonization! Not just that, we plan on further awards, provided select milestones are achieved. In order to lead this endeavor, the Kerbal Union will be creating a new organization that’ll provide long-term leadership for the best results!” “Hang on a sec—a new organization?” Bob thought out loud, “What happens to the KSP and everyone already there?” “Can’t say I know, Bob,” Valentina conceded. “At the very worst, this might be the end of the KSP as we know it.” "And at best?" Bob asked. "I don't know. We'll have to wait and see till we know more." Until next time... End of Chapter One
  8. Project: VERITAS Those were the words that started it all. A quest. To find out all there is to know about everything that we could, and then some. Now we Have a Discord so you can access unused pics and discuss Project: VERITAS. Mod List: Hi, there! This is what I'll be doing during the downtime in my other mission report. It follows my career game using the Career Evolution contract pack and the Community Tech Tree. Project Status: PHASE I - Suborbital, Early Orbital, and Basic Probes PHASE II - Complex Orbital Procedures/Kerbin System Exploration Chapter List: Penumbra - Part 1 After finding some discoveries scribbled on a napkin, The KUSI(Kerbin United Space Initiative), whose origins and many details are lost to the mist of time, got enough science to get a few things. This was the beginning of the Penumbra Program. No Pictures can be found of Penumbra-1. Penumbra-2 the first confirmed flight of the program, returned barometric data. A Proof of Concept, really.
  9. As I seem to be able to keep up to date with my Mission Reports, I've decided to make a "consolidated thread" to make it easier to find the latest post. This way you can click the links rather than scrolling through old "news". Reports - Science Mode Game. 1. A False Start. 2. A New Beginning..... 3. Testing the Large Mun Rover 4. Destination Mun - Transporting the LMR. 5. LMR - Report One 6. The A1 MK3 SSTO. 7. Minmus & Mun Reports (including LMR - Report Two) 8. LMR - Report Three 9. LMR - Report Four (running Westwards) 10. LMR - Report Five, A1 MK3 News and thoughts on Career Mode. Reports - Career Mode Game i. Settings 1. Here We Go Again 2. News - Going Global & Interlude - Making one story out of two. 3. A Quick Update - Why no new posts?
  10. I've played KSP on and off for a couple of years now, but always struggled getting the game to run smoothly on my aged laptop. With everything turned down to minimum, it could just about chug along. Having long since given up the dream of having a nice gaming PC, I took the plunge and went for a PS4 for my 50th birthday. I've really enjoyed some of the games (namely Witcher 3, Cities Skylines, MudRunner and AC: Origins) but missed the mental workout that you get from KSP. So, when I saw the Enhanced Edition had arrived on the Play Station Store, I crossed my fingers and bought it straight away. I've started afresh in my favourite game mode - Science. No angry customers when things go a little off plan and as much tax payers money as my Space Program needs. I've just completed my first Mun Fly-by and I have to say I'm rather pleasantly surprised. The controls are never going to be as intuitive as the traditional keyboard and mouse but after only a day's play, I was able to do everything I wanted to and, more to the point, didn't do anything unintentional. It's nice to see the game a little more like how it's supposed to look. With the better textures and shadows (beyond my previous laptops abilities) you get a much better sense of height above the ground. Sure, I'm going to miss the wonderful Better Burn Time mod, but at least I'm back in the game.
  11. [NOTE: This is a fresh start/reboot of "The Outer Planets Adventures!", which some of you may remember. It is in a different save, so some past events mentioned in both series may be contradictory, although they did actually happen.] [NOTE: @Angel-125's Wild Blue Industries mods will be featured heavily in this Mission Report, for the simple reason that I like them and they are very well put together.] The space program was looking better than ever. Five bases on Duna were constantly staffed, and a permanent colony had been established on the Mun. Plans were even underway for a sample-return from the inescapable hellscape of Eve. With the recent return of the DSEV-02 Columbia, even the Jool 5 challenge was now complete. It was time for exploration of the outer planets to begin in earnest. Apart from initial flyby probes and Joolileo-style orbital missions, the outer gas giants were a mystery. Plock was even more unexplored due to the enormous Delta-V requirement, with just one probe, Plock Horizons, having performed a flyby of the Plock-Karen system. Exploration had really been more focused on the inner planets, the Dresteroid Belt, and Jool, which were far easier to reach Delta-V wise. Excluding RTGs and LV-Ns, nuclear technology had really only been used twice in space: on the DSEV-01 Enterprise, which carried the first Kerbonauts to Duna and Ike before going on to Dres and returning, and the DSEV-02 Columbia, which recently completed the Jool 5 mission and is now scheduled to travel back and forth between Kerbin and Jool for later expeditions. Both of those craft have nuclear reactors for power, and an advanced Supernova engine custom-built by Wild Blue Industries to be as ridiculously efficient as possible. The next target of the KSP's exploration is Sarnus and its moons. Gene and Mission Control have hashed together a rough timetable: [KERBIN-SARNUS TRANSFER WINDOW 01] -Sarnus Expedition 1 (SE-1) departure. The SE-1 consists of a mothership probe that will carry communications relay satellites and an ion-powered orbital survey probe to Sarnus orbit, and a completely separate standalone probe that will refine on the orbital surveys of the other probe using a Wild Blue Industries TERRAIN scanner. [KERBIN-SARNUS TRANSFER WINDOW 02] -Sarnus Expedition 2 (SE-2) departure. The SE-2 will consist of a crewed DSEV-class mothership and an assortment of landers, as well as separately launched and transfer-burned supply drops to assemble a Pathfinder base on Eeloo to be a base of operations for the mission. [SOME TIME LATER] -SE-1 arrival. SE-1 (hopefully) completes primary mission. [SOME TIME LATER] -SE-2 arrival. Due to SE-2's actual mission being made up on the fly based on the results of SE-1, no further mission statuses can be anticipated from here. --- Wild Blue Industries has been contracted to make a new DSEV-class vessel, entitled DSEV-03 Challenger. Challenger will be heavily modified and almost completely different from Enterprise and Columbia, due to Challenger being required to go vastly longer without resupply or refurbishment. --- Stay tuned for screenshots and more updates coming soonTM.
  12. WELCOME to the Kerbal Air and Space Exploration Initiative (KASEI) ! This thread will serve as a place to store and share my KSP-related After Action Reports (AARs). I'm a long-time KSP player (first played in Spring of 2012); however, it's been more than two years since I last played it in any serious fashion, and so after a short warm-up stint, I feel comfortable trying out a new modded Career playthrough, which I hope to share with you. The playing sessions will be relatively short (less than one hour), but will happen regularly. Updates will be to-the-point and illustrated. Game mode and House rules Game version is 1.3.1 Career mode, customized Hard difficulty settings to make Science collection more of a driver, and hunting for Funds less of problem. Values changed are: Science rewards: slider down to 50% (extra-hard) Fund rewards: slider up to 100% (normal level) Starting funds: 35'000 kerbodollars (normal level) A realistic delay must be observed between two consecutive launches inside a given program: I will start with 20 days for sounding rocket launches, and 60 days for early crewed launches, and will adapt these values as I see fit. No single-crew missions beyond Kerbin's SOI: crews of 2 at the very least, 3-4 would be better. Even though no life support mod is used, sufficient space and housing must be provided for long-duration flights: this will be done by using crew compartments at half-capacity (ie a Hitchhiker module is considered a good housing solution for a 2-person crew going to Duna, even though its max capacity is 4 people). Mods used Celestial Bodies: Galieo's version of the Outer Planets Mod (do not install CustomBarnKit as instructed! The JX2 antenna listed in the "Parts" section below takes care of communication problems) Visual Enhancements: Scatterer Planetshine Distant Objects Enhancements Pood's OPM Visual Overhaul Engine Lighting Tech Tree, Science and Crew: Community Tech Tree Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes Crowd-sourced Science Reports DMagic Orbital Science SCANSat Final Frontier Engineering and Flight Planning: Kerbal Alarm Clock Transfer Window Planner Kerbal Engineer Redux Trajectories RCS Build Aid Parts: All of Nertea's Near Future Technologies Other Nertea projects: Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Kerbal Atomics Cryogenic Engines Heat Control JX2 Antenna Lithobrake Exploration Technologies Hullcam VDS Continued Surface Lights Sounding Rockets Alcubierre Warp Drive Table of Contents Part 01 -- Project DART & the DARTling Flights Part 02 -- JumboDART That's it for now. Hope you will enjoy !
  13. Over the past 8 weeks, i planned, built and flew a mission i wanted to do for a long time. Here is the report and the craftfiles. Enjoy, download, comment! Frank Special thanks: Major Jim - for his awesome stock hinge system and tons of comments during construction of the crafts Raptor 9 - for his inspiring craftfile page Note: All crafts are completely stock, with the exception of the satellites. They will require the SCANsat mod. Complete Mission Album: Edit: 2016-11-26 - Here is a clean link, so you can view the album, that was linked here, directly on IMGUR, as the inserted albums do not display correctly at the moment: Profile: Mission: Orbital Assembly* Central Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Central Inline Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Left Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Right Engine Block - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Left External Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Right External Tank - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Habitat|Lab Section - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Payload 2 - T4 Kerberos SLV-H Payload 1 - T4 Kerberos SLV-SH Heat Shield - T2 Pegasus I Payoad 3 - T2 Pegasus I with special docking vehicle Crew - T2 Pegasus III with Mosquito crew carrier * listed in correct launch order Mission: Orbital survey of Duna and Ike (prior to crewed mission*) Duna Hi Res surface scanner - deployed in high polar Duna orbit Duna Biome scanner - deployed in medium polar Duna orbit Duna Lo Res surface scanner - deployed in low polar Duna orbit Ike Hi Res surface scanner - deployed in high polar Ike orbit Ike Biome scanner - deployed in medium polar Ike orbit Ike Lo Res surface scanner - deployed in low polar Ike orbit Duna transfer stage - deployed in very high polar Duna orbit (serve as comms-relay for Duna SOI system) *delivered on a T2 Pegasus I with interplanetary transfer stage, satellites listed in order of deployment Mission: Duna Trek DTV Bring crew and equipment to Duna Break up into 2 vehicles - One stays in orbit around Duna, the other moves on to Ike Re-assemble Return crew to Kerbin orbit, then break apart for de-orbit Rhino Lander Land on Duna Construct Habitat Ground mission - get samples from 3 different biomes Return to DTV Octopod Lander Land on Ike Deploy Habitat rover Ground mission - get samples from 3 different biomes Return to DTV Solar Bird Perform high altitude atmospheric scans of Duna Move to parking orbit, to serve following missions Mole science carrier Assist in orbital assembly of Solar Bird Perform high orbital survey Download .zip file: [STOCK 1.1.x] All mission craft, packed for orbital assembly, including launchers [added 2016-05-16] Action-Groups: 1 - toggle DTV LV-N engine blocks 2 - toggle RCS blocks 3 - toggle DTV equipment (solar arrays, antennas etc.) WARNING: DONT DO, WHILE FRAME IS CONNECTED TO DTV 4 - jettison mission crafts from transport frame WARNING: DONT TOUCH THESE WHILE PILOTING DTV 5 - toggle return stage engines 6 - toggle descent stage engines 7 - cut drogue chutes / deploy main chutes 8 - deploy cover / toggle rover reaction wheels 9 - deploy payload 0 - toggle equipment (solar arrays, antennas etc.) Abort - launch return stage / jettison de-orbit capsule of DTV Mission Infos: The Crew Command Valentina Kerman - DTV Pilot and Mission Commander - stays on DTV Bob Kerman - Chief Scientist - stays on DTV Duna Landing Team Jebediah Kerman - Rhino Lander Pilot Catly Kerman - Science Officer Dandrin Kerman - Field Engineer Ike Landing Team Jean Kerman - Science Officer Bill Kerman - Chief Engineer Mission time: Launch Date 1y 327d 02:03:23 Return Date 4y 234d 05:20:12 SCIENCE: 4.006,8 from recovered data +500,0 transmitted from Science Lab +188,0 transmitted Crew reports Ike biomes: Midlands (LZ-01) South Eastern Mountain Range Eastern Mountain Ridge Lowlands 30 different science reports were brought back Duna biomes: Lowlands (LZ-01) Midlands Highlands 33 different science reports were brought back Analysis & necessary optimizations (already done in the downloadable craftfiles): - Add docking port to Ike lander transport frame - HOW COULD I FORGET IRGS HNGN… - Add fuel to landing stage of Ike lander to prevent suicide burn as only option - Add antenna to Ike ascent module - Check action group on Ike landers RCS thrusters - Add antennas to auxiliary tank module - Remove shroud from doublepacked inflatable heat shield due to jettison bug - Remove shielded docking port from science module, as it is bugged (may not release docked craft) - Add searchlight to Mole science carrier Optimizations for next mission (not done in the downloadable craftfiles): - Add second hinge to Rhino rear cargo ramps to prevent it from falling off from phsyics wobble - Close hinge mounts to prevent ramps from falling off due to landing gear bug, resulting in wobble - Add monopropellant storage to DTV, current load is sufficient but very limited - Add reaction wheel to DTV to save more RCS monopropellant - Move mass of DTV to the middle of the craft for better aerobraking capabilities (prevent flipping) - Remove 1 or 2 tanks from the DTV as it carries far too much liquid fuel You have done it, this is the end
  14. Welcome to Epsilon Aerospace The rocket company that will change spaceflight Hello everyone! With this mission report, I am trying to simulate the operations of real space companies (SpaceX in particular, because, y'know... everyone loves SpaceX)! I got the idea from @Kerbiter's successful, but now "dead" () SpaceY Inc thread, and @The Raging Sandwich's unfortunately less successful () Commercial Launching thread, both of which were trying to achieve the same goal: emulate a real life space company. And today, I too will be attempting this, with *drum roll*... EPSILON AEROSPACE (Flag coming soon) Epsilon Aerospace is a newly founded space company, with the eventual goal of making Kerbalkind an interplanetary species, and making space as accessible as possible. One key aspect necessary for these aims is low launch costs: and Epsilon Aerospace is planning to achieve that through reusability. Yes, you heard right, reusing rockets. Speaking of rockets, Epsilon Aerospace is currently developing their first rocket, an orbital-class launcher named the Albatross 1. The Albatross 1 is in the final stages of development, with the first and second stages of Flight Item 1 (FI1) currently being assembled at Epsilon Aerospace's assembly and testing facility in the remote countryside of Gael (yes, I'm doing this with GPP). Below is the first (and only, as of yet) hyper-realistic computer image of the Albatross 1: Albatross 1 Launch Vehicle Payload submission requirements + form (each and every payload will be launched as long as it follows the requirements) Mods / addons used Thanks for reading this far, and why not submit a payload for me to launch to keep this thread growing!
  15. Demum Perveniemus - "We'll get there eventually!" A KSP mission report webcomic While I'm currently writing and enjoying another fanfic comic called Plan Kappa, that project has grown beyond it's original scope, gradually becoming more story than gameplay report. This comic is an atempt to go back to basics, by doing a career report in webcomic format. Plan Kappa will continue in parallel on its own thread, and here I'll report on an entirely new savegame. Demus Parveniemus will be a completely stock career game, played on normal difficulty, but with crew respan disabled and entry purchase required on research. Chapters: 1. Week 1: The Space Report 2. Week 2: Jebediah's Rival 3. Week 3: Six days in space 4. Week 4: Frontier Station 5. Week 5-6: A Shuttle Setback 6. Week 7-11: Minmus Orbit 7. Weeks 12-13: Two steps forward, one step back 8. Week 14: The Mun Landing 9. Weeks 15-17: The Alpha Planes 10. Weeks 18-26: The Great Failure 11. Weeks 27-34: Unkerballed 12. Weeks 35-40: A home away from home 13. Week 41: Surveying Minmus 14: Week 42-45: The Collector 15. Week 46-56: The Science Must Flow Read the first chapter here:
  16. Hi everybody, So I have been looking around on the forums and I can't seem to find a mod which shows you a mission report. (Like the one in catastrophic failure) If there is a mod for it or if there is a way to do it stock it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hello! EvilEmotaku here. You can probably tell by the title that I am inexperienced in Kerbal Space Program. I want to go to Jool. So. Let's make it happen. In this thread I, along with any potential readers, will with follow the journey to Jool. I'll skip past the initial game. Y'all won't need to read any of that boring stuff with the Flea SRB or anything. I'll start posting updates and a summary of the prior events once LKO has been achieved. Please note that these updates will be irregular, as I am still in school. Writing, homework, and missions take take time, too, so again, don't expect daily updates.I hope you enjoy the accomplishments and blunders that will follow me along my way the the big, green planet. I also want to say that any constructive criticism is welcome, as it will help me to gain experience, and speed up the trip to Jool and its moons. Again, enjoy this thread. So basically, my mission is to land at least one manned and unmanned mission on each of Jool's moons.
  18. Hi Everybody, Whenever I unlock most of the tech tree during a career-run, I like to “finish” the game with a special tour of some sort. Most of the time, it will be a Jool-5 challenge, but after 10+ careers I like to step things up a bit. So I decided to take upon the challenge of doing a Grand tour and plant a flag on all landable celestial bodies with one trip. In this thread, I will report on the design, flight plan and off course the actual journey/ adventure throughout the system. Before I talk about the general vessel design, let’s start with “da rulez” I set for myself: Plant a flag on all landable bodies in one trip; The “Grand tour Vessel” may be constructed in orbit; Dedicated landers may be discarded after use; After leaving the SOI of a planet with the Main Grand tour vessel, remaining vessels are considered discarded. I will have to bring along all parts I want to use for the whole journey ; Landing on a planet with an atmosphere requires a proper Kerbal crew cabin; Mining ore and converting ore to fuel is allowed; Try to keep clipping at a minimum; No Cheats; Saving and reloading is allowed. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the general design! I’m thinking taking 2 kerbals (engineers) for this trip and splitting up the ship into 4 dedicated parts. The massive Eve lander; A compact Tylo lander; An airbreathing Laythe lander; And last but not least, an all-purpose carry-all-tug. This tug will provide the thrust and fuel to transfer all (dedicated) landers to their destination. It will also be used as a landing and mining vessel for the smaller celestial bodies. That’s it for now. I will post more info within a day or two. I can’t wait to start. Wish me luck
  19. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture Replacer. So forgive the appearance of the GUI, as this wasn't suppose to be "cinematic" originally. I tried to make it as amusing as I can. Hope you guys appreciate my nerdy humor.
  20. I'm not sure about the rules of this sub, Am i allowed to post a link to my website ? I ve written an extensive mission report about the deployment of a base on Moho. If yes, here is the article ( split in 5 parts) if no, well, let me know and remove it!
  21. "Everyone Explores™" Consiglio Exploration Long ago in another Universe stood a mighty company that destroyed everything. Their name? Consiglio Devastations. They scoured entire Universes clear of life, either by smashing sand grains at FTL speeds. Or by tampering into the code of those Universes to cause stable higgs fields to form, expanding at the speed of light, deleting everything and everyone and rewriting physics... However, like all parallel Universes, there was a 100% chance everything will happen, and happen an infinite times over. This story will take place in a parallel Universe where Consiglio Devastations formed on Gael, a pristine world of water and super-continents located in a weird and unique system, and exist as Kerbals. They are different, less violent than their Universe munching counterparts, however they still have the... Well... full of Consiglioness if you will, inside of them, never flinching from explosions, always cheering when dangerous stunts are preformed. You get the idea.. This is the tale of Consiglio Explorations, and their rise to the stars.. Game Configs MODLIST Chapter 1 - First Flight
  22. Three words. Hi, I'm back! Let's go. Table of Contents: Prelude-The two remain. Chapter 1-Learning the ropes... Again. Chapter 2-Meddeling around the Mun. Chapter 3-Aluminum Boostershire. Chapter 4-Take to the Skies. Chapter 5-One step to the Stars. (New!) Prelude-The two that remain. The room inside the office was definitely damp. Not too cold, something like what you would feel when Kerbol was high in the sky and a cold breeze would come in from the waters off the KSC and flow through the buildings. Roughly that cold. The lighting was awful in the room as well, wi- "Listen to me. Was the Republic of Kolonia in possession of any nuclear devices when it broke apart last month?" The Kerbal, shorter than her, was being quite annoying now. This whole situation was relatively annoying. The Katax Union, although not the direct cause of the breakup of Kolonia, was an annoyance ever since Megra and I had arrived. It's not fun being reminded every second by people around you that your nation had broken up. What added insult to injury was that the majority of fragment states that had come out of the turmoil supported the Alliance of Working states. The Kerbal sighed. "Marmy! Talk to me! I'm trying to be nice here but you're seriously getting on my nerves!" "I'm telling you, I was an astronaut, not a Kerbal in the military! I don't know anything about our nukes, and I don't know if we had even had any!" "Alright. Now, tell us a bit about your space program." Us? He was the only one in the room. Ah. There were probably cameras and microphones. "Well, that would just be time wasted. You already know all you need to know, the news and your intelligence officers have definitely figured everything out already. It might be better if you told me about yours." The Kerbal moved slightly back. "Hmm. Alright. But the second I start talking, you're automatically a legal employee of our space program." "Deal." "Ok then. Welcome to the Katax Union Space Administration, or KUSA." "KUSA! Hah! That's almost like a jok-" "I can still fire you. And I'm not sure where a Kolonian would get another job out here. Anyways, we started launching right about when you were getting your second manned flight into orbit." The Kerbal smiled, as if remembering such a moment with joy and pride. Heck, he probably was. "It was old wartime technology, half a decade old. Up it went on that peaceful day. We were cheering, celebrating. You should have seen the look on everyone's faces." "It just headed into the sky. Off it went. When we received the news it had reached space, we didn't know what to say. We had done something that had only be done by one other country." "It was such a large success that the space program would be given the funding and technology straight away, and we immediately moved on to our newest version of the rocket, which, by the way, was called the Flare mk1." "The Flare mk2, however, made our second launch a bit fiery, but it was still a step forward." "Our third launch brought us once again, above the atmosphere. We collected so much data from that launch, and we were able to collect all of it from the radio antenna we had onboard the mk2.2." "It burnt up in quite a spectacular daylight fireball, which people across the Katax Union saw. The funds started to pour in from there." "We made orbit the next week." "And then it was just launch after launch." "Our new rocket design was dirt cheap, and we saw some absolutely incredible things with it. To be honest with you, from colleague to new colleague, I'm extremely jealous you have seen what's up there with your own eyes. I hope to do it too someday. My name's Rufred." "Well, Rufred." I said, "Tell me the rest about KUSA." "After that, it was just probe after probe after probe. We scattered communications satellites in various orbits around Kerbin, which dealt with the small error of lack of cummunications." "Some days we had these launches that were so incredible, everybody would come out to see them, especially the ones early in the morning, because the rocket would tip into the sun's light far before the ground, and it would just flare up in metallic reflected light." "We actually first learned about the end of your program when we launched another high orbit communications satellite, which we had launched slightly too low. It turned out ok, and pulled through, but it passed right over your space center. Radar images proved it was in wrecks. I'm sorry to tell you this, but a fair share of cheers and rounds went around when the news got out." "We shot out probes everywhere." "But of course, there comes a time when you can't randomly throw probes up the gravity well, and so we set up a powerful Stationary Orbit satellite above the Katax Union. You had a few of those, right?" To this, I just nodded. We put up two, and TellDeuterium. They were probably offline and tumbling now. "After that, we developed a rocket, that, although slightly pricey, would surpass anything that had been put out into our orbits before." "It worked perfectly, and we had so much fuel left over in the probe that we decided- Hear this- We decided to send it to Duna." This shocked me. These guys had never been to interplanetary space, let alone the Mun, and they already had a probe on the way to Duna? They really hadn't been asleep whilst we were up launching our probes. Rufred was obviously excited. "The photos are amazing, Kerbin really does get so small!" "The last launch we did put another communication satellite into a super elliptical orbit." He took a breath. "And that's where we are now." I wasn't buying it for one bit. "So you're telling me that you've had one accident in your whole program?" "Well..." "We've also lost a booster after its engines cut off. We only have one photo of it, and that was just after it lifted off, mainly because the camera crew was running for their lives." "So. That's our space program." "Well, it's a nice one, that's for sure. How can I be assured that I won't be put into some death contraption and flown off to my doom?" "I'm not going to answer that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to request for you and Megra to become citizens of the Katax Union. Legally, you are the only two people from Kolonia left in the world."
  23. This is my first mission report. Currently I don't have much else to say about that. Here we go! Mods: Atomic Age Community Tech Tree Hyperedit (I don't plan to use it for this save) Snacks (hence the title) FMRS Kerbal Alarm Clock MechJeb Kerbal Engineer KAS KIS RealChute Table of Contents: Chapter 1 (OP) Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Part 1 Part 2 Chapter 1: It begins One day, RnD director Wernher Von Kerman and Flight director Gene Kerman decided to start a practical space program, abandoning the model rockets and snack payloads of the past. Instead, they decided to use capsules with a kerbal inside and an even larger snack payload. And so they built the Courageous Mk1. They loaded the rocket, whose mission was dubbed the Courageous I, on the launchpad, which could hold the rocket well despite being built for model rockets. After that, Wernher had to fix a staging error to keep the famous kerbonaut, Jebediah Kerman, alive. Then Gene had to accept some contracts. Gene, after announcing the mission was go for launch, counted down. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0...Liftoff!" Launch was nominal. For some reason, however, it tipped on its side after SAS was disabled, and after the parachutes were activated. It righted itself after the parachutes fully opened. The rocket landed softly and without a scratch, that is until it tipped over. SSSSCCCCRRRRAAAAPPPPEEEE!!!! Jeb was successfully recovered. Everybody was happy. The usually grumpy accountant Mortimer really liked the 100% recovery refund and the money from the contracts. Walt, who ran public relations, enjoyed the reputation from the contracts. Wernher liked the 30 science gained. What wasn't known was how far the program would go...
  24. Before I start, I will introduce the modlist: Scatterer SVE Tantares Tantares LV Tantares Fairing Extention RealPlume DMagic Orbital Science Tarsier Space Technology Cacteye Taerobee Kraken Science Mechjeb CoolRockets Vaporvent AIES Chapter 1: A Beginning of an Era It all started with a crazy kerbal... As Jebediah Kerman was strolling by the lab his mind flashed back a few days ago, when sccientists had stuffed some sort of explosive material into a barrel. The scientists said it would be used for burning things very quickly, but Jeb had other ideas. He thought that if he pointed the nozzle straight at the ground, it might propel an object into the sky. And so, he set up a testing facility, and slapped on a cockpit, parachute and some fins to a barrel. He named it the Flea. And so the Flea was ready to fly! As a small group of spectators gathered, Jeb climbed into the cockpit and primed the engine. A few moments later... There was a loud roaring as the barrel ignited and literally flung the contraption into the air as it belched out flames and smoke. The launch was a total success, and Jeb splashed down a few minutes later. Jeb caught the attention of the public, and before long he had a government backed Space Agency, with the hopes of conquering space. To be continued...
  25. Since yesterday was the launch of Apollo 11, I decided to recreate the launch in KSP. So, I will post this mission report as it goes along, posting one post a day to summarized what happened on that day in real life. As for today, I will post what happened today and yesterday. So, lets begin! Chapter 1: Day 1 Yesterday, July 16, is the launch of Apollo 11 Here Jeb, Bill and Bob get ready to launch. The launch tower retracts before launch T-minus 10, 9, 8 , 7 , 6, 5... 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition... Liftoff, Liftoff for Apollo 11! We have cleared the tower! The rest of the launch is rather boring, so I hadn't took pictures of the launch. The third stage igniting to plot a Moon Intercept. And that concludes our first day. Chapter 2: Day 2 The second day is rather ineventful, so there are only four images: Apollo 11 with Earth and Saturn (in the upper left) Another view of Earth and Saturn A shot with Saturn on the upper right and Mars on the right A view of Earth from the cockpit And that concludes Day 1 and Day 2!