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Found 44 results

  1. This is the record of my first official Joolian mission and the craft, infrastructure, and various steps to make that a reality. I'm not sure if this will be an actual "Jool 5" attempt, although we'll see as it progresses. Mission Goals Design, build, and implement comprehensive space-faring infrastructure to facilitate a kerbaled mission to Jool and its moons Complete the process for the next Joolian transfer window within 1 Year, 96 Days, 4 Hours (Transfer window is Year 2, Day 245) Document key moments in the process via screenshots, specifically milestone achievements, main spacecraft, and orbital infrastructure Mission Objectives Create large-scale space stations, massive transfer vehicle, smaller spacecraft (landers, etc.), and other probes to support the overall mission The mission must travel as a single craft: the Zeus Transfer Vehicle ('ZTV' or 'Zeus'). This will include smaller payloads (craft, satellites, escape pods) all combined into a single launch towards Jool Construction of modules and sub-components for the Zeus must be completed in orbit (more efficient, based on early testing) using RPs manufactured in orbit from metal also processed in orbit. Ore will be ferried to orbit from Kerbin and/or extracted from other local bodies (Minmus, asteroids, etc.) Narrative Elements This mission report will be primarily first person, not really a "role playing" or storytelling document for the parts & pieces of the mission. That said, I hope to communicate with some degree of gravitas the different stages of the evolution of the history of space flight that leads up to the Joolian Mission. Here are some parts of the narrative that I'll document that have inspired our kerbals to undertake the Joolian Mission: First steps into space: "Spirit of Jebediah" spacecraft, first Munar mission Evolution of spaceflight: Mk3 Shuttle Program Vision for Jool: Construction of the 'Olympus' Orbital Facility Early Space-faring Infrastructure: 'The Foundry' Orbital Manufacturing Platform, Minmus Survey Mission Secret Missions and Skunkworks projects from the infamous Helmut Von Kerman (Werner's "evil" twin brother) Gameplay Rules I thought I'd put some thought into basic rules of gameplay that I'll try to follow in this mission. These of course are subject to change (and ignoring if necessary!). HyperEdit shall be used for testing purposes and whenever the Kraken/physics-easing makes things too ridiculous (i.e. if I don't want to re-design) Case in point: Olympus was actually HE'd into orbit after literally 10 attempts to lift off with at least 8 unplanned disassemblies. None successful. All parts mods and other functionality are acceptable (obv). But I'm not using any physics-changing mods or solar system-changing mods, other than OPM. Ore for refining can't come from the VAB via new launches. Since Foundry & Olympus both launched with ore, I'm considering dumping them to recreate the need to fill them. Additional missions for support craft, such as more Mk3 shuttles, additional satellites in the Kerbin system, or unkerballed probes to Jool will be launched from KSC. Larger craft or infrastructure, including material transport ships and ore mining platforms should be built from Foundry. I may do trial-run missions in an "alternate reality", i.e. save games that move forward in time but aren't going to be part of the "prime timeline" (my main save). Case in point: My Joolian Probe test missions are going beyond Year 5 to work out orbital injection, etc. and test spacecraft design. I don't want my other infrastructure sitting around in the meantime, so I'm using alternate saves. [Will add more if I think of them] Special Thanks! Awesome flag artwork by @cratercracker Excellent advice and support: @B-STRK, @Geschosskopf
  2. I have recently improved my Saturn V replica, and conducted a mock mission of Apollo 11 to the Moon (Mun) in KSP, using real NASA Audio. Its made with a 100% stock parts and looks as realistic as I could make it with the help of fairings. I felt it appropriate as the Apollo 11 anniversary is soon coming up. Check out the video: If you want the craft file I have it on Here are some pictures I recorded the video and took these screenshots with the following visual mods (they are pretty good):
  3. Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency

    In the years following a surge of violence all over the world, Kerbin elected to establish a non-military space program. Having the various branches of military bodies disband their own space programs, they concentrated the effort under a single roof made the Kerbin Aerospace Research Agency. Not all missions will succeed, not all will end in triumph. But through trial and tribulation, Kerbin will grow from a fledgling pool of little green men into a space-age species of science, exploration, and adventure. We follow KARA from its humble beginnings, with the first two series of rockets under their program: Rocket 1, Series 01, Variant Able (Mobile) Pictured; Dr. Leonid Kerman supervising in the foreground as tests on the platform were run, Dr. Henry Kerman in the background is also running through checklists. Also seen: A hangar crew wandering aimlessly, running the clock till their shifts end. Originally called the Mjolnir Rocket Artillery Platform (MRAP), this rocket was designed to be a light vehicle to follow a small squad of Kerbal through rough terrain and quickly fire from hillsides. The military spec of this rocket had moving fins and a heavy explosive warhead. With a range of 30 kilometers, it was a formidable, cheap weapon. Due to the military advances in rocket artillery, KARA was able to procure a number of them for their own program. While several were used as part of the Able series, some were also adapted to work as upper stages for future designs. Pictured: Able-1 in flight, heading north from the KSC for its first test flight.
  4. Hello! I just wondered is it possible to create some scripts in career that will make the game more alive? For example: the contract says: "You have to deliver those habitats, tools, life support systems, materials and other stuff with 2 or more Kerbals to the Duna on the certain location". When you did it and all conditions were met then the script is started. Kerbals began to unpack baggage and build their new homes, make experiments... The building isn't has to be complicated, it can be as shown in strategies like "Starcraft" or "Warcraft" etc... And so on, another scripts like that. Because it's very stupid when you land on the Duna, then perform another misson to Eeloo and it turns out that those Kerbals on Duna were just sitting in their sits and smiling to the camera in front of them for like 20 years. P.S. Of course the player can disable those scripts and do everything on his own.
  5. I have a mission to "build a new unmanned probe...". My plan is to make a spaceship with one kerbal and an unmanned probe attached, so that I can position the satellite and bring some science data back as well. But when I reach the designated orbit and have the unmanned probe un-docked, the mission requirement "build a new unmanned probe..." is still not fulfilled...... The probe has everything required (probodobodyne, solar panel, antenna). And if I remove the kerbal before launching, the "build a new unmanned probe..." is immediately fulfilled when the spaceship is on launchpad. Is this a bug, or I have to launch it with no kerbal to satisfy the "unmanned" requirement?
  6. I'm still building my Minmus base, Rura Penthe. I decided to run two missions at once. One to launch a triplet of ore tank modules and one to launch an orange fuel tank storage module. As you can see I launched the two missions pretty much two days apart with the idea of giving me two days grace to orbital maneuver and landing the Ore Tanks on Minmus etc. Both had the same dV requirements naturally and I set up maneuvers to capture into Minmus Orbit. However: Instead of two days grace I've ended up with two hours and indeed the second mission is arriving before the first ( taking two days and two hours less to arrive than the first mission!) I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this. Can someone tell me what's happened?
  7. Diary of a Kerbal:

    Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to complete the "Explore Kerbin" mission, where I need to rendezvous two vessels close to each other and remove all relative velocity. I did that, so I don't know why the mission doesn't complete. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance. Screenshot
  9. Hi. The mission titled: Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster in flight over Kerbin. Required conditions are: 1. Test RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster 2. kerbin 3. flying 4. Alt: 30000 to 34000 5. Spd: 450.0m/s to 530.0m/s I built a rocket with three RT-5 engine cascaded and fulfilled 2. to 5. above requirements except for 1. How can I complete this mission? What does "Test RT-5" mean? I thought just igniting the engine fulfill it. Thanks, aki
  10. Mission to The North Pole

    MISSION TO NORTH POLE, KERBIN. Just a normal day until I realised I haven't been to one part of Kerbin, the North Pole. I asked on the forums how should I go there, they said: So I went to VAB, and loaded my latest rocket, Spallrow 2. I wanted to bring Jeb, but I guess that's lame, so I created a new Kerbal named 'Kerbal Network' that has maximum courage level and 0% stupidity using the cheats. Liftoff! Okay, it went well. Now it's in sub-orbital heading north. Inside the Mk1 Command Pod. During apoapsis: After 4 minutes, it finally reached the hardest part : re-entry Chute deploy: It went well, until suddenly at 4 kilometres from ground it glitched, forcing the parachute to cut itself. The pod was travelling at 6 m/s, and now 70. Luckily I quickly reacted and did an EVA, and I landed hard. The command pod crashed onto the ground, but at least I am safe. Even though I landed nearly at the north pole, and not at it, it was an achievement for me. Please tell me if I made a mistake in this post or if I misspelled. Thank you for reading.
  11. A Dres Mission

    Welcome!!! Here I will be posting a mission report that will be about my latest Dres mission. (btw second trip to Dres) This will be done over several weeks or so. This mission will have a special twist and I hope it is shown up on the Dres appreciation thread!!! Stay Tuned!!! I have done the dumbest thing ever using ksp 1.2.9. Now I can't even change back to 1.2.2!!!!
  12. NFS "Intrepid" In Mid-April 2017, a disaster destroyed the NFSS Intrepid. Now a new station has been commissioned to replace it. It is very similar, but with lessons learned as well. It is made in KSP 1.2.2 with many mods. Core Module First version of the Crew Vehicle, made for the escape pod challenge. Going to the station Docked FURTHER IMAGES IN PROGRESS
  13. I have a problem building a new unmanned satellite for a mission. I tried once launching the saved ship design i used for another mission and when the orbit was identical i noticed that the new unmanned satellite wasn't ticked. Then i even tried with testing new ships, built from scratch and different names, even flags but no result. I've found nothing that help in any similar case...any ideas? screenshot: Thanks in advance
  14. Hello I can't finish my Mission. It tells me: launch a new unmanned satellite that has an Antenna and can generate Power... I did this many many times before. but since I got some new version here, what happens?: The funny thing is that it was checked just before I had launched. and now I'm in Orbit and it's unchecked... This is the second time I'm bringing this sattelite up there. Apparently I don't know how to launch an unmanned satellite that can generate power anymore...I was actually done with this? what is going on
  15. This Thread is closed now! I will setup a new mission in a while!
  16. urlum expedition (wip)

    My first urlum mission and second mission to go out of kerbin SOI (ever, its my second save) Mods: KCT, USI-LS,RT, kis/kas, roverdud, nerta, interstellar, OPM,KOS,KAC, and 80 more Still at 1.1.3. until the critical mods (KCT,mkjeb,OPM) are pronounce ready. Well, when my space program was small and hungry for funds a kerbal whit a dream Offord a nice sum (~100,000 advance and 7,000,000 after) for a promise that ill get him to see urlum`s moon. I sent him (free of charge) to 2 space camps (tourists mission addon), and a mun fly by (I hade the room to spare). So he's as ready as I can get him. I got tired of seeing him in the list every time I have room left in a lunch, so I looked wen is my lunch window. I have 90 days !!!! The last week was spent in the VAB stopping the time flow and designing a craft. I only started the construction. ill be happy to get any advice I can get, I still have time to modify it. I probably have a sum wat unique play stile. The game runs all the time. In my stok game (first one) I was doing ~1 kerbal day per real day. Thanks to KCT in this heavily moded game im doing ~4 kerbal days per real day. Using mkjeb, KOS and KAC to manage and automate the flow of the game. So don’t expect to get results any time soon top part bottom part this is the power and drive part ready for lift off to orbit top and bottom im thinking of landing the drive section on mimus for refuling this is the LS suplay ready for lift off and extra LS supply that will go to urlum just in case ill need more this is how the crew will go up to the ship and get back to kerbin the crew will be 1 pilot 1 eng 1 sci and the paying turist
  17. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help please.
  18. So, I accepted a mission called "Help a scientist perform experiments at Minmus's Lesser Flats" involving taking a scientist to a marked position and then doing certain science experiments. One of the experiments is "Experiment: Plant growth study" but I have no idea how to run this experiment. There are no science parts in the VAB which allows this kind of science. I downloaded the Station Science add on and tried taking the plant study module to the site along with a lab and accumulating Eurekas and all that stuff to run the experiment. Still it doesn't work. Can anyone help please.
  19. Grand Tour ++

    Mission Challenge: Build an Interplanetary Ship that can go until Jool, Use it to Drop 1 Ship on each planet Sun - Jool, also the moons, that needs to land, an perform atleast 1 Science Experiement! Manned! Im trying now for 3 Hours and i still havent managed to do this! Mods are allowed as long they are: 1. Ballanced //Well... 2. No Warp Drives etc. 3. no Supply Systems ONLY for Building //i think you need to assemble this in orbit, The Drop Ships for each Planet dont have to be the same, also on planets you cant land you dont have too... (Jool, Sun, etc.) Have Fun HurricanKai
  20. Well, title says it all. Picture is linked below. I'm getting the message that I'm entering the zone in question and the message that I'm exiting the zone, but I can't seem to get the little checkmark telling me "hey you measured the temperature there good job". So far I've tried measuring it and storing the information and measuring and transmitting the science back to Ground Control; neither seems to have worked. My altitude at both attempts was below 9 km. Could someone please help with this?
  21. Hi Folks, first time poster, long time lurker, so please be gentle. I've recently accepted a mission to tow a Class A asteroid into Kerbin orbit. Except: I can't find any class A asteroids. I've got class E (huge) right down to Class C (Medium) but no class A asteroids. There are about 7 asteroids visible from the tracking station. Question: am I missing something? Do I need to send out a scanner, or just wait until a class A asteroid meanders into tracking station range? For info, I'm playing career mode with kerbnet on and standard difficulty settings. Thanks in advance!
  22. It's year 11 in my KSP save. After finishing my Kerbalnational Space Station it was time to start a new project. I was looking for the Chinese Station that will launch somewhere 2023/2030. So I thought that, because not many people have tried it, to make my own. I'm not going to do anything too realistic. I use the launchers and parts that I think fits well in my world of KSP. Progress: My inspiration image for this project is: Mods I'm currently using: Mission 01 - Ghidorah 9 (01): Mission 02 - SYS-121: Mission 03 - STS-122: Mission 04 - Shenzhou (01): Mission 05 - STS-123: Mission 06 - STS-124: Mission 07 - STS-125: Mission 08 - STS-126: Mission 09 - Ghidorah 9 (02): Mission 10: Coming Soon™
  23. Allright people, I need your help. I wanted to do an as close to reality Voyager mission as possible in KSP, so I spent most of my christmas break modeling and texturing a Titan IIIE launch vehicle and the Voyager probes. The end-goal is to make a video of the mission and put in on the Youtubes. I've finished the launch vehicle (image furher down), but I've run into a bit of a problem with the Star-37E/Voyager part of my build. From the reference images I see that either the Star-37E or the structure holding the Star-37E/Voyager stack has a hydrazine attitude control system, but what I can't seem to figure out is what type of thruster it is, its thrust, and most importantly, which directions of thrust the ACS system has. Is it only "forward" and "back", is it roll? I can't tell. As there are plenty of smart people on the forum, I figured I'd ask for help here. I'll post links to some of my reference images so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Reference image 1 Reference image 2 Reference image 3 Reference image 4 Anyways, here is an image of what I've got so far. There is a Centaur-D-1T inside the fairing, but I've yet to render an image of it.
  24. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I searched through but wasn't sure.... So my problem is with a Rover mission which asks: "Driver Rover (enter rover name) to Waypoint and conduct Science" I did and it didn't allow me to pass the mission due to two constraints: 1. I apparently wasn't at the location (I was actually, bang on) 2. No wheels on my rover (I have Akita wheels on it) Can't find if this mission is one from an add-on, I don't think so. Is this a) a broken mission i.e. it doesn't realise I have arrived at the waypoint and b) requiring the stock set of wheels? Any help would be appreciated.
  25. I really don't know what to make of my current game status, or whether I'm being incredibly dim (always a possibility ;0)) or whether there truly is just something massively screwy about my installation. I'll explain: I'm in career mode. I have R&D as far as "advanced rocketry". I took on a contract - showing up in the Mission Control archives as completed - to "Haul RE-15 "Skipper" into orbit of Kerbin. I did this. I did however, recover the craft forgetting to take a crew report. No biggie except I got no science for the contract. Now, I have an active contract to "test 48-7S "Spark" liquid fuel engine in flight". Inside the VAB currently, in my "engines" panel, this 48-7S Spark is shown, but in a green-shaded box. If I try to use it, it tells me "contains untested experimental parts" and won't let me to launch. However - and here's the weird bit - despite having completed an earlier contract with the "Skipper" engine, this engine no longer appears anywhere, and is not available. Furthermore, it is now a part of "Heavy Rocketry" inside R&D. This is so confusing! I've completed a contract with an engine that I now no longer have, and have accepted a contract to test an engine, and which is available to select, but I am not allowed out of the VAB with. What am I doing wrong?